Thursday, March 20, 2014

Just because I feel like posting....

Plan A fell through at the very last minute but instead of sulking I'm moving on to Plan B :) May Allah help us make this journey easy and safe....

Anyway the pictures from our short anniversary break is up on my Travel Diary :) The reviews on travel blogs was not really convincing, but based on friends feedback and our own experience, I have to say that we had tons of fun in Gold Coast, Morib :) Do try it out, though maybe not during the peak seasons...

Hmmmmm...... writer's block :p
Oh yeah will be updating on Ryan's progress + things I learned during "A day in their shoes-V.2" session at his school soon...

Take care everyone *muacks*

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The one on "Sabr"

As human, we want to see results instantaneously. Rarely do we have the patience to wait. In the era where we can get fast food, fast info, fast everything and anything, having to wait is a torture. As a result, we give up on things easily. We don’t wait for our labor to bear fruits, when things don’t go our way… we leave… these applies to career, marriage, friendship etc.

When I became a mother, my biggest struggle is to maintain my patience. I’ve failed in many instances and succumb to anger (90% of the time), sadness and whatever negative feeling I can latch on too. I try to get out of whatever negativeness fast because I know my mood does have a great effect on my children (and husband haha) but it is so hard…


“Family is indeed a great gift but a great test too” – Mufti Menk

I want to be a better mummy, a better teacher and example. Someone was telling me, the easiest way to improve is to not do it for myself or even my children but Lillahi Ta`ala. In Sha Allah… easier said than done because I know on top of being impatient I am also very selfish. Horrible traits which I need to let go to become a better servant. Wish me luck

Please also take the time to pray for the safe return of the flight and passenger of MH307. I’m just a bystander and I actually get nightmares thinking about the plane, I can’t imagine how the family members of the victims are feeling right now.

Of all the comments in relation to the flight, one comment stuck on me like glue

“ Apabila kecanggihan teknologi berakhir, di situ kudrat Allah bermula” Captain Norudin

Ahhh… we’re so “proud” of the technologies around us but we forget that Allah is the greatest creator and planner above all. If he refuses to show us the location of the missing flight, it will stay a mystery forever.

So let’s join hands and pray. Enough with the “know it all” comments. If you really think you can do a better job, pergila kayuh perahu sendiri and cari the kapal yourself, setakat nak jadi keyboard warrior and condemn everything from the S&R efforts and grammatical error of the Director General, I propose that you just keep your mouth shut.

Have a good and safe week everyone *hugs*