Friday, December 18, 2009

In a few hours, a few days or a week?

Ya Allah, give me strength...

Still having contractions... 10 minutes apart...
It's getting more painful and longer...

Lan and I decided not to rush to the hospital yesterday and just wait till morning as we have doctor's appointment anyway...
Turn out it was the right decision as the frequency decreases as we reach the hospital...
*geram* nasib baik tak rush to the labour room... hehehe nanti buat malu je...

Anyway my urine, blood pressure, abdominal test were good and baby passed his fetal monitoring test with flying colours *alhamdullilah* Told Dr Delaila about the contractions, she said its normal as I'm nearing my due date, but my contraction test does not show increase in activity (geram they should have it on me at 3am in the morning) She did a vaginal inspection to check if I'm dilated... tak langsung *hahah* but my cervix wall have thinned down considerably... the test was bloody painful...

Convinced hubby to have lunch with me at TGIF first as he had to go back to the office :) Puas hati dapat makan my Fajitas... went home to sleep as I only slept for an hour the night before. Slept for about 4 hours though terbangun2 everytime contraction hits but I forced myself to go back to sleep... Thanks to the vaginal inspection, I had my first bloody show ... so I guess one more labour symptom off of the list...

I'm just waiting for the contractions to come 5 minutes apart or my water bag breaks... I think I rather spend my phase 1 labour at home than at the hospital, we all know with the first baby labour may be as fast as 5 hours or go up till 20 hours... and for all I know this maybe another false alarm... so am just keeping my cool and trying to keep myself busy/rested. Another reason for not going to the hospital now is, not wanting to take the chance that even if I'm even remotely dilated they may induce which I'm trying not to resort to... rather try the natural course first though it is a more painful and longer process...

So I'm putting all the pre-natal lesson, information from books and advices to good use now... reciting doa Nabi Yunos & practising breathing techniques everytime contraction hits, consuming air selusoh and akar kacip fatimah in copious amount... making stupid jokes and stopping myself from hitting people (i.e. hubby everytime I'm in pain), pray, play Sorority Life, read a book, go online etc and most important of all I SHALL NOT PANIC or freak the people around me

Nak ajak hubby pergi shopping lah after Friday prayers...hahahha ada hati nak berjalan2 walaupun dah terkedek-kedek... huhuhuhu kenapa gaji tak masuk lagi? nak pergi shopping nie...

p/s: I'm banned from driving by the doctor so I have started my cuti officially :)

Thursday, December 17, 2009


1.50am, 2.07am,2.17am, 2.26am, 2.34am, 2.44am, 2.56am, 3.05am.3.13 am, 3.23am, 3.31am,3.40am...

false alarm???

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

How do you deal with boredom? I shop :)

I'm on leave today since I wasn't feeling my 100%. Don't really feel like driving all the way to work only to end up having to drive myself home. Anyway I've been advised to reduce my long distance driving alone to limit unnecessary risk. Not that I have so much to do in the office since I've handover all my files to my colleagues.

Anyway I'm getting some indication that labour should be happening in 1-2 weeks *insyallah*
1. Lightening (baby fully engaged) - Not sure coz baby is only 2/3 on his way the last time we check
2. Loss of mucous plug (check) no bloody show yet though
3. More intense and frequent Braxton Hicks (check) another reason why I'm quite wary to drive much coz the pain takes you by surprise sometimes.
4. Lose bowel symptoms and frequent urination (double check)
5. Increase back pain (check)
Results : 4/5 not bad... but early/late EDD does not matter that much to me as long as the baby is healthy :)

I've managed to sort out my "study leave" so that's one less headache. I went home to Klang and managed to clear up whatever last minute errands I have to do. Even though I'm on leave I'm not doing much resting anyway. I guess I'm not the type that can sit still for more than 1 hour unless I'm sleeping :p I just have TO DO something...

While waiting for hubby to come home I went online window shopping. Lo and behold I stumbled upon this cool wrap from Victoria Secret. Very versatile, loving it :) The wrap is on sale and there's an additional 15% on purchases until December 16. I decided to get one in "vibrant red" such a bargain :p

This VS Boucle' Sweater Jacket caught my eyes also. But still contemplating whether I should get one or not. I love this Jade Green one on Miranda Kerr. Very the pretty.

Be still my heart...

Gucci Joy Medium Boston Bag: This baby is also on sale and would be mine if I'm willing to shell out close to 2.5k *sigh* Hubby offered to pay in advance (can't believe my ears when I heard his offer) and I can pay him back once I get my bonus. Tapi rasa macam irresponsible sangat spending money that I don't have (not like I know how much I'll be getting this year) So terlepas lah the offer... Well maybe my rezeki is on other things :p

I guess I'll be blogging more often until my little darling decided to make his entrance ... Not that I have much to do anyway.... See ya later alligator :)

Monday, December 14, 2009

Waiting Game....

H.U.G.E & Loving it :)

38 weeks ++ who's counting?

I'm having mixed feeling at the moment.

Can't wait to finally meet our little prince but at the same time not wanting the pregnancy to end. It's nice to have my little sweetheart with me all the time 24/7. It's weird but whenever I'm scared, sad or really pissed with things he's the source of my comfort. My little angel :)

On the flip side the same angel is also the cause of a lot of sleepless nights, back pain, nausea, swollen feet etc. I guess something got to give, right?

I've been given MC by my doctor starting from this week, but for some reason I still went to work today despite given the green light by my HOD to go off whenever I need too... Bored maybe? Entahlah but I guess I'm going to start my "holidays" soon. I have to take care of other stuff too... I'm taking a semester off from my LLM programme... so need to meet up with the course tutor and deal with all the administration process... I also need to start moving some stuff back to Klang *yeah*

I'm spending my confinement period at home :) Arrangement have been made. Hubby is going to be with me too... Hey, If I'm going to be awake tending to the baby, he better be there, after all it's his baby too... shared responsibility and all... haha but *insyallah* I think he's going to be a great dad :p

Anyway, I need some "me" time before the baby arrive. Need to make sense of some things in my life that does not involve other people... I'm going to become someone's mummy :) I'm a wife, a daughter, a friend etc but in the end I'm ME!! and I shall not lose myself in my quest to make the people around me happy...

P/s: I've stumbled on some extra $$$$ courtesy of mummy & daddy... so I'm thinking of getting something nice for myself as a year end present. Not in the mood for stuff like clothes, makeup, perfume,handphone etc...

A new camera? some bling2 that comes in the baby blue box??bags?? what do I want???

Friday, December 11, 2009

My Not So Sooprised Baby Shower :)

With Nicole, Sher, Jean & Kak Yati.

Note the huge crown on my head :)

With Nina & Sher

The other mummy to be. We plan well. One boy & One Girl 3 weeks apart. Emptylah the legal department . From Jan to April 2010...

Eating yummy cuppies....

With all da ladies... the man malu2 kucing... Lawak gila waktu ni, my crown actually fell out the window, thank god ada makcik kat luar tolong ambikkan.

Mr Wong, Ong (yang geram), Mun Yen, Jean, Yohanna & Nina (@ the baby girl table)

And Mr Wong was acting real weird today. He actually took the ballons and knock it on my head and Nicole..pastu dia gelak... since he is the HOD I can't knock him back can I... Another lawak moment...

With Mr Ong. GERAM!!! His fave sentence to me that he will repeat a 100 times a day is "so lucky its a boy ;p"

Thursday, December 10, 2009

My 4 Flat Baby...

You can now guess what was the "big news" I was harping about in the last post. Got my results and it was PERFECT (literally) as in 4.0 CGPA PERFECT!!!The best present I could give myself :)

My Academy Award Speech for tonight...

*Alhamdullilah* I would like to thank god for the blessing (I can't be blessed enough) A whole lot of gratitude to my parents En. Mohd Hanif Abdullah & Pn. Sara Abu Sha for their unwavering support in their little girl and for the "smarties" genes. I love you :) - Adik nak hadiah (haha)

To the love of my life :p Muhammad Azlan Ab Malek, thank you for putting up with my nonsense and for your patience in dealing with my psychotic rantings (and bipolar tantrums) which added with my emotional pregnancy state must not be very pleasant. I acknowledge that though you may not be perfect, you are perfect for me. Anyway I do believe you promised me some expensive present if I were to get 4 flat (who cares you were saying all that to pacify me and stop my incessant wailing... a promise is a promise.. I want a new designer bag/ camera) thanks again, my present for you will be arriving shortly in the shape of a wailing baby boy at the end of this month *insyallah*

For the other man in my life, my Mamat Beanie Jr. (p/s: this is not his full official name mind you) darling YOU ARE MY INSPIRATION. Whenever I was too tired to move much less do my assignment (being 7 months preggers do that to you sometimes) the thought of you getting the vibes of my "kemalas-ness" pushes me off the couch and automatically make me reach for the stars (or rather the Capital Market Services Act haha) You always bring out the best in me and I want to be a much better person because of you. Love love love ya pipi tembam :p

*cue music* stage manager shouting "get her off the stage"

Monday, November 30, 2009

The greatest news...


Heard the GREATEST news from daddy. I don't dare to announce it here until it is official. Buat malu je if tak betul but let me tell you this I've been dreaming of this moment for the past 9 years. (I'm not exegerating, ok) I've come close a few times but if this is true... well all I can say is syukur and thank you god. You've given me so much and I'm so blessed...

To hubby and baby... Thanks to both of you, for being my great motivator and to the other for being the inspiration... Love you both so very much...

Ok I shall not go on and on about it until it's official. Maybe after that I shall shout it from every roof top :) hahahahahahah

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Selamat Hari Raya Haji 2009

Occasion: Hari Raya Haji & My 9 Months Anniversary
Date: 27/11/2009
Venue: Jalan Kebun & Klang

Synopsis: Lan helped with the korban @ the masjid near his house. I stayed at home gossiping with sis in law. Went home to Klang in the evening, finish washing all of Beanie's clothes ( I hate doing freaking laundry and no matter how cute the clothes are tiny baju's are double the annoyance *grrr* Things you do for your child..hehe) At least hubby the laundry freak helped. Terima Kasih :)

Occasion: Post Anniversary Celebration??
Date: 28/11/2009
Venue: Pavillion KL

Synopsis: We spend half the day in Pavillion roaming around and getting baby stuff. I was salivating over the bags. Coach was having clearance sale so is Marc Jacob. Was contemplating buying one but can't find one that I really like (i.e. was also a bit put off coz Mr Azlan was making faces..huhu)

I managed to get the last bit of present shopping out of the way. I'm left with one xmas prezzie and I'm done for the year :)

Went to Parkson and we saw the Petunia Pickle Bottom line of diaper bags and I fell in love. Been hunting for some stylo diaper bag for the past few months and finally found one that I like within reasonable budget and it was on sale. The bags are also quite versatile and you can even attach it to the stroller with the stroller clip. Thanks darling me love the bag so much :)

Check out the designs in

I choose the Diaper Travel Hobo, instead of the Boxy Diaper Carryall :) It can double up as a handbag on the days when I'm out with Beanie alone...

The finish is "glazed" thus its waterproof (wipeable)

It comes with diaper change mat, diaper box, stroller clip, long strap & hobo strap

Cool huh? you can attach it to the stroller. I'm now saving for the matching Diaper Clutch. Awesomeness ;)

The one with the vampire, warewolf and annoying whinny girl :p

We went and watch New Moon on the same day. Made hubby get me the gold class ticket, which was a good call coz my legs was aching after 3 hours of non-stop shopping. If you like the book, you'll like the movie, though I find it a bit draggy for some reason.

None of the actors would be winning Academy Award for their performance but it was a good entertining flick for the obvious reason (total eye candy feast) En. Jacob is so hot. Robert Pattinson is not bad if you can look past the paleness and ridicoulous red lips (haha) Kristen Steward just annoy the shiz outta me in and off screen. I never like the character Bella that much. So whinny and clingy, tak girl power lansung.

However, don't let my comments put you off from watching the movie. Serious best if you want easy entertainment :)

Sun Day Lazing...
Didn't do much today. Lazing around, was a bit tired from all the walking yesterday. Need to do a bit more cleaning up today and I think I'll go to bed early.... lalala

Off to watch Iron Chef.

Monday, November 23, 2009

22 November 2009

Occasion : Kenduri Doa Selamat Baby & Along's Engagement Ceremony

: My Crib (technically it's my parents house) in Klang

Mood : EXHAUSTED but fun and memorable

Activities :Bossing people around, eating, gossiping, menghalau pesky cousins out of my room, and answering repeated question on my due date, baby gender, weight gain dll.

Let the pics tell the story lah. Still tired from yesterday's event :)

Thank you cards. Of course i HAVE to prepare an additional favor for my ceremony

Thanks hubby for helping with the preparations

I'm obsessed with my niece lah. She's so cute and well behave.

Darin senyum sinis. Paksu muka panic dukung baby :p

Along with her future mum in law (so over senyum ;p)

Serious rasa my sis gedik gila waktu nie... hahahahha

So busy this is the only pic I got to take with hubby for the day :p

With abang Aznan: Latest addition to the family by June 2010 *insyaallah*

With Reebok, Rajoo and Juju. After close to 3 hours worth of gossip session. Geram Rajoo nampak kurus in this pic (optical illusion -hahah tak puas hati)
Thanks guys for coming :)

Anyway that's all for tonight. Will update more once I find the time. Much to my dismay, my so call "free period" is short lived. Work is insane at the moment but despite it all I'm actually enjoying it because of the new things I'm learning. Adios Amigos...

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Of Sr & Jr...

I’m on a blogging rampage this week. I have a bit more free time this week because I’m spending my lunch time in the office.

Anyway, baby update time. I’ve gained 9.6kg so far. Beanie is in his 34 weeks going to 35 and currently weight 2 kg (comel dan tembam) I’m relieve coz he has passed the minimum weight requirement (i.e. insyallah he will not be born underweight) Tapi janganlah gain too much weight ok sayang :) Kesian mummy nanti. Hehehehehe

Doctor was able to detect Beanie’s testis already, and he’s doing fine. I’m ok too despite having terrible bouts of heartburn for the past few days (well nothing much can be done about it anyway). Mengikut pantang orang tua, the more heartburn you get the more hair the baby would have, so I shall suffer a bit for Beanie's vanity. But even if you turn out bald mummy will still love you branches and branches... heheheh

Alhamdullilah other than the heartburn and the minor swelling on my feet, I’m doing fine. I’m still up and running (shopping?)

Last week was my first baby checkup without hubby. Hubby had to work and can’t take leave. It’s not his fault and I know he would have been there if he could (Lan have been there for every check up & pre natal classes) so I don’t really blame him. But couldn’t help feeling a bit down (biasalah emo je lebih).

I’m currently obsessed with my hubby (I think its normal; p) I have to have him around me or I’ll be very agitated. I’ll be like “we don’t spend enough time together” and he’ll reply “errkk you see me every day???” He must think I’m nuts but I don’t care (hahaha)

I really really want to go for my babymoon but having a hard time to convince hubby. I gave him a “scare” 2 weeks ago and now he refused to go anywhere beyond KL with me. But I know he thinks it’s a bit silly to book a room in a hotel around KL, so I’m still trying to convince hubby.

Endless Baby Shopping…

I got my Madela Swing B/P + the Citystyle BP bag from Robinsons. The price for both is quite cheap even as compared to getting it online, so I’m HAPPY. I also got Beanie this 2 adorable jumpsuit from Tiny Thots. Quite pricey in my opinion but I can’t help myself it’s just too adorable.

I found daddy's transformer :)

Should I drive the Mercedes or BMW today?

I got several kind offers for Beanie’s gift. To tell you the truth I’ve gotten 98% of the things in my list, so not much left “useful” things to get. Someone suggested for a list similar to the one I had for the wedding. Tengoklah if I rajin :)

Gotto go finish my presentation. See ya later alligator.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Mummy Social :p

Date: 14 November 2009
Venue: Schokolart, Mont Kiara
Occasion: Bored and feel like socializing :)
Photo Credit: Juju 3k Cam, Suja & My old trusted Cannon :p

Yummy Desert @ Great Company :)

With my personal bodyguard: Mamat Sr.

From Aussie with LOVE: Thanks Aunt Juju

With Reebok, Aimi, Uda and Farisa

Doing what we do best :)

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Weekend Bonanza (Part 1)

Event: Securities Commission 2009 Annual Dinner
Date : Friday the 13th November 2009
Venue: One World Hotel, Damansara
Theme : 1950's
Verdict : Awesome

Out of the 3 SC Annual Dinner I've been so far, I think I had the most fun yesterday. Didn't win anything (also another first). Wardrobe planning was a bit of a nightmare, because I can't make up my mind on a suitable outfit. To tell you the truth I have tons of 1950's theme appropriate (but of course non-fit me anymore)

Anyway I had a great time getting ready (fave part of any event). A bit of a boost to confidence exercise :p Can't help it sometimes, esp when you're so huge and all over the place hehehee.. '

I'll blog more a bit later on other stuff. Shall leave you with some pics from A.D. More in FB I supposed :)

With the gals : Geram pakcik baju merah enter frame

1950's Tukang Kilat Kasut

Our Romantic Beca Ride: I'm so heavy the beca tilted to my side :p

Amy Mastura was the performer of the night & Rashid Salleh was the MC. Both were very entertaining. I enjoyed it very much :)

I like this photo despite the mata kecik. Saya rasa saya look sweet hahahahah

Monday, November 9, 2009

Presents anyone???

It’s that time of the year again… present time…

I’m currently actively hunting for birthday, wedding, newborn and xmas presents. As if present hunting is not stressful enough I have to do it within a dateline in mind. 6 more weeks to go to Beanie’s expected due date (give and take I might be 2 weeks early: p)

Sweetstuff volunteered to get my stuff from online US websites and delivering it to me. I already took her on her offer once and ordered some baby stuff and a new Vera Wang Hobo. Initially I wanted to get this stylo mylo diaper bag, but hubby sneered at the picture, so I cancelled the order and choose a bag for me instead (hahaha) Tapi murah je because they were having sales (Hubby is reading this so I better emphasize on the MURAH part)

So now I’m deciding on whether I should order stuff online or go present hunting in flesh (haha) not much time and on a limited budget: p I need to prioritize, I guess. Beanie, I’m so jealous of you, getting all this cool new stuff and making me feel extremely guilty every time I make unnecessary purchases.

It’s a total 180 degree turn from being the one who is always on the receiving end to the one giving.I guess that is one change I have to make. I can imagine the attention you’ll be getting from your atuk & wan. I was told that if you want any indication on how your parent would treat your child, times 2 the attention that they usually give you and your siblings. *hmmm* If that is true, I guess you’ll be receiving A LOT of attention from everyone, everyday and all the time. I can feel you kicking in agreement. Suka lah tu: p

SC 2009 Annual Dinner is this Friday. The theme? 1950's. My dresses are ready for both the dinner and my sister’s engagement. I like the engagement dress better (so flow-y I feel like a princess... hahah) but the dinner dress is ok-ok lah… I guess when you’re 8 months pregnant, you don’t have that much option. I wanted to wear the dress with my killer nude 4inch stiletto, but my leg look so fatso in it, so will have to make do with my 2inch wedges instead. Don’t really feel like going shoe shopping at the moment. Anyway I’m making hubby wear all black and his fedora (he insisted on buying one a few months back for god knows what reasons, so he better put it to good use now)

Anyway this are the shortlisted items of things that interest me. Shall put it in my wishlist, maybe I'll get it for myself if my bonus this year is satisfactory :) or manalah tau hubby is secretly planning to give me a "delivery present". Ingat tak apa ustaz kursus kahwin tu cakap "bila visit wife after labour nanti, don't come empty handed but come bearing gifts i.e. gold, diamonds etc" hahahah hey words from a very wise and religious man, husband out there should really take note :)..

Mummy's wishlist

Bags from Micheal Kors : Love this purple satchel

So Ular Sawa and cool :)
Betsey Johnson Satchel : Simple but adorable

For my little one: Kingston Rossdale inspired (who says you can't get cute stuff for baby boys?)

Kenneth Cole Jacket Set : Cute but not practical. But serious mini James Dean :p

Everyone looks cute in a bunny outfit :)

Polo bodysuit. This is quite cheap due to the Patriot Day sale :)
*Awwww* cute baby shoes :) heheheh

Ideas for gifts???

I love this Victoria Secret gift sets. They usually have cool xmas set. I bought one last year and love it esp. the body mist. It's cheaper than buying it in Malaysia.

I think I'll continue browsing and salivate. Nak kena save duit for next year *alhamdullilah* we're on to some very good news. Will blog more on this once I received a black and white confirmation. Rezeki baby I think :)

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Of this and that...

You see.. exams sucks but the good part is you'll get long study break out of it...
The best part is when hubby is around for the first 4 days to accommodate my whims and fancy...
But the excellent part is when you get to go for loads and loads of SHOPPING TRIPS :)
I know that beats the whole purpose of "study leave" but I as long as I'm happy...hahaha

As you can see from above we managed to complete 90% of baby shopping already ( I just need to get the Breast Pump and Bath Tub) We bought Beanie's cot (so adorable,it came with matching bed sheets and all) and his baby seat and stroller. Lan insisted on the Quinny Buzz (*sigh* he COMPLAINT that I spoil Beanie too much, but dia lagi OVER) and we got the matching Maxi Cosy Cabrio car seat/infant carrier. I also got some EDUCATIONAL toys and books for Beebee...

I just feel this HUGE satisfaction, that Lan & I are able to provide Beanie with all the essential & some added luxury. *alhamdullilah* Months of saving, penny pinching, and minimizing on shopping escapades to ensure that Beanie is not deprive of his needs as long as it is within our power and budget :) (The Azlan household policy is not to buy anything you can't afford or need. I adhere to the first but argue on the later as our definition of NEED is contradictory)

Anyway it's been a good week so far becoz

  1. Exams went as well as expected (not GREAT but not horrible)
  2. I got some extra $$$ coz of some technical mistakes made by Finance earlier :p
  3. SPMS evaluation went ok despite some attempt by "makcik" to sabotage me *whatever*
  4. Manage to find some time to hang around with some of the chickadees during Fiena's Baby shower...
  5. Heard this great news from hubby. If things goes as plan...well... all the better for Lan, Beanie and I :) and my mummy would be ECSTATIC heheh
Lan wants to use the PC... will blog more soon :) muackz

Saturday, October 31, 2009


I'm in the mid of my exam week...
Excuse my absence and do wish me luck

God knows I need it :p

Will blog soon... so much interesting stuff going on :)
but a bit tired with all the whirl of activities...


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Mummy Creative Baby Project :)

Project 1: Scrapbook Project

Step One: Compile all of baby scan pics ( I think I got 8 so far ;p)

Step Two: Divide pictures by trimesters and arrange it accordingly

Step 3 : Get the Scrapbook Kit
( you can get it in Papier- Curve, MPH-Anywhere, Scrapbook Shop in OU. Price range between RM39.90 to RM400)

Tip: If you are not into scrapbooking but want a place to record baby growth, you can get the ready made (and decorated) baby diary. Just need to paste and jot down baby's development.


Will post the result of my handiwork once it's ready. I have to pay attention to much important but less fun task in hand (i.e final assignments). Heheheh love my creative artsy baby time :)