Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Sharing the Khayr

When I first heard about IlmFest 2014 I was intrigued. It sounded interesting, it looked interesting but was I willing to sacrifice my weekend to attend a talk? I'm quite ashamed to admit it but the thought did passed through my mind. Anyway, I'm glad that I managed to ignore the devil whisperings telling me not to go and bought the tickets instead. Alhamdullilah I managed to learn a lot from the sessions.

It is a 2 days conference where 15 knowledgeable speakers gather to share their knowledge on Islam, in this case Nabi Muhammad S.A.W specifically, there's talks about the prophet's sirah, his characters as a husband, friend, messenger of Allah and more. I totally loved the way the talks was conducted, it was fun and it was informal, most of the speakers are funny and also "up to date" and not the typical boring long winded ceramah where the only emphasized is on your sins and how everyone is going to hell. Inshaallah if there's rizq and opportunity I will gladly attend another session. 

I took some notes during the talk via twitter, so just sharing some knowledge I managed to acquire during the sessions. Most of the notes is quite relevant to parenting, a topic close to heart. To tell you the truth I'm deathly petrified of the responsibilities of raising my 3 children, hopefully some of the tips will help me to be better muslim, parent and wife (haha kesian Lan now come in third :p) 

I found this on IG under the #Ilmfest hastag.Hopefully the owner don't mind me sharing :) Love the message which I missed as I did not managed to attend the late evening/night sessions.

 Day 1:With the super adorable Auntie Juju in tudung. Lawakan? hehe

 Day 2: Ryan with his two makciks, Auntie Najwa and Auntie Juju

My super duper companion, saham akhirat Ryan Daniel. He accompanied me for 7 hours on the first day and another 4 hours on the second day with very little fuss. Alhamdulliah, received many compliments on my little man good behavior. I was a bit worried to tell you the truth since I know for a fact that this little boy can be hyperactive when he wants to be :p Allah did answer my prayers for him to ease my way to learn new ilm last weekend hehehe

 Bought kiddy sejadah for the troops. 
They loved the colorful police car and hot air balloon motives on it.

I also got these mini hijabs for the twins. They need to "practice" with the tudungs as they would need to wear one next year for preschool. Ranya loved it but Iman refuses to wear it for long. Takpela kakak, baby steps ok...

Have a good week everyone inshallah :)

Friday, May 16, 2014

The one on being another year older...

Alhamdullilah, I'm another year older. Hopefully with the added year under my belt I will be bestowed with more wisdom and patience :) 

I had a simple celebration this year, starting with a short holiday in PD during the weekend, movies with Ryan and my sister during the public holiday and a day ALONE for me to unwind during the B-day itself. I told Lan the only thing I really really wanted for my birthday is for a super spic and span clean house for the whole week. That is a pretty much impossible request but currently it is about 80% there so I'm pretty happy. 
I saw this quote earlier this week and it is currently stuck in my head. For the past 31 years, I've celebrated many many things and experienced a lot (good and bad). When relieving past events, sometimes I can't help but want to feel those achievement/experience again, going places, doing things but current responsibilities/situation may not allow for that. At least not NOW. 

So I'm learning to slowly accept that though I may have plans, Allah is the better planner. I need to always have faith and be thankful with what I currently have : loving family, supportive husband, gorgeous, intelligent and healthy children. I have so much so I'm not going to sit and wallow about the few things that I don't. So Alhamdullilah again for another chance to wake up and be a better person. Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes and presents. I totally  appreciate the effort and love *muacks*
 With my buah hati pengarang jantung :)
Thanks for everything, love
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Good movie :) Movie reviews coming soon....

15052104: My Birthday Dinner

 Because birthday cakes is overrated ;p


Look at Iman's pose behind me. GERAM!!!

The best birthday wish goes out to my dad. Awwww so sweet kan :) hehehe

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

The one on Baby Spa and Baby Swim...

I received an invitation from Kak Evi to attend the Grand Opening of her newly opened baby spa in Publika called Little Spa Kingdom. Ryan and the twins have just recently recovered from a bout of fever and teething pains so I decided all 3 deserved a bit of a treat from mummy. I made appointments for baby swim for the twins and a haircut for Ryan :)

We were greeted by an array of awesome goodies at the entrance. Ryan (and his mum) was super excited seeing the cupcakes and cookies all ready to fill his little tummy 

The changing table for baby massage and the jacuzzi for baby swim. I love the colorful decor, so warm and inviting. I choose to try "baby swim" for the girls because I know they love water. The spa also offers baby yoga and massage, children manicure and children hairstyling. 

What is baby swim? During baby swim sessions, the baby will be made to "swim" in a tub of heated water where they are encouraged to move comfortably with the help of the flotation device. Awesome exercise for children from 0 to 36 months and they can learn to kick and peddle in the tub with adults assistance.

The twins had fun. Cik Puan Ranya graduated from the "baby" float to the normal ones within minutes and was happily kicking and floating on her own. Iman was a bit scared of the therapist at first but they managed to calm her enough to change into their swim diapers and get into the jacuzzi. Once she's in the water all worries are forgotten and she started to happily swim with her little sister.

Ahhhhhhhhhh total bliss after a hard day of playing and drinking milk  >__<

Packages for boys over 4 years old is pretty limited but I still made appoinment for Ryan to get a haircut. Someone was stewing over the fact that he did not get to swim and even complained to me the night before "asyik-asyik adik, kenapa kena pergi pool kecik, pergila bawak Ryan pergi pool besar" Thank god they had face painting as an activity for the grand opening, pacified this little pakcik a bit having a crab drawn on his cheeks ;p

A haircut in a Beemer, yo!!!

Ryan and Aunt Juju enjoying freshly made cotton candy

All of us enjoyed our visit to Little Spa Kingdom, would surely bring the twins in for another session of baby swim one of these days and I'm also planning on trying out the "Princess Hairstyling Package" for them once their hair is a bit longer. For the time being don't rat me out to Ryan ok, nanti dia jealous hahaha

If you're interested, do check out their website for more info on the packages and prices : Little Spa Kingdom