Monday, May 25, 2009

Why do I have to work again??

It’s one of those MOANdays again, where you can’t be arsed to do anything. It was such a challenged to wake up today, dreading the fact that I had to face the 1 hour drive to work and traffic jams.

I need more weekend time to laze around, boss hubby around (huhu) and do nothing (don’t everybody? Hehe)

Well I choose to not brood over things that I can’t change.

Anyway, this post may seriously be overdue but I just have to blog this out :) My BDAY celebration with hubby was fun. Didn’t do much just lepak2 but at least I get to spend some quality time with Lan. On top of the prezzie he already got me, he sponsored my shopping spree for the day *yeah* Had my Birthday dinner with my family on Saturday. Lepak2 at home in Klang for the whole week.

I got a new wallet from Liz Claiborne from my sister, a whole load of $$$ from daddy for my air-conditioner (good news: there is even some leftover $$$ to spend) and 2 new clutches from Nina and Reebok *wee*

Hmmm… for this week instead of our usual Friday night date, Lan and I opted to go home to Klang on Friday because I don’t want to be stuck at home alone while hubby is off playing futsal with the boys. I spend my 2nd night away from hubby since we got married (the first time was during my exam week) Plus side: I got the bed all to myself (heaven) Downside: No one to bug myself to sleep. Hubby did come over first thing on Saturday with my yummy meehoon from Kedai Depan. Nasi Lemak & Meehoon Kedai Depan ni legendary for the MGS-ian. Still good and CHEAP after all this while. Later we had dinner with the in-laws. Sunday was spend cleaning the house (yang still tak kemas2 lagi satisfactorily) and manage to slot in some lepak time with Reebok

Ohhh we did manage to do some “prezzie shopping” for all my friends who is getting married in May/June and we went to the FJ Benjamin Warehouse sales in Centro Klang. There is a lot of Guess, GAP, Raoul merchandise. I managed to get a tweed pants from Guess and Lan also got some pants from Banana Republic at a reasonable price. I got so irritated with the crowd that I persuaded Lan to leave early (serious saya benci bersesak2 tak kisah lah how cheap the stuff are) other than that my weekend was pretty much uneventful


You know what I realized? We tend to be more careless with other people news/secret than our own. It is so irritating sometimes. We assumed that if we are in the other person place we will do such and such in a certain way or manner. When are we going to realized that we are responsible for our actions and not others. So don’t assume that everybody will react the way you do.

PLEASE also do not expect people to put up with our bullshit because we are friends etc. It is funny how we expect to be treated nicely by our friends when we can’t even practice the same courtesy ourselves. KARMA is a bitch baby, don’t wait until it nipped you in the arse before learning to respect others.

Just a reminder to myself on this Monday Morning (and maybe also to the others)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

McDonalds Delivery Suckz!!!

I don't get it. The whole point of having a FOOD DELIVERY SERVICE is to FEED your customers. Not blardy starve them *bodoh betul orang Mcdonald nie* Now half of the office are starving (exegerating much - only 6 of us ;p) but IMAGINE ok,We ordered @ 12.10pm and it's 1.51pm. NAK DEKAT 2 JAM tau we waited. GERAM!!! they better give us a discount for the HORRIBLE service.

p/s: if any of the MCD's staff/manager/CEO is reading this. PLEASE DO SOMETHING ABOUT YOUR CRAPPY SERVICE *urrghh*

I don't feel like updating any more becoz I"M HUNGRY and AM STILL WAITING FOR MY FOOD!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

In no mood to work due to Paula's bad judgement...

Danny Gokey is out and I blame it all on Paula and her awful choice of song. His rendition of "You're So Beautiful" was awesome! How nice if my hubby can sing like that *hahaha* Kris is okey-ler, the first song was crappy, but his version of "Heartless" was really good. My only problem with him is, his ATTITUDE. For the past 2 shows he looks macam takde confident, Sometimes bila orang puji - he look so shocked. I know you're a good boy/humble etc but you're selling a product which is YOURSELF, SO IF HE DOES NOT BELIEVE IN HIMSELF, how does he expect people to believe in him??
For him to be against someone like Adam, with so much stage experience, *urrghh* He needs all the confidence in the world.
I don't think Adam is THAT GREAT. He is good,I do admit that but his experience may play a role in making him look like a HUGE SUPERSTAR. He is already comfortable in his own skin, he knows his limits, capabilities, technical bits etc. So for someone like Kris, Danny, Alison, Matt etc who is just getting to know their "talents" it may be a bit harder for them to catch up. I do pity them
I have no problem if Adam Lambert win American Idol. He deserve it but I do think Simon have been OVERLY ENDORSING him, which is very unfair to the others especially when PEOPLE usually listen to him *sigh*
But than again, we never know what is going to happen next week. Danny's fan was seen pledging their support for Kris. There is also some Adam Hater who swears to bring Adam down, coz his singing drives their dog crazy (hahahah extreme much) So the votes can go either way, stay tune folks....
Am going home to watch Danny *sigh*
P/S: On a lighter note tomorrow is my BIRTHDAY!!!! wonder if hubby is planning to sooprised me with any fun stuff :)

Monday, May 11, 2009

Here and There...

I LOVE this MiuMiu dress...So adorable eh? pair it with a pair of skinnies, plain scarf, flats and the Mulberry Bayswater bag (in purple *sigh*) and you'll be all set to go. The only problem is the dress is probably all sold out by now as it is from the SS2008 line. Like that is the only problem :p The price of the dress would probably be over RM500. Heheheheeheh maybe I can check out F21 - they usually have designer knock off in their line.

I've been finding for a perfect black open toe flats for the past 3- 4 months. It's irritating, I can't find one that is cute, versatile, comfy and stylish. The "stylo-mylo" ones is usually not comfy. The ones that are comfy is usually so "auntie" and "yawn-worthy". I'm still contemplating the one from Clarks. Comfy = check, versatile & cuteness factor = check. The only thing that is missing is that X-Shoe-Factor that makes you wanna drool.

You know like this pair of "fierce" purple studded heels. The "boring" shoes is RM286. The "faboosh" heels is RM160. Common sense will tell me that I do not need another pair of heels that I will only wear 3 times a year. What I NEED is a sensible pair of flats that could be used again and again and again. But this is just one of the instances where mind and heart does not agree. So I'm putting my shoe hunt on the backseat for the moment.

Crazy Weekend...
This weekend was crazy but fun! Last Saturday, I was out from morning till night.
Went to Dani's Akikah in the afternoon. Later Ina, Reebok and Iza came over to my place to lepak. Iza was there for a while but Ina and Reebok stayed until 6pm-ish. We chatted, gossiped and laugh like crazy. Had so much fun and we are even planning on a short trip together2 end of July. We'll see how that work out :)
After Maghrib instead of going straight home to Klang, we had to go to Subang to get mummy's and mak's mother's day present. Since it was already late I did my "speedy gonzales" shopping. Trying to buy a handbag and watch in 1 1/2 hours is CRAZY.
Reached Klang around 10pm. I was deadbeat- letih :p
Sunday: We celebrated Mother's day by having breakfast together2. Pastu a bunch of people (i.e daddy's friend) came over, Had to layan for a bit before going back to Jalan Kebun. Lan's mum like her prezzie. So I'm happy :p 
Urgghh I had a taste of sibling drama yesterday. Tak drama pun but the girls and my younger bro in law was around and they were fighting over the remote. Dahlah semalam panas ( I think it's true when they say heat bring out your inner aggression) sebab they were all arguing on top of their lungs NON STOP for over 2 hours. Serious geram! I guess I'm just not used to all the "rebut2" nie.
Pastu balik rumah.... tido :p hehehehe

Friday, May 8, 2009

Happy Mother's Day :)

Thank god it's Friday.
But I don't think I'll have one of those relaxing weekend. There is just so much to do :p
Mother's Day Special
Mother's Day is this weekend. Have you prepared/bought anything special for your mum? I think most of us take our parents for granted most of the time. Since we are always "too busy" to pay attention to our mother on normal day, at least take some time to lavish her this weekend with lots of love and gifts. Trust me whatever it is you are going to do, it won't even be close to a fraction of what you mother have done for you.
As I grow older, I begin to see how much my parents have sacrifice so that my sister and I will always be happy. Growing up we might not have everything as compared to some of my other friends, I wasn't decked from head to toe designer clothes, get driven around by chauffeurs in expensive cars with 1K allowance per month, but my parents make do with what we have. The best part is my parents ALWAYS make time for us and give us all of their attention (sometime too much). We were taught from young to always believe in our abilities, work hard for what we want and respect other people.
Not to say that my mum never drove me crazy (she still do FYI ;p) but I know she got my best interest at heart. For example, she always expect GREAT & PERFECT EXAM RESULTS. If you balik rumah with 80/100 for your test, don't expect her to be jumping with happiness lah, I don't think she's even impressed (hahaha) I pernah balik with a CPGA of 3.93, she just told me "ok.. good job". One of my younger cousin who is doing the same course got her results last semester, and she only acquired 3.00 and my mum boleh puji dia pandai. Hahahah my sister and I was dammed pissed and complained. She told us, to her we will always be of a different standard. She have given us everything "mental and emotional support, opportunities, classes etc" so to her we have no reason whatsoever to know excel.
It's great to know that my mum believe in me THAT much but still can't help but feel geram and stress (hahaha). But I'm always thankful that I have my parents as my parents. Seriously could not ask for a better more loving albeit slightly neurotic mummy... hahahahhaha I love you mummy, thank you for carrying me in your tummy for 9 months, going through labour pains to have me, changing, feeding, teaching me, pushing me to always be a better person. If I can be half the mom that you are to me and Along, I would be thankful. That is HOW great I think you are :)
People People
I seriously don't understand why some people like to pretend that they are much important than they really are. Macam lah best friend sangat. Menyampah pulak but the worst thing is I sometime feel they are secretly stabbing me in the back (pelik kan orang macam nie) Always trying to make themselves SUPERIOR by putting you down :p Tapi suka hati kau lah kan... you must be secretly depressed in your life to be acting like that kan :p
Have a great weekend everyone :)
P/s: To all my mates... Happy Mother's Day. You are all great mum in the making (SERIOUSLY!!)

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The one with a little of this and that....

Lifelong Dream
My lifelong dream is to not work, stay at home and become a tai-tai.
hahaha tough luck for this particular dream to come true.
Current Nightmare
  • The never ending back ache due to the totally non-ergonomic office chair.
  • Laziness/ Sleepiness/ Tiredness due to the lack of motivation to work.
Birthday Plans/Gifts
  • I wanna go on a short trip with hubby but don't know where... somewhere near would do... PD/Genting/Bukit Tinggi? Malas nak travel.
  • I decided not to get a new designer bag as planned this months as I'm saving for something more significant... It pays to be patient :)
  • Hubby got me some early bday prezzie : a new pair of diamond earrings, a cute handbag and a new top. Me love love it :p
  • Daddy is getting me aircond. Weird bday prezzie kan? but I don't care, I've been complaining that it's been soo warm/hot for the past few weeks and I sleep with two fans, so he told me that he'll give me the $$ to install the aircond at our place as my bday prezzie. I know I'm spoilt rotten, and I thank Allah everyday for such great parents hahahha but rezeki jangan ditolak, right?
  • Mummy is giving me $$$ so that I can get some much needed stuff
  • Sis already got me a new wallet but I haven't received it yet
  • ohhh and the perfume from Cath - Covet by SJP
  • All in all such a great haul, and it' s not even my birthday yet.... hahahhahahahahah
Birthday Wishlist :p
No visual wishlist this year as my pc is still unable to upload pics and I have to blog via email...
  1. Coach Ivory/Navy Leather Bonnie Bag- It's so cute
  2. New Scarfs from Tie Rack - colourful, rainbow inspired, pastel coloured scarf
  3. Whimsical clutches - Think Flapper girl clutches under the Betsey Johnson line... heheheh
  4. Cute flats- open-toe/ patent leather preferred :p
  5. Long necklaces - silver/bronze with cute pendants i.e. butterflies/fairies etc (other than that please don't get me more accessories this year)
  6. Books that develop minds :p hahahahaha
  7. Loads and loads of $$$$ - hahahah I accept cash and money transfer via M2U
  8. Holiday Package....
  9. A new car.....
  10. A new house....
ok lah the list dah start being nonsensical so I'm going to stop now......

Monday, May 4, 2009

Testing... Testing

How annoying!
I can't seem to update my blog at work ( I don't think I'm even SUPPOSED to update my blog at work) but I feel like posting so I'm trying the blog email feature.
Hmmm... Last week was a bit crazy with exams, "happenings" and work, but the exams really took a toll on me. It was damn tiring having to juggle a million things at once. But I guess it's normal, I'm always a bit more "cuckoo" during exams.
Had a longgggg weekend. Was away the whole of last week except for Wednesday ( but I was too busy with meeting the whole day) Went back to Perak on Thursday night to visit Lan's grandparents. Lan and I drove by ourselves tailing my f.i.l from behind. Not much ongoing, had fun visiting the oldies but had to leave a bit early as we had already booked our "mini honeymoon" suite in Sheraton Subang during the weekend.
The 3 days and 2 night was well spent together-gether. It is just so good to have hubby all to myself without other people, work/housework and other craziness around. I know this sound a bit weird since we're living together but the feeling is different. Both of us is just so busy esp. on the weekdays. We'll get back from work, cook dinner, do a bit of housework and in my case the additional assignment, talk in between and than go to bed. During the weekend, it will be one stuff after another, going back to Klang, running back to the in-laws, more housework and the occasional movie date (if we're lucky that there is no "compulsory" kenduri to attend that weekend). Sometimes you barely have the time to breathe when you realised that the weekend is over :p
You don't have much time to have those silly discussion because there is a lot of more important stuff to discuss (like work, exams, bills etc). At least we had the chance to get away from everything and everyone just to be together.
I got a new niece a month back and only yesterday did I get the chance to meet Ms Dareen Darfeenah ( I think that is the spelling lah) She is so adorable, fair and rambut tersangatlah lebat. Her sister Kamelia who is going to be 2 this May 14th  is suffering from the "older sister blues". She'll get so jealous if any one of us is paying attention to her baby sister. She was giving me the evil eye the whole time I was carrying Dareen (serious lawak). She have even taken to hitting the sister's head with a bottle everytime her mummy is feeding the baby. Her other aunties are trying to help her channel her anger by buying her a new doll which she "dera" every chance she got. Dahlah bossy nak mati with her daddy. My sis and I had to crazily bribe her with toys, 2 boxes of milo, fishes and turtles before she would even warm up to either of us. Apalah Kamelia nie :p
I ask my mum, if my sister use to bully me like that. My mum answered " Along selalu ketuk dengan botol sebab tu lah adik pandai". Geram betul lah!!
You know the feeling when you have something to tell but don't want to tell anyone because you feel like they will spoil things for you? or feeling like the news is so special that you don't want to share it with anyone? do you? do you? well whatever.
I'm bored. Need to go do something "productive" will post pictures from the weekend when I have the time. Adios Amigos!