Friday, May 25, 2012

How to Make a Diaper Cake...

My colleagues and I was thinking of a perfect gift for a friend's baby shower and we came up with the idea of a diaper cake. Practical but cute. Anyway I volunteered to make the diaper cake despite never making one. Googled the instructions and I have to say it is quite easy :) Much easier than making a real cake hehehe....

1. Get the ingredients : Diapers (in this case 28 pieces), rubber band, ribbons, cake base, plastic stirrer, loads of cellophane tape, ribbons, stickers, a plush toy (to be used as the "topper") and whatever additional goodies of your choice (in this case I use chocolates and baby jumper)

2. Roll up the diaper and secure a rubber band around it. For a small cake you would need around 19-20 diaper rolls to make the cake base. Tie a ribbon or use a big rubber band to secure the base.

3. Stick the stirrer in between of the diapers to ensure that the second tier won't fall off..

4. Secure the plush toy in between of the first tier diaper. Make sure the bands around the diapers are secured so that nothing will fall off.

5. Finally, tie a ribbon around the band and decorate your cake  :)

The result :) "saya suka..saya suka.."

P/S: I know my instruction is pretty crappy. I'm just too lazy to go over each step. Check out this site if you need a proper instruction... How to make a diaper cake

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Of New Toys and Birthday...

Hi!! my BB and Ipod has a new BFF. Meet the latest addition to the family, my new Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 :) It's a joined birthday gift from my parents and Lan and I'm a very happy camper....

Anyways after 3 months of campaigning for the new iPad, I did a total 360 degrees, when hubby brought me out to buy the tablet on my birthday. Spent almost 2 hours circling iMachines, Harvey Norman and Celcom but I wasn't able to decide on the iPad. For someone who usually make split decision purchases the fact that I'm hesitant wasn't a good sign. I can tell Lan was a bit pissed but if I'm gonna spent good money on something it better be worth it :p

One thing that put me off the new iPad is the size. I want the tablet to act as a travelling companion thus it must fit in my handbag. The iPad does fit my bag but just barely. Even worst due to the new changes the new iPad is slightly heavier than iPad2. Yes the new OS is faster, resolution is clearer and the camera takes better pictures but that is what my DSLR is for, right? So I went home empty handed that day because I just can't make up my mind.

During our iPad "test drive" in Harvey Norman I stumbled on the SG Tab 7.7. I was all "heeyyyy me like you :p" it is half the size of an iPad and not as heavy. It uses the new Android OS Honeycomb, the camera is just so-so as compared to the new iPad but it supports all of the apps that I'm currently using in my iPod touch so I was slowly liking the idea of the tab. Hubby "pooh-pooh" my idea because he wanted me to get the iPad but as much as I love him he's just not much of a gadget person to be taken seriously (haha I'm so mean) So after we went home, I googled for reviews and asked around. I got pretty much good responses so made up my mind and bought it the next day :) It cost as much as the new Ipad so why not,huh?

I've been using my tab for a week now and I'm happy with it. Some of the apps are really useful. Contrary to popular belief I don't use my tab JUST to play games (haha) I've downloaded some useful toddler apps for Ryan and a baby tracker for Iman and Ranya. Will review some of the really cool ones when I have the time.

On Turning A Year Older...
Neways Alhamdullilah I'm a year older and maybe a bit wiser :p .I've been blessed with a wonderful family, awesome husband, beautiful children and sooo much more. Hopefully the new year will see me becoming a better muslim, wife, mother, daughter, employer and maybe a student again?? hehe insyallah. Pray for me...

Monday, May 14, 2012

Of Twins and Double Feeding...

I'm breastfeeding Iman and Ranya. So one of the soalan wajib that people ask me ALL the time is "have you ever feed your babies at the same time?" My answer is YES YES YES but not anymore. I stop doing so when the twins turn around 2 1/2 months. The reason being that they got too heavy and it's too difficult to maneuver when I'm alone. I know some mothers who does double feeding until the babies turn older but I gave up and resorted to feed the girls one by one. Actually it's more of a hassle to single feed but I rather not take the risk of dropping my precious cargo hehehe.

Hmmm maybe I should give double feeding a second chance :p For those who's wondering HOW I do it? check out the pic below. It ain't easy being a mama, right?

Anyway to all of the beautiful mummies out there, YOU ROCK!!! Give yourself a pat in the back for a job well done. You deserve to be celebrated for more than a day but every lil wish and appreciation counts as a LOT.

p/s: Doctor Chong has given us the green light to start feeding Iman and Ranya in 2 weeks time. Referring to my old post on How to feed a baby Crazy excited :)

Friday, May 11, 2012

Cake Cutting Ceremony (not!)

We had makan-makan today to celebrate May Babies, promotions and to say goodbye to some good people in the department :(

Good food, great company (minus one :p) couldn't ask for more....
I brought Garrets popcorn + chicken pie. Weird combination kan? I initially thought I would not be able to cook since Ranya and Iman is a bit under the weather this whole week. But since they were feeling better and slept early I managed to whipped out some mini pies.
My shared bday cake with Yohanna + she who shall not be named *roll eyes* malas nak cerita pasal dia and contaminate my blog *positive vibes*
With YAH + Bawal Part III
My food loving colleagues....
First bday present of the year. Thanks Cath :)

Monday, May 7, 2012

The Tale of Two Weekends

Warning: This is going to be one of those long post describing in length (photos) my two week worth of weekend activities.

28 April 2012: No.. I did not join Bersih :p duduk rumah je "judging" people yg "judge" people like me who is considered unpatriotic for not joining the rally. Whatever la babe...

29 April 2012: Upin and Ipin the Musical Time in Istana Budaya. The theater itself was "ok-la", very colourful etc. Ryan was excited at first but after an hour he got bored so he started bugging everyone instead. Thank god we brought a huge entourage consisting of my sis, bro in law and my 4 sisters in law so Ryan has a lot of people to layan his antics.

All of us :)

Ryan with the cupboard cutouts of Upin,Ipin, Fizi, Ehsan, Opah and Uncle Muthu.
(yes i can memorize the names of the characters sebab kena tengok the series berjuta kali sampai nak muntah)

In the pic with Fizi's mascot mummy and daddy muka malu sebab Ryan "pok" the patung sebab terpegang dia. Gangster kicik betul :p

All of the Upin and Ipin merchandise that Ryan managed to "pau" from mummy and mak long *sigh*
Anyway kinda sad that we can't get the Upin doll since it is all sold out. Kena carik la...

"Mummy where?? where? dun have..."

Trying out tudung bawal after so long....

The much awaited date with hubby.
We took Monday before Labour day off to spend time together-gether.
Went to watch The Avengers- which was AWESOME.
 I find the scripts funny and HULK is such a scene stealer

Loving my new dress... me lookie very slim kan?
Hahaha perasan. Anyway tried my second bawal.
It's 3 tones....

New flats : Black from Primavera courtesy of my mum and the brown one was from Payless Shoe Store in Sunway. The selection is crazy.
I also bought Cars2 Sneakers for Ryan and a pair of slippers each for the twins

Tummy time for Iman and Ranya

Labour day: Had to go back to Sunway to exchange Ryan's shoes which was a size too small.
I drove to Sunway with Ryan and met my sister there for lunch...

More bawal hehehehe

@Delicious: My yummy spaghetti pesto +grilled chicken (which Ryan choose to eat rather than his own meal), Ryan's chicken fingers and the chocolicious sundae .
Look at him spooning the ice-cream...

Mummy and her fave baby boy :p

Last Saturday: cooked lunch for hubby. Just simple dishes of sambal sardin, egg mayo and sawi and cendawan goreng.
Licin hubby and Ryan makan :)

Iman and Ranya. My miss (s) polka dottie. All dressed up for their 4th month jab.
Turned out Dr Chong's clinic is closed for wesak.
So last2 balik rumah je hahahahah

Friday, May 4, 2012

My 'SCRAP" project :)

The problem with having digital camera (be it DSLR, normal digi cam, camera phone) is I don't bother developing my pictures anymore. I'll take 1000 of photos but chances are most would be left on my PC.If "they" are lucky, I'll probably repost them on FB/blog for viewing.I find looking at photos via PC not much fun as nothing beats going through each photos individually, recalling moments :) That is where I find scrap booking comes in handy

"A truly creative way to store pictures according to special events"

 I started scrap booking "seriously" after I found out I was pregnant with Ryan. I had all those ultrasound images but had no idea what to do with them. Mind you those black and white images are EXPENSIVE, so rather than let those printouts go wasted, I bought myself my first scrap booking kit to document Ryan's development i.e. birth photos, baby shower, aqiqah, birthdays etc.

The rest is history. I have to admit scrap booking takes a lot of time, effort, creativity and money. Some people may think it is too much of a hassle but I love the creative process. If left to my own devices I can spend hours on all fours arranging pictures and designing each pages according to my heart content.

I'm not the most discipline in updating my book though. There are times when months go without me adding a new page to the book but when the mood comes I'll be holed up in my room doing nothing but designs :p I've limited page entries for special occasion though- holidays, birthdays etc.since the book can only accommodate about 50 pages per album.

 Anyway I'm currently working on Ryan's book. Planning on updating on our Umrah Trip, Jakarta Trip up to his 2nd Birthday :p After that can "katam" and start designing Iman's and Ranya's book :)

 Ryan's book :)

Things you need to start scrap booking.
Coloured papers, stickers, glue, glitters etc and most importantly the photos itself  *duh*

 A page from Ryan's book.
I think he's about 4 months :p Iman really look like him kan :p

Iman and Ranya's album.
Shall start collecting the photos and start designing soon :)

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A reminder to myself...

I was having lunch with my sister and Ryan in Delicious Sunway. As we're digging into our food and layan-ing Ryan's antics, we heard a woman's voice shouting "kau ni menyusahkan betul-lah".

Everybody went quiet and instantly went finding for the source, turn out the woman was reprimanding her child who's about Ryan's age. I don't think the girls was doing anything terribly naughty pun but the mum looks so furious.

We thought it was the end of it but a few minutes later she started shouting at the poor child again. Her husband just look on clutching at their other kid. She even raised her hand at one point, I think at that point even their bibik was afraid she'll totally lose it so she put the girl in her stroller and offered to bring her out while her parents eat.

I was a few seats away so maybe I didn't see how naughty the girl was acting but I believe the woman should have kept her cool. I hate to think if she acted like that in public how is she treating her kids at home. Scary thought ain't it?

Parents have the power to discipline their children by way of reprimands, time out even light caning when necessary but the punishment should reflect the misbehaviour. You should have seen the little girl face being wheeled out of the restaurant slumped in her stroller. She looked so sad, I think she acted out to get her mum's attention.

I seriously had one of those "wtf" moments. I understand how frustrating it is when your child misbehaved and it's tiring when they become uncontrollable. Not forgetting the embarrassment of looking like you're a failure of a parent not able to discipline your own kid. I admit I myself have lost my temper with Ryan and there are times when I was too tired to function and have been known to even snap at the twins. However,Alhamdullilah I've managed to contain my anger and not go too far each time and remind myself kids will be kids.

Hopefully I'll never act like that woman and embarrassed my children and make them feel unloved in public, at home, anywhere at anytime.

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