Tuesday, June 28, 2011

On No 2 & 3 :)

I’m going into my 15 weeks of pregnancy and Alhamdullilah everything is going well. As of now my pregnancy symptoms consist of:-

• No major morning sickness (which is a total bliss as twins pregnancy usually results in double pregnancy syndromes due to the higher level of hormones productions)
• Some backpain/Minor headache: My once a month pregnancy massages do provide some relieve since I’m not allowed painkillers and medicated ointment.
• Little weight gain/ not much appetite: Well I have the same problem with Ryan, so am not worried. We’ll see what the doc has to say about this next week. Anyway though my weight is the same, my tummy is already expanding. So I take that as a good sign *insyallah*
• Major exhaustion: I get tired more easily, I guess it is expected since I’m carrying two babies instead of one + taking care of a very active toddler + housework. I’m letting go some of my chores to hubby (thanks for helping, sayang) though I do sometimes get annoyed when things are not done my way that I end up redoing it again (control issues haha)

As for pregnancy care, I’m just doing the usual: eating pre-natal vitamins & folic acids, drinking copious amount of air zam-zam, I have 6 small meals instead of 3 big ones since I can’t stomach big meals, and though I try to relax more I do limit unnecessary naps+ sitting on my ass for too long (sluggishness is not good for a pregnant body).

Lan and I managed to score some cheap baby stuff at the Peddypeck Warehouse sales in Pandamaran last week. I malas nak beli but my mum was on my case on getting baby stuff. Trust me if it was up to her the whole nursery would already be furnished despite not knowing the babies gender. So to pacify her we bought a play cot for my mum’s place, a Fisher price rocker, some swaddling blanket and pillows. I drew the line on clothes though since I want my babies to be dress in gender appropriate clothes.

As for gender preference, I know Lan wanted more boys because he’s afraid of having a (2) mini Far running around (haha) as for me I seriously, honest to god has no preference especially after reading all the complications that is usually associated with twins delivery. As long as I gave birth to healthy babies, I’m thankful to Allah :) Looking at the bright side, two more boys means I’ll get back to my pre-pregnancy weight faster, if they are both girls I’ll get new shopping buddies (like I need more reason to shop haha) and if I get a boy & a girl even the better :p

As usual closer to my check up date, I tend to feel more anxious, especially since my check-up date has been reschedule later due to doctor unavailability. It would be real cool if I can buy that ultrasound machine and look at the little darlings every day.

Anyway I think hubby is feeling a bit left out yesterday, as a part of a new routine to ease in the arrival of twinnies, every night before bed I will tell Ryan “I love you baby and I love you first”. I’ve been doing it for a week but yesterday was the first time I said it in front of Lan. He was like “apahal, how about me?” I wanted to laugh but he looked so serious. So I said “Of course I love YOU first dummy, but I’m referring to the siblings, would be weird if I go I love you second, third and last kan” He just made a face..


Monday, June 20, 2011

My little firecracker...

Dear Ryan,

You're 18 months old today. In 6 months time, you're going to turn 2 and become a big brother *insyallah* It is so funny that 18 months ago, you're this tiny little baby, dependent on daddy and I to take care of you but now we can't survive ONE day without you around.

Sometimes you'll act all biggie not wanting any assistance from me with feeding and insisting on putting your own clothes. You'll go out for "big boy" breakfast with nenek and atuk every Saturday leaving me at home without batting an eyelash. You get into this battle of the wills with daddy when you refuse to clean up your toys or when you mumble to yourself in retaliation whenever we ask you to do something you don't like. During those times I'll be asking to myself, "Ya Allah, when did he grow up so fast??"

But times when you insist on sleeping in my arms, when we sit in front of the TV together drawing silly pictures, when you come to me to complaint that you step on your toys with that cute little pout of yours or when you'll approach me every morning, with the sweetest smile on your face, kissing me awake so that you can get your cookie, reminded me that you will grow up no matter how desperately I want to stop time, but in my heart you will still be my baby :) My numero uno!!

I love you Ryan Daniel, you should know that by now since I tell you that a million times a day heheheh...

"what mischief shall I come with next??"

Ryan's latest obsession : Disney CARS. He goes around the house saying "vroooom" "kachoww" and "yesh"+hand in the air gesture

Hehehe he "kidnapped" my shorts and insisted on putting it on...

Friday, June 17, 2011

Happy Father's Day

On behalf of every man
Looking out for every girl
You are the god and the weight of her world
So fathers, be good to your daughters
Daughters will love like you do

This Sunday is Father’s Day. So I would like to take this chance to wish Happy Father’s Day to my 2 fave daddies in the whole wide world.

To my dad, you’re the greatest ayah any girl could ask for. You’ve always been there for Along and me. Listening to our mundane and nonsensical complaints, ready with advice (even for the times when we don’t ask for it). Inspiring and supporting us through everything, putting up with us when we’re being total brats (Along of course, not me :p everyone knows I’m the angelic one hehe) and for always going all out to make life easier for your baby girls even though we’re all grown up and have families of our own.

Thanks for also extending the love to Ryan, who no doubts adore you as much as I do (maybe even more) I don’t know how it is possible, but you’ve spoil him more than you’ve spoilt me (and we all know I’m spoilt rotten). For every good and bad memory, we appreciate everything you and mama have done for us and we love you so much.

I looked up to you so much, that I secretly set a criteria for my future husband to be modeled after you :p Before Lan and I got married, I gave him a long lecture about how I expect my “future kids” to be treated and what kind of father I expected him to be. Well, he’s no you but he’s not bad after all…

So hubby, you know how much Ryan, The Twinnies and I love you. You’re a great daddy and in time you’ll even be better. You can see how much Ryan admires you already, since he follows you around everywhere you go: p I bet if we ever have daughters they’ll adore you as much as I adore my ayah.

To both daddies. Happy Father’s Day!!! We love you branches and may Allah bless you always :) *muackz*

Monday, June 13, 2011

Can't say I'm happy...

First it was the rise of the RON 97 petrol. The rationale was if you can afford expensive and luxury car you don’t deserve to be subsidize by the government ( quite a rationale point though a lot of people driving cheap national cars was using RON97 as it is better in the long run but let’s disregard the point).

Then there were rumors that the price of RON 95 will increase, however after much grubmlings the “assessment” was set back to a later date in respect of the rakyat’s wishes or whatever. Yeay!! Everyone is happy but not for long because ironically another announcement soon came a few weeks after that, the electricity tariff would be raised. Bonus points?? If your bill is no more than RM77 you won’t be affected AT ALL (they did these interviews and all to show that MOST people won’t even feel the pinch. Ooookayy)

2 weeks later they increase the price of Diesel, most people don’t even squeak as these would probably just affect lorry drivers/manufacturer etc. Whatever, right? Government went all out with these announcements stating that they vouched that the rakyat’s won’t be burdened by price hikes..blah..blah..blah.. and now I heard ASTRO is planning on a repackaging and there might be a SLIGHT increase of prices starting next month.

Other than that Ryan’s school fees has increased by RM50, which make sense as the rooms are fully air-conditioned and they prepare the kids food themselves (aircond= electricity and food prices= raise in diesel=raise in transportation fees). The price of his milk have also increased from RM39 (650g) to RM42 (same rationale as above)

There seems to be a lot of “new menu” being introduced in restaurants lately. Some offers “cheaper set options” but if you look at the portion it is half of what it should be. I know for a fact that TG.IF has increased the price of its drinks and some of its individual’s dishes (but the portion is sadly smaller :() Eat at cheaper eateries? Well I went to one of my favorite cheap and cheerful kedai nasi campur on Friday and trust me; I’m paying at least RM2 more than 2 months ago.

I know someone is going to suggest that I should cook and eat more at home, well check out your local groceries shop/pasar (I’m not talking Cold Storage here but SSW Pasar Borong Sg Udang standard) the price of fresh chilies, garlic, vegetables have all risen. Bring RM50 to the store and see how much raw food item you can bring back home.

There’s no point in complaining I know. We should practice “perbelanjaan berkhemah” and “jangan membazir” etc. I know my family and I are not going to go hungry anytime soon (insyallah) and we even have the little “extras” for fun stuff like toys, entertainment, vacations etc (alhamdullilah) but the rising prices do impact us the middle class families on some level. Simple math lah kan, when prices of things goes up but your salary stays the same = less “worms” to take home to the chickies lah kan?

So dear PM, The economy is affecting us the 1.Malay.sia low and middle income families: p acknowledge it and do something about it. Don’t pretend that everything is all fluff. Thank you!!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The worst kept SECRET (Part 2)

This is a bit of a déjà vu. Feels like yesterday when I made the same announcement via blog: p

Guess what people. I’m 3 months pregnant *alhamdullilah*Anyway the pregnancy came as a huge surprised to me and Lan. Wasn’t expecting it at all but we’re excited nevertheless.

I found out when I was about 3 weeks into the pregnancy. I had the same feeling as when I was pregnant with Ryan. The overeating, crazy mood swings, that “I just know I’m pregnant” feeling. So a few days before my period is due, I decided to take the test and it was positive.

I was shocked and a bit numb. “Is it too fast?” “Will we be able to cope?” “What’s going to happen to Ryan?” – All this thoughts went through my mind. I was in a daze for a few hours but in the end I pulled myself together went home and told Lan. My husband was over the moon with the news of course. After discussing with Lan on our future, I felt so much better and started making plans for the new nursery: p (haha such a short attention span)

But I guess the “surprise” is not over yet. 6 weeks into the pregnancy I had to go for another checkup for a reconfirmation (as the first scan was done at 3 weeks, too early to determine things) imagine our surprise when we saw this in the ultrasound machine…

Yes people. There’s two sacs, which indicates FRATERNAL TWINS (as opposed to identical: p) Masyallah, I can’t describe my feeling when I found out. Lan and I got all giggly. We’re beyond shock, excited, happy and nervous.

There’s no direct history of twins in both family so the babies is a bit of a “miracle” to us: p there’s of course a lot of theories on how the twins was created but instead of going through all the scientific and medical notes I’ve gathered, the simplest and precise answer is, we got the babies due to Allah’s will. Fullstop. Alhamdullilah we’re blessed.

Anyway, we brought in the big guns last week. We went to SJMC to seek Dr De.Laila advice. Gosh was she excited. Saw the babies’ heartbeat, the skull and backbone has formed, you can see the babies twirling and waving. They are so much more active as compared to Ryan when he’s at the same age: p Tapi they are so tiny. Adorable just like me (haha)

The biggest hurdle during my first trimester was flu and infection. I was sick for 2 whole week. Nose was dripping non-stop, coughing and there’s so much phlegm that I can’t even eat properly without wanting to vomit (TMI,haha) Lost 3 kgs in the process. Doc said I needed rest so was on MC last week.

I’m feeling so much better. Other than the flu, Alhamdullilah the pregnancy has been good to me so far. No major morning sickness etc. I do get tired more easily. Well carrying 2 babies will do that to you I guess. Hubby is trying to get me to take it easy. But you know me, always on the go and can’t sit still :p

As for Ryan’s reaction…. I showed him a picture of the babies ultrasound referring them as “Upin and Ipin” after his favorite twin cartoon character, and asked if the babies can borrow his toys when they arrive. His reply?? “NO!” while vigorously shaking his head. Oh well!!!