Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Mini Hari Raya Post :)

Assalamualaikum and Salam Sejahtera :)

Just a short post to state that I'm alive and well and back from my 10 days break *alhamdullilah* People have been asking for me to upload pictures via FB and Blog but I've had no time to properly download pictures from my various gadgets i.e. DSLR, BB and Tab into my laptop. No time ( malas mode)

At least the pictures in my tab has seen the light of day since it's easier to edit pics (sangat penting supaya sentiasa nampak cun) + consolidate (if not berjuta2 gambar terpaksa di upload) via various photo apps. So please be patient with me :)

*Alhamdullilah* my Aidilfitri was well spent with the lil kiddies and family. Travelling with the 3 tots ain't that bad and even my detractors have to concede that my "loratness" in keeping the kiddies on a schedule is beneficial to everyone (haha).

So here's a little spoiler of pics of our Raya celebration so far... more coming soon ( I hope!)

 The Azlan's on the 1st Day of Aidilfitri
2nd Hari Raya : A pic before starting our journey to Felda Soeharto, Perak :p

P/S: The kiddies are at that age yg susah nak ambik gambar because they are constanly moving. The sucky part is, if the photos are take by ME semua lawa, but when I'm in the pic semua moving... benci!!!
PP/S: We're finally going back to Melaka this weekend. I miss beraya in my kampung. Raya tahun ni rasa lain sangat. It is good but in a very different way.
PPP/S: Tau tak best teramat sangat ada twin girls esp. for a person who loves clothes and dressing up as I do. It is like having your own life size dolls to play dress up with hahaha

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Selamat Hari Raya 2012


Today is my last day at work before I start my long Raya leave tomorrow :) As I do every year, I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a very happy and safe Aidilfitri. Hopefully you'll be able to spend it with your family and friends.

I would also like to apologize for my wrongdoings (if any) If I purposely or accidentally wrote anything in this blog that may have hurt your feeling, through my actions/words (i.e terusik, tersepak, tergossip etc). Sorry ok :)

Hehehe do I sound sincere enough? Lan always says my salam Raya mcm tak iklas :p This year I'm gonna stay up all night and mengarang karangan minta maaf that will blow his socks off (or maybe not)

Anyways, stays safe my sayangs, don't speed, jangan main mercun and most importantly EAT IN MODERATION :p. Hopefully whatever good that came out from this Ramadhan will stay with us throughout the next Ramadhan.


Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Of First Dentist Visit and Raya Preparations

Ryan First Visit To The Dentist

Lan and I brought Ryan to the dentist last Saturday. Despite brushing his teeth everyday, I've detected some cavities on his front tooth. I googled and of course a million of horror stories came out.

Suggestion ranges from "tampal" to the more extreme "tooth extraction". I can't make up my mind as some people told me to let  it be since it is "milk tooth" anyway and some scare me with infection stories. So I turn to the experts and made Lan call his dentist aunt for her views. After listening to her explanation, I made appointment with one of the company's dentist, a specialist, since Ryan is only 2 after all.

I was nervous the whole night as I can't imagine my baby boy lying still on the dentist chair. We went to see the dentist and I was all "doc his tooth is decaying (haha)". The dentist looked at me in surprise and asked "do you let him have his bottle at night" to which I'm guilty off :p She was like "never mind we'll take a look". Despite being totally awesome during our "practise dentist visit i.e. 'says ahhhh when dentist says open ur mouth'" Ryan decided to clammed his mouth shut and muka dah cemik nak nangis.

Somehow doc manages to coaxed him to open his mouth and started checking. "His tooth is not that bad la mama. If you continue brushing his tooth and limit his sugar intake, I think we can manage it". I'm like are you sure? coz the front tooth looks yucky (haha) doc explained that the culprit is most probably due to the fact that Ryan use to take "soy based milk" when he was younger since it contain sucrose (a type of sugar) We used  to give Ryan soy based milk because he has asthma but he's on An.Mum now since that is the only growing up milk with no added sugar.

Doc taught us the proper way to brush his teeth and send us home :) Though my fear is a bit unfounded, at least now dah puas hati sikit takde apape hehehe

Lesson learned: Once Iman and Ranya turn 1 we shall stick with "low sugar" type of formula and go on a yearly dentist visit once I can see a whole line of teeth on them :p Ryan will also follow me everytime I go for my 6 months dentist visit. Anyway doc also told us to NEVER start any of the kiddies on Ri.bena though it is rich in vitamin c etc it is a dentist nightmare. Very high sucrose level. Actually nak bagi boleh just in moderation and brush more often I guess.
Hari Raya

I'm in Raya mood already :) Dah pasang pelita and susun2 baju raya hehe. Raya with 3 kids this year *how exciting* I can't imagine the horror of packing for our Perak trip but I'm sure I'll manage. We've done our Raya shopping very early and since most of it is done via online, I don't have to go through the hassle and weekend crowds etc. For things that I can't get in the virtual world, I'll opt for shopping alone during lunch time, serious best (haha) sebab I can choose stuff in accordance to my liking and no lil kiddies meragam. Being in the middle of shopping heaven  i.e: OU, Curve, Plaza Damas, Tropicana and Mid Valley does make it even easier to shop.

Tapi Raya tahun ni is a bit sad for me. This is my first raya nenek-less, and not spent in Merlimau :'( Will miss nenek's cooking and of course her *sigh* oh well at least ada nenek/atuk/moyang in law from Lan's side. It is not the same but it will do. Seems sad that come every raya, I will lose someone dear to me (wan, nek mah, nek jah, pak ngah and pak chik) but that is the circle of life. May Allah panjangkan umur and berikan kesihatan and blessing to my love ones. Let's recite al-fatihah for those who have left us and may allah grant them an easy passage in after life *amin*

Alhamdullilah for my 3 little angels. They drive me crazy at times but they are the reason I wake up every day <3>

Friday, August 10, 2012

That silver lining.....

New responsibilities and new challenges awaits me :)
Rezeki bulan ramadhan and my children's rezeki...
ALHAMDULLILAH, Kau permudahkan-lah segalanya ya Allah....

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

A day in the life of me...

You have to do what you need to do...

That is what I tell myself, every time I'm too tired to move but still have to finish something, be it work-work or house work. Lately I felt as if my life has been a series of never ending tasks. There is rarely a lull moment. Every little break means a small window to finish another task.I console myself that it will be easier when the twins are a bit older. I remembered feeling the same when I was studying for my masters/moving/Ryan was younger but things did get less hectic for a time. So here's to hoping...

Things are still tolerable at the moment. I thank god that we've managed to get the lil kiddies on some sort of a schedule, which we try to follow as religiously as we could. Having my parents nearby does help us a lot too :)

I get a lot of people asking me, how do I survive not having a maid but still manage with the 3 kids but still able to look presentable and not frazzled in the morning (Ni bukan puji diri, 2 people actually said the same thing to me last month haha) My answer is very simple actually "we're used to it". I think the last time my family had a maid was when I was about 2-3 years old and Lan never had maids before. Our parents trained us to be independent when it comes to doing housework (taula nak guna washing machine, masak, kemas etc)

I admit since having the twins, we (I) have become a bit relax when it comes to mess. The house is kept CLEAN but I admittedly spend less time mopping/scrubbing the toilet floor/making sure Ryan's toys is in the right box etc (bukan OCD just a neat freak). Clothes are sometimes left unfolded for a few days before we managed to tackle everything . The problem is when you have 3 kids under 3 at home, laundry is a never ending process.

I mean when I get back from work, I rather spend the time playing with the kiddies rather than be dusting the furniture or whatever. At least I don't have to think about cooking as we usually have dinner at my mum's place. Currently this arrangement is the most practical since I usually reach Klang around 7pm. After maghrib prayers, the whole troop will head home.

The twins will be carted into their downstairs bedroom at 8.30pm sharp by their daddy and my task is to keep Ryan busy. We'll usually watch Cake Boss together while he makes a lot of mess with his toys (haha) sementara tu I'll either fold some clothes/cook frozen food for the twins or lepak. 9.30pm is Ryan's bedtime for which I'm responsible for, kalau dah tidurkan si kecik ni, sometimes "ter"join sama, sometimes after he's asleep I'll head downstairs to finish whatever task that needs to be completed.

Lan will carry the twins up and then it's bedtime for everyone :) The next day = Lan getting ready first since he needs to be at the office by 8am. We'll get the twinnies ready for school, coaxing Ryan out of bed + bath etc is no easy feat, and hopefully they'll be off to nursery by 7.20am. I'll clean up after them, get ready and go to work and the routine starts again when I get home.

I'm proud to say dalam hectic2 ni pun sempat masak for potluck and Lan's office function for 30 people ok and sometimes even fit in time for my scrapbooking project :)

Yes it is not easy but it is doable. Someone perli nak save duit ke tak nak hire maid. The thing is Lan and I are far from being richla but we're actually paying more (almost double) by sending the kids to nursery than having a maid. Practical la kan, I don't think 1 maid can take care of the kiddies + kemas rumah. Nak ambik 2 maids bukannya I live in a mansion, kan! To tell you the truth, I prefer the privacy of having the whole house to ourself and tak payah pening pasal maid lari, maid bwk bf balik rumah etc.

So we opt for the better option for us (for the moment) which is to send the kids to nursery and do the housework ourself. Worst come to worst I'll get a part time cleaner to come clean the house on weekends but we'll cross that bridge when the time comes... So far things are working for us. Memangla the house is not as neat as I would like it to be but at least it is clean, in a livable and comfortable state and for that I'm thankful.

Anyway, I know why Allah gave me twins, it is because he knows I'm an excellent multitasker (hahah) actually all mums are, so let's give ourselves a good pat in the back :)

Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Hahaha too funny!!! hysterical even...