Monday, November 29, 2010

Picture Perfect...

The photos from our photo shoot in CREATIVE LITEBOX is ready :)
Love the final product.. GORGEOUS... maybe it's just because I'm a crazy cam whore :p
I want more... maybe another photo shoot with Lan and Ryan in honour of Ryan's birthday (hunny please *wink wink*)....
Lan is conveniently ignoring me now (hahaha)
Edited pic :p (I cropped Iena out haha)
I love how my make up turn out in the pictures...

A collage of our pic together :) - which is now my current wallpaper
(not professional? who cares)

Me with ze bride....

US :)
Love this pic....
Other pics is on FB...

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

1 more month to Ryan's 1st Birthday...

Ryan just turn 11 months old last Saturday (20112010)

He's becoming more active and talkative (baby gibberish). I can say having him around will enlighten any dull moments...I'm going to update on some of his 11 month "thing" and developments :)

Ryan's obsessed with Elmo videos. If he's in my room/atuk room and he feels like watching Elmo he will climb on his victim, pull and shove while saying "dadamo". If you're wondering what is "dadamo" I suggest you listen to the opening credit of Elmo's World*.

I swear to god that he started clapping his hands when heard the opening credits last night (konon so happy that Elmo's on)- Another skill of his is clapping to songs and whenever anyone says "good job" or "good boy"

*Hint: The lyric to Elmo's World goes like this "Dadadada Dadadada Elmo's World...."

100% concentration while watching Elmo. Anyway he knows what to do when we give him his toothbrush now... he'll take it and put it in his mouth and start biting. He love brushing his non existence tooth :p

He love pulling himself up and he is even able to stand on his own without holding anything for a few seconds. He is also able to cruise while holding on to furniture...

Favourite pastime with daddy :p

How sweet that they fell asleep holding hands to each other...

If he wants to bermanja, he will come to me and sleep on the crook of my shoulder/my tummy etc. He loves tugging my hair. If I'm all garang with him, he will open his big brown eyes and pout and start whimpering until I pick him up (serious drama)

He can say a few words like "nak", "bak", "mama", "dada" , "catzz"- Cat, "duks"-duck, "mo"- Elmo, "nek" -milk

If he sees a phone, remote control etc he will put it near his ears and start talking to himself. It's kinda funny, I realised that he pick this up after observing his daddy talking on the phone with someone.

I have to say that his "copycat" skills is also developing: For example he can imitate me playing with his drums and trucks. The funniest was when he put one of my scrunchies on his head konon nak tiru mummy ikat rambut (hahaha serious lawak). The downside? I better watch what I'm doing or saying nowadays. Wouldn't want him to pick my negative habits or even worst curse words :p (my mum will MURDER me)

Ryan with mak long and pak long @DELICIOUS..

Nowdays he insisted on eating adult food and sitting together during dinner time. So we bought him a high chair.

He loves toy play cars in malls.. siap tak nak keluar. The funniest part during this ride is when he actually turn to Garfield, "spoke" to him, patted Garfield's tummy and continued driving. It was a hilarious sight...

"I don't want to leave, don't make me daddy"

That's all folk :)

Are you MAD??

I know we are :)

Occasion : Iena's Mad Hatter Hen Party
Venue: CreativeLitebox Studio Bangi & B's Restaurant
Theme: Bright & Mad :p

Aimee, Hanis, Juju, Iena, Tinie, unidentified object and Moi!!

The Ferum Gang :)

The Bride and I during our photo shoot...
Heheh posing among the posing... Yes we're a bunch of posers and proud of it :)

I love this pic for some reason :)
@ Pullman's Hotel - Gorgeous view and love the food...
With my darling co-organizer...
With the props and door gift...
The delicious TEAPOT cake
To the bride to be...

Darling, I wish you all the best and hope you'll have a great marriage with Ilya. May allah bless both you always and may you stand by each other through pain and happiness... Good luck :)

I have to say I had an awesome time with my girls, we took countless photos, ate good food, gossip and meluahkan perasaan, torture our very own version of "Beyonce" (saying this while tepuk2 peha) and laugh like mad...
We've gone through so much together and despite what people say behind our backs (YES YOU!!! the so called non-judgemental we're too cool to be true people) we know we can count on our friendship and that's all that matters.... Love ya gals branches and branches....
p/s: more photos on my facebook page....

Friday, November 19, 2010

Version 7.0 : Harry Pot Pot Rules!!!

I managed to catch Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows last night with Lan, my sister and my bro in law after convincing my mum to babysit Ryan (not that she needs much convincing anyway :p)

Anyway the movie was not bad. I'll be lying if I say that it's the greatest movie ever but it was better than the past 6 installments. It has its moments, like the time Ron took a jibe at Twilight :p However, to be honest there's a lot of plots that need not be there and I do think they sacrifice a lot of scenes depicting "relationships" for a more commercial storyline.

If you read the book, you will know the most important element from the book is the relationships holding all the characters together and I feel that is missing from the movie. I can't feel the same sadness when some of the characters were killed and that's too bad as people who reads the book can't really relate to the characters that they have grown to love (or hate) in the series.
Hands down : Dobby wins the most lovable character in the movie :) Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, Ralph Fiennes did a good job depicting the characters. Emma Watson deserve to be single out because not only did she's a great actress she looks so BEAUTIFUL in the movie :)

All in all I give it a 7/10 (B+) - Seriously it was a wayyyyy better production that Twilight (better storyline and actors) Kristen "imsomoodyitsannoying" Stewart should take some pointers from Emma Watson :p

KS always have that "I smell poo" expression on her face kan :p hahah

Anyway, I can't wait for the final movie, hope it does the book justice...

Thursday, November 18, 2010

My Little Muse

I love taking photos especially of my little boy. Having the DSLR makes it even more fun as it captures more vivid image :) I'm no professional photographer but I'm learning as I go... Like I'm fond of telling my sis and Lan "IT IS ALL ABOUT THE ANGLE" Those two are hopeless. :p Anyway enjoy some of the pics taken of my little prince charming :)

ya habibi ya Ryan :p

comotness :p

blushing cheeks :p

Mummy Perasan Mode *alert*
I had to take these photos for a "project" but I have to admit something camwhoring with a DSLR is so much more fun than using normal digicam or camera phone :p -hahaha too bad I don't have that much free time nowdays to do this more often :)

Monday, November 15, 2010

Annual Dinner 2010- Masquerade Carnivale'

Date : 12 November 2010
Venue : Kuala Lumpur Convention Center
Theme: Masquerade Carnivale'

I had some problems on deciding my outfit for the night :p I had to make a choice between 1 black dress, 2 kaftan like dress and a kebaya. For some reason none feels right. I almost spend Rm400 on a new dress but for some reason I had a strong feeling against it :p

Inspired by the latest Vampire Diaries Masquerade Episode :p I decided to go for something short. I remembered this dress that I bought in Jakarta 2 years ago - a green silk mini sequined dress (it fits b*tches haha) and paired it with a black inner/leggings, cotton scarf, headband + bracelet from F21, Audrey Guess clutch and CK slingbacks

With Nina and Syer in the KLCC vampy bathroom

Anyway this is also my first attempt on putting on fake eyelashes on my own... Thank god it stayed on (after using half a bottle of eyelash glue)... I also did my own make up. I think it looked kinda good (haha puji diri sendiri) but it took me close to 2 hours to complete the look I wanted...

With hubby.... I love my mask... itz now sitting in my car :p

With YAH, NDE and SIA :)

With Azizi, Ashraff, Nicky D, Nina D and Syer

P/S: Performance was by Najwa Muhyiddin (she's good), food was s0-so, GREAT company but the event was a bit draggy and it finishes quite late...but all in all it was a good night...
PP/S: Limited pictures because I was a total dungu and forgot to charge my DSLR camera, managed to take 6 pics and the battery went "kong". Will upload the pics soon. The above pics are taken by my BB :)
PPP/S: Uploading pics on my weekend soon....

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I'm looking forward to....

Furnishing and decorating Ryan's room :)
It's 60% done thanks to darling husband

Decorating other parts of the house, most importantly my shoe closet
(haha gotto love my priority)

Ryan's upcoming birthday... Next month woohoo...
Can't wait darling....

Sneak Preview of upcoming awesomeness...

SC's Annual Dinner this Friday : Masquerade Party
I still haven't decided on my dress yet.. oh well 2 more days...
I want a new dress... naturally Lan said "NO"
We'll see....

Anyway will be on exam leave starting from tomorrow... Need to study for my FINAL PAPER!!! Insyallah everything will be fine :)

Have a great day & week everyone....

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Nothing of substance (Part III)

I can't seem to finish my last post entry, kept on typing a line or two but can't really make up my mind on what to say. The topic is quite special to me :p Saving it for another day, I guess...

Anyway I'm done with my Islamic Banking Paper, looking forward to my final paper and I'm DONE with my MASTERS (insyallah). I should really write a post on how to survive completing my MASTERS as a single --> engaged--> married-->pregnant--> mother post sometime :p

I have a lot of things to say (naturally) but at the moment it just can't come out quite right. Urgghh I had my SPMS performance review yesterday. It was neither good or bad. I can't really make up my mind on how I feel being in this department currently. It has been sometime so maybe it is time for a change. We'll see, don't really like to get in the habit of discussing about work here. God knows who reads this blog... GOD KNOWS IF I CAN TRUST THEM (hahaha)

Something is bugging me.. It's people attitude... I find it tiring when people are just so self absorbed with themselves.. Sometimes I will humour them but there are times when I just walk away from all the drama. There are times when you can be selfish and put yourself first but NOT ALL THE TIME. You don't have to act like a donkey and follow people's ass, you should be able to put forward your views but not in a crazy "ME ME ME" way.

There are people who ALWAYS ask this question "What is in it for me?" "If I do this this this, would people do the same for me when my time comes". I do wonder though when the time do come and when people do things above and beyond what you have ever bother doing for these people. How do you react?Won't you feel guilty? Pelik-kan orang macam ni, and the funny part sampai sekarang still tak sedar-sedar (or tak nak mengaku) yang awak tu selfish