Thursday, November 17, 2011

Baby Shower : Part 2 & 3

My Twinnies Baby Shower
Marmalade, Republika Dutamas

My office colleagues threw me a baby shower during lunchtime today. I had so much fun,the food was good and love all the effort taken on the deco/gift pack/cuppies etc. Too bad some of chickies i.e. NickyD, Nina and Jean was not able to join us but they are there in spirit :p

Love the gift (haha the best choice for picky lil me)

Ze deco + door gifts

Brownie in a cup by Chef Nicole (MIA Organizer A) ;p

Our food

Doc Lisa, Kak Sham & Syer

With Doc, Kak Yati and my super enormous belly

With cutey mummy Wiaam

Thank you Organizer B : Miss Sher who was running around all day making everything perfect :p

Sumpah aku rasa aku sweet dlm gambar ni (hahaha)

Thursday, November 10, 2011

34 Weeks and Counting

Alhamdulillah. I’m happy to announce that my babies are both above the 2kg mark at 34weeks. Gumpy weights 2.4kg whereas little Gummy is 2.08kg. We’re so happy that we’ve passed one hurdle and now my main task is to ensure that the babies stay in my tummy for at least 2 more weeks.

The babies are still breech so the possibility of going through a c-section procedure is getting higher. Babies at 36weeks ++ (especially in multiple pregnancy) will rarely change their position due to the lack of space so I’ve 2 more weeks to cajoled the little ones to make the 180.

At the same time I’ve started reading articles on C-sect to increase my knowledge on the procedures/after care/cost etc. The more l learn the more nervous I get but at least I can manage my expectations. For all I know I may end up delivering the babies normally after all but it does not hurt to be well prepared, right?

Babies Preparations

We managed to wash all the baby laundry during the long weekend. Actually I have to credit hubby for carrying out the actual deed. I HATE doing laundry with a passion and as cute as the little clothes and mittens looks they are actually a b***ch to wash and lipat.

Since that one (boring) task is done, we’re left with this week project which is to prepare my hospital bag, transfer babies’ clothes to my parent’s house and finish cleaning up the babies’ playroom once and for all. Believe it or not I still haven’t decided on the paint colour yet. So the playroom deco project is pending at the moment because mummy is being her normal fickle self.

Anyway, we’re having doa selamat for the babies (and mummy) at our Surau today. I think holding the ceremony at the surau is a good call on my parents behalf as very minimal preparations needs to take place (order pre packed food/ buy drinks + fruits + packed everything in a bag) Hopefully, everything goes well *insyallah*

Hari Raya Aidiladha

Our Raya celebration this year was good. We went back to Perak for a day to visit Lan’s grandparents on Saturday. Ryan had so much fun playing with Lan’s younger cousins. On Sunday, everybody woke up bright and early to enjoy the normal yummy Raya feast of ketupat and rendang and my sister made nasi beriyani for lunch.

Later Lan brought Ryan to check out the cows and when daddy was busy helping with “melapah” the lembu, mummy and baby spent half of the afternoon napping (haha) We received so much free food and meat on Sunday :) We went back to Jalan Kebun later in the evening so Ryan can see my in laws.

Monday was mostly spent at home cleaning and lepaking. I don’t feel like going out much this days, even for shopping (*gasp*) Holidays are best spent rolling on the bed with Ryan (Lan optional) doing our best dinosaur impersonation hehehe.

Have a good week everyone!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Unproductive Friday Evening

Unless there's an urgent deadline, my brain usually shuts down after Friday lunch. I guess I'm just so sick of the office at the moment and can't wait to start my long weekend :)

Anyway here's some photo update on last weekend activities and of my fav baby boy in the whole wide world : Mr Muhammad Ryan Daniel.

Ryan with his latest acquisition courtesy of Nenek. The board is kinda cool, you can take out the foam alphabet and it will reveal a picture associated with the particular alphabet. This is Nenek's pre birthday present to Ryan *sigh* my little boy gets something new from nenek on a weekly basis that I feel sorry for the twins because I'm seriously out of new toys to buy for them.
On the other hand I'm very lucky in terms of baby preparations. Contrary to people's belief I actually do not need to buy 2 of everything. One because Ryan's stuff is still in very good condition (e.x: car seat so we only needed to buy one).
Secondly, it is due to the fact that Ryan has 2 sometimes 3 of the same baby thingy, mostly because people end up buying the same thing for him him as a present e.x baby play gym/tents etc. So can save a lot of money from there :)
Hubby's BBQ burger. Ok la but he thinks that the meat is kinda dry. But I love the onion ring. Ryan was asleep in his stroller when we reach Citta. So managed to have our lunch in peace (haha) All in all not bad and I think I'll bring my parents here after my pantang to celebrate and as a form of thank you :)Went to Meatworks @Citta Mall Last week because I was craving for the steak. My sirloin was ok, nothing spectacular though.

Ryan playing "badminton" with daddy thanks to Upin n Ipin's influence. I can't find an age appropriate badminton racket so I bought him this tennis set from Daiso instead. Best RM5 I spent so far because it is currently his fave toy. Drama at the barber. My son who is blessed with a head full of hair goes to the barber more often than my own trip to the salon. But he still hates it and mesti nangis nye. Waktu ni tengah slow talk and "rationalize" with him on why he needs to cut his hair. He siap bawak Mcqueen nak bagi moral support bagai. But as you can see muka dah cemik. Haha

Atuk and nenek lorat. 10 mins after we reached the barber and while waiting for our turn, my dad BBMed me asking whether Ryan is crying, I just said la Ryan muka panic, pastu tak sampai 5 minit my parents dah muncul depan the shop. Moral support tahap dewanya mesti mamak tu geram, lepas ni kena ban hahaha

Hehehe Ryan is getting really good at performing his solat. Dah pandai takbir, hand position waktu fatihah, duduk antara dua sujud and sujud. Tapi selalunya 1 1/2 rakaat je la pastu dia bosan so still have to take turns. Tapi kalau nak sembahyang jemaah selamba je we let him loose mcm kat Mekah dulu, he knows well enough not to kacau :)

Anyway the kindy have transferred Ryan to the 3 year old class despite him not even turning 2 yet. I guess they are now going on the year of birth basis. I'm a little worried at first but after a very successful first week of constant praises by his "ibu's" and guru besar my worry is assuaged :) Ryan is doing really well, no tantrums, followed all the activities with no problems and dah kurang minum susu using his bottle. So proud of my abang long :)

Anyway have a good weekend everyone and Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha in advanced :)

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

My little buns in the oven...

I need a break from Rules ammendments & SPMS

For some reason the nearer I am to my EDD, more work seem to be piling in. Not that I mind, it’s a good distraction especially on the days when my heartburn is really acting up. With the babies growing at an incredible rate of 1.4kg and 1.6 kg respectively @32 weeks and nearing the expected growth spurt during the 32-36 weeks span I bet it will only become worst.

Ironically, the medicine that is helping me control my contraction is also the culprit that is aggravating the heartburn. Oh well, some sacrifice on my part in order to ensure that the little munchkins can bake longer in the oven. No more midnight snacks,overly spicy food and chocolaty stuff for the time being.Trust me projectile vomiting in the middle of the night is no fun *TMI* hehe

Anyway,since 60% of twins are born premature (according to babycenter) I choose to plan things on a weekly basis unlike with Ryan where the aim was just to give birth after 37 weeks.First I aim to carry the twin up to 28 weeks, and then 30 etc.

Alhamdullilah we have passed the 32 weeks mark and next week the babies will be 34 weeks old *insyallah* and hopefully they’ll cruise pass 36 weeks + be over 2kg and not have to spend time in the hospital after birth. I’m sure the babies will cooperate with mummy, right :)

My cutey babies have moved from their transverse (lying position) position into being breach (heads up legs down) Doc is still kinda positive that they have plenty of time to turn in 4 weeks time, so I will only know the verdict whether I’ll be going for normal/C-section when I reach 36 weeks.

Other than heartburn and the normal 3rd trimester discomforts, everything have been going very well so far. Preparations is 95% done, we just need to wash the babies clothing and prepare the hospital bag this week and move some stuff to my parents house in preparation of confinement.

So that’s a little baby’s update from da mama. Anyway, pray that my SPMS goes well tomorrow *insyallah*