Thursday, September 30, 2010

My 9 Months Old Little Man :)

Ryan has just hit his 9 months mark and he’s getting cheekier with time. He’ll find ways to do the naughtiest things in the cutest ways that will just makes your heart melt. Anyway he’s able to say the syllable “ma-ma”, on top of “abooo” and “goyygoyygoyy” whenever there’s a bottle in his mouth. He likes having “conversation” where he expect replies to whatever nonsense he’s spouting (i.e. pay attention to me though you don’t understand a word I’m saying)

Anyway on top of crawling, Ryan is now able to stand on his feet, supported by whatever furniture he is holding. He can climb on furniture, pillows, rails etc at the speed of lighting; you wonder how something so small can move so fast. We’re training him to walk by holding on his hands from one point to another and limiting his use of walker (other than feeding time) I just bought him a “push walker” to teach him to balance himself.

Gymboree session is even more fun with Ryan so adventurous, happy to try everything. One of the teacher commented that Ryan is very confident as he don’t mind going through tunnels on his own where most babies usually cries. Confident and adventurous is good but very tiring for Lan and I especially if he decide to reenact Indiana Jones at 3 am in the morning. I may complaint but I rather have an inquisitive, bright but active baby than a lazy sluggish one kan?? hehe

Look I can stand :)

*goygoygoy* in his green baju melayu. Handsome :)

He insist on feeding himself....

Aquaria KLCC: More photo's in my lappie, this is a photo of the 3 of us taken from my BB

Home Improvement Project
I'm so excited, the living room tiles has been laid down, tomorrow the contractor will come to tint the windows, grills would be installed next week. We're planning to go "lights" hunting this weekend and hopefully can start with "wiring process" at the end of October.

Why am I talking about Ryan's Birthday in September??
My mummy is planning to have Ryan's bday celebration to coincides with our "doa selamat/sembahyang jemaah ceremony" for the house sometime in December. Errr what happened to the "small family gathering"?? well my parents tends to get a bit overboard when it comes to Ryan. The last I heard was the 3 of them (atuk, nenek and Ryan) whispering at one corner, with words like "small engine car","new bicycle", "weekends at grandma's" and "don't tell mummy" swiming in the air... *sigh*

Friday, September 24, 2010

Green Green Grass :)

The perks of having a new place of your own is house decorating. You can choose to paint each room of the house in rainbow colours and no one can say a thing because it is YOUR home :) More power to you *double grin*

But in the words of Spiderman's uncle Ben (issit?) with "Great power comes great responsibility" and my current responsibility is to ensure my 963sq of a lawn would not become breeding grounds for mosquitoes. I have no desire whatsoever to shovel dirt all day (or even 5 minutes for the matter) and Lan as ambitious as he is may not have the necessary tools and manpower (cheap labour i.e. siblings and cousins are not cheap nowadays :p) so we decided to scout for professional gardeners (lawn people as I call them)

Being new to this whole landscaping industry thingy, I naively think that I would be able to get my hands on some grass carpet within reasonable budget (who wants to spend money on grass anyway?) I was in for a shock of my life when the "lawn people" came to give us quotes

Gardener Guy (GG): *Ukur*mummble weed* lalang susah nak mati*net*grade A racun rumpai blah blah
Lan: nodding intelligently
Me: *in my head* cepatlah aku panas ni
GG: ok sebab ini rumput manyak degil and I have to....describe process.... it will cost you around RM3...5555...0000
Me: *perk up* hah? RM350??
GG: *looks at me like I'm crazy* RM3.5K
Me: hah? RM3500 mahalnya... for grass
GG: *haughty face* rumput ini rumput Philippines... manyak bagus
Me: *in my head* I've been to Philippines and I swear to god that the grass there is not much greener than the grass in Malaysia *pun intended :p*

Suffice to say we're still scouting... we've gotten several cheaper quotes but it is still quite high in my opinion... I don't want to sound like a whinny bimbo but its grass? why do I need to spend money on good quality grass. Not like I'm rearing cows that is going to eat those grass kan? hahaha

Anyway I'm bored so I'm making a list of things that I would rather buy if I have that RM3.5K

1. A washing machine, a fridge AND a TV (and it will still be within budget :p)
2. One of those high resolution Plasma TV along with a subscription of Astro Beyond... (haha can go discovery channel and look at green grass)
3. 3 years supply of Ryan's diaper
4. 1 1/2 years supply of baby's formula
5. Gucci Heritage Medium Boston Bag :p (ok this cost more but I can always dream kan?)

Have a good weekend everybody :)

Monday, September 20, 2010

Aidilfitri 2010

First Raya @ Klang with my parents, sister and bro in law

Last Raya there's only 2 of us, this year one additional. Taking a picture with Ryan is impossible as he was trying to be everywhere ;p Ni yang paling ok...

Around 11am-ish we went to Jalan Kebun to beraya with Lan's family. Went to Lan's grandparents cemetery and visited some houses.

In the evening we drove to Malacca, where traffic was AWESOME :) Had an awesome melantak session in Merlimau ( My grams is an awesome cook) and we visited my late grandma's house in Ujung Pasir ( The one I mentioned in my previous post, she passed away last month in Ramadhan 2010) and some uncle house. Lan and I drove back to Klang.

3rd Day of Raya drove to Tanjung Malim to visit Lan's grandparents. I had some drama when I left my "raya" clothes at home and was only left with tracksuits and t-shirts. I insisted that Lan drove me to the nearest Kedai Baju Ah-Seng (haha) so that I can get some presentable baju's. Anyway after all the hype, we just stayed home and ended up not going anywhere. Had fun playing with Lan's cousin

4th day of Raya : Mak Sue's Open House. I had the "ciplak" version of Wan's nasi goreng. Other people other than my cousin and I won't "get" the hype but Wan's nasi goreng is a part of our beautiful memory growing up... How I miss my Wan. Hari Raya is just not the same without her around....

Ryan and his Mak Long :)

Open House @ My House : Raya Ke-9
My brother in law was the main chef, Lan did the cleaning ( I call them Labu & Labi haha),
Sis was the Bibik, I prepared the BBQ and played hostess (hence the hair extension and this perasan cun picture :p)

OMG : Facial expression sama ;p But it is establish Ryan has my eyes, nose and hair :)

Ryan with his Atuk Malek and Aunt Syidah

Ryan si Grumpy with his Nyang Jah :)

Acu's Open House : Bersama Cik Nurul :p

At Pak Long's Zainal House, where Ryan drool all over Tristan's walker thingy :p

P/S: Hubby bought a new DSLR Canon EOS 1000D Digital Camera. I'm loving it though it's a bit bulky to lug around :) Since I'm the better photographer in da family (self proclaimed) I'm kinda hogging the camera a bit :p and guess who's my test subject? sape lagi? my little prince charming lah. Will post some of the pics taken during the holiday soon.
PP/S: Next post- Our trip to Aquaria KLCC :)

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Selamat Hari Raya 2010

To all my friends & blog readers...

Selamat Hari Raya to everyone. I would also like to take this opportunity to apologize if I hurt any of you with my words or action intentionally or unintentionally. I'm only human and I make mistakes (lots of them). For those who have hurt, gossip, criticize, curse etc me, behind and in front of my face for the fun of it or by accident...Guess what? I forgive you :) Life is too short to hold grudges kan?

Have a good holiday everyone. May you have a safe journey balik kampung...Drive safe.. Celebrate in moderation and jangan happy sangat sampai lupa diri ok. Oh and PLEASE stay off the mercun. Missing fingers and bloody face is not "hot"

Anyway I will be celebrating first day of Raya in Klang with my parents and in-laws. Going back to Malacca and later Perak. Hope Mr. Ryan behave and get over his stranger anxiety ASAP. Ohhh and silalah datang ke rumah....
Take Care & Toodles... Till we meet again...

Monday, September 6, 2010

"Wait until you have a baby of your own...."

When Ryan was about 3 months old, I decided that I would like to send him to Gym*boree classes to develop his motor and social skills. One funny reaction that I got was " You spend how much ? To crawl? don't they eventually do that on their own?waste of money" blah blah blah... I'm not going to bother to justify my decision, my son, my money = not your problem (haha)

Anyway, Ryan started scooting/crawling when he's about 6 1/2 months. At that time, his movements was jerky and slow, it wasn't that hard to keep up with him... nowadays, you'll be lucky if you manage to stop his mischief-in-progress. I guess boys will be boys :p

When he's in class the instructors will encourage Ryan to climb and utilize all the slides, swings etc

The play gym is brightly coloured and fun to be in...

They'll make him go through tunnels ...

where he is encourage to crawl into to develop his motor skills and confidence

My little ulat gonggok who is all over the place

Look who's practicing his climbing skills. I think he's a bit confused, when he's in school we'll be pushing him to move around but at home... everybody will be screaming "NO, Ryan Don't" everywhere he goes... Lasak!!!

We bought the bed grill to stop Ryan from crawling down the bed, Imagine my amazement when he managed to climb and stand independently holding the rails for support less than 2 weeks later. Maybe we have to downgrade and start sleeping on the floor for safety purposes :p

Big boy have also start insisting on feeding himself. Look at how he grabs the spoon from my hand

Sitting in his portable high chair :)

An apple a day keeps the doctor away...

Anyway Ryan have also develop a not so cute perangai where he will stomp his feet and start screaming away when things don't go his way. You know what really annoys me?

"Do you know when he starts stomping his feet, I told your dad, he's acting just like his mother" - My mother's comments

Thanks so much mum, god knows how the statement is helping other than annoying me even more hahaha :p

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The more things change....

The original Section 7 clan minus one boy member

We love playing dress up. Getting ready together is usually more fun than attending the event itself :p

Kami sangat suka to cam-whore. Group pics, self pic, weird and silly pics, scandalous videos (haha bahan peras ugut) you name it, we've made them :p

First one to get married :p

Followed by my wedding :p

Who is next??? heheh

By this time Tinie already have Nia and I was 7 months pregnant with Ryan :)

Even now you can see some changes taking place in comparison to the first photo :p Appearances may change but we're still crazy at heart :p

Then : Ramadhan 2009

Now : Ramadhan 2010 (yes I am now more bulat and gemuk :p)

Recent changes : Tinie is a mother of two, Rinie's second baby is on the way, I have Ryan. The person taking the photo is getting married in December (insyallah)

Iftar with the girls + spouses + one very adorable Ryan Daniel :)

With Farisa, Kel-Wa and Ienanononi

Had so much fun joking around, gossiping and rehashing sims terbakar stories with everyone.

We may have our disagreements and there are times when we may feel like ripping each other hair off, but our friendship always pull through. We've accepted that each of us have our own strength and quirks which spice up our 10 years old friendship but we've been with each other through first love, breakups, family drama, weddings, births, death & losses and hopefully many more happy events. Hope the friendship will survive through 10 more years.Can't wait for Iena's and Najwa's Double Trouble Hen party in November :p