Friday, November 28, 2008

Just Saying....

If you have been given a task to finish 1 month ago and you can't make the deadline. What should you do? own up or cook up a story so unbelievable that no one believe anyway. Would you complain if people are unhappy? Just saying...

If you were told to do do something last night to be ready first thing in the morning, but you still choose to come late and things is not as smooth as you want it to be. Do you think it's really wise to complain to the person who end up cleaning your mess? Just saying....

If you are more interested in your vanity than actually doing the job and people don't take you seriously, should you complain? Just saying...

If you choose to live in your own sick and twisted world, where everything is all flowers and butterflies and FAILED to take into account the REALITY of the situation, when things start failing and the people who warned you in the first place, said "I told you so". Is the person being cynical, sarcastic or pessimist in the first place or practical? Just saying...

If you desperately want people to like you, but you keep on giving ammunition (doing stupid uncalculated actions) to this so called "bad bad people" are they mean? or are you stupid. Just saying...

We keep on complaining about how others love finding faults in us, but we tend to forget that sometimes we're the cause of our own misery. Stop being so naive and "innocent". Life is unfair, deal with it, no point in ranting and complaining about other people's action when you fail to regulate your own behaviour. Just saying...

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Pissed? Take a DEEP breathe....

I have loads of things to blog about but I can't find the time to do so. I'm swimming in the sea of projects at the moment, and let just say that it's challenging due to the human factors.

10 minutes ago, I was so pissed that if there was someone standing in front of me, I would probably smack their heads for no apparent reasons. I managed to calm down a bit and think it through. I've done my part and I've done it excellently, if other people don't care about the quality of their work it's THEIR problem not mine.

I'm just going to pray to Allah that everything would go on fine *insyaalah* Complaining attracts bad karma, and I do not want any bad vibes surrounding me, and stressing caused ACNE....

So THINK happy thoughts, Far :)

6 Months: Engaged to be Married
Last Monday (24/11/2008) dates 6 months of me getting engaged to Lan. We agreed that we do not want to do the normal "dinner dates and prezzie". I gave Lan and myself a RM5 max limit for gifts, and he did something really sweet, something so not Lan-like (hehehe) [ He put together some stuff he collected around the house] and I printed him a "world best boyfie" certificate from online (no fiance'lah) and we had our dinner at Seksyen2, Shah Alam. I know it's so biasa but I seriously think it's one of the best dates we had in months :)

Good Karma : Law of Attraction
I did several unselfish things yesterday and believe it or not I actually made close to RM200 because of it (betul tak tipu). So this totally motivates the current "thou shall not bitch"state of mind :)

Santa is cominggggg......
I managed to do some XMas shopping for my friends yesterday, am so happy with my finds :) Hope they like it!!! Anyway I wanted to get some kain for the wedding (for sis and fave cousin (saya favouritism)) so Lan accompanied me to Subang to get it, I managed to get some, I love it so much ada terasa nak take it for myself, tapi nanti BURUK SIKU... hahahah planning to go to KL next month to continue my "kain search"

See??? It worked, everything is fine and I shall not worry... It's 6.22pm. I think I'll just make my final checks and head home... see ya amiga...

Friday, November 21, 2008

Of Giving and Taking....

As we are all aware X-Mas is a month away. However, we can already see decorations, tinsels and bells hanging in malls. Usually when you think of X-Mas the first thing that will come to mind is PRESENTS

My friends and I have this little tradition of exchanging gift during XMas. Now the tradition have also spill over to the office, where we play the little "Secret Santa Game". We'll pick ballot with another person name, and get them gifts within an agreed budget. In this case its RM35.

It's very difficult to get something that people may want and like. I have given up and resorted to asking people to tell me what they want, I would even prefer if you can give me a picture to go along with the description. I'm not saying that you will 100% received the item, at least I can work on getting something similar to it :)

A friend disagree with my method saying that it seems tacky to get presents that way. But my argument is simple, I don't see the point of getting someone things that they may not use (ever!) There are times, more often than not that I received things that are either not my style, colour or even size. I'll accept it with a smile and stash it somewhere and forget all about it until my next Spring Cleaning.

I'm not being a SNOB, I appreciate people's gesture, but sometimes I feel some people tend to pick present according to their own preference instead of others.

I'm guilty of that too. Like if I buy stuff for Lan, I'll pick things that I like him to wear instead of what he likes wearing, or if I shop for a friend of mine who love every shade of black,brown and navy, to which I find extremely dull and end up getting her something bright instead (which I doubt she wears anyway). Horrible habit, but I'm trying to change this :)

Anyway tomorrow is my sisters Bday. She wants a clutch, a boring black one (Don't get why esp. since she has a gazillion black bags). But keeping with my latest motto I will get her what she wants no matter what my reservations are :) Saw a bunch of pretty ones in One Utama just now, but I think I'll be getting the one below from Miss Selfridges.

It's within my budget and its BLACK with thin gold strap. It reminded me of my Guess Hepburn Clutch actually. Maybe a thinner version ;p

I love this Marc Jacob Rosebuds Ballerina Slippers *sigh* Anybody know where I can get something similar (satin preferably) in Cream/White. Anything below RM100 would be great... heheheh (Kalu RM10 lagi bagus..haha)

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Lonely Boy/Girl...

Quoting my Political Science Lecturer Prof. Munis Paran "Men are social animals" thus we need interaction in order to lead a healthy life. However, are you so dependent on "human interaction" that you can't function without being surrounded by other people?

You see, I LOVE GOING OUT ALONE. Guys (esp) don't believe it. Everytime I made this proclamation, it will be accepted with a smirk or a "yeah right". I have nothing against hanging out "beramai-ramai" but sometimes a girl just got to be ALONE.

For example the time that I really treasure everyday is the drive to and back from work. It is the best time to unwind and think. No endless BORING chatter, no people nagging, just loadsa music and the open road. Or the "ME TIME" during lunch time, where you are able to spend SHOPPING for the new dress you wanted without people tagging around urging you to hurry up or offering unwanted opinion.

I remembered a few month back, when I needed to find a black top for a party. A bunch of friends was going to lunch together and ask me to join.

I declined giving the above excuse. Here is a recollection of the conversation:-

C: Nevermindlah we come with you. Can go shopping together
Me: Nope, It's ok, I'm skipping lunch so that I'll have more time to look around
C: Why not go later? You wouldn't want to spend lunch time alone wondering in a Mall
Me: Why not?
C: I dunno, don't you want people around?
*I just smiled*Maybe I just need more CHILL ME time than other people :)
I've experimented the following activity just for the fun of it:
  1. Walking around a mall endlessly shopping alone (biasa jer, ramai girls do that)
  2. Eating meals alone in a proper restaurant (Did this a few times, kind of ackward but bearable esp. if you have a book or a magazine with you)
  3. Watch a movie alone ( hehe I did this once, it definately feel weird but wasn't so bad after the innitial KR reaction from the ticket guy yang jerit kuat-kuat "cik adik nak tengok wayang sorang2. Takde boyfriend ke?" - Sangatlah malu but the movie was good, what the hell)

If there is one way to build self confidence, is this, walk alone and see if you can face people perception of being a "lonely friendless person". Tell yourself this, " I have friends I just don't need them ALL the time :) "


Honeymoon dress - Saya ada perangai menyampah baru. I'm obsessed with finding "new dresses" for my honeymoon. Lan was like " I think you have ENOUGH non-honeymoon baju that you haven't even worn yet" but I can't help it. I think I'm just finding a reason to shop.

I'm asking a friend to help me get this top from . Everythis is on X-Mas sale so you can get summer dress for 30%-70% discount.

Love this coz I can double it by wearing it with legging or skinny jean for a more "sahsiah look"

Tutu Skirt with flower adornments. This is 60's vintage from Can't afford it but I think this look is adorable. Maybe I'll just get a tutu and stick some flowers to it :)

Ruffle Blouse. The top is Blair inspired :) Blair wore it to her Bday party, but I doubt the top from the Bill Blass collection will work on me. Due to the lack of assets (hehe) The blue version is a bit more "covered" but it still scream CLASS. Can't afford this either but just putting it here coz I think it's cute (haha)


This 80's vintage white/silver pumps is to die for, Function as a perfect wedding shoe :) It's affordable lah, around RM300 after delivery etc. Tetapi only available in size 5 and the sole is leather (which I suspected to be made with oink oink skin, a common thing with imported shoes) so why bother right?

Wanna get back to work... adios people...

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Ring O Ring

I'm currently trying to decide on a wedding ring for Lan.

I'm confused on the right type of "metal" that guys are allowed to wear. There is this big argument going on whether guys can wear platinum, white gold or suasa. So I did a little research on the matter.

Gold (as in yellow ones are out). There are some argument that white gold are not actually gold (mainly due to its colour) thus it is allowed for men:

White Golds: What are they?What are ‘white golds’? Are they a special form of gold? Do they contain gold? These are typical questions often asked of us. Well, they are not a special form of gold (which is why you cannot get 24 carat white gold). Actually, they are true carat golds, just like yellow or red carat gold jewellery. They are gold alloys that look white rather than yellow. The white colour is achieved by careful choice of the alloying metals, which bleach the deep yellow of pure gold.
( Refer to :

Based on the definition, forms and contents many Islamic scholar dictates that white gold does fall under the "gold family" thus making it HARAM for men.The same goes to SUASA based on its content which is a mixture of gold and bronze.

So that leave us with platinum which is allowed for men, as it does not share the same chemical content as gold. The best based on sunnah Rasulluallah S.A.W is of course silver.

This issue is kinda "controversial" as I do see some of my male colleague sporting white gold wedding rings. Their argument is, its okey to wear it as long as you don't wear it during solat. I malas lah want to argue, but based on sunnah, Muslim men are not allowed to wear silk and gold at all time, but it's your call.

Anyway do you know there is actually a scientific reason as to why men are not allowed to wear gold, for some reason they create some sort of negative chemical imbalance to their body as opposed to women. There is a group of scientist out there trying to approve and disapprove the rationale behind some Islamic teaching, it's kinda cool, like why you are not supposed to eat pork, reason why you should samaq' after touching dogs etc

Yeah I know this post is kinda serious as opposed to my normal bimbo-ish antics.. but just serving it as a part of reminder to myself and others...

So the moral of the story is Lan would be getting a Rm0.20 cincin tikam from kedai depan...hehehhe


Monday, November 17, 2008

Hope or no Hope???

My weekend was pretty much productive or so I claim...heheheh

Managed to get most stuff on my "to-buy" list. Dragged Lan to Sunway on Friday night and went to Curve (again) on Saturday to pick up my new moisturiser and VS toiletries for my hantaran from Ice. Am happy with the stuff but would need to repack/redecorate the stuff properly, but I'm LAZY (hehe)

I tried my new Hope-In- A- Jar. I got it because it was on Sephora's must have item, and out of 25 reviews 19 was good. To say that I've seen extraordinary result would be exaggerating. I've only been using it for less than 3 days anyway, so we will wait and see. The SKII is working fine, the most noticeable result is my face in not overly oily by noon... I will only judge the succesfulness of the product after a month :)


Anyway, Lan and I have started on our HOME MAKEOVER project :) We're planning to paint the flat, restore some of the furniture and buy some new appliances (huhu Mummy is giving us the new Panasonic Electric Oven she won in a Lucky Draw, carpets and some china and pots :p) We haven't decided on a colour yet, but I'm leaning towards light summery yellow and baby pink with flower separator wallpaper in the middle for the living room, pink for my room and yellow for "our" room (in order to save money and paint) brownish creme for the kitchen & toilet. Maybe we can also paint the door and windowsill dark "woody" brown.

Lan is bugging me to start cleaning my stuff so that I can start moving things in stages (hahah he don't want to admit it but I bet he is more excited for me to move in than I'm actually am) So Spring Clean Part4 2008 - here I come. I'm either giving away some old clothes/bags/shoes or probably just toss it away if no one wants it. Someone suggested that I sell the pre-used stuff online, but I malas want to maintain another blog, I'm having problem updating this blog as it is... heheheh... but we shall see... never say never...

Work is oKey, nothing great happening at the moment. I was cornered into helping with the Inter House Performance for Annual Dinner. Should be fun, but I was actually planning on skipping in this year. The theme is Middle Eastern, so you'll either come as a belly dancer (scrap that coz I don't want to subject people to the torture of looking at my tummy) or you can wear a jubah.

So wanting to actually get something that I can actually wear more than once, I decided to make my own Jubah, I bought this really pretty emerald green silk material last Saturday and send it to my tailor, am planning to sew the rhinestones to the square-shaped neckline of my jubah (which I help design) on my own (heheh) Oh, just my luck that when I went to see the makcik, my reception dress for Lan's house is ready.

It turn out to be really sweet and simple, but some alteration need to be done as it was a tad too big (I think I lost weight..hehe) and we still need to wait for my veil to be finished, fingers cross it should be ready at the end of this month, and I can start shopping for accessories (yeah!)

Hmmm.. I wonder what is the status of my other two dresses that was sent to another wedding boutique ;p

I hate Mondays, can't wait for the holidays....

Friday, November 14, 2008

Cream Puff & Hazelnut Chocolate

I'm so relieved it's Friday...

Excited because we're going to continue our shopping expedition tomorrow *yeah* I'm planning to go looking for Lan's stuff first and pay attention to my things next month... We're not planning to get everything at the same time, as long as everything is within the budget I'm happy.

Am proud to say that due to careful budgeting and skimping ( I admit more on Lan's side than mine..heheh), we're able to get some real cool stuff "credit free" (I'm sure a lot of people may not think so, but who cares right??) So as long as I don't have to "berhutang" to get what I want I'm thankful *alhamdullilah*

Anyway Izzah and I accidently bumped into the Metrojaya Warehouse sale in Mid Valley. We went in and my head was spinning due to the huge number of people walking around. The sales is quite good though. Nine West, Betseyville Bag, Steve Madden, JLO , Guess?, Jessica Simpson etc. I'm considering of going again tomorrow but my comforter search is much more important *hehehe*

Anyway if you guys are free you should go and check the sale out.... I got Lan a Polo Belt for RM40 since he have been looking for a brown belt for months but didn't get anything for myself surprisingly...

*yeah* My Hope in a Jar moisturiser(Philosophy) have arrived along with my Victoria Secret toiletries... so-so excited am planning to pick it up tomorrow!!

I have more stuff to update but I don't feel like typing, maybe next week... Have a great weekend everyone!!!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Shopping Junkie!

I'm feeling restless...

I'm finally free but I don't know what to do. When my mind is unoccupied it will turn to the one thing it do best :) "S H O P P I N G". So now I'm feeling the "itch". You know the itch on your finger where you feel the need to buy everything on sight :)
I want to buy something but I don't know what to buy *hahaha* Anyway I don't think it's wise to be making any impulse shopping at the moment because I should be saving for my "wedding stuff"

Went to Subang Parade yesterday to check out some bedding stuff. The XMAS sale is on, so you can get some real nice comforter set at a cheap price. I'm planning on getting something simple but sweet. I see no point in getting those labucci laden comforter that will itch when you sleep. If I'm are planning to spend anything above RM500 for my room deco for the wedding I'm going to make sure that I'll be able to use it more than once.

Anyway everytime I'm in the S.P cosmetic level, I'll drag Lan in front of the SKII counter to look at the stuff. I've been planning on getting their Miracle Water for ages, but a bit reluctant because I'm not sure if it will work on me, and mind you their stuff is very pricey. So I am usually content at gazing at it for a few seconds before moving on. They were having some sort of XMas promotion yesterday, and you can get the beginners set at a reasonable price, but "pokai me" can merely dream...

However, miracles do happen, my boyfie actually volunteered to get it for me. I can't believe what I'm hearing, tapi sempat tu perli "teruk sangat ke muka I sampai you sanggup offer beli for me". He was like "nak ke tak nak?"So never to tempt fate, we walk back to the counter and make my purchase. *wee* and the best part I can use it now and not use it as a part of my hantaran whatsoever... heheheh I think he is sick and tired with me making puppy dog eyes evertime I pass the counter *muka pathetic* :)

I hope I can see some obvious effect. Anyway during the "consultation" the salesperson took a good look at me and asked whether I've been getting enough sleep everyday. Naturally the asnwer is NO, esp for the past few weeks with the exams and research deadline going on. So I'm planning to drink more water, cut down on the greasy food (tough luck), be in bed by 1030 (like as if) and eat my vitamins religiously (trying trying)

Hmmm the "itch" is gone for the moment... so lets keep it that way....

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I Just DON'T Get It!!!


I don't understand why some people choose to be so "RUDE". Though this incident did not happen to me but to a friend, it just piss the **** out of me. I know the CULPRIT a former classmate, who in my opinion is not good looking, not the most intelligent in the class, have no taste in clothes but LOVE to treat people like DIRT!! Rationalizing, maybe he just have very low self confidence, maybe he just have no brains, but I don't get how you expect to be treated PROFESSIONALLY when you fail to act like a professional you claim to be. It's all karma baby, you get what you give and I'm seriously praying to god that you'll get what you deserve (good or bad)
On a happier note, I've submitted my research proposal last night and I'm FREE for the next 2 months *fooh* It's not easy being a part time student but alhamdullilah, I'm still surviving :)

Monday, November 10, 2008

Chicky Weekend

Friday & Saturday

Been waiting for this chance to go out with the girls for so long and my wish came true on Friday, when Reebok, Uda, Najwa, Iena and I managed to spend some time together.We had our dinner at 10.30pm at Tamarind Hills (coz SOMEONE was late getting ready...heheh). The food was so-so but the scenery is beautiful....

My beef fillet was not bad, but Najwa's Cod Fish & Risotto was foul, and the chicken breast with blue cheese was not great either. Our chocolate mud pie (desert) was delightful but the cheese & raspberry souffle' is "interesting" I guess we just don't have the "acquired" taste for French Cuisine :)

After subtly kicked out by the waiters (hahaha sibuk ambik pic-cha) we decided to go karaoke-ing in E-Box (?? I think) till around 2.30pm. We had so much fun, YDPA naik "sheikh" and siap menari on the kerusi, pastu kena marah with the waiter (ahah) We were screaming on the top of our lungs and singing (out of key most of the time) to our heart content.

Najwa decided to make some detour after that untuk melihat kaum sejenis but too bad takde (padan muka) we send your dirty-ness home and I drove back coz Reebok mengantuk, Kitaorng singgah A& W kejap beli float (yummy) We talk till late in the morning ( I think I slept around 5.55am)

I woke up early considering; woke up at 9am and was ready to go out with Lan by 10.30am, but ended up leaving Reebok's place at 12.30pm. Lan and I went to Curve, had lunch in "Ayam Penyet" and watched James Bond: Quantum of Solace. The movie was action packed (not bad) but I fell asleep halfway through because I was too tired.

After that we went to Metrojaya to look out for "wedding stuff". We managed to get a perfume each for the hantaran (No sale but loads of freebies and cash vouchers) and I bought Lan his hantaran shoes. Next week we're going to scout for his watch if there's time.


Did some housework and went to Shah Alam to see Hanim to discuss on the last minute amendments to our Research Proposal. The dateline is Tuesday but since we have to send it early, we have to work really hard and finish everything by Monday night.

@ Tamarind Hills, Ampang KL

With the Chicky's

Rajoo the clothes maker....

Cik Siti Kembang Payung : Iena, Myself and Reebok

The minah dangduts

Gedik: I Know...

Geram with the two poser yg kat tengah...

Rambut Ienano enter frame gambar with Uda

Thursday, November 6, 2008


I'm back from my study leave and I'm not functioning well....

I LOVE being a student, going to class, doing assignments, getting good marks (hahah this is subjected to certain subjects only but than again...)waking up at 9pm, sleeping late, watching tv... *sigh*

Anyway exams went well, am not gonna jinxed it and get all cocky so rather not say anything till the results are out...Gotto thanx Lan for keeping me company, nagging and motivating me to study... He sat with me at MCD's for 4 hours on Sunday. If it was me, I'll be whinning after 30 minutes (hahaha).

I need someone to keep me company but not talk to me, which is a pain in the a*** actually... Last Tuesday, a day before my Adv Company Law paper, I was watching TV the whole afternoon instead of studying, all because I was too bored... I'm weird that way...

After my final paper yesterday, Lan and I (he was on leave too... *wee*) went to Subang for some tacos in TGIF and after that went to PAS to confirm my Make Up Artist for the wedding *double wee*, so minus one stuff to think about... Can't wait for my dresses to be ready so I can start accessories shopping (i.e jewellery/shoes)

Can't wait for tomorrow, there's a gathering with my Shah Alam girlies... the only minus point is I have to miss another gathering with the fellow MGS-ian... well there's always next time....