Thursday, June 26, 2008

Bangkok Part 2

2nd Day: We spent more time sightseeing today. No point of a holiday if you only visit shopping malls right? A lot of people may beg to differ on that statement. Anyway Kak Sue's dad is back from Singapore and with her mum and the driver "Kun Amin" (who is one of the nicest bloke in the whole wide world..hehe) we all took the 1 1/2 hour ride to BangSaen Beach. Spent some time there lepaking and eating the most delicious steam prawns & crab...

We also went to "The Kingdom" for a sec (I think that's what it is called) There is loads of MONKEYS, people were feeding them and some of them are HUGE. We kinda got chase by some, so we didn't really stayed long :)

After that we went to this Halal Thai Restaurant just outside the city. It is called Al-Hilal Restaurant. The tomyam kung is so good (hehehe)

Later in the evening we went to Robinsons for some last minute shopping, Got myself a bunch of coloured tights and socks. The price is kind of cheap because of the sale.

Final event for the day: Night market!!! one of Bangkok famous shopping spots. I bought t-shirts, broaches for my mum, slippers, bags and 3 pairs of bikini/tankini @ dirt cheap prices. I admit that I went crazy with the bikini's but it is 1/3 of the price that it's sold in Malaysia. This pair that I know for sure cost RM169 in "Beach Boutique" cost RM 40 in Bangkok. Anyway I'm saving them for some special event next year *wink2* hehehe

Shall continue later... upload is taking too much time :p

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Bangkok Part 1

First Day: At the airport-LCCT : Friday 20/06/08

With the rest of the entourage: My sis & Kak Sue

Kak Sue's parents apartment, which is very comfy and big. It is such a relief that we manage to get "free accommodation" out of this trip so a majority of my $$$ was spent on shopping.. hehehe.. We reach late on Friday, so mainly hung around the apartment, have dinner and rest :)

2nd Day: We went to the floating market (cool stuff & interesting sights), Chatuchak (excellent shopping place but damn hot: Got myself 2 pairs of shoes, 2 clutches, tops, coolest CD looking notebook etc), Central Chidlom Tower (Shopping centre with the coolest Betsy Johnson stuff, too bad I can't bloody afford it *sob* but I got some real good "Hallmark Cards, MNG Clutch (p/s Thailand is in the middle of a mega sale :) ) and MBK Plaza ( very Sungai Wang-ish but with way cheaper stuff : I bought 2 mock croc bags at only RM19.90 each) Finally we went to Hard Rock Bangkok to go get some t-shirts

Floating Market: Dirty Water.. hehe

Boat Service @ Floating Market

Shopping Candids :)

@ Chatuchak

Advert for some "Green Campaign"

Hard Rock Cafe, Bangkok!

To be continued.........

Friday, June 20, 2008

Happy B-day to my Bestest Friend in the Whole Wide World :)

Hey Cath Sweetheart,

Juz wanna dedicate a blog to you in honour of your 25th birthday. I've send you a card via automatic email.. hope you'll geddit on the 22 June 2008... Anyway love ya loads, hope you enjoy your birthday... This is a wee bit early but better early than never... heheheh continue being a pain in the a** and don't change, it's part of the charm... *muackz*

Thursday, June 19, 2008

When life give you lemons...

*shite* Something is wrong with the line/pc/connection and I can't seem to post pictures via blogspot... Bored! I can't wait for tomorrow... I'm so gonna go crazy shopping *yea* Mummy & Daddy gave us some spending money *weee* I have to pack tonight, because we will be going straight to the airport once all of us come back from the office... the flight is around 8pm, I think... *yawn* feel like taking E.L tomorrow... Anyway I got news.... good news *kinda* Don't really feel like elaborating on this now... my brain is mush *splat* Neways, I know I'm not making much sense, will continue this again, later....

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Pre-Registration Drool/Nightmare

It is really happening. I've registered for my LLM this morning. There goes my social life for the next 2 years. I found out that for the 1st semester, I 'll have to take 4 papers (only 2 would be examable) on 4 different days (Monday, Wednesday, Friday & Saturday)

Well, this is what I wanted, rite! :)

Anyway, I got to meet my course tutor, the adorable Dr Irwin (haha) He helped me with my registration and provided me with the course description. I know some of my ex-classmates are not to crazy attending his classes, but I love it. He may be very strict and sarcastic at times, but you can really tell that he cares for his student, unlike some of the "pilih kasih-lecturers." With him it is all about merit, so you got to earn your keep :) We talked about my options, work and making fun of people in general and I went off to finish my registration in high spirits

No problem with Bendahari, either (thank god, or I would need to complain to my dad ;p) I should have known that the process was too easy because after after climbing 2 steep stairs (in 3 inch high-heels) under the hot blazing sun, I was told that I can't finalize my registration today because I'm too early. OH MY GOD!!! I was so pissed, I just walked out *total disbelief written all over my face* I would need to go again to INTEKMA next week to hand in my form *sigh*

Since I'm late anyway, I decided to take the time to complete my medical check-up. The wait was more painful than the process. The doctor is an old lady who failed all public relation test available. She had the most "masam" expression and grunts her instructions. Thank god the nurse was nice. She was asking me about my course and work

When I told her that I'm planning to pursue my masters she was like " eee pandainya, boyfriend tak kisah ke, nak belajar lama-lama" I told her that my fiance' don't mind and he was the one who is pushing me to do this. She said " yelah kan takkan nak tunggu lama-lama. Boleh ke nak belajar dah nak kahwin nie? " I told her that I have no choice, since this is what I wanted.

I can't believe that I am crazy enough to take on this, but if other people can do this and can do well. I have no reason whatsoever not to finish my masters in flying colours *wink2* Hope my supportive fiance' is gonna stay and be a supportive husband having to predictably listen and endure my tantrums/waterworks/ screaming fits *insyallah*Hahaha he did listen to my lunatic ravings on my unfinished registration just now, but he abrubtedly cut off the call once I started my Irwin-itis :) Wonder why? *grin*

Anyway I am starting the road to obesity, having gained another KG *sigh* I need to diet or I'll end up being one fat bread face bride next year *huhuhu* I think I'll start tomorrow, because after looking at my "good & normal" medical result I decided to visit the Section3 MCD drive-through for old time sake :) Oh my god the new limited edition Banana Toffee Sundae is really good... More on my so call diet on the next post....

1 1/2 more days to Bangkok *weee*

Monday, June 16, 2008

*mush for brains*

I'm not in a "great" mood today

Hehehe I think everytime someone approach me with work to do, I gave them "the" glare to stop them from actually chatting away going on and on about things that I seriously don't care about. Hmm... I think I'm gonna try and put my thoughts in sequence.

1. Friday Night: Induction Dinner
It went well. I think everyone was happy and on top of the SUPRISE that the Inductees was supposed to give Chairman and the ED's, my boss sprang one on me when she asked me to be the mc for the night 10 minutes before the event starts... I was like *gulp* "are you kidding me?", but everything turns out ok in the end

2. Saturday : HULK - The cool green thing
Check out the movie if you haven't because it's really cool. It is way better than the one with Eric Bana in it, and Liv Tyler is just so good looking. I just love looking at her *swoon* Didn't do much on Saturday, I went out with Lan to Cineleisure, where we ate and ate and I got myself the "Sex and The City" book.

3. Sunday: Happy Father's Day to the greatest dad in the whole wide world.
What can I say? I love my dad very very much. He is the most easygoing, brilliant and coolest dad and I am so happy that I have him as my daddy. I got him the work pants that he wanted, it cost a bomb but it's worth it... heheheheh

4. Fiena's Wedding
I'm tired, I reach home at 12pm last night. I had fun though, meeting everyone. I'll post the pics after this...

I gotto go back to boring submissions... see ya *sigh*

Friday, June 13, 2008


It's Friday and I still have to stayback until at least 11pm...

The past 2 days have been very tiring, running back and forth and making loads of preparations. I'm tired and I seriously just want to go home. To tell you the truth, I'm seriously pissed that I even have to stay... esp. because I know, my attendence there is mostly to make other people's life easier.... *arrrghhh* well at least I get some free food *sigh*

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

What's New : More Boredom

Hehehehe perasan time *wek* I just got some of my engagement pics from Grace. I especially like this picture. The blurry "hantu" person is actually Jessie walking, but the end result turns out to be quite *cun* hahahaha Anyway I'm planning to develop more photo's from Grace's camera... There's some really nice "candid" photo's of my friends and I, which is good coz we rarely have "non-posing pics" even our candid pictures are planned... hahahah *posers*
*sigh* I need to prepare a list of things to buy, (frugal tip no 36: Always have a list with you) I need an extra photo album for my Engagement pictures. My dad have been bugging me for not developing pictures of special events/holidays etc. I plan to compile everything and let him have a look by this weekend.
Can't think of anything interesting to blog about. My head is filled with buzzing on programmes to be planned this month. *sigh* I still haven't paid my fees yet nor have I filled in my registration form. I emailed my course tutor ( hehehe I'm giddy coz I have the HUGEST crush on him) informing him that I won't be able to attend the registration as I would be in Bangkok *double sigh* Hope I'll be able to arrange for everything smoothly.
*ciao* See ya later, alligator :)

Monday, June 9, 2008

Who is "IRRATIONAL" now?

The fact that the petrol price is now RM2.70 per litre is old news to everyone, I believe the increase are expected by most people. But what shocked me is the quantum and the suddenness. After all the talk of the increase should be expected around August and they suddenly sprang the "SOOPRISE" on us *sigh*

Trust me it was one of the bleakest Wednesday night, it was raining, jam all over, my tank was pointing to zero... and still have to queue up for 1/2 hour with KIASU people filling RM10 worth of petrol into their tank... I do question the rationales of their action, but to each his/her own, right?

*allhamdullilah* That I am able to cope with the changes... I do wonder how people who are receiving lower pay coping with the price hike. The petrol price is one issue, foods/goods price rising is another... I don't see the government taking any "real" action in solving the issue. What really pisses me off is the "comments" made by some of the "senior ministers"

Quote from The Star Online (09/06/08) "On calls by certain quarters that Cabinet ministers’ allowances be reduced and the savings passed on to consumers, Shahrir said that it was “irrational”." I'm seriously wondering why is the call irrational? The ministers are supposed to "serve" the country, I am not suggesting that they should start working for free, but why do they need all of the extra allowances when some of the individuals in this country are feeding on snails?

I usually refrain from commenting on politics as I find the whole topic depressing and uninspiring (as compared to shoes :p). However, the comments made for the past few weeks on the petrol hike got me thinking. Do they think that people nowadays will easily "buy" anything that comes out from the leaders mouth?

On the issue of "subsidy" (if that is even the right word to use) If we produce our own oil, and we don't buy it from other countries, technically we don't subsidize the price. We're actually just selling the oil at a cheaper price, meaning Petronas is getting lesser profit (not loss), but as most things are, the definition is open to other interpretation.

I don't think much can be done to stop the petrol price hike (supported by the speculative pricing in the futures market) what can be help is the governments efforts to be more people friendly and less self-serving (which what majority of them are)

What I can do to control my finance:
1. Stop buying shoes & clothes
2. Stop buying *period* (i.e magazines, Starbucks, chocolates etc)
3. Stop spending money on food, unnecessarily
4. Don't wander around aimlessly- save petrol ;p
5. Stay at home, minimize movie watching, window shopping (which always leads to buying "something" and not go out for lunch unless necessary

I'm snoring & crying inside (drama, much?) @ the thought of being more frugal.

Good Luck everyone :)

Monday, June 2, 2008

Bimbo Tales!

Definition of Bimbo : Bimbo is a term that emerged in popular English language usage in the early 20th Century to describe an often attractive, yet unintelligent woman.

The reason why I'm blogging about this stems from a comment made on a friends blog. Someone commented on the "bimboness" of the blog I think, and I guess it pisses not only the writer but also the readers of the blog. How does this effect me? It doesn't but it does make me wonder...
Is it that bad to be called a "bimbo"? I guess it really depends on your point of view. Personally, as long as the label does not stick on me professionally, I couldn't care less. My friends call me bimbo at every chance they have and to be fair there are time where I really deserve it :p

I remember the time when I was strutting around in my pink swimming suit and pink oversized glasses, going in the jacuzzi with Nina and Sher... I was a little bit "too happy" that we're at the beach so I started splashing around in the pool going...

" Wee... I'm a fairy and I can swim.... ooppsss wait fairies don't swim... they fly... weeeee"

The look on my friends face is priceless... They gave me the oh-my-god-stop-being-an-airhead- we're embarrassed to be seen with you expression. Or the time when we were eating at the Arabian Style buffet, and someone commented that the salmon looks like S N A K E, and I was like, what? they kept on spelling S N A K E, Far... and for some reason I was so blank, I just didn't get it! I tell you, Lan was shaking his head, trying not to laugh to the fact that his so called self-proclaimed "genius" girlfriends does not know that S N A K E spell out Snake...

Everyone have their own "dim" moments, and I don't think we need to take ourself seriously all the time. Let's be true to ourself, reading an overly serious, political and intellectual blogs are not exactly FUN. It may be educational but it is not FUN and it's boring as there is not much point to gossip or talk about. That is why, eventhough some people may complain and bitch about a persons blog being to "bimboish", they still read it.

So people, embrace your inner "bimbo-ism" Be happy and proud of what you are rather than what other people think you should be :) I for one refused to take myself seriously all the time, if people are not happy with me, too bad so sad ;p

" I don't need your attitude, I got my own"

Anyway, despite my promise not to get anything NEW, I accidentally on purpose purchase this top online. It's worth it actually, as it's dirt cheap and totally cool :)

Another one of my purchase which is totally worth it, can't wait for it to come :)

Uncle Wa got this real rad car bag in black, I want it too but I just got myself a new oversize yellow bag from Cat's Whiskers so I have to suppress my desire & pocket from buying the red one :)

I want to finish my work a.s.a.p and go home and sleep ;p Yesterday was really tiring, went to Banting for Kak Ira's wedding and drove to Bangi (using the kampung road which took 1 1/2 hour) to show Lan the way to ILKAB. Instead of going home, we stop by Berjaya Time Square to watch Indiana Jones (it's so-so) The clothes in Time Square is funky and cheap, but I didn't get anything (sooprise..sooprise) I'm thinking of going there again with my girlfriends and not my grumpy fiance'

Kacau-ing Lan while he was driving...