Thursday, January 17, 2013

We're going to.....

Daisypath Vacation tickers
 Thanks to AirAsia latest promo, I just booked a family holiday to *wait for it*

Hong Kong :)


Disneyland, Ocean World here we come *In Sha Allah*

P/S: Yes, I'm not sure how I'm going to handle a 3 year old and TWO 1 year old on the 4 hour flight but I have about 10 months to think of a way :p hahahahah

PP/S: Had to scrap my "winter holiday" plans due to timing reason, a bit sedih that I can't dress the girls in cute lil trench coat. Oh well maybe next year, B? (haha tamak gila)

PPP/S: A reminder to myself to start "menabung". A whole load of expenses awaits me before the FUN begins :p

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Monday, January 14, 2013

Ryan's First Day of School

Let’s move on to entries for 2013 since I have posted all of the entry “hutang” from 2012 :)

Ryan started pre-school on 2 January 2012. However, Lan and I, the parents had an earlier induction with his teachers on the 29 December 2012. We were briefed on the Do’s and Don’ts, school activities (for the kids and parents), Pot Luck Friday etc. We were given the brochures of his timetable and study plans (to help parents revised curriculum with the kiddies) and later I had some Q&A session with the teachers. Everything went well on Saturday; I had about 3 days to prepare myself and Ryan (physically and mentally) for school.

We practice the normal – “my name is/nama saya Ryan Daniel”, “Teacher saya nak kencing/pergi toilet”, “Teacher saya nak air” etc. It was a bit of a challenged due to his pelatness, I have to ensure that his pronunciation is good enough to be understood. We kept on reminding him, that come Wednesday, he won’t be in his old “skool” with adik and he has a new timetable/routine/teacher that he must follow. He just said “ok-lah” :p 

Lan and I took leave on Wedneday to send Ryan to school. Despite attending orientation and being handed pamplets and what not, I totally didn’t realize that his classes started at 8.00am and not 8.30am. I only realized that very important info 15 mins before school starts :p we ended up rushing, quickly dropped Iman and Ranya at their daycare and managed to get to his school on time *phew*

The school was out of uniform in his size, so we dress him up in his best T-s and long pants (the school has a tutup aurat policy as the kids has solat classes every morning) Ryan was excited carrying his new school bag and wearing his new Batman shoes. He kept on taking out his pencil box from his bag and checking out his new colour pencils hehehe. 

Anyway, he was a total champ. We walked in and picked up his name tags at the reception areas. He gave “salam” to the teacher in charge, took off his shoes and put it in the designated area showed by the teacher and gave me a hug and said I love you. After that he coolly walked in as I was talking to his teacher (errr?? over independent ni haha). Around us there were kids screaming/thrashing and this one kid tried to ran out (the parents dropped him off and left him there :( kesian ok) but Ryan despite being one of the youngest, was not fussing at all. See there are some advantages to sending your kids to daycare :p

We stayed a bit during the “meet and greet session”. I was crossing my fingers hoping that he makes some friends (kesian nanti KR takde kawan haha) but my fears were unfounded because one of his old friends from daycare where there too. Ryan joined in the “singing & dancing session” acting to “incy wincy spider” and “chicken dance”. By then I was happy enough to leave him, but my sentimental husband decided that we shall have our breakfast across the road and come back later to check on him. We came back around 930am and the kiddies was in the middle of “berbaris”, to be segregated into classes in accordance to their age. The headmistress politely shoed the parents outside so I told Lan to just go home and come back later during going home time to ensure that Ryan knows that he must go into the daycare side of the building and not go out from the school area. When we arrived, Ryan was safely tucked in his new daycare, We didn’t pick him up to ensure that he get used to the new place.

Since we had ½ a day left, we went to watched “The Hobbit”:p Thanks Ryan for being so cool and allowing mummy and daddy to get a much deserved “movie date” outta your first day of school. Anyway, 3 weeks has passed. Nowadays, he spends a lot of his time coloring and showing dance moves to his little sisters. Hopefully, he continues to have fun in school *In Sha Allah*

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Project Birthday 2012: The Party

The final event to close the new year and Project Birthday 2012 was a joined birthday party that Lan and I threw for Ryan, Iman and Ranya on 29 December 2012.We decided on a "private party" where we only invited family members. I guess though we wanted to celebrate we were not really keen on a full blown event since the kids are still too young to appreciate :p and unlike Ryan's first birthday which was an extension from an earlier doa selamat ceremony to bless our new home, this time around we decided to keep it small :)

Anyway it all started with having to decide on the themes :) Ryan's mind was set on "SuperHeroes" esp Captain America his favorite Avengers. It was a bit trickier for the twins. I was thinking of a Princess/Fairy themed but kept on changing my mind, in the end I decided on "girly" i.e. something girlish but not to mainstream (wtf, right?)

I went back to our favorite baker Nadi from Nadibakes to bake the cakes. I forwarded a picture of a Avengers 2D cake I found online and a lovingly drew a picture of Marie Aristocats Twin cake which was personally designed by yours truly :) 

 The awesome Hershey Mud Avengers cake :)
My "vision" of the Twins cake :)

The results :) The cutest "twins" Marie Aristocats Rainbow cake

 The fact that it was a small event did not stop me from hunching around for 2 days preparing party decos :) 
Behold the Avengers Party Sign. Birthday boy helped mummy with the preparations.
I found some Avengers themed sweets in Cold Storage (must be leftovers from Halloweens) and threw some chocs/sweets together to make up for this simple candy buffet

The awesome dessert table : Rainbow cake, choc cake, strawberries pavlova, longan jelly and watermellon. My sis in law brought some Apam Dino and cendol jelly.
I forgot to take a pictures of the buffet table : Lan prepared yummy BBQ chicken wings and gourmet sausages, I made pasta, coleslaw and mashed potatoes, My bro in law made chicken curry and mum ordered some roti jala.

 The over excited Spiderman perched on a stool singing happy birthday non-stop until we allowed him to cut his cake -__-

 Hahah look at him :) 
He told me "mummy Ayen nak captain ayeyica, cut captain ayeyica, Ayen punya"
So I did and he spend 15 minutes on his desk making a mess of my house with choc cake :p

 Our guests :) My cousins, uncles, aunts and the rest of Lan's family

 The Azlan-Farhanna
Thanks nenek for the lovely tutu dress :)

The Hanif Clan

 The mok moks

 Haziq, Dareen, my cutey Nidal and Fatin

Ryan decided to sit on the stairs to guard his toys from "dedeks"
A pic of him playing with a toy microwave (for his sisters of course) which he is currently obsessed with and had "claimed" his own

 More presents

The kiddies in front their mountain of presents : a toy kitchen, mini doll house, bags, blocks, figurines,barbies etc. Alhamdullilah they're so blessed with love and a whole load of awesome things :D
As for me, nothing beats the feeling of seeing the happy faces of your children, knowing that you're the reason for that big fat smile.I'm so thankful that I'm able to make my lil boy dream come true. 
He had so much fun, he's already asking for another birthday party... Ryan..Ryan..

Monday, January 7, 2013

Project Birthday 2012: Birthday Weekend (Part 2)

Date : 21 December 2012 (Pu.Teri Harbour Theme Park)

After spending the whole morning and parts of the afternoon in, we moved on to Puteri Har.bour Family Theme Park(or better known as Hello Kitty Wor.ld) which is 10 minutes drive away from This park is more toddler friendly. It is divided into 3 floor. Level one house Hello Kitty world while the 2nd and 3rd floor is for the Little Big Club characters (Barney, Thomas the Train, Bob the Builder, Pinggu, Angelina Ballerina etc).You can choose to go to one park at RM50 per person or pay RM85 for tickets for both parks.

 We started with the Little Big Club as it holds more interest than H.K ( at least to Ryan and I :p)
We went to the "Thomas & Friends Imagination Station " floor first where they have rides suitable for toddlers and pre-schoolers.They are also not as strict as LG as they even allowed Ranya to ride on some of the rides despite not meeting the height requirement :p 

 Ranya's first "theme park" rides on Bertie the Bus and Harold the Helicopter. 
Good girl even co-pilot with abang :)
Iman was asleep so she missed out on the fun *sorry kakak*

 In front of the ice-cream truck across Barney's house :p
Old Barney even made an appearance when we were there but I didn't bother to line up because he's annoying hahahaha

More pics with Barney the annoying purple dinosaur & Pingu the Penguin

Us inside Hello Kitty's House :) 
Left to Right: her accessories cupboard, kitchen, office, bedroom and walk in dressing room. The park is more suitable for GIRLS above 2 years, I have to say. They have rooms for jewellery making activities, dress up etc. My kids don't even KNOW who is Hello Kitty so they were a bit indifferent and unimpressed hehe

Atuk & Nenek in one of those twirly cup rides with the twins.
Ryan who was tired at the time this picture was taken, threw a HUGE tantrum because he wasn't invited to join the ride. Atuk had to go on the cup AGAIN right after he came down to pacify his cucu kesayangan :p

My sis and bro in law didnt want to come in because they are a bunch of spoilsports haha
Anyway it was raining heavily when we wanted to leave. Thank god it stop long enough for my dad and BIL to make a run to pick up the car. Oh well that is what you get for traveling during the rainy season. Rain, rain and more rain :)

 Lan and I were too tired to go out  so my parents went out to dinner with Ryan. So after dropping by Cold Storage for groceries, we tapau some food for the kids and ate in. 

Date 22 December 2012: Singapore & JPO

Our hotel was really near the Woodlands, Singapore Check-in port (about 15 minutes drive away) so we decided to drop by Singapore for a quick shopping trip. The traffic was manageable but after having to deal with immigration and entry pass etc we only managed to get in Orchard Road around 1pm.

Look at Iman's bored and sleepy face in the car

Let me tell ya Singapore is not a very baby friendly place, esp if you need to be pushing strollers and stuff. Their connecting underground passageways has no ramps and escalator, so to get from one mall to another (even across the road) is hell :( We managed to only go to 2 different malls but I'm happy enough because I got good deals on perfumes and cute looking souvenirs.Maybe I'll come again with Lan to celebrate our 4 year anniversary.Anyways, pics are crappy and limited because we were all too moody from pushing and carrying strollers to be posing around

We left around 5ish and managed to arrived at the hotel by 630pm. We performed our solat  in the hotel surau, freshen up and gave the kids a short bath and changed them into their PJ's before continuing our journey to JPO on our way back to Melacca (Yes I'm crazy but I have enablers who follows my every whim and fancy and just goes along with my plans because it easier than saying no :p)

We reached JPO around 8ish. Since it was before Xmas, the sales and stocks are quite good :) I bought myself a new pair of shoes from Bonia and a bag from Braun Buffel. My parents shopped at Bonia and Samsonite and a few other stores. We spend around 2 hours there before continuing our journey back to Malacca. We reached my aunt's house at 12pm. Hehehe kesian my uncle had to wait up for us

You would have thought I had enough of shopping after 2 whole days of being out and about :p of course NOT, I was up early on Sunday and dragged my cousins Nurul, Izzah, My sis, BIL and Ryan to Malacca latest AEON (yes macamla tak pernah pergi Jusco) It was a good call because I found this cool shop that sells really pretty baju kurung at a cheap price :) Later,we had Mak Long's yummiest asam pedas (tasted almost like nenek's ) The kiddies got more birthday presents too,Nek Long  bought Ryan a cool Batman figurine and the girls got a Barbie Doll each :) We left for Klang after Zohor.

Alhamdullilah, the trip was a successful one :) It was tiring with the 3 kids but they are quite good travelers, I have to say. So much so I'm already planning for another mega break like this, end of 2013 *In Sha Allah* If ada rezeki, boleh la bawak the kids to another theme park :) 

I aim to finish my final 2012 Project Birthday entry by this week. 
We shall see if I'm successful :p  Stay Tuned!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Project Birthday 2012 : Birthday Weekend (Part 1)

As a part of the Ryan, Iman and Ranya's birthday celebration, we decided to make a weekend trip to, Theme Park Johor, Singapore, JPO and Malacca (ok the last 3 was mostly for Mummy & Mak Long benefit)

We started our journey to Johor on 20 December 2012 (Ryan's actual birthday). The trip was bearable, Ryan and the twins slept halfway and since each non driving adult (i.e. my mum, Lan and myself) is responsible for one baby, we were all not too hassled, though there are points during the drive when all 3 wanted to hang out with mummy (*sigh* what can I say, I'm too fun for my own good haha)

We reach our destination the Ne.w Yo.rk Hotel Johor around 3pm, Lan and I was even too malas to go down for lunch that parents just tapau-ed some food from a nearby warung. Their Nasi Goreng Cina is the bomb (too bad for the life of me I cant remember the name of the shop)

Met up with my sis and bro in law a bit later (she's there for a conference) and managed to catch up with her colleagues (and my old Bandung Trip buddy) Kak Wanie and Kak Sharina.Since it was a long drive, that night was free and lazy ;p we had a family dinner and went to bed early since the next day it is going to be a long busy day.
 The kids lepaking in the hotel :) 
The room and service is satisfactory but not the breakfast buffet though (bland and limited for choice)
But I would not mind coming back here, since the location is strategic and the hotel is comfortable enough for family stay

21 December 2012: LEGO.LAND, Johor Bahru

This place is HUGE: Ryan was mesmerized with the models of ships and building in Miniland, we spend a good 30 minutes there. The legoman and vehicle even moved and made realistic noises

A little warning. There's a lot of walking to be done and the place is HOT since most of the trees is newly planted so there's minimal shade. If you wish to bring any child under 4, I suggest bring a stroller (or you can rent a single/double stroller at the entrance) 

Me in Taj Mahal, India :p
(oh well since Lan won't bring me here, Legoland Taj Mahal pun jadilah haha)

Thank god we put the baby leash (ok-ok harness) on him.
He was so excited, he was running around like nobody's business

Imagination Area : There's a building in Imagination-Land where the kids can play with blocks and "test" whether their building is strong enough :) We spent a lot of time here since Ryan is not able to ride on most of the rides (too short :p kids must be above 100cm to play on 98% of the rides)

The twins @ Lego Kingdom

 My lil man enjoying his ice cream, to cool down :) He has choosen the Cornetto himself.
I wanted to get him a paddle pop and he said "NO, nak ice-cream becarr (besar)"
High maintenance anak ku ini :p

Riding one of the Lego truck (Look at Iman masam face due to the heat) 101
The facilities in Legoland is top notch :) They even have family bathrooms where both mummy and daddy's can go in to change the child's diaper together. The toilets are also very clean.There's also Mall of Medini in front of Legoland with Restaurants like KFC, Burger King, Kopitiam etc if you feel like the food in Legoland to be too expensive (it is a whole day pass, so you can go in-out after the guard stamp your tickets) I find this to be very convenient.The legos sold in Legoland are also slightly cheaper than the price in the Malls . For example a Lego storage head which cost RM199 in Toys R Us are sold at RM129 here. There's at least RM10-RM20 price difference. I went totally crazy buying legos for the kiddies :)You will also get a discount if you purchase your tickets online (i.e:one week before the date of your visit)

P/S:  In the interest of space, I will upload the other photos in my travel blog for those who are interested in other pictures of Legoland/ Sanrio Theme park (check up the link on my "pages"). There's an insane amount of pictures to upload and these are just the pictures in my hp (I promise I will upload pics in DSLR soon)
PP/S: Pics for Theme Parks, Singapore & JPO pics in next post and will update on the kids birthday party once I find the time

New Year Note: May 2013 make me a better Muslim, mum, wife, daughter, employee etc. I don't really believe in New Year resolutions though, as changes need to be made constantly and not only once a year :p Anyway may Allah bless our year and brings in more love and happiness *In Sha Allah*