Friday, January 28, 2011

Touched by an Angel...

A few years back, I got to know a girl from work. We were never close but I greatly admire her attitude. In my opinion she’s the most positive person that I’ve ever met in my life. Let just call her W

2 ½ years back when we were both preparing for our engagement, she found out that her mum is suffering from cancer. Having to deal with a very difficult boss, late nights at work, preparing for an engagement and taking care of her sick mum must not be easy, but every morning she’ll come to work and greet us with a smile. I feel like a total ass when I’m there fretting over a pimple a week before my big day and there she was consoling me, when obviously she had bigger things to deal with.

Fast forward a few months later, due to her mum’s health and husband’s-to-be request, her wedding date was brought forward by 3 months (I think), she had about 1 ½ month to make preparations but she was really cool about it. No Bridezilla moments. She had her wedding dress done, deco, cards and caterers chosen and booked without any drama. She made it so simple and it turn out to be one of the most beautiful wedding I’ve attended.

When I was about 3 months pregnant with Ryan, W found out that she’s pregnant. A few weeks later she suffered from a miscarriage and lost the baby. When I saw her after she came back from her medical leave, I wanted to cry but not because I felt sorry for her but because I can’t imagine if I can be as strong as she is if I have to go through the same tests. She told me with a smile that she truly believes that Allah has better plans for her and instead of being caught in any self absorbed pity party she started asking me about my pregnancy (which I doubt is easy) and we had fun laughing and joking around.

She left the organization shortly after and we didn’t really keep in touch. I do hope she’s really happy wherever she is but my short friendship with W left me with one of the greatest lessons in my life and it changed my perspective on a lot of things.

Before when bad things happen I always think “shit happens… but only to me” now I choose to be more positive instead. I have so many good things going for me so it made no sense to concentrate only on the horrible memories. I also learned the best thing way to get out of a rut/bad mood is to do something nice to others. Instant mood elevator :) You see good vibes attract good karma, and Allah is fair, he knows what is good for you even when you don’t know it yourself.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wordless Wednesday #2

** I know I'm not supposed to comment on "Wordless Wednesday" but I would like to point out that my arwah wan (first row, extreme left) is so fashion forward with her hijab fashion yg people baru nak buat sekarang haha.

I miss you so much, you know :'(

Friday, January 21, 2011

My 13 Months Old Darling...

In just a blink of an eye my calm and docile newborn has been replaced by an adorable little jumping, climbing, tantrum throwing toddler who just turned 13 months old yesterday.

I find managing Ryan is a challenge nowadays. He’s a bit more “spirited” and very demanding after he’s been moved from the infant class to the toddler class in kindy. From my observation the kids are given more freedom to roam around and play with their peers under strict observation, of course.

Mr. Ryan who’s used to the attention from his previous caretaker is not doing so well with the transition. He tries to make up for the lack of attention in kindy by trying to get extra attention at home. I think he misses his grandparents too. I know it sounds absurd since he sees my parents every day, but he only spend about 3 hours with atuk and nenek daily, in comparison to all waking seconds before.

These changes may seem minor to an adults but for a 13 months old baby it’s a huge transition so we try to be more understanding. At the same time Lan and I can’t let the bad behavior slide. We try to be consistent with our decisions/actions. Firm but at the same time sympathetic.

Ryan is responding well to our “training”. I would’t really call it “disciplining” because I don’t think you can “discipline” a child below 2 years old like you do a 4 or 5 years old. The trick is “consistency”, we’ve established a loose timetable for Ryan to follow.
5.30-6.30pm: Playtime (which consist of banging on the organ, drawing, playing trucks etc)
6.30 pm: dinner + clean up and change to PJ’s
7.00pm: Video time while mummy and daddy take turns to pray,
8.00 pm: Read Iqra’ with Nenek
8.30 pm: Balik rumah and play in his room until
9.15 pm: sleep time in his own cot :)

Trust me it is not easy. Imagine coming back after a long day at work and you just want to relax but you can’t. There’s housework to do, errands to tackle, a new house to deal with and a baby who vying for your attention. It is extra hard when you don’t have a “bibik” or maid to help with the chores. But we all make do with what we have.

I admit there are times when I do lose my temper and I’ve been known to raise my voice more than once but I can safely say that 85% of the time the “training” works. Less fussing and screaming. We’ve only tried this method for a month so it is still work in progress but Lan and I agree on one thing…

Ryan is worth all the trouble… hehe

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

My Top 10 Fashion Essentials

I’m itching to go clothes shopping. As usual there’s nothing that I need, just unnecessary things that I want. Since the house “beautification project” is still ongoing (I suspect it’s going to be a yearlong project due to budget constraints) I have to be more frugal with my spending.

Anyway I decided to clean up my 2 suitcases + 3 boxes of clothes first before I go clothes shopping. I’m planning to throw/ give away/alter clothes that are torn, unwearable due to style/size/comfort factors. No more hoarding old clothes in hope that I shall one day fit again in my size 24 Levis (I’ve accepted that this ass is beyond going to its pre Ryan size :p) I shall not be obsessed with the no (size) on the clothes and pay attention on what fits me right.

I’m giving myself about 2-3 weeks to complete the project (when you have a one year old running around the house with no additional help other than your husband, a 3 hours chore would now take days to complete)

To prepare myself, I’ve read up columns/articles on basic fashion essential to free myself from unnecessary “fashion victim/ whim purchases/ heartbreak shopping” clutter. I’ve made some amendments to Tim Gunn top 10 fashions essential according to my personal preference and the fact that I’m wearing a hijab.

This is my top 10 fashion essentials :-

1. White button down shirt - For work and play

2. Crisp black pants - Inexpensive but beautifully tailored

3. Boy friend cardigan - Essential to cover up while wearing fitted tops

4. Little (in my case Maxi) black dress - for every occasion :)

5. Maxi Skirts - I love this when I'm all lazy and need something a bit more dressier than jeans

6. Jeans - A nice fitted pair :) No muffin tops + hug areas that are not meant to be hugged

7. Sweaters - if you have the $$$ invest on Cashmere...

8. Blazer - for work and during those times when you want to jazz up your jeans + baby T outfit

9. Baju kurung - office baju kurung (nice fit/subtle designs/no labucci + overly beading)

10. Lazy long sleeve shirts :)

Once I'm done with my closet revamp, I shall make a list of things that is "missing" in my wardrobe and go crazy shopping :) *arrgghh* I'm now embracing the shopping with a purpose concept *grin*

Monday, January 10, 2011

New Year : New Day

My first day at work in this New Year :)

Last week was crazy hectic mostly because Ryan was hospitalized for 4 days at SJMC. Long story short everyone and everything is fine and dandy. Nothing major but a minor lung infection (bronchitis) and doctor needed to put him under review and 3 days antibiotics course. Ryan being Ryan does not show any signs of sickness, jumping around and playing like nobody business :) Anyway he's ok now..

I rather not spend 45 minutes detailing moaning and complaints that goes like"why do god do this to me rants" as I see them as POINTLESS. Negative people attract negative energy so why bother,huh?

Anyhoooo... On a more cheerful note... We had our first function at our new crib on the 01.01.11 :) Everything went as plan *alhamdullilah* Thanks to my family members for all the help and food and thanks to my friends who came to celebrate with us. Technically we did not have a housewarming party and the event was not merely to celebrate Ryan's birthday, the MAIN EVENT of the day is actually the DOA SELAMAT to "bless" our new home with prayers and Yassin Recital.

We decided to kill two birds with one stone and celebrate Ryan's birthday with his extended family : piyut (great great grandma), his 2 nyangs (great grandma), countless atuks, nenek, wan, uncles, aunts and friends :) To minimize cost I did most of the decorations myself (cutting Elmo faces from cardboard, gathering feathers, making my own lollipop stand) Yeah yeah I know Ryan don't have a clue on what's going on but I love the creative process so it is not much of a chore to me...

The most gorgeous and delicious Elmo cake + Sesame Street cupcakes from Nadibakes

First tier : Chocolate mud, Second tier: Nutella and cupcakes : Butterscotch

Our Sesame Street inspired Desert Bar

Self Help concept : great idea but my cousin kinda whip everything within 5 seconds :p

Ryan, Mummy and Daddy...

With atuk, nenek, mak long and Darrin :)

Ryan playing with Lana on his new tricycle courtesy of atuk...

Thanks girls for coming...
(and my other friends yg datang but tak letak gambar :p )

Ryan and his supermarket tent from Mak Long

Good haul : toys, clothes and $$$$
Alhamdullilah murah rezeki :)
Thanks everyone for being so generous....
Happy playing with his new train thingy.
Thank you Aunt Farisa...

Our little family: cake cutting time :)