Tuesday, August 26, 2008


I was thinking of blogging about the things I learned last weekend but something happen and now I don't have the mood to blog on POSITIVE things...maybe later....

I'm tired of "kiss ass people". They pay so much attention on irrelevant details which pisses "normal" people so that they can gain the attention of certain individuals... It's tiring especially since they don't bother doing much in the first place...

Giving ideas is not work, plain protesting is not work, nagging is not work

I can sense a headache coming.... +urrghhh+ can't wait for all this to end....

Monday, August 25, 2008

Weddingy Weekend...

Friday Night:
Went to Wani's wedding with Nik and Lan. It was a very simple wedding but the bride looked gorgeous. Of all the wedding I have attended, I have to say that I find this wedding to be the most beautiful and meaningful (not saying that the other wedding are not) You see the bride's mother is sick (cancer) and undergoing chemo the day before the wedding, at the same time her wedding was brought forward and she had less than 2 months to prepare. If all this is not bad enough she have to deal with a very stressful environment at work. The best thing about her is she NEVER complain and takes everything at a stride. So to see her so happy and glowing on her wedding day.... well it's just nice to see deserving people so happy :) Anyway a bunch of us got her the coolest & HUGE wedding gift. I took photo of our "hamper" but I forgot to bring my cable... maybe tomorrow :)

Saturday & Sunday
Lan and I attended the Pre-Wedding Course at the Majlis Agama Islam Klang headquarters. Some of the lectures are interesting and a few of the ustaz and ustazah are quite funny. Made some new friends... On Saturday night went to dinner with mummy, daddy and Lan. Food was good and cheap *yummy* So fun bullying Lan in front of my parents cause he can't retaliate. Hahaha Yesterday finally bought the uncut DVD version of Sex and the City.. watched it last night.. heheheh no wonder-lah they cut so much ;p

Nothing much to say. I need to finish some stuff, will update on something more interesting later... *muackz*

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Gossip: the story behind the *toing-tiong* story

I'm fasting today since I have one more day to ganti. Time sure pass slowly when you are hungry :) hehehe. Doesn't help when people around you are munching away...

Anyway back to the title. Have you ever wondered how far-fetched and nonsensical a gossip can grow? Well, let me tell you a story :p

Last week, N ( a colleague) approached me to complained on a rumour of her having seen a pochong ( a type of hantu, wrapped in shroud, which jumps around finding for preys) in LG4 (our parking lot). Not only that, the story also spread that since she is so terrified of the incident she now sleeps with surah yassin around her bed. We laughed about it, and N being a cheerful laid back person was able to joked around.

Two days after that, while having lunch with another colleague, the story came out again, so I decided to dismissed the rumour by telling them what N told me. However:-

C: Yeah, I heard the story but that is not the real one, she actually saw a "hantu" in the lift not the basement
Me: (baffled look) ehh you sure? she told me that she NEVER saw anything
C: No... she told me herself... she saw it from the corner of her eyes...
Me: (in my head thinking: betul ke minah ni?) Okey...

On Friday my secretary came to me all excited.
S: Farhanna, I pergi amik your kunci kabinet from securities. Pastu dengar lah nie ade cerita
Me: Kenapa? diaorang tak bagi kunci ke?
S: Bukan.... lepas ambik kunci akak tekanlah tingkat 3 nak naik atas, so masuklah dalam lift sambil main sms, bila bunyi "ting" akak keluar lah... tapi...*paused for effect* tibe2 ade kat LG4
Me: Akak salah tekan butang kot
S: Tak.... dia turun sendre... takut menggigil nie... dahlah orang nampak pochong
Me: *laugh* Oh you heard the story too...
S: Kenapa? betul ke? takutnya
Me: Taklah... org yg diaorg kata nampak tu kata dia tak nampak...
S: Entahlah seram nie...

I saw N yesterday so I decided to tease her about it...
N: *frustrated tone* Far, do you know not only now are they saying that I saw the one in LG4 & the lift, they are saying that I saw them hovering over my cubicle-la and I cuti MC 1 week. Some of them called me last week to clarify this story and I was on leave (she had holiday plans) but they were saying I was away because I was too traumatized. They even called M to ask about it.
F: hahahahahah did you deny
N: I did, but when I deny, they said "yelah kalau kita nampak benda supernatural, tak boleh mengaku, sebab tu N tak mengaku walaupun betul dia nampak" So I can't deny and of course I won't admit to it...
F: yeah you lose either way... interesting how rumour spreads, huh?
N: Tell me about it...

So girls and boys... what can we learn today? Don't believe in rumours (ie between friends/ tv/blog/sms etc) There is a HUGE possibility of it being a product of someone overactive imagination.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Why I LOVE being ME!!!

I had a great weekend...

Classes was cancelled and I was free to "bersuka-ria" this weekend and on top of all that today is the start of the term holiday *weehoo*

Lan and I went to Berjaya Times Square/ Lowyat Plaza/ Sungai Wang because I had to find some stuff. Walk around for a while, found a wonderful boutique that sells really pretty clothes for 1/3 of the price they are selling in normal shops and got a glimpse of some underage girl buttocks (note to self: never wear super short miniskirt with g-string) Not my fault, she was on the same elevator in front of us and she was sashaying around like nobody business, itz quite disgusting actually....

Anyway, Lan registered "Maxis Broadband" for me. Now I can access the net anytime *wee I love my fiance'*

After that we ventured out of BTS and went to Lowyat, I was walking around and fell in love with the new HP Pavillion Tablet Laptop. I called my daddy instantly and started whining asking him to talk to my cousin (who owns a pc shop) if he can get the lappie at a cheaper price. Found out that Abg Didie is the supplier for Acer, so I can only get discounted price for ACER brand, no offence but me no like it. Probably hearing the upcoming pout in my voice (well my dad do know me pretty well), he told me to come home so that we can discuss about it further.

Had dinner with baybee first *excited* counting my chickens before it hatches* and went home. I persuaded my parents on the advantages of a new laptop and they agreed *yea* so yesterday we went to several places to find my lappie, since the model is new and was launched 2 weeks ago most shops still don't have it *bummer*

After 4 hours of search and a parking ticket (stoopid DBPJ) later, I finally got my hot new laptop. The features are awesome, touch screen, 360 screen turn, dvd +burner + remote control functions, built in web cam, 2G RAM, 168HDD etc. Whateverler, itz juz damn cool. And the best thing about it is that my parents are paying 2/3 of the cost of the lappie, and I just have to pay may dad the remaining 1/3 in installments. (technically I can conveniently forget the repayment but that does not seem responsible..heheh)

I love it when people spoil me to death.... hahahah

Here to having a great person to laptop relationship

P/S: Thanks Mummy and esp. Daddy, you're the most awesomeness parents ever...

Coming soon... a tribute to my lappie (7 years of loyal companionship)

Friday, August 15, 2008

Detox Much...

I want to go home...

I just started a detox programme last night because I don't feel so good for the past few weeks. I suspected that there must be some toxin build-up in my body, so I took an online test to check on whether I should start detoxing or not.

The following are just a few of the side effects of a toxic build-up in the body and I realised that I have a few of them including:
-Skin problems – pimples, blemishes, psoriasis, eczema, boils, acne
-Allergies - Rashes, Itching, Hives
-Weight gain and inability to lose weight
-Poor memory
-Poor digestion, gas, bloating
-Sleeping problems

I started the programme last night, which consisted of taking the really yucky sweet detox supplement for the next 7 days *urrghh* God knows if it works or not, will update on the progress later *or not*

I was told that stress partially contribute to toxin build up. How interesting.

Anyway, I'm drowning in a sea of research for both work and class. Both involved loads of jurisdictional studies and legal framework which is so hard for your mind to process esp. while your body is trying to detox (some of the side effect is you will extremely tired, have to pee a lot and your tongue will feel dry) To tell you the truth I just want to go home and sleep, but work is work, right? heheheh

On Another Note...

I was going through some articles online and I feel there is too much gripe. People complaining about this, that and more. I wonder if they know that negativity attracts more NEGATIVITY. I think we seriously should sit back and evaluate the situation and try find solutions rather than complain about everything under the sun. There is no use of complaining about the petrol price rising, crappy government or how one race is better than another, how your organisation sucks or why are you so fat etc.

What are you doing to make it better other than COMPLAIN?

Anyway before people start pulling the whole racial thing, let me remind all of you one thing. Whether you are Malay, Chinese, Indian, White, Black, Grey etc we are all children of Adam and Eve. Technically all of us are inter-related, so despite the misgiving, mistreatment etc I just don't understand why we can't get along. Maybe I'm being too idealistic but I don't see how all this restrictions and name calling are making the world a better place.

Just a thought. Have a great weekend everybody!

Monday, August 11, 2008


On the way to Kak Evi's Wedding
With Kel-Wa
With Nia's Mummy
With Abang Botakz BFF
Minus Kel-Wa :)

BEWARE: A series of perasan pic-cha @ 2am in da morning...
I'm loving the hair.... why can't I have naturally curly hair....

Nothing much to say... I'm too comatose to think of anything interesting. My mind is too engross in cross jurisdictional study on stock exchanges.... *yawn*

Thursday, August 7, 2008

To make up for the lack of updates....

Part One: The Boring Motivational Part

Nothing much have been going on. There is a long list of rules amendments to look at, after being out for 6 months I'm a little rusty on the application. I guess I will just need to slowly pick up the skills.

Can't believe it but last Saturday (02/08/08) marks 1 1/2 year of me being in SC, it was also my 21/2 years anniversary with yours truly....

I can't believe it, feels just like yesterday coming to this organization on my first day of work, being totally overwhelm with all the incredible talents around me. Some people still intimidate the crap out of me, but I've learned that sometimes you just have to make a total fool of yourself so that you can improve and learn from this individuals instead of shrinking away from them.

I went through my SPMS performance evaluation last week, the feedback was good, better than I expected. I know I still have so much to learn but it's just very touching to know that people believe in my ability. In a way I've been really lucky to be trained by the creme' of the industry. Maybe I don't have my own office, 2 secretaries, gazillion of allowance like some of my peers, but I'm thankful nevertheless. I think I have learned so much in the past 11/2 years.

I know there are times when things are really hard with "busuk hati" people making it more difficult, I may complain, bitch and cry but at the end of the day, I'll just say to myself, things that don't kill me will make me stronger. I'll just continue doing my best for my own personal development.

Currently, I'm still in the whole transition process to going back to be a student. Trust me it's not easy especially with classes 4 times a week. Someone called me crazy the other day for trying to do everything at once. I just smiled and say "yup, I am crazy, if I'm not that would not be me :)". So I explained to him, that I'm only 25, I have the whole world ahead of me and I'm not going to give up on a whole load of opportunity just because it's going to be hard.

Sometimes, when I'm too tired to wake up in the morning, I think about my dad. When I was 12-14 years old, my dad made a decision to further his studies, he was working full time and took night classes to obtained his degree. Every other day he will come back from office, send me to one of many classes, go to class, rush back to pick me up and get ready for another long day the next day. I never did understood the sacrifices that he made when I was younger, but I'm beginning to fully appreciate it now.

That is why when friends my age, esp. the guys, are talking about "settling down and taking it easy at work" I just raised my eyebrow. You are in your twenties and are already thinking of settling down? but at the same time complaining that you don't get enough recognition.. blahblahblah... and the whole sob story... "you don't understand, I got this problem, this person don't like me, I don't like this person" Stop whining-ler, If you are really unhappy with your work/relationship ect, than do something about it, why waste time complaining. Hate your organization? leave and find a better place to work.Colleague taking credit for your work, go confront that person, talk to your supervisor etc. Don't waste time finding fault in others.

Disregard comments like "Alah... dia tu tunjuk baik, dulu dia tu bukannya baik sangat... she used to be lazy, don't do assignment etc *insert whatever negative comments you have*" No one is perfect. I admit I have 10000000000 flaws, but just because I used to be a crappy person that does not mean that I can't change,right? If you continue, thinking that way, you will never change and you will continue repeating that same crappy mistakes for the rest of your life and that means that you are just STOOPID!!!! with a capital "S"

Part Two: Two years, 6 Months and 5 days

I'm not going to be all mushy going "you complete me" because you don't. (Haha) But you allow me to be myself when I'm with you, we may have different views on politics, taste in movies (Hellboy? *urrghh*) and I know for sure we don't see eye to eye on my need on having a shoe in every colour of the rainbow. Come to think of it we don't have much in common, do we?

But you are you and I'm just me... and we together... malas lah nak mushy2... nanti you perasan... anywayz... I love you, babe... Happy Belated Anniversary! can't wait for the chance to drive you crazy 24/7 instead of the current 4/4 (go figure)*grin*

Have a great Friday and a great weekend, people....

Monday, August 4, 2008

God punished thiefs....

I'm so freaked...

Last week, I ordered my gladiator and 2 new tops and because no one is at home, it is easier for the sender to send it to the office...

I received the parcel today and the wrappings is all torn out with the Post Malaysia cellophane tape around it (to hold it intact) I was feeling uneasy because the package looks too small to hold all of my stuff, so I took it up and found out that my new tops are not in the box.

I called the "sender" and she confirmed that she have sent all 3 items together and I spoke to my Mail room guy and he confirmed that he received the package "opened" (I'm inclined to believe him because I've received loads of package in the office and never had the problem before) So now the next finger is pointed at the next likely suspect. POST OFFICE MALAYSIA.

I called the call centre and the clerk was really nice and she talk me through the process. So now I have to wait while the officers conduct their investigation *sigh* I saved all the evidence and I'm going to make sure I get to the bottom of this. Hey, I didn't get one of the highest score in my LLB (Hons) for both Civil and Criminal Trial & Advocacy for nothing, ok...

I told Lan and he was really sweet about it (surprisingly) and even offered to buy me new ones ( maybe I heard wrongly) but I want "THAT" 3/4 jacket, it's so cute with little hearts on it.... Now I have no mood to go to class... I'm so sad... I want my baju back... *sob2*