Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Makan Time @ Batman Cafe and Capricciosa Restaurant, Sunway Putra Mall

DC Superhero @ Batman Cafe, Sunway Putra Mall

I've been promising to bring Ryan to this cafe since we came across the review on FB. Finally managed to make the trip during the Hari Raya Haji break. The store is actually a part of the DC store. There's some superhero inspired decorations including Batman tables but nothing super exciting.

The food however is quite interesting. Since we arrived around 1130 am, only the breakfast menu was available, there is not much menu choices but taste-wise (and based on looks) it pretty much met with our expectations. 

 My delicious Kryptonian Exodus Hot Chocolate

 Metropolis Hero Waffle (Mixed Berries Waffle) and Man of Steel Soda. This hands down is my favorite combo. Totally loved the pineapple and jelly bits in my drink. 

 Even the ice cubes has the Superman Logo on it to Ryan's delight.

Rightwing Rampage Pancake (Blueberry pancakes) and 'Why So Serious" Soda (Dark currant soda and vanilla ice cream). Ranya loved the pancakes which she shared with my sister. The soda is a bit masam for the kids liking but my sister enjoyed it. 

My super excited superhero. Planning for another visit soon to try the lunch menu. Ryan was pumped to try the Batman Pizza but it wasn't available. 

Capricciosa Restaurant, Sunway Putra Mall

A few hours after our shared breakfast, the kiddies was hungry (again!) so we settled for one of the restaurants in the mall before heading home. Since everyone was game for Italian food, we decided to try out Capricciosa Restaurant for lunch.

Since it was our first time at the restaurant, we opted for the "Value Set" - The one we chose was for 2-3 persons, consist of baked chicken, aglia olio spaghetti, clams, croquette cheese rice, grilled lobster, a slice of tiramisu and 3 selections of house soda. My favorite was the olio and clams. The lobster was a major disappointment as it was totally overcooked and ended up super rubbery. I was happy with the rest of the dishes though. 

We ordered Mango Lychee soda, Lychee iced tea and the Lime and Mint soda which was a part of the set. At RM89.90 the set was value for money :)

 For the kids, we ordered the kids meal @ RM9.90 each. Ryan ordered the sliced chicken pizza which was HUGE (8 slices) more than enough to be shared between him, my sis, Lan and I. 
The twins wanted pasta, so we ordered the tomato based spaghetti for them to share. The pasta was accompanied with wedges and side veges. Both meals also came with a scoop of ice cream each. We were all happy and full at the end of the lunch. 

I recommend both eateries for others to try :) 

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Harry Potter Baby Shower D.I.Y Ideas

I was tasked with hosting a baby shower for Najwa last week. So the first thing I did was to choose a theme as it will be easier to coordinate decorations that way. A few theme choices come to mind but since the mummy-to-be and a few of the attendees are avid Harry Potter fans, I decided to go in that direction.

Before I started working on the gifts and deco, I went to several arts and craft shops to scout for potential ideas and to work out my budget. The pros of choosing a theme like Harry Potter is its novelty. I think it is a fresh and quirky theme to work with. The only problem is there are not many ready made items, which can easily be bought of the shelves, which means plenty of D.I.Y projects *yeay*.

Project 1: e-Invite

The invitation is the easiest project of all. After I've finalized the date and venue, I went straight to Microsoft Paint to work on the template for the invitation. With some inspiration taken from Pinterest and google *lo and behold* an Owlgram for the invitees.

Project 2: Diaper Cake

I think I've shared the method of constructing a diaper cake in my previous post "How to Make a Diaper Cake". This time around I've decided to create a 3 tier cake, with a baby blanket acting as a base for the top tier. I choose an owl to represent Hedwig (Harry's Owl) and made her wizard hat from black construction paper. To further complement the cake, I bought quill ribbons, owl toys, round glasses and printed the Hogwarts crest. Of all the diaper cakes that I've made so far, I would say this is one my favorite :)

Project 3: Personalized Rompers 

This was not a planned project, I first ordered the rompers from an online shop, but the seller backed out at the very last minute (horrible experience didn't even inform me until I send in messages to ask). I had to think of a back up plan real fast. Since there is no RTW Harry Potter rompers available in Malaysia, I bought some plains rompers in Mothercare and Sharpie "Stained" (for use on fabric) and started "staining" the fabric. 

My designs are usually freehand, but to be safe I drew the design with pencil first and trace it back with marker. It is a time consuming process as you're not working on a smooth surface, so make sure you're not in a rush while doing this. Once you're done, just leave the rompers for about an hour to dry before pressing on the design with hot iron for the colors to set in. After that, you wash the rompers in cold water and leave it to dry to ensure that the colors will not run. I made 3 different design, 2 of which with iron-on Owl embellishments. The rompers was roll over and is a part of the diaper cake "ingredients". 

Project 4: Potter Decos

Customized Decos
  • Harry Potter inspired cupcakes from The Baking Fairies
  • Owlgram personalized brown bags for each attendees to bring their goodies home.
  • Magic Potions (Amortentia - Red, Felix Felixis- Yellow, Veritaserum-Blue and Dragon Blood- Green) as customized favors for everyone. I've you're wondering, the gourmet soda is from the Jelly Bean brand that I purchased from Candylicious OU.

Decorations D.I.Y which are not clearly captured in the photo above
  • Bertie Botts Every Flavored Candy in a Martini Glass (I bought Jelly Bean in tropical flavors, to get the rainbow colors. FYI, they have one which offers similar flavors to the ones in the book (earwax, grass etc) but I don't think my friends and I are that adventurous)  
  • Gringots Gold Chocolate Coin 
  • Charm Chocolate in House Colors (Hershey Kisses in Red, Blue, Yellow and Green Foils)
I had so much fun planning for this shower. Alhamdulliah everyone had fun and the mummy to be loved the concept. OMG now I'm itching to throw another party, maybe I should start planning for the kiddies birthday in December :p

Press on the link for more ideas on Harry Potter Party DIY

Happy D.I.Y-ing everyone

Friday, September 4, 2015

The Azlan's Merdeka Day Weekend

In continuation of the wedding celebration we had last week, we managed to cram in a whole load of family activities during the Merdeka weekend. We did not plan to go anywhere this time around as we wanted to avoid the Merdeka/Bersih crowd, so our activities are mostly confined around the Selangor area.

Date: 30 August 2015 (Sunday)

The kids cooked breakfast for mummy and daddy. We made savory bread and butter pudding together. They had so much fun and have already requested for us to bake a cake next. I find cooking to be an awesome way to teach the kids in taking instructions.

Restaurant Review: Zawara Coffee
Been meaning to check out this cafe for ages since my Aunt reviewed the place a few months back. The restaurant is situated in Bukit Jelutung and is quite easy to find. Very spacey (with a in house surau/toilet etc). The place is quite laid back, a nice place to lepak with family and friends.

We tried a few dishes, the kids had the Spaghetti Arabiata (not in picture but taste wise it's spicy and nice but nothing special), I got myself the salted egg buffalo wings (nice but would have been better if it was spicier), two types of churos, one with ice cream & chocolate sauce and the other is with butterscotch sauce ( I prefer the chocolate sauce to the butterscotch, but the churos itself is very nice, crunchy on the outside and lighly dusted with cinnamon, super yums, we originally ordered one box but the kids loved it so much we  had to order extras:))

For drinks we had the Tinkerbell ice blended (super bland, I don't like it at all) and Lan had the Hazelnut Latte (he said it's ok) and two bottles of mineral water. We paid around RM85 for everything. Not cheap but the price is pretty much standard for cafe food in Klang Valley. 

Did we enjoy ourselves? A BIG FAT YES and I would totally come again to try out the other food items on the menu. 


Date: 31 August 2015 (Monday)

We celebrated Merdeka by celebrating my little Malaysians. We treated them to rides, lunch at their favorite restaurant, shared an ice cream sundae, had a haircut, planted a tree and just spent loads and loads of quality time together. Alhamdullilah like Malaysia, my life is not perfect but there's more good than bad in it, and for that I'm thankful :)

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Wedding Bells Alert

Last Friday, my cousin Mimie got married and I was there to celebrate with her and the rest of the family. My family is very big on gotong royong  and since the cousins on my dad's side is pretty close, we try to be there for her and my auntie to help out.

The munchkins had to attend their Merdeka Day school event on Friday so it was just my parents, Lan and I. Alhamdullilah everything turned out great


Nikah Day: Masjid Negeri Shah Alam
Date : 28 August 2015

The beautiful bride and one with my cousin Amer, myself and the newleyweds.

No babies, means plenty of chance to camwhore with my husband :p 


Reception : Dewan Jubli Perak, Shah Alam
Date: 29 August 2015

My gorgeous flower girls, doing their flower girls duties :) 

Trying to get a decent photo with all 3 is a MISSION of its own....

Mummy dah give up, so decided to take photos with other family members instead. Hahaha

Mama Sue and her countless selfies :p 

Thank god for willing "wefie" subjects, with the exception of my husband yang on mode berserah dan redha. My anak buah and children are pretty much camera ready 80% of the time and will come running when I say "come take a photo with me". Yeah "vain" is part of our family DNA.

Alhamdullilah, it was a great time spent with family. Can't wait for our  next family gathering.

P/S: Kidzania Review Post is up --> Press Me