Friday, January 22, 2016

Ryan's First Day of School 2016

Technically we're already in our 3rd week of January 2016 but I'm not gonna miss the chance of updating my blog on one of my babies biggest milestones - Ryan starting standard one :)

Alhamdullilah all went well... Ryan is making the transition quite smoothly and we're slowly getting use to the new schedule and activities. It is a bit hectic for me, having to do a bit more in terms of supervising homework and even having to start preparing daily bento boxes (that is another story for another post) but I'm going to preserver. Anyway, you want to know what I find weird? I did not see a single kid crying while sending to his sekolah agama and kebangsaan. I guess most of the kids are already used to the experience having joined preschool before. 

So much is happening at the moment, some good but most pretty testing. I'm just praying that Allah will give me patience to go through it all :) Have an awesome long weekend everyone...