Saturday, October 31, 2009


I'm in the mid of my exam week...
Excuse my absence and do wish me luck

God knows I need it :p

Will blog soon... so much interesting stuff going on :)
but a bit tired with all the whirl of activities...


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Mummy Creative Baby Project :)

Project 1: Scrapbook Project

Step One: Compile all of baby scan pics ( I think I got 8 so far ;p)

Step Two: Divide pictures by trimesters and arrange it accordingly

Step 3 : Get the Scrapbook Kit
( you can get it in Papier- Curve, MPH-Anywhere, Scrapbook Shop in OU. Price range between RM39.90 to RM400)

Tip: If you are not into scrapbooking but want a place to record baby growth, you can get the ready made (and decorated) baby diary. Just need to paste and jot down baby's development.


Will post the result of my handiwork once it's ready. I have to pay attention to much important but less fun task in hand (i.e final assignments). Heheheh love my creative artsy baby time :)

Monday, October 19, 2009

Hati Tokan....

Bored.. it's 10.50pm, just came back from a truly boring Securities Regulation class *sigh* On a self imposed strike coz I wanted something and SOMEONE refuses to let me get my way *double sigh*

On the bright side I finished writing 2 papers on minority shareholder *yawn* and corporate disclosure *double yawn* coz I'm still fuming and that certain SOMEONE still refuses to bend to my whim and fancy (hahaha) I'm going update my blog with a shortie blog.

Will update more on my little sweetheart soon, Things at work are slowing down a bit so I shall have more breather time in 2-3 days :)

I shall leave you with some pictures from my youngest brother in law Asyraf convocation last Friday...

Asyraf Convocation : 19 October 2009

Penduduk-penduduk Blok 26, Seksyen 7, Shah Alam
Heheheh from left to right: Buncit, Asyraf, Kismis ****face and Yusry (twin Lan versi gelap sikit)

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Nothing of substance...

My Girly Wirly Time
Mummy to be needs all the pampering that she can get :) So I had my waxing, massage and scrub done during the weekend. My tense/aching muscle are all kneaded and pampered away.

I miss my girly time. Primping before a date, getting my hair and make up done, trying on 12 dresses, not being able to make up my mind and end up wearing the first top I tried on,walking around the room in 4 inch heels for no reason at all... I love locking myself in my room, playing dress up *sigh*

I still take hours to get ready but it's just not fun having hubby making faces in front of me, going "are you ready? dah siap? dah lawa dah? jom lah etc" Those impatient words are so much easier to ignore in phone calls or SMS messages :p Enclosing pictures from those happy times hahaha

I remembered staying up till 2am, doing my hair because I was bored at home :p

Cam whoring ...

God knows what possesses me to ambik picture belakang pokok bunga...hahahah

Missed Open House
I missed 3 open house invitation this weekend due to family obligation. Sorry sorry sangat but I can't miss the event at home :p Anyway end of next month is going to be very very busy for me. Initially my mum is planning to have a majlis doa selamat for "me" but it's going to be extended to another event in the afternoon. It's not 100% confirmed yet so rather not elaborate :p I'm so excited because I can play party planner and boss people around (I just love getting to dictate theme and colour scheme) and another highlight is getting to tempah baju baru *happiness* going to get the material with hubby later :)

Babymoon and Baby Shower
Nak pergi short holiday with hubby but not allowed to go jauh-jauh :( Since I'm only going to be free starting from 1 November 2009 (after exam) I can only go for my babymoon once I enter 8 month. Genting/Cameron/Bukit Tinggi is totally out. I'm bored of Malacca. Considering Port Dickson but hubby macam not too keen jer. Probally end up booking a hotel in KL haha

Spoke to my cuzzie and we decided against throwing a baby shower for family & friends. I have something else in mind, will confirm if and when I decide to go ahead with the plan.

My biggest problem at the moment is time constraint. I think most of you understand the challenge of baby preparation/work/study/family/friend time.I'm trying to balance everything and not make anything the center of my universe but a part of it. I learn this the hard way a few years back that the only way to make the majority of the people in your life happy is by taking care of your own personal needs first :)


Thursday, October 8, 2009

Quick Updates

Updating @ home coz I have no time to blog in the office :p This may be quite a lenghty post..

Mummy/Daddy Update

- I'm entering into my 3rd trimester @ 7 Months (29 weeks) = Managed to gain 3 kg last month :)
- Total pregnancy weight so far whooping 6 kg in 29 weeks
- Feeling great, alhamdullilah it's been an easy ride so far :) Hope the good luck will continue till the end of pregnancy *insyallah*
- Lan and I went for our first pre-natal class last Friday. Good experience and I think we learn a lot from it. 3 more classes to go :) but I think the best take away point is about sharing of responsibilities. No such thing as segregation of daddy/mummy role :)
- We managed to get 70% of the baby stuff. There's a million of stuff to choose from, I can barely make up my mind on the "suitable" types, "right" colour and "appropriate" size etc but the process is so fun esp. since I can combine all my fave activity into one: shopping, spending time with hubby and have fun choosing stuff for baby beanie...
-Anyway I look more preggers now, for the past 2 weeks people have been coming to me exclaiming "OMG you're pregnant??" "7 months? really, can't tell up till this week" etc heheheh

Baby Update

- My lil sweetie is doing good too :)
- Growing at an incredible rate (Beanie now weigh 1kg)
- I know beanie going to grow up into an incredible football player.. with all the kicking and headbutts
- Smart too :) He refused to go to sleep until all his bed time "rituals" are done (i.e mummy to take all her medication, goodnight wishes from both mummy & daddy and all his 5 surah are read to him + his nightly doa :p)
- Love showers, chocolate (esp kit-kat), Ice hazelnut choc from Starbucks, Vanilla and Strawberry Shakes, story books esp (Harry Pot2 and Kisah Dari Al-quran series) and mummy & daddy's voice :p
- How do I know all this? some people may say it's coincidence, well like what the midwife told us in the class... the mummy instinct will kick in and you'll just know :) i.e I can literally feel Beanie kick in approval :)
- We got the perfect name for Beanie (insyallah) It's easy to remember & pronounce, politically correct, good meaning in Arabic, I've even "research" on the "right" spelling to ensure when translated the meaning in Arabic will stay the same ( I think what some people don't realised is when you change the spelling of a name, when translated into the Arabic letters, the name would have a different meaning)
- The Moo Grobag that I wanted to get for Beanie is sold out :( so susah lah nak carik cool moo items *sigh*

Updates in General
- I've answered a question that some people have been asking me for the past 7 months, if you don't get what I mean... too bad so sad, sape suruh blur :p
-Exam are at the end of this month, so when I'm not busy with work I'm busy with assignments :)I'm doing great so far....
- Last Tuesday was Daddy's birthday. We (Lan, Sis, Mummy and I) got him an E75 handphone. Quite pricey (and I want one myself) but for daddy it's worth it :p Anyway my dad is quite tech savvy so takdelah membazir as I know he will learn to operate 80% of the function by Saturday.

Daddy's new toy!!!

Well no more updates for now, at least nothing positive. There's a million of stuff to write if I choose to bitch about "some people" but I rather not dwell on things that don't benefit me. I have so much to be thankful for so why should I care about some minor bumps on the road :p *insignificant being*

Toodles for now, take care!!!