Thursday, October 30, 2008

If I say so....

I guess I've been going MIA for the moment. I just have no time to update due to work and also assignments *sigh* My fault for doing work last minute (hehehe)

Anyway, I'm currently working on a cross functional project for another department. To tell you the truth I don't understand why I'm doing the research and updates despite the fact that they have their own lackeys (hahaha) but I'm telling myself that this is going to be good exposure for me, so I'm still going to do my best... *sigh* hope my good deed is rewarded (hahaha serious buat kerja tak ikhlas, kan?)

The weekend was fun. Went to the Zara and MPH warehouse sales on Saturday with Reebok and Lan. I got one white shirt from Massimo Dutti and Lan bought a shoe. The sale was ok but most of the remaining sizes are L-XL too big for me. However, the MPH sales was awesome. I totally went crazy buying books. I bought 7 novels (classis + chic lits) for a total of RM150 only. Murahkan! It was worth it :)We took lodsa cute photo's but it's all in my external harddisk.Too bad, will load it later :)

I was at home doing nothing on Sunday. Bored to death coz my car was in the workshop. Had some problem with the radiator, long story but everything is fine in the end.

Monday, was Deepavali and I was restless and HAD to go out, so I took my dad's car to Juju's open house, went there with Reebok and met up with Jujubes, Tini, Iena, Rinie etc...Was fun, we did what we do best - camwhoring!!! Anyway uploaded some of the pics here.

I'll be on my study/exam break starting from tomorrow (Friday) until 5 of November (Wednesday) So may not be answering my emails (as usual) So if you email and I don't reply tu faham2 and sms-la instead of spamming my email account, lepas tu merajuk I tak balas. I tgh perli someone know who you are... hahahahahah

Ok, wish me luck... planning to create history next week... hahahah gotto love the confidence if not the cockiness, right?? *ciao*

@ Juju's Open House

Our Desperate Housewives Ad walk...

The Girly-girly...

Cam-whoring as usual...

The construction workes was hooting at us in the background *geram*

Friday, October 24, 2008

Betsey Johnson Shopping Galore...

Hey Guys,

My friends and I are planning to order some stuff from Betsey Johnson (Japan) (becoz Betsey USA does not deliver to Malaysia..hahaha). The price is pricier than in US but considering the selling price in Japan and also the delivery from Japan-Malaysia etc, it's still quite affordable.

Anyway I'm taking orders until Tuesday. It will take up to 14-20 days to reach Malaysia and the price is not inclusive of delivery in Malaysia (I can send it over to you if it's convenient). You have to make payment first to my bank account (by Tuesday, and only then will we place the order to our friend). If the model is not available we will refund back your money...

Please order only if you are ok with the above term. Thanks

P/s: If you are interested in any other Betsey Johnson stuff (i.e glasses/watches/tops) you can fwd us a picture and we will try and locate and provide a quotation for you. Keep in mind that the collection in Japan is not as extensive as the one in USA

Betsey Johnson : Flower Pot Barrel




W : 31cm
RM 498

Betsey Johnson : Flower Pot Hobo (Large)

W: 32cm
H: 26cm
RM 498

Betsey Johnson : Flower Pot Hobo (Small)


Betsey Johnson : Cheetah Punk Tote (Yellow)


RM 380

Betsey Johnson: Strawberry Fields






RM 470

Both model of make up bag come with a small cosmetic case

RM 480 each

Betsey Johnson Makeup-Bag : Beat Box


Betsey Johnson : Sporty Girl


Betsey Johnson : Baby Bow




inclusive of baby bip and changing mat





Wednesday, October 22, 2008

My shopping wishlist...

I have been quite good lately and I actually kept to my SHOPTOX. I did not make any nonsensical purchases (no tops/dresses/bags/shoes etc from online/malls) Minus one shoe (which was on discount, on my must have list and gorgeous) I did not get anything for myself for the past 24 days. Quite an achievement if you ask me...heheheh

Anyway I'm still putting myself on probation despite getting my salary early this month (due to Deepavali) and I actually save an extra RM 300 (on top of the normal deduction to ASB and Tabung Haji - Despite my crazy spending I actually manage save about 20% of my salary each month, not bad,huh!)

With the wedding less that 4 months away, I think I'll spend my money on more important stuff rather than nonsense... Trying hard to be an adult eventhough most people around me are not... hahahahah

Lan and I got the material for his reception yesterday at Gulatti's and we're going to send his B.Melayu and my reception dress to the tailor today. We're making 3 pairs of B.Melayu for him and 1 dress for moi, so I guess it's safer to do it early. Planning to send it to the Auntie who made my engagement dress. My reception and nikah dress is going to another boutique next week, once I decided on the design (haha tough luck)

Anyway just because I'm not shopping that does not mean I'm not thinking/wishing for new stuff, and I'm planning to get some of this items once I decided that it's within this month budget :)

My New Nine West Shoes. Not recommendable if you're planning to walk (a lot)since it's about 3-4 inch but you'll look great posing ;p

I want this: Betsey Johnson Tattoo Chic Frame

Steve Madden Zebra Print Peep Toe: I saw this in ISETAN, and it's on 50% discount but didn't get it coz I was looking for working shoes, and this does not qualify *sigh*

Channel Sunglasses: My black spec for driving broke, so I'm looking for a new one... Hahah I dunno if I can afford this but something similiar would be great...

Christian Louboutin Papilipi Pumps : need I say more? *double sigh*

Black Pumps
Betsey Johnson Mary Janes Peep Toe : I'm a sucker for anything with ribbons..hehehe

Gossip Girl T-shirt. Cute!!

Jennifer Behr Pink Orchid Headband : Blair wore this during Lily's wedding, I think it's cute

Enough wishes for today. Back to reality... loads work to do.. Have a great day everyone...

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Failure is not an option...

Hehehe this is my current tagline..

I have a few friends including myself who is currently furthering their studies in various subjects/courses. The one thing that is on everyone mind is whether or not they will pass their exam...Everytime someone relay the fears to me. I will give them this standard answer... "Failing your paper is not an option, so don't even consider it"

Trust me it worked. The main thing is you have to BELIEVE!!!

Anyway my Viva went well, and my final presentation for this semester was AWESOME. You don't know how ecstatic I was when Dr Rizal told me that he thought I did a great job on my research, I was the ONLY one in the class that he complimented, so it was very hard to stop myself from grinning from ear to ear like an idiot... Alhamdullilah the extra effort paid off... huhuhu

Written submission *here I come* double sigh

Went "beraya" to Lan's parents house on Sunday with my parents. They discussed all the itty-bitty detail on the wedding and the date of the wedding is 100% confirmed *insyaallah* I still do not feel like announcing the details to the public. I guess my closest friends already knew, so that is enough....

Mission Impossible??

Hahahah my manager came to Nina and I for help just now. He wanted this song, but he don't know the name, lyric, singer and he can't even sing us the tune. His clue was-

1. There is a cute guy in a band. Not too old not to young... Got hair (so not Daughtry)
2. The video clip consists of an airplane with "asap" and got love (huh?)
3. He remember this line "I'm going home to my daughter/son/children (double huh?)

So I Google for the lyric, either Gun& Roses or Bonjovi (ehhe??) and tried typing in the description, and he suddenlt remembered the guys sang "Bad Day". I was like Daniel Powter? since when is the guy in a band? So I Google Daniel Powter, Plane, Lyric.

Drumroll... It's actually Daniel Powter- Next Plane Home...

Hahaha interesting research.... totally woke me up from an otherwise boring Tuesday evening :)

Friday, October 17, 2008

When I was supposed to be studying.... *smirk*

I may or may not be a proud owner of one of these...

@ Tony Romas

In my defence, I did finish ONE assignment before I went gallivanting around with Reebok at the Gardens, Mid Valley. We walk around scouting for my "hantaran" stuff. Went in Coach and saw "the bag" heheheheh.... I'm so in love.... for loads of reason I rather not get into now.... Let some things remain a suprise :)

Anyway, my neighbours came over beraya yesterday. For the past 3 weeks I've been getting loads of advices and offer of help from people. The one that I really appreciate mostly come from the older generation

I may not agree with some of the suggestion but some of them have real good points, and they are more willing to lend a helping hand rather than give criticism over each of your choice. When I have to endure stuff that I don't think is helping, I reminded myself over something someone told me.

"do you prefer that no one cares? even if the person offer a string of bad advice, close your eyes swallow it and imagine that they are trying to do some good (even if they don't) it's good karma"

Hehehe whatever lah.... Once my finals are over I'm gonna start going all out on the preparations. I'm suddenly so excited after yesterday... heheheheh

Hari Raya Open House

Some pic from my "open house" last weekend. Finally found some time to upload them. Sorry the pic quality is not that good. My dad took the battery for my camera and forgot to replace them.... Not much of adults pics since I was hanging with the little kiddies :)

Mugaffar the ghost

Azlan : Suffering in silent

Khairul melantak

Yannie and Ghaffar bangging on my organ *sigh*

Izzah Miss Vain: Made me stay in my room to take picture with her. I've created a monster :p

Courtesy of Chef Far & Farah

Orange People

Monday, October 13, 2008

Argghh:The 1st Episode


That described my feelings at the moment. My viva dates for my presentation has been brought forward by two weeks to this Friday. The written submission date is still the same, but the literature review is crap and does not fit any standards for an A+ submission. I'll be lucky if I get a B "sigh". Since the marks for the 2nd assignment is gonna be dissapointing ( I can feel it) I need to buffed up my presentation marks this Friday. *urggh*

I have no other option but to take leave this Thursday and Friday to work on it and my other 2 assignments. Thank god this week is quite slow in the rules department. I'm expecting things to heat up soon. So I better finish everything up as soon as possible.

Anyway the admin people are not helping on the matter. Less said about this the better. *sigh*

The weekend was so-so. My family had a small "family open house" on Saturday and my sister and I cooked like crazy... It was fun but tiring... I received 3 invitations to attend friend's and cousins open house, none of which I attended due to assignment and exhaustion.

Anyway good news *sort of* Lan and I will be moving to his Section 7 house for the duration of 1-2 years until we purchase a house of our own. The only catch is we need to give 1 out of the 3 rooms to his brother until April or so. I can live with that I guess (not that I have a choice).

I was campaining for my parents house in Section 8 but since we're not planning to stay there for long, my parents don't see the point to boot out our perfectly nice renter. So to set off my dissapoinment in having to share space with other people (i.e Lan's brother) they are buying us (me!)some furniture for the house (yeah!) Nothing too fancy, rather save the $$$ for our "real" home :)

Lan also promised to paint "my" room hot pink as Part 2 of consolation prize. I'm being annoying but I so need my own space. At least to study, keep my shoes + bags (haha) and in cases nak merajuk (hahaha see I plan for both the good and bad times ;p)And I still have a room in my house in Klang, so I can alternate being in Klang and Shah Alam as I (and Lan) sees fit...

Hope everthing turns out well *insyallah* was browsing Tinie's page and found this website called photofunia. Kinda cool, you guys should try it...

Check out the photos...


Starring Far, Syer and Brad Pitt (eat your heart out Angie)


Friday, October 10, 2008

Gluttony: Never the way to go...


I'm so full...

I can't believe I let Sher and Jean talk me into going to Chilli's for lunch. I had Monterey Chicken (craving for Chilli's mashed potatoes forever) and *surprise surprise* I actually finished my chicken & mashed potatoes...hahahah

After that, the other girls (namely Nina and Jean) wanted to get Carl's Jr Hand Scooped Shakes. Despite the fact that I'm bursting through the seem full, I ordered one Strawberry shake... *urrghh* There is still 3/4 left (like as if I'll finish it) I think I'll add some Herbalife into it and turn it into my dinner...

I guess I'm allowed to be bad today as I've been good *sort off* the whole week. I went jogging twice this week *woohoo* at my usual fave place - the klang stadium (it just reminded me of school days, for some reason it will make me happy; p) mostly stayed on my diet... lose another KG (which I suspected will come back after the huge meal just now) and I fasted yesterday. I promised Lan that I will not ganti puasa last minute this year, and am doing it for the blessings of fasting during the month of Syawal :p So kill two birds with one stone...

Anyway, I'm extra obsessed with GG this week. I dunno why but I'm so overly obsessed with Blair, Chuck and her headbands. Mind you, I was into headbands way before gossip girl started... but I guess the show have intensified my love for it...hehehe... Been buying headband in bulk much to the horror of my fiancé'. The last time I bought 4 headbands in one day, he just look at me and ask me how many heads do I have that I need so many headbands...hahaha guys just don't get girly stuff...anyway if you are salivating on the gorgeous headbands, and if you have loads of $$$ to burn, check out this site Anybody want to get me one for as a very early wedding/bday gift? hahaha

I have classes tomorrow (On a Saturday), so I may end up missing some open houses *sigh* and my grandma is coming over, so that means MORE COOKING *sigh* On the bright side, I've received the commentary for my research paper and Prof Wan mentioned that "you guys have done a great job so far" *woohoo* At least the hard work is paying off...

Nothing else I guess... hmmm need to do some wedding stuff... i.e. check out material for Lan's reception and get the extra white silk for my reception, list down the prices for accessories (i.e veil, tiara's, etc)would renting it cost less? (Ideas anyone?) and start checking out my hantaran bag (I'm torn between Steve Madden, Marc Jacobs and Coach - Thank god been saving like crazy or I so can't afford it ;p)and finally wedding shoes...

I walk pass Lewre just now and saw a whole selection of great wedding shoes..hmmm someone suggested that I custom made my shoes in BSC. You can actually choose the shoe design, material and even the soles. The price is quite reasonable, am currently persuading my dad to get it for me as a wedding prezzie... so we'll see...

my idol

fave couple :)

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


I'm at home working on my assignment. Decided that I need a day off to finish my assignment

I hate group work. Never did. It's so irritating esp. when you have to work with people who cares about the work lesser than you. Some people like I've mentioned before have no pride on their work. They don't care if they do well, their main concern is to pass.

Urrgghh I have several experience with working with this kind of people. For example if they are expected to do something, they will either "copy & paste" everything and worst of all don't even bother to make any changes or addition to their assignment. Why bother?

Some act as if the have never seen the format section of the Microsoft Words. Grammar mistakes are understandable, but what about spelling? it's like they never heard of spelling checks before. The same people don't bother about things like paragraphing (all the so call small thing). I've had to work with someone who wanted to submit her assignment in pink comic sans form - for a LAW PAPER!!

I don't want to be an ass about this kind of things and someone actually have the cheeks to tell me to lighten up and "it's not that important".Well all I can say is, it is IMPORTANT, we can see the difference between my results and his to illustrate the importance of "assignment presentation"

I don't want to be cocky and I know I've made loads of mistakes, but at least I try.

Anyway was watching Jamie Oliver roast chicken/ribs and fish on his show. Looks so yummy :) In contrast of the "Real Gourmet" show where they show the host tasting deep fried field mouse *yuckz*

I'm watching Episode 5 of Gossip Girls (Season 2) It's wicked, and I found where my darling Blair got her headbands *sigh* The wedding collection starts at RM 450 *urrgghh*

Anyway I spoke to my darling darling friend who agreed to help me draw the design of my wedding dress *yeah love ya babe :) * She wants to remain anonymous but I really appreciate it... Nothing too fancy, we are just incorporating designs from magazines and websites... Due to the budget constraints I decided to be "creative". Hope the result would be great :)

Well gotto go finish my assignment... See you around
xoxo Far

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Hari Raya 2008


* Loads of cleaning up and dusting, I feel like Cinderella (hahaha)
* I finally threw away 2 boxes of old letters and craps. Feel so FREE to unhoard ;p
* I made loads of cuppies for Mak Sue's gathering and itz a hit *yeah* Lan was so malu2 and control that day. Great Food!!!
* We made nasi impit and rendang the day before going back to kampung... *besh*

* Made preparations to go back to kampung
* Went to visit my wan & atuk's grave. Miss Wan a lot :(
* No jam, arrive in Malacca by 12.30pm. Granny was cooking loads of ketupat, rendang and kuah lodeh... my mouth was watering by then.. *yum*
* Buka puasa with mak long's family and nenek.The other budak2 nakal did not balik raya this year, so the house was quiet. Less craziness but a bit boring...

-1st Raya-
* Mummy, daddy, Pak long and Khairul went for sembahyang raya
* The girlies + my aunt had to prepare the house and get ready
* Seperti biasa my baju paling over * my nenek commented on my pareo, something about kain orang lain straight but mine is flowyy* actually her words was "bertingkat"
* Visited my 'real' grandma's house in Ujung Pasir. Bored to death, but at least Ashreeq was there. The idiotic stuck up cousin who thinks she's hell of a great was there too (p/s: she is not: juz jealous that I'm smarter, cooler and more good looking than her..hahah). *urggh* I can't bloody stand that bitch. Dahlah tak salam my daddy. Who cares even if itz raya, I still have nothing nice to say about her.. Minus one invite for my wedding
* yeah and everyone was teasing me about the upcoming wedding. They call me "pengantin". Sukahatilah... and my uncle was persuading me to buy a RM500,000 piece of land in Ampang. I'm like "how much do you think I make a year?"
* I ate and I ate... GREAT YUMMY FOOD ALL AROUND...

-2nd Raya-
* Waited for Anas & the gang to arrive. My parents went beraya but my sis and I stayed home. My auntie had food poisoning. Kesian, she was shivering and puking.
* Went to Nilai on the way home to visit Mak Ngah. Got free dodol courtesy of Amir and Adi. *besh*

-3rd Raya-
* Nothing much, some people came over for Raya. I made pasta. My 7 year old cousin, Haziq came. He was like "tak sedap lah Ana masak" but he asked for second servings. Geram saje je menyakat, becoz I've been teasing him non-stop :p

-4th Raya-
* I made Nasi Ayam because Lan said he is coming and he wants Nasi Ayam (I'm such an A++ fiance).Everybody (i.e the people who came over) said it was good *yeah* Had to entertain more people who came over...

-5th Raya-
* After a week not hanging out, finally manage to spend some time with Azlan. Lepak for a while doing nothing *hehe*, tried to finish my homework *grin* and went to watch EagleEye in Cineleisure(ok-lah). We had lunch in Ayam Penyet Restaurant in Curve (Indonesian based restaurant)I've been there before and wanted Lan to try it, but I'm regretting my action because I suspect he's going to make us eat there everytime we go to Curve *sigh* Tried finding for my daddy's bday prezzie but no luck, so we went home...

* Today is daddy's bday. Gave him $$$ cause the shoes that he wanted can't be found. So I'm officially broke this month, with the duit raya, baju raya etc.
* Got Nina Jelly for her belated bday prezzie... She's estatic... hahaha
* Went to class, finalize my research topic. I'm wondering why some people just have no pride in doing their work properly, but that is another topic altogether..

Have a productive week everybody....