Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A Gift Without A Bow...

November is fast approaching and that would mean December is nearing...

December would mean the end of the year and the beginning of 2011...
December would also be the month to celebrate Ryan's first birthday...

I promise myself that I would not go "crazy" since he'll be to young to remember. I'm just planning a small gathering between family members and close family friends. Some cakes and balloons and party packs for his kindy friends and we'll be all set :)

Anyway, I'm planning on an early birthday gift for Ryan. I'm planning to start decorating his room. Yes darling you'll have your own room to store your clothes and toys and a place for you to play in :) Finally, huh? Technically it is not much of a present since that room was always intended for his use. However, think off all the effort that mummy and daddy is going to put in decorating you room... Our love and dedication sure beats that new model of monster truck *haha* You're one lucky boy *alhamdullilah*

Like most part of the house, the paintings and shelving etc will be DIY :) To those people who assume that I'll be putting Lan for all the "hard job", please-lah you're looking at one independent lady who painted her whole room and 1/3 of her parent's house ALONE!!! I have no qualms with doing messy stuff but if other people choose to do it for me, by all means they are welcome to do so ;p

Anyway back to Ryan's room, I'm looking at various designs ideas and trying to put together a simple no fuss concept. Someone suggested an Elmo theme room, with Elmo murals and red and white walls. It's a great idea but I rather go for a not so obvious theme. Thinkerbout it in a few months time his interest might change and I might end up with an Elmo/Transformers/Ben10 walls in 5 years time. Not a pretty sight, right?

A collection of some of my favourite design...

Under the sea concept

Love the idea of putting Ryan's initial on the wall but it will be a bit tricky if his siblings is planning to share the room later on :p Well can always keep on adding initials...

My favourite design...

Clean and simple
Another lovely design...
What do you think???

Monday, October 25, 2010


I came across this saying... Sad but true, we choose to live in our own mixed up assumptions but refused to find the courage to actually just admit on what is really bothering us or ask what is wrong....
Just saying!!!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Nothing of substance (Part II)

After weeks of crazy assignment submission dates, annoying work presentation, never ending request of information and research and having to work on a project with my least favourite person on the face of this earth, I finally found a lull moment where I can actually BREATHE... It is so refreshing when you don't have anything to do for a change :) Big Grin!!!10 minutes to lunch time and I'm thinking of Pink and Turquoise :) You'll know why when the time comes....

Thursday, October 21, 2010


The date 20102010 is truly a joyous and special date to the Azlan household for two reasons

Occasion 1: Ryan turn 10 months old :)

He is such a happy baby... I love how he'll always greet me with sweetest smile on his face whenever I come home. He's also developed this little thing where he'll make you greet him FIRST when you come in the door.

I conducted an experiment last Tuesday where I decided to give Lan a hug first instead of picking him up and boy was Ryan pissed :p terus terkedek2 turn around, crawled to my direction and hugged my legs and started whimpering... and he did his hysterical "I'm going to cry" laugh so you better pay attention to me. Funny!!!

Ryan with his enabler No1: "sayang nenek..sayang nenek" hahah that is my mum's tag line everytime they are together :p

Enabler No 2: Geram so manja with his atuk... everywhere atuk goes nak ikut je... He'll go to my dad, tap my dad's legs and suruh atuk pangku while finishing he's milk. Then he'll turn around give Lan and I the cheekiest smile as if to say "haha mummy what can you do about it?"

Milestones :
  1. Can now says mama, dada, tata and babble incoherently
  2. Stand on his own with support of furniture or other people
  3. No teeth but gums are swollen. Soon?
  4. Will wave when you say bye bye and when he's in da mood will say "tata" - his first word used in the right context :p
  5. Understand the word "NO" but won't necessary listen :p
  6. Everytime Azan is on the TV : he will stay rooted to his current spot and will keep quiet and made the "shhh" sound (i.e. please hormat azan and don't talk) sometimes he will mimicked the one finger to the mouth gesture - Anakku The Imam Muda/Baby (insyallah)
  7. Have started to brush his own teeth with assistant of course
  8. Knows where his toys are and the function of each one :)
  9. Will cry when you take his "toys" away. Harder to distract when his mind is set on something (favourite victim my Blackberry)
  10. Will automatically scamper in panic everytime he sees me wearing tudung or dressing up in nice clothes, if dah nampak mummy dia pakai makeup will directly stand at the bed railing, wave his hand frantically and make loads of noise until someone picks him up. Kaki jalan ni...

Occasion 2: We got our house keys :)

*Alhamdullilah* Was my first thought. Second was happiness and relieve. Only god knows the kind of hardship we've got to go through before managing to secure our crib. I admit that the stress do sometimes take a toil on my sanity but I always believe that good things don't come easy (more on this on next post) so bring it on!!

The first person that I have to thank is my parents, they really tried to make the transition easy for Lan and I. They assisted us in every way possible way: moral, emotional and financial support. I'm so lucky to have them as parents and of course not forgetting my in-laws who was equally supportive.

It's going to be a long and tough journey ahead but I look forward to building our home together with Lan and Ryan... Wish us luck *insyallah*

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Shopaholic Mode : Part 267

I had a bit of a shopping relapse today :p I was feeling crappy due to some insane old man @work, and I was a bit worried that I haven't finish my 15,000 words World Trade Assignment due this Friday, so I decided that I deserve a treat, to remind myself how fabulous I am (hahaha). I decided to do a bit of online research before going to Topshop OU during lunch time. Initial plan of combat is to locate, try and buy. Good Plan? Yes!! Execution? *sigh*

I needed a new blazer for work so I shortlisted this 3 beauties from Topshop : 3/4 sleeves blazer, Ruched Sleeve Blazer in Tan and the Pleat Sleeve Jersey Jacket

Tengah browse saw this other items. In my head was rationalizing my excuse to buy them. It's long sleeve, It's difficult to get pretty one piece item esp when you're wearing hijab and it's funky but appropriate without being mumsy ect... So I shortlisted this 4 item just in case it's on the racks of Topshop (sangatlah foresighted when it comes to shopping) : Flute Sleeve Smock Dress, Peacock Kimono Print cardi, Tattoo 2in1 Dress and 60 Ponti's Shift Dress :)

The damage? Not that bad since lunch took too long to arrive :p I ended up buying this Printed Crepe Kimono Top, which looks a million times better in real life :) I'm so coming back next month for the blazer and the peacock cardi, which I can't take off my mind and hoping for it to be on the clearance rack soon :p

Anyway I got 10% off as I was a Fashion Fwd Member and an additional RM25 voucher for god knows what reason. Can use it to get my blazer
(will not stray from intended purchase this time ;p)

I'm totally eyeing this adorable Bimba & Lola Bow Print Flats, but it's a bit out of the budget at the moment. We received the good news that we're probably getting the house keys sometime in the near future which translate to legal fees + contractor bills :p Well my feet won't look too fabulous but at least saya sudah ada tempat berteduh *alhamdullilah*

I guess growing up means choosing your priority even if it means no shoe shopping *wink2* :)

Monday, October 11, 2010

Ten Ten Ten...

I finally had my lazy Sunday after weeks of hectic weekends...

After a gruelling Saturday class presentation (konon) I want nothing more than to laze around and do nothing. Ryan of course had other plans for me, he started having high bouts of fever, which is totally scary. Brought him to DEMC because I was worried but the doctors told us it was nothing serious and just to monitor him closely.

On Sunday, I put my foot down and told hubby I don't want to go to any open house, do any house painting, appliances shopping etc as I want to relax. Ryan was better so he was less fussy. We did go back to Shah Alam for a few hours, got my STRAWBERRY SHAKE from MCD's and a few new DVD's.

Watched "Resident Evil 4" which was a bit of a disappointment. I love the 1st installment and the others are just a long list of bore to me ;p not looking forward for the next movie at all.Later we watched "Avatar: The Last Airbender" I love the cartoon and the movie is not bad despite the awful review. Dev Patel sangat comel (haha)Ryan was lepaking at the crook of my shoulders watching together quietly (a welcome change) and he literally started screaming when the movie ended. I guess he like the movie too...

Revenge of TV Series: I also watched these episodes the weekend :-

GLEE 2 :) : Rachel is more annoying than usual (is it possible??), Uncle Jesse of Full House- I love you, Britney looks like Britney Spears (only hotter), I love Kurt's version of "I Wanna Hold Your Hand" -a tear :`( All in all not a bad start to the season....

VAMPIRE DIARIES 2 : I have to say I hate the book, it is badly written, plot is all over the place and the way the character is developed is crappy. But the script writer of VD are doing a good job in re-telling the stories of Elena, Stephan and Damon. I LOVE CATHERINE. The chick kicks ass and don't wear her heart on her sleeves. Her character reminded me of Lady Gaga's PokerFace "she got to love nobody"

Gossip Girl 4: Saving the best for last :) Paris, fashion, friendship, cute guys and Monet paintings (which I can't look without thinking of Panda's- more story on this later) All the drama and gorgeous outfits make me wanna go BLIND... I'll kill to have the same wardrobe (minus the shoes, the clothes are better and more wearable than the ones in SATC -sorry Carrie-)

Arrghh Blair & Chuck : All the love and heartache... Have you ever love someone so much but can't say it out loud and you kept it all inside. You act like a total brat because you can't show him how you feel... He probably thinks you hate him but deep down inside you're dying that he don't know how much you care????

Hahaha the story of my life during the "Far Spanish Telenovela Episodes" Anyway sangat sedih lah.... I hope they got back together... Yes saya over sebab saya suka watch tv and konon relate to the characters :)

Cupcakes and Macaroons *killer combination*.... I'm saving for Europe (Airs Asia X ;p) once I've gone for my Umrah and Haj (hahah have to set my priorities straight kan?) But seriously kalau ada rezeki would love to bring Ryan for Umrah in the near future :) Pray that my wish come true....

The Leading Actor in My Life Story : Get well soon handsome :)

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Fishy Adventure

Basi Entry #304

During the long Raya holidays we decided that we (I) was bored sitting at home so I got Lan to agree to bring Ryan to Aquaria KLCC.Ryan love the fishes and animals, he kept on pointing at them and making *shhh* sounds. Cute :) but his favorite animal of them all? The turtles coz it reminded him of Tama (haha I'm just guessing)Anyway all of us enjoyed ourself.. next trip??? we're so going to the zoo....

@ JAWS!!!!