Friday, August 27, 2010

Closet Revamp...

Cardinal rule of shopping no 170: Thou shall not shop when you're hungry. Thou might end up with useless stuff that you don't need and not necessary even want by the end of the day.

To avoid being caught in one of those situation, I decided to do something useful during lunch time like MY ASSIGNMENTS. Tough luck, I can't concentrate because I'm hungry (or lazy??)

I was going through my favourite fashion blog list and I remembered this awesome blog called "New Dress A Day" . The owner M*arisa L*ynch made a decision to not go retail shopping for a year and instead make do with buying ugly thrifts clothing item to be revamp into gorgeous outfits. Her motto? 365 new dresses for $365 in 365 days. How cool is that? I wish I have that kind of talent (patience) where I can turn my old clothes into something cool without having to buy new dress every time :p

Since I'm in the process of moving at the end of the year, I'm mentally going through my 4 wardrobes of clothes in Klang and Shah Alam(freaky right?) and start freaking with the amount of junk I have. I can safely say the I have at least one wardrobe full of clothes that I don't want, can't fit, no longer proper, koyak etc. Maybe I should start weeding all of the unwanted clothes out and keep the clothes that I want to wear and maybe even revamp some of my old clothes into new funky outfits.

Maybe I can pull a Mar*issa and not go clothes shopping for a year. Think of all the money I can save?Probably I will have enough money at the end of the year for a substantial purchase like a new diamond bracelet or a gorgeous Birkin or two ( I'm hungry so I'm a bit delusional hahah). Anyway I'm going to leave you with some photo's taken from the website. Do google her, love her website :p

From frumpy to funky

I love the second outfit :)

Friday, August 20, 2010

They grow up so fast don't they?

Ryan has gorgeous hair, its thick and straight (thanks to mummy's genes). I guess all the heartburn during pregnancy really paid off (Old wives tale 101: The more and severe heartburn you get the thicker your baby's hair will be) The best (worst) part is his hair cepat panjang. After a while you'll see him scratching his head especially on hot days sebab gatal.

My parents wanted to botak-kan his head for the third time in 7 months. Me loving his boyband rambut tegak2 look put my foot down. Hubby being the nerd that he is (haha sorry love you are) went to Ryan's Atuk Malek behind my back and ask him to cut my baby boy's hair. Went I found out it was too late as my father in law was already cleaning the machine, so I had agree, on the condition that they don't shave ALL his hair off :( (Marriage Tips 69: thou shall not throw tantrums in front of your parents in law;p)

Before Pics: Chumelness :)

Hmmmm : I think Ryan knew something was happening because he was super pissed off when his Cik Shida tried to take off hic clothes (edited pic coz daddy sexy haha)

If you zoom in the picture you can actually see a tear rolling down his left cheeks :p

Atuk @ work :p
My son screaming in anger. Serious kuat sampai jiran2 keluar rumah tengok what is causing the havoc.
Almost done :p by this time nenek dah menjerit2 suruh stop kesian kan the cucu but can't let him walk around with uneven hair kan??
Ryan "bad enough they cut of my locks, they also made me wear this ugly girlie dress belonging to Mak Sue" *warrgghhhh*
Hehehe lepas mengamuk. Merajuk with atuk, daddy and mummy
Final Product.....


Bald, curly, straight, Afro etc who cares darling?? I will love you no matter what :p
May Allah bless you always and be a good and soleh son ok :)


Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Shopaholic No More :p

I choose not to type a complaint blog... if there's nothing nice to say better keep your mouth shut kan?

Anyway good (scary) news. We would probably getting the house keys sooner than expected. Good because we'll have a house to our name (duh!). Bad because it is kinda unexpected thus totally thrown me of the loops financially :p

As you know Hari Raya is coming. Though Raya is meant to be a celebration of our journey during Ramadhan, a time to reflect and celebrate with your loved ones, it is also the time where you tend to spend like crazy (beats the whole concept of teaching yourself to abstain during Ramadhan,kan?) I guess I have to relook at my "spending plans" and set aside the extra cash for other stuff (like grills & lampu rumah funds) So a cut in my baju raya, kuih raya, kasut raya (a tear), duit raya (hahaha not my lost) budget. Thank god I already finish baju Raya shopping for Ryan wayyyy back :p

It's ok, in the long run I'm gaining a more valuable asset in return (alhamdullilah) Sometimes I do question our decision for not waiting longer before getting the house. Lan and I have only been working for 3 years, just got married with a baby. Maybe we should have waited for us to be more financially stable..

But than again, how do you defined financial stability? sometimes we have to force ourselves to grow up. You see as much as I would love to do the grown up thing and save at least 1/3 of my salary... the truth is I don't. To force myself to save, I actually went on the direct potong gaji to my/Ryan's account route. Since I don't see the money I don't feel the lost and since Tabung Haji has no ATM my $$$ is safer :) hehe at least the method work and I did manage to save a substantial amount every month.

However, I know I could have save even more if I don't make unnecessary purchase. Looking at the amount of money I spend on clothes, shoes, gadgets and eating out every month is a bit crazy (I admit). By buying the house I may not be able to spend as lavishly as I do now but I'm gaining something more meaningful. I can imagine that cutting down may not be easy but better now when I'm still young and are still financially flexible.

When better to kick the shopaholic habit than during Ramadhan kan? Anyway do you know shopaholic is a form of mental illness (hahah cubaan memujuk hati yang tengah gatal nak online shopping ;p) Wish me luck.....

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Of Grandmother's and Ramadhan

I went back to Malacca last weekend on a short trip to visit my ailing grandmother - Nek Mah (My Mum's Mother). She's over 95years old and up to last year was walking, talking, performing prayers by herself etc. However,due to old age, she's not doing all too well at the moment. She's been hospitalized twice this year and the outlook is not that well. According to my aunt one of my grams liver have failed and there's little the doctors can do about it.Sometimes she can't even control her eye and mouth movement. Sad!

I feel kind of bad. You see I'm not very close to my grandmother, as my mum was raised by her uncle (i.e. my grand uncle). When she was conceived, my grand aunt can't have any children so they decided to "adopt" my mummy. My grandparents who at that time already had 10 kids(or is it 11??) gave my mum away. Technically, my mum did see her parents from time to time. She knows that she's adopted and all but of course she's closer to my grand uncle family. When her aunt passed away, Tok Mat remarries and my Nek Jah was the one who took care of of my mum.

So other than my late Wan (whom I truly adore and miss like crazy) the only grandparents I ever knew was Nek Jah. She was the one who will come over to take care of me when I was younger, her house was the place we spend Raya and of course she was present during every important event in my life : engagement, wedding, Ryan's birth etc. Eventhough my sister and I are not truly her grandchilden, we were never treated any less... I love her like mad :)

What is sad is I can't feel that kind of connection with my real grandmother. No one is to blame, we're just not close due to circumstances, I know she's a great woman (she raised 13 out of her 15 children). From the stories I know she's strong, kind, loving etc but sadly I won't be able to hear her tell me those stories herself, won't be able to get her to kiss my pain go away the way Wan use to do, she'll never cook me my fave. dishes like Nek Jah (I doubt she even knows) or even cuddle and play with Ryan...

All I remember was the awkward smiles and conversations during Hari Raya *sigh*. No matter what I pray for her speedy recovery and good health :)
Travelling with Mr. Ryan...

Alhamdullilah. Ryan is a good traveler. Not much fuss though he does get bored lying down in the car seat for so long. He slept throughout the journey to Malacca but we were not lucky on the trip home :p

Check Spelling Daddy and the already bored and wrigling baby.
We have two extra passengers: Nurul and Amzar (who invited himself over to the trip)

Mummy I wanna watch....... ELMO!!

I thank god for Elmo and the portable DVD player in my daddy's MPV ;p

On the way home : Dinner @ Wong Solo, Shah Alam :)

OMG he's so extra manja since he's been home from the hospital. He's forever making people carry him around *sigh*

Amzar's Mangga pose... He's 13 going on 5. He'll drive you nuts sometimes

The Guys Club...

Ryan and Daddy and mummy in the reflection :)


p/s: Not in picture Nurul and I :)
pp/s: Selamat Berpuasa and may you have a blessed Ramadhan
ppp/s: Jangan tamak2 di Pasar Ramadhan
pppp/s: Anyway my cousins find the "siapa Ryan angkat tangan" trick hilarious. They kept on making him do it non-stop. Kesian cheeky cheeks, mcm circus monkey lak... hahah but in a very cute and intelligent way of course :)

Monday, August 9, 2010

Cuci The Musical 2

This post is long overdue :)

My dad got my sister and I 2 pairs of Cuci the Musical2 tickets on the 30th July 2010. I can't make up my mind on whether I should go at first, what with the long drive to Istana Budaya (on a Friday evening) and living Ryan who was not feeling well at the time...but considering that it is after all FREE and it have been quite some time since hubby and I went for a date night.. we decided to brave the crazy Friday traffic...

The 2 hours jam was worth it :) The show was hilarious and I love Afdlin Shauki's and Nabil's acting especially. Awie's and Jacq's voice is AWESOME!!!and Hans Isaac... *sigh* do I need to say more? hehehe my only complaint is the show is kind of long (a bit lagging)

Since we went under of invitation of Celcom, we were invited to the the pre-show refreshment. It was a good thing as we were starving.. nothing fancy but more than enough to satisfy our hunger ... everything from the decoration to the water is BLUE (Celcom official colours)

Anyway am not sure if the show is still playing in Istana Budaya and if the tickets are still available. If it is, please and go watch as the show is awesome :)

Hehehe we're both in purple ;)

I love my new jacket from Forever 21 :) It goes so well with my purple mini dress (which Azlan dear is not NEW too) hahaha :p

Another matchy-matchy couple :p My sis and bro in law...

They even serve food during intermission... I love the white and blue apam.. sedap gila..

Heheh this ticket would have cost RM160 but we got it for free :)

Bored... waiting for the show to begin...


With hubby *muacks*..... Anyway we did not manage to take after show pics with the actors as we had to rush home... I think we reach Klang around 1.30am...

Rushed home to this little angel, of course :)

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

When things go bad.....

Just be thankful that it is not worst...

For the past 2 months, I haven't been too lucky. I lost a very precious present, Ryan and I been sick on and off and some other happenings I rather not mention. When I thought that things couldn't be worst, Ryan was admitted to the hospital for infection and high fever. Doctor mentioned that he could be admitted from 3 to 5 days.

I admit I panicked for a bit thinking of class (I already missed Friday and Saturday class), I only have a limited number of leave left and I need to save some for final exams, I have a 20 page assignment to submit this Friday, meetings and god knows what... I force myself to calm down instantly.

Now that I thought about it, we're actually very lucky. We spotted Ryan's problem on time, he was admitted during the weekend so we managed to save 2 days of leave, my parents is around to help, all hospitalization expenses borne by my company, Ryan received the best treatment from the nurses and being in the single room both Lan and I managed to keep him company all day/night. All in all no reason to sulk.

Well I still have to finish my assignment and I need to submit a report to my boss but I'll find my way around it somehow... seriously if you think juggling between your work life and personal life is hard. Try being a working mother in her final semester doing her Master Degree in Law. The term juggling will take on a whole new interpretation. Trust me it is a whole blog entry by itself :)

3 Days to Night Stay in SJMC :)
Lan and I decided to bring Ryan to SJMC on Saturday after his temperature reach 38.9'C on Friday night. It went down after we gave him his fever medicine but looking at his rapid breathing and his "lemah" face, we decided we wanted to hear what his paed has to say on his condition.

As always, the wait in SJMC is insanely long. Ryan was happily playing in his stroller, eating biscuits. He looks a bit tired though but happy as always. When we went in Dr Sofia's office, she wasn't happy with the way he was breathing. Ryan was wheezing and such so she suggested that Ryan be admitted so that several test can be conducted. At that time she was worried that he had contracted pneumonia/asthma etc so she ordered for chest x-ray, blood test etc.

Dr ordered for Nebulizer treatment to be done every 2 hours and after the 3rd dose every 4 hourly. Ryan will scream and scream because he feel rimas. The fact that the process is continuous does not help. It kind of interrupted his sleep and nap time, so he's extra cranky.

At this time his temperature was 40'c. The nurse had to insert the ubat in his backside so that his temperature will go down fast. They took of his clothes and gave him a shower there and then. Alhamdullilah his temperature went down after an hour or so.

Ryan looks so cute in his hospital gown, hugging Vulli...

Second Day: Mata bengkak from crying his heart out after his physio treatment. The therapist patted his back to loosen the phlegm and sucked out all his mucus from his mouth and nose with a tube. There was so much mucus, and he was gagging. At one point he even sneeze out some blood. Scary!! I thank god that my mum wasn't allowed in the physio therapy room, she would have cried along with Ryan. But seriously you have to be a total ice queen not to feel bad listening to him cry. He cried like as if he was beaten with a stick or something. Thank god right after the procedure, Ryan calmed down instantly when I picked him up.

Seriously SJMC fish porridge is the BOMB... I love it...Lan and I even shared it after Ryan finished eating... They even gave him some creme caramel. Weird,huh? I dunno babies are allowed to eat it. Gave him a taste but he don't like it, so I finish it all out :p

Eating like a total champion. 3 times a day. His Mak Long was teasing him about it :) But he really eat a LOT like his daddy heheh

Wherever Ryan goes, his zoo follows. Meet Tama the Turtle, Sophie Vulli the Giraffe, Mon the Monkey, Bee the Butterfly.
(Not in the picture but keeping guard at home : Octo Paul the Octopus, Elmo the Monster, Kamal the Camel, Ellie the Elephant, Tigger the Tiger and Leo the Lion... hahah penat nak remember all the toys name)

After 16 rounds of Nebulizer, 3 antibiotics jabs, 1 blood test, 1 xray test, countless of medication Ryan is better *alhamdullilah* and recuperating at home. My parents, Lan and I are taking turns in taking care of him at home for the whole week.

We're so proud of you little boy. You take it all like the little champion you are. Despite being sick you're still smiling and playing, charming everyone in sight. Love you babyboo... Anyway call me crazy, but last weekend was actually well spent. We managed to spend quality time together. The 3 of us sharing one small hospital room and taking turns amusing Ryan who's bored with the limited space. However, we had fun right???
Doctor came in with the final diagnose, Ryan is free to go home. No pneumonia and asthma but just minor infection to the lungs (which caused the fever) He just need to take his plastic full of medicine and get plenty of rest. I really thank god that my baby is recovering well...

Who's Ryan Daniel? Ask him that and he will seriously raised up his hand. Cute, no??? hahaha

Went to Chilli's Empire for a quick lunch after Ryan was discharge. Ryan had his mashed potato, no salt, no topping, no nothing but he finished 1/3 of his food :)

After 3 days of hospital food, mummy and daddy deserve a delicious treat :)
Balik hospital mummy and daddy had to handle a huge mountain of laundry and had to kemas bilik... *sigh* I need a maid... anyway back to work and will be on leave again on Thursday and Friday....