Thursday, September 29, 2011

"Babies Dalam Peyut"

I had my 28 weeks checkup last week, Alhamdullilah everything is ok so far :)

I suffered from abdominal pains earlier last month. It was a cross between normal braxton hicks and real contraction pains. Obviously, I panicked as the pain was more pronounced than anything I've ever experienced while pregnant with Ryan. Lan dragged me to my other gynea in Klang (which thankfully open at night) and she told me that the pain is caused by my uterus having to strech more than usual to accommodate the twins.

Doctor D prescribed me some terbutaline to relax the contractions and so far it been working (no more painful contractions :) ) though there's other some minor side effect that I've got to cope with i.e. minor shakes in my hands and some flu like symptoms esp at night. I guess, I've to manage some of the discomforts for the sake of my lil munchkins.

Check out the amount of pills I have to swallow everyday :(

The other 3rd trimester discomforts that is slowly trickling in are major exhaustion at the end of the day, back pains, some swelling and of course my major enemy HEARTBURN. But since I'm more "experience" this time around, I managed to keep the pains at a tolerable level :) I go on with my normal activities, rest when I'm tired, eat moderately, go for pre pregnancy massages and am currently trying to increase my calcium intake. Since I can't stand milk on its own, I'm looking at alternative i.e. cheese, home made milkshakes, soy milk, milk with a bit of choc syrup etc.

When I'm not feeling too great, I'll try and keep myself busy. If I'm at home I'll distract myself with stuff like cleaning da babies room/things, playing games with Ryan and if the pain gets real bad I'll just force myself to sleep.If I'm at work - oh well I'll do whatever work I have la kan? hehe. I try to limit the moaning, bitching and feeling sorry for myself at a minimum. Negativity will only makes you feel worse TRUST ME :)

Anyway Gummy moved and is now in a transverse position like adik. So both twins are currently lying horizontally across mummy's tummy. I'm kinda nervous but doctor assured me there's still a chance that they babies will move to the right position. Oh well whatever procedure I have to go through, I will accept it as long as my little honeybunnies is delivered in good health *insyallah* :)

Speaking of good health Gummy is now 1.08kg while Gumpy is a 1.2kg. Their weight is on track and I'm crossing my finger that come the 32weeks checkup they'll be around 2kgs or more *insyallah*

Lan and I managed to get 80% of the babies stuff already. The rest we'll probably buy at the end of this month. However, there's still a whole load of cleaning to do at my house and my mum's house since I'll be spending my pantang there.

Ryan who seem oblivious to my pregnancy for the past months laid down next to me this morning and patted my belly. "Baby??" he asked and when I said yes and wanted to keep on talking about it, he started playing peekaaboo with me.I guess he's still not interested with his adiks :p

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Jakarta/Bandung Family Trip

During the Malaysian Day weekend we managed to squeeze a short family trip to Jakarta/ Bandung. Good timing coz I don't think I'll be able to go anywhere out of Malaysia for the next 6 months (at least) :p

@LCCT waiting for the plane

@ the LCCT and Jakarta Airport

@ Ashton Cengkareng Hotel Jakarta

Anyway we hired a driver to take us around for the 4 days in Jakarta. Pak Yunus is a bit blur but he's very nice and sweet.

Pictures of Ryan running around the hotel and watching cartoon network

(He's overly excited watching Dibo the Dragon for the first time - oh well at least Dibo is less annoying than Barney)

17/09/2011 - Day trip to Bandung.

We went shopping in Pasar Baru and several factory outlet in Jalan Dago (Rumah Mode ;p)

The factory outlet for babies sells quality clothing but at a very cheap price. Crazy shopping for Ryan and the babies :)

Check out the pic of our 2nd day purchase. Anyway had Ayam Penyet for lunch and really yummy nasi padang for dinner. The cumi masak lemak is drool inducing :)

18/09/09 - Monas National Monument Park, Jakarta

My dad insisted that we also go sightseeing instead of just plain shopping for the 4 days in Jakarta

Hahaha tapi sempat jugak borong this "customize" headband

Ryan the manace :p

"Mummy tu" Ryan pointing at this HUGE Police canine
If I wasn't holding him, he would have ran to the tree where the dogs are resting *sigh*

People are laughing and pointing at Ryan's mooleash :pI know they are comparing them to the doggies leash but who cares kan?
As long as my baby is safe

Ryan, Mak Long and Diddie (Daddy)

Family Part 1
Daddy duduk, Ryan pun kena duduk gak :)
Check out the hairband in his hand, believe it or not he was wearing it for a good 5mins in the park *sigh* He thinks it is ok for him to wear it because mummy wear headbands all the time

3 stooges
@ Manggadua, Jakarta. Previously we spend 3 hours in TanahAbang and another 2 hours in Manggadua.
By this point Ryan dah sangat cranky, Lan and Abang Nan dah give up and I have to admit my 26 months preggy legs dah bengkak kecik. So we persuaded my dad to cancel his sightseeing plans so that we can go back to the hotel to rest :p

Dinner at Carrefour Cengkareng
Managed to do more shopping courtesy of my mum and dad. I bought a gorgeous Indonesian jubah for RM30. Me like :p

19/09/11 - Bye bye Jakarta. See you again next time. Insyaallah ;
Note: Excuse the lack of pictures as we're all too busy shopping and layaning Ryan's antics :p

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A picture worth....

Lately I find that Ryan spend more than an hour during the weekends watching TV. We don't subscribe to Astro's Cartoon Channels so his TV viewing is limited to Channel 618-Baby TV. Instead of letting him slum, I sometimes persuade him to join in the activities on TV. For example if the babies are dancing to the "hokey pokey" I'll make him mimic the actions too so he don't watch tv for the sake of watching alone.

Other than Cars CD's (which he can only watch during the weekend or if he manages to con atuk to play it in the evening), the daily 6.30pm Upin and Ipin, and one Elmo or Iqra' video per day,I've totally banned him from watching other form of non-educational cartoons (i.e. Ben10, Spongebob, Ultraman etc).Yes, I'm anal like that, but after reading an article about how fast paced cartoons esp Spongebob Squarepants can contribute to learning disorder later during childhood, Lan and I decided it is better to be safe than sorry (usaha & tawakal, I guess)

Anyway to distract him from the TV, I've decided to teach Ryan how to draw (doodle) and at the same time improve my own drawing skills. I bought this How To Draw book from MPH which cost a mere RM19.90, an art block and armed with a box of crayons started our art lessons with this :p

Drew some sea creatures for Ryan to colour :p

I'm supposed to draw within some boxes as a guide, but I'm lazy so I copied the pictures free hand instead.

Yes my tiger looks a bit cacat but identifiable la :p

Ryan's trying to improve on my work of art :p

He don't allow me to guide his hand to help him draw/write. So I'm letting his creativity run free for the moment. One of our shared traits is we don't do things well "procedurally".

Other plus points?? learning how to draw is a great mummy and baby bonding activity :p

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Wordless Wednesday #13

Cheat Note:
P/S: Infusion of 13 Chinese herbs taken during my pregnancy (with Ryan and now with the Twins). You've to boil them for at least 3-4 hours, and when it is boiled down to a cup, you sieved them and drink it. It taste bitter and disgusting (macam kari basi) but I'll drink it anyway for the well being of my children (haha)

PP/S: I was forced to take it after my uncle recommended the herbs to my mum, according to him one of the benefits of the herbs is that it will minimize the risk of eczema on your baby *insyallah* Experience wise Ryan and his cousins don't get rashes during infancy.

PPP/S: Should you choose to try it out, please check with your doctor's and certified sensei first. Herbs are heaty and this are usually not recommended for pregnancy under 3 months.So exercise with caution.

PPP/S: There's another herb called Kacip Fatimah that I took before labour. People would usually buy it in Mekah. Lucky enough I bought a bunch of it during my umrah walaupun nobody kirim (6th sense,maybe?) Will post a pic of it soon :)

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Photo Updates: Hari Raya 2011

Location: Klang, Jalan Kebun & Malacca
I Say: It was the best and worst of times

The star of the show : Ryan in his full Raya regalia :)

Antics di pagi raya


Daddy & Mummy : Beraya Time :)

Hubby's Raya Speech memang sungguh proper and "ikhlas" sampai make my mum all teary eye

Hahaha look at my parents face pun tau, my raya apology memang lawak

Hahah ni lagi tak ikhlas, nak salam kena clap bagai :p

Baby boy kena apologize banyak sebab selalu naughty kat atuk and nenek :p

Moks :p

Photo op je nie :p

Hehehe can't you tell that I'm more interested in taking pics than minta maaf :p

Mummy, abang, daddy and two lil kiddies in mummy's tummy :)

Testing the camera for family potrait. My dad geje sebab tak test the day before :p

Finally :)

The blackies beraya @ Jalan Kebun with Lan's family

Gambar senget and malas nak take again sebab Ryan dah agitated.

See we even have to bribe him with keropok

The boys minus Yusry (yg sgt kesian sbb kena kerja pagi raya)

Ryan and daddy

Mummy's boy :)

@ Merlimau, Malacca :

I asked Ryan to pose, so this is what he did..

My lil vainpot.

Looks like daddy but temperament 80% mummy :p

As I was snapping a whole load of candid photos, I demanded that Nenek posed for this picture. She complained at first because she wasn't in her best outfit but I told her "tak kisah-lah, cepat pose" and she did. Who knew that this would be the last time I'll be able to snap her picture :'(

Raya tahun depan mesti bosan because there's no nenek to come home to...

Family potrait minus my sis.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Of Travel and Heartburn...

2 ½ more days and we’re off to Jakarta for the weekend. I still haven’t start packing despite the fast approaching date. The big headache is of course to pack for Ryan. I’ve already got Lan running around Klang to get his medication and stuff, should we forget the less important items we can always buy them later. Oh well I still have the checklist we used during our Umrah trip, packing wouldn’t be so bad as long as I start tonight: p

I should quit complaining about packing and enjoy my last trip overseas for the next 1-2 years. Just the thought of travelling on the airplane with two babies and a toddler send shivers down my spine (hahaha) Not only would it be more expensive, the travel arrangement would be a NIGHTMARE (luggage/strollers /screaming children etc), unless I can convinced my parents to tag along (like that would take much work) but we shall cross that bridge when the time comes.

I’m excited but also a bit nervous to be travelling while I’m 26 weeks pregnant *insyallah* hopefully, all would be fine. We’ve gone for my 6 months checkup the day before Raya and alhamdullilah both the babies and I are doing great *alhamdullilah*. I managed to gained 2kgs which 1 kg goes to the babies.

Baby A – Little Gummy weigh around 540g while Baby B- Si Gumpy who is younger but heavier weighs around 620g. Gumpy is still in a transverse cuddly position right on top of my tummy, which explains the weight. I’m a bit worried over the babies position but Dr De.laila assured me that as long as one baby is in an engaged position (Little Gummy) I still have a chance to go for normal delivery *insyallah* She assured me that there’s no need to worry about it (yet) as I still have at least 14 more weeks before we need to make that decision.

As for the sex, Gumpy is still uncooperative as my little munchkin kept on crossing his/her leg. However doc did make an assessment and their sexes are……………… (try again later, I will not reveal until I’m like 80% sure of BOTH of the babies sexes :p) Anyway I know enough to be able to shop in Jakarta and Bandung. I remembered going to the Babies Warehouse in Bandung and salivating when I was single, Imagine now with 3 kids I can seriously do real damage (Hopefully hubby can exercise my self control for me hehe)

Anyway my heartburn is getting worse. It was as bad when I was pregnant with Ryan (my one big pregnancy *yuckz*) I’m comforted by the fact that studies have shown that the hormone that creates baby hair causes the heartburn. As for the accuracy of the research, I suffered from bad heartburn and Ryan was born with a full set of hair. Whatever la kan, as long as the babies are healthy botak pun takpe :)

Posting some pics from Raya. Will post more pics from the camera soon once I can find the time to edit them.

My handsome boy :)

Ryan and Mummy

Lounging at Wan Sue's House :)

Ryan loves his watermelon *sigh*