Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Away Getting Married :)


Okey guys, I'm busy doing whatever brides are supposed to do...

Will start my leave starting from tomorrow 25/02/09 (hmmm after 9 months being engaged to Azlan) until 3/03/09. Will be away (again) on the 5-9 March 2009 & 24-29 March 2009

Anyway wish me luck and hope to see you guys on the 28 February 2009 @ Dewan Hamzah, Klang...

May or may not blog at home... chances are slim!!! stay tune :)

The soon to be Mrs Azlan *insyaallah*
(urrghhh sickening I know...hahahah)

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The one where I'm stuffing my face....

I'm currently eating Chocolate & Cinnamon Churos from Molten Lava (yummy). I know I should exercise some "self control" esp. closer to the wedding but *f**k* it, I need to satisfy my sweet tooth :)

I have a meeting at 3.30pm which I so don't look forward to *urrghh* but work is work lah right :p why brood over stuff you can't control?

I can't decide whether I should take 1/2 day leave tomorrow & Friday for wedding preparations. I'm planning on a romantic gateaway in May (MY BIRTHDAY!! HINT2) so I may need to save my cuti *sigh*

Anyway our bedroom set is coming today, so probably gonna lepak at Lan's place to wait for the delivery man (for your information, Lan's brother is around so no hanky panky going on :p) I'm so excited, now I have more space for new clothes *hahahahah*

I gotto go prepare, I just received a disturbing news that my ex-classmate is having some complications after giving birth to her baby. I hope she's going to be fine :( Let us all pray for her ok...

Monday, February 16, 2009

The one where I can't think of a title :)

I'm so thirsty today. I'm doing my puasa sunat because it's better that starving myself for no reason. At least I may get some "pahala" out of this *insyallah*

Went to One Utama during lunch break... Got my 16x16 cushion and this adorable diamond shape curtain holder. Me likey likey so antique looking :) Wanted to go window-shopping but was too lazy to bother :p

I manage to cover most of my boring wedding stuff/preparation last weekend. Met up with the people in charge with the hall decoration (i.e. pelamin/table etc), went dress hunting with Jessie & finish packing all the boxes in my room (will continue shipping the rest of my junks after the wedding). I also managed to go furniture hunting with my parents *weee* we're getting our bedroom set this week :) Thanks mummy & daddy...

Ooooo and the rest of the wedding favor courtesy of my uncles & aunties have been shipped over to my place. There might be some slight variation to the favor packaging but the content is the same (no favoritism practice here, ok) I have to admit despite driving me crazy most of the time (and refusing to listen to my obsessive colour coding instruction *hahaha*) my relatives are great and very helpful...

Not forgetting OVERLY EMOTIONAL... oh my god...my Mak Ngah was crying non-stop everytime someone mention that I'm moving out, when she start my mum will start and I can imagine the crying session during the nikah day (hahah sekali semua orang tak kisah :p) yelah my mum and my aunties with the exception of my Makchik is so ciwek (translation: crybabies).

Hahahah you think I'm exaggerating? Well imagine crying over the fact that I'm transporting my bantal busuk to Shah Alam *roll eyes* heheheheheh.. My daddy on the other hand is being all "ego" refusing to admit that he's going to MISS his favorite baby girl :p

Oh and I had to accompany Lan to Putrajaya to send of his grandparents who is going to Macca for umrah today. I don't really feel like I fit in (yet!) but knowing me, it will take me a very long time before I can fit in well with any group of people... People always say that I'm sombong, anti-social etc but I just don't blend well with strangers/ people I don't hang out often. I don't really know what to say, and to tell you the truth sometimes the effort is not worth it.

Back to work.... need to finish my report before going on leave next week....

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

All About Me!!

Futra tagged me in FB this morning, I think I rather post the entry here than in FB.

15 things You May or May NOT Know About Me....

1. My class is cancelled today because my lecturer is hospitalized "suspected dengue". Fine, I know this is in no way a reason to celebrate, but I'm in one of my "MALAS" mood
Note: Yeah, I know I'm always in a "MALAS" mood but this is so above and beyond NORMAL.. heheheh

2. I (Lan & I) got my dining table yesterday *woohoo* and Lan have assembled it. The hall would probably be a bit "sempit" but we'll make do with it for the time being. We're supposed to go furniture hunting yesterday with my parents but tak sempat, so that would fall under my "to-do list" for next week.

3. I have found a substitute to Starbuck Ice Hazelnut Chocolate in Choc Lounge Fair Lady Frappe. It's RM1 cheaper too... hehehehe

4. I am 80% done clearing my room. I think I'm "emotionally" not ready to move, that is why I'm taking my own sweet time clearing my stuff. I'm gonna missed those days lepaking in front of the TV with daddy watching Gilmore Girls *sigh* this is a completely new entry on its own: p

5. I'm very KIASU. So kiasu that I'm actually thinking of ways to make my HOD choose me to prepare her presentation for a programme in March. Pick me pick me and not that fake pretencious loser with the "mengilai" laugh... hahahah

6. I'm addicted to bags and shoes. I still haven't move my shoes to Lan's place because I'm terrified that he would find out the total extend of my shoe collection and not let me go shoe shopping again :(

7. Totally unrelated to entry 6. I think I need (not want) a new shoe for the reception. My current shoe is 3 inch high with no back straps, based on my history of slipping and spraining my ankle ( 6 major occasion so far) I decided that it's better to be safe than sorry and I should go shoe shopping SOON!!!
Note : If Azlan love me and plans to avoid any major mishap, he should agree to this with no hesitation.

8. I want (not need) a new black structured handbag. I'm loving one from DKNY, MBMJ and Anya Hindmarch. I'm patiently waiting for May so that I can start bag shopping again :)
Note: or maybe Azlan would be so kind to buy one for me for my birthday

9. I'm still in love with BSB and I'm planning to include the song "All I Have to Give" in the Wedding CD to be passed to Pak Cik Wak the DJ/MC... hahahah... Corny but I don't care...

10. I hate Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, Mawi, CT Nurhaliza etc

11. I don't believe in any political party in Malaysia because I think they are self-serving. One good example : they are so busy fighting for "seats" that they tend to neglect their main objective as an MP :- serve the people you idiots

12. I love BOOKS, I adore BOOKS, I'm ADDICTED to BOOKS and I want a library next to my SHOE ROOM :)

13. I was totally hyperventilating while watching the preview to "The Confession of a Shopaholic" much to my fiancé' disgust. I love Becca and I hope Isla Fisher do her justice.

14. I hate Romeo & Juliet. I don't think it's romantic because ROMEO is on a rebound and they are more in "lust" than in "love".

15. Despite forever fighting, picking fights and refusing to write mushy2 entry about my hubby-to-be I would like to state here in black & white (or whatever colour this font may be) I love my fiancé' to death and I can't wait to get married so that we can further drive each other crazy. Hahahaha

The end

Note 1: I'm tagging anyone who is bored enough to do this :)

Note 2: My chat box is cukcoo and I can't access it so will make the necessary changes when I got the time *muacks*

Friday, February 6, 2009

Wishlist (bored out of my mind)

Don't really feel like blogging, but I'm bored so I have to do SOMETHING!!

My presentation yesterday went very well despite doing it last minute (though I have to admit that it would cause me less headache and stress)

Me wanna go home... so I'm gonna leave you with my wishlist... hahahaha

Have a great weekend everybody.... so excited that this is going to be one long weekend (Monday is public holiday :p)

Need I say more??? major hotness

ScarJo - I love her body & her husband too *hahaha*


Hot Yellow T-Bar Sandals from LAMB

Micheal Kors "Desert" Satchel * *yummy*

Coach JENKINS Pumps

Coach Penelope Pyhton Clutch : This will set you back to about RM5000 *sigh*

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Getting Old....

I know I'm supposed to post more pictures of my Hen Night but :-

1) I forgot to upload the pics into my pendrive
2) Lazy to on my laptop last night to upload :p
3) Too tired + sleepy after class
4) Busy doing work (hehehe)

Summary of Events :
  • Saturday night was really fun & crazy.
  • Sunday morning was an enlightening girly2 -heart to heart- session with Ienano, Reebok & Udadi that lasted till 5pm ( Uda and I 10kali nak balik but asyik tangguh...heheh)
  • Sunday night was supposedly romantic : Lan and I celebrated our 3 years anniversary. He gave me the cutest card and I gave him a box of chocolates (He was overly excited because it's FOOD)
  • After that went galivanting in ToysRUs for Yen's Jr baby present. I think I went crazy sekejap over all the toys. I have so many happy memories is ToysRUs Subang Parade that I tend to reenact some of my embarassing kiddy moments :- i.e playing with the drum set, mini keyboard (saje nak tunjuk terror) and BARBIE DOLLS :)
  • Monday tengok TV, had lunch with Lan. I told Lan I was bored so he suggested that I went to this silk store near his office. I bet he totally regret it. I got myself a punjabi shirt and saree. Planning to buat baju kurung + kebaya + 1 sarung (since got 6 metres) Cun gila and I got great discount out of it :) You know, you guys should really check it out. I'm serious!!
  • We also ordered our wedding cake for the reception. 2 tiered, chocolate moist, fondant cake from Hotel UiTM (hahaha UiTM di hatiku) Thanks to my Mak Ngah sebab baik hati nak sponsor :p
  • Sebab saya tak puas hati, I also got myself 2 boxes of cupcakes from SoSweetPlizCupcakes for the solemnization ceremony. To tell you the truth I'm not much of a cupcake eater, I usually buy it because it's so damn cute...

Monday, February 2, 2009

Party Weekend : Part I

Party People : My Hen Party Weekend (310109)

My lil dickie creation... hehehhe

With all the gals :) Thanks babe for organizing the party (esp : head honcho Rajoo ;p )
A little teaser :) I have to meet Lan up for Lunch (yeah today is public holiday in KL) So will update again later...