Friday, August 28, 2009

Isn't it Ironic...

I've never been fat and at one point of time when I was 17-20 I was bordering skinny... The rest is history. There are times when I know I whined about putting on weight and wanting to be more toned (which usually have nothing to do with weight but more with the lack of exercise) and so on...

However, this is getting borderline ridiculous... I went on the scale this morning and found out that I lost all the Kg's I gained last month. Geramnya. So I'm going to the panel doctor in a bit to ask for her opinion on the weight loss. Next week is Beanie's next appointment so am praying everything will be A-ok.. anyway walaupun weight turun, I know for a fact that my belly is expanding so hope Beanie is getting all the needed nutrients. Gotto go :) Shall update later...

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Poppy, Bing, Tama & Online Shopping :)

I can't believe how fast time flew...

Today is my 6 months wedding anniversary to Lan. Seems just like yesterday when we were fighting in the car and he somehow blurted out that he wanted to marry me (huhu such a romantic story, I know :p)

Anyway managed to squeeze some time to have berbuka puasa session with Messy @ Secret Recipe, SACC :) Had so much fun gossiping, stuffing our face and walking around. While I was spending some quality time with Jessie, Lan joined his friends in Hakim (tempat fave dia forever and ever ;p). Too bad I can't joined them coz I really wanted to see his friend's 3 months old baby in person. Sungguh la comel in the picture, maybe next time...

More buka puasa plans coming with various parties/people. Can't wait :) This weekend is going to be quite busy with classes, dinner plans, house improvement plans etc. Have to divide my time properly. It's tiring I admit but going through the same boring routine over and over again is so boring.

Can't wait to start Raya shopping (puasa pun tak habis lagi :p) Neways hubby gave me his "permission" to get a new bag. I'm torn between the Poppy Spotlight and Citybag *sigh* maybe I should use it to get a KS Diaper bag instead (though the appeal is much much less, coz I want something exclusively for MYSELF)

Anyway did a bit of online shopping for Beanie (thought a bit sad that my order to Macy's can't go through as they don't accept Malaysia CC :( ) Comelkan these zoobies???

Bing da Bumblebee

Tama da Tortoise

Ellelee da Elephant (you can convert it to a toy/blanket/pillow)

Lan and I are also planning to get some other cool stuff from the site after raya. Good budgeting is the key here.. hahahah anyway baby stuff is just too cute. Can't wait to get my own house that I can really go all out on the decorating department :) Gtg I wanna finish my report. Been real busy lately and some people are making the situation *ehem* challenging :p Malas nak kutuk tak dapat apa pun... heheheh.Selamat berpuasa everyone and have a good day *muackz*

Monday, August 24, 2009

My Ramblings : A week worth of nonsensical happenings...

I have so much to write about but don't know where to start, so I didn't bother starting... hehehe

Happy Ramadan

Been able to fast so far *alhamdullilah* The first day was a snap but yesterday (Sunday) was a challenge. I was going to class (yeah @ 9.30am on a Sunday) when I suddenly feel clammy and started sweating for no reason. I recognised it as a sign of low blood sugar but I continued fasting as the symptoms didn't persist during class (I think it was due to the ridiculously cold room)

Anyway I am carefully monitoring my weight. As I did not gain the normal 3-5kg during the first 20 weeks, I have to make sure that I won't lose any kg's during Ramadhan. My mum's doctor suggested that I fast on alternate days if the situation persist as :-

  • To maintain + improve my weight gain (eventhough Beanie can get enough nutrients from me, I may not have enough for myself) and supplements does not equal to real food calories

  • No point if I get to "puasa penuh" but may cause future complications to myself (macamlah tak boleh qada' later) If need arises I can do what I did last year to prepare for the wedding puasa on Mondays and Thursday twice a month. 15 days or so is not that much (the key is not to ganti last minute :p) As advised by my mummy :p

We'll see how thing goes, for all I know I might be able to fast 30days non-stop. I know some people may say that it's mengada2 and memanjakan diri to consider not fasting but I believe it's better to look at my body needs. No point in playing hero especially if the harm outweigh the benefit.

Every individual is different so as every pregnancy. I've been lucky so far *alhamdullilah* I have very minimal morning sickness, I'm still able to shop from every end of One Utama non-stop for 2 hours, I can still wear 3/4 of my normal clothes. I'm able to go to work, go to class (which ends at 10pm, mind you twice a week) and am still able to help around the house. Ni bukan riak ok but I'm just showing I've been bless with a great pregnancy so far, so if this is the price that I got to pay in return, I accept in graciously.

Baju Raya

My baju raya should be ready next week. I can't wait. I'm making a normal baju kurung + an empire waist jubah (of a sort). For first day of raya I've decided to get one that is ready made (malas nak buat baju banyak2) I may be preggers but that does not mean I have to wear boring clothing, right?? :p

Beanie's Wardrobe Collection

We've started getting a few bits and pieces for Beanie. I try not to go overboard (and been good so far) and have been religiously sticking to my Cosmopolitan Pregnancy Baby List :) Lepas raya nie can start do some real damage.

My mummy is the one yang overly excited. She already gotten Beanie some cute t-shirt from Mothercare and an adorable Pj. Pastu sibuk nak pergi beli those 3 in 1 cots for our house in Klang. We were like "relax ah mama, lambat lagi belilah lepas raya... "Thank god she actually listen :p
Need to finish my research. Bestnye boleh balik awal this whole month....

Selamat Menyambut Ramadhan, everyone. Hope we're able to spend it wisely and with the blessings from ALLAH S.W.T. Exercise patience and avoid wastefulness (esp kat Bazaar Ramadhan,ok) Take care *muackz*

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Updates All Around...

As promised I've updated Beanie's blog. I'll update with the scan photo soon as soon as I can find the time to snap the pics. Been so busy lately and I usually only reach home at 10pm on Monday and Tuesday due to class, so by the time I'm all settle down I usually would be too lazy to do anything else.

As of last Friday I've gained the grand total of 1.4 or was it 1.6 kg throughout the whole 5 months of pregnancy. I'm not really worried because Beanie internal tissue + bone development is on par with the age (so both mummy & baby are not malnourished). Dr Delaila wasn't really concerned too. She just wanted to keep track of my weight-gain next month, so I'll try and gain at least 2-3 kg (somehow). This might pose as a problem since puasa is coming soon *hmmm* but I'm going to try and puasa penuh jugak as much as my body permits *insyallah*

I went back to Lan's kampung in Perak for a visit last Sunday. His great grandmother who has over 30++ years experience as a midwife took a look at my tummy and commented that both mummy & baby is doing fine. She did a mini lenggang perut to correct the position of Beanie + my uterus. The coolest part was she was able to detect and guess Beanie's sex correctly. I guess those kinda thing comes with experience.

Anyway after the "massage" session, my lower abdomen just feel so much better.I'm hoping that Lan's Nyang will be sihat/strong enough to do another mini massage during Raya. I'll be around 7 months then but she's 80 years old can't expect too much right :p Lan's grandmother did make a comment about my stomach being small but Lan Nyang said it's only because my kulit perut tebal and baby size is fine. She even gave me some cool "traditional" tips.

I find the whole thing ironic because the "professionals" seems to think I'm doing fine but some people (with no medical experience, no less) seems to keep going on and on about how my tummy size is unhealthy and how my baby is going to be small. They kept on asking me if I'm on a diet to "jaga badan"??

I've given up on commenting and I've taken to smiling and nodding. My non-reaction seems to pissed the shiz out of them which I find totally hilarious.. hehehe I think they are just jealous that I'm in shape *perasan, much?*

Monday, August 10, 2009

The one on having to deal with fools....

"We need to work on all good relationship. However if too much work is involved and no sense of love and trust exist it will be just a chore"

You know how you're thrown in the company of "some people" and you are forced to deal with their behaviour? It could be that annoying cousin that you are inconveniently related to, a colleague or a classmate. No matter how you try, you just can't make yourself "click". It is nobody's fault as you can't create "connection" so you just tolerated them.

Technically, the fact that the person is around or not does not make much difference to you. You don't really want to share your good news with them or trust them with your deepest darkest secret. In summary the person has no real impact in your life and to be fair the other person may not feel the connection with you too...

The thing about relationships, you are willing to deal with the other person bad behaviour because you know at the end of the day there is a certain trait in the other person that would be able to make you smile or cheer you up. However, when you have no sense of loyalty in the other person, dealing with their horrible behaviour is just a torturous chore.

Imagine having to put up hearing with their angst and anger (oh there are many, believe me) but they won't do the same for you in return, or having to deal with them being unable to share the joy of your good news and triumph. They'll be all negative and competitive over every little thing and sometimes you even wonder why they even hang out with you if they disapprove of how you live your life so much.

Some people would say, confront them maybe they don't realised what they're doing. However, you just can't be bothered because you know what you say won't gel. They won't be able to accept you criticism because they are so overly sensitive. Deep down you also know, the relationship with this person is not worth the hassle of a confrontation (they are THAT insignificant in your life).

I won't say that I'm deeply trouble with this current obstacle. However, I find it very helpful to blog about it to ensure that I won't end up throwing my files at the persons head due to pent up anger. I just find it exhausting sometimes to be walking on egg shells trying to "jaga hati" someone that I don't like that much as a friend (Ironic isn't it?)

I just wish the person would lay off criticizing about my baby and pregnancy. It is one thing to be all irritating to me, but to keep on offering unsolicited and unwanted advices on my pregnancy is just plain infuriating especially when you know she don't know what she's talking about (it's not what she said it but how she said it). Sometimes I feel like she's suggesting to me (and others) that I won't be a good mother. Whatever, I don't need strangers assurance that I would do a good job. I know I'll make loads of mistakes in the future, but I have a great support system to ensure that it won't be continuous.

Anyway I feel so much better now :p I just hope that she won't push my buttons to the extend where I might clobber her head with a spoon. Anyway exercising patience is a good early training for Beanie.Hope you'll have a positive and productive day ahead everyone....
P/s: Baby update coming as soon as I'm able to snap a pic of Beanie's latest scan picture. Tune in!!

Thursday, August 6, 2009


Going for baby's check-up tomorrow. So I'm praying that everything would be ok (insyallah) Anyway got a bunch of baby/pregnancy enquiry so I decided to handle it all in one post :)

1. The one on the baby's gender.
There is a 70% chance that we might find out the baby's gender by tomorrow. I don't mind a boy/girl as long as the baby is healthy I'm happy. Someone was asking whether we're going to announce the baby's gender (errr???) It all depends on the scan, I don't want to go on and on about "it's a boy, it's a boy" sekali turn out girl. Alah some surprise would be fun kan?

2. Baby Checks
Someone was asking me about the differences between going for monthly check-up in normal clinics and a going to a private hospital to see an obstetrics & gynaecology. I'm not really sure but asking around there is not much difference.

The key is finding a doctor that you are comfortable with, just because you're going to a private hospital does not guarantee a great consultation session with the doctor (some doctors are by nature not that informative)

Our choice in going to SJMC is prompted by several factors:
1. It's convenient to our place, 15 minutes drive and minimal traffic
2. They have more selection of female doctors as compared to DEMC
3. SJMC is one of SC's panel hospital, and since I'm planning to give birth in SJMC (insyallah), I rather have one doctor to handle my file from the start to the end of pregnancy
4. My gynea Dr Delaila is very thorough in her check-up, and readily answer my questions (and boy do I have weird questions ;p)

The downside:
1. Price tag: since SC is only covering for the birth process, Lan and I decided to shell out the $$$ for the monthly check-up ourself.So if you decide to go to private hospital such as SJMC, Sunway and Damansara Specialist, set aside about at least RM 200-300 for normal consultation (inclusive of vitamins and prescription so quite reasonable) and up to RM600 for test (blood/urine etc)
2. Crowd : some of the more "popular" doctors have a lot of patients so be prepared to wait for 1-2 hours for consultation

Other than that, it is really up to you. Just remember price tag does not necessarily determine quality

3. A rose by any other name would smell as sweet...
Baby names :) Lan and I is on the hunt for the perfect baby names. Main criteria for consideration:
1. Must have and Arabic/Islamic meaning to it.
2. Simple, Not too long and fuss free ( My dad pesan jangan bagi nama pelik & terlampau panjang , nanti nak tahlil susah *sampai ke situ pulak but I guess it's true*)

Additional Criteria from our parents :-
- If boboy letak Muhammad (as in the full spelling) - I totally agree for this even b4 my MIL suggested
- If girl letak Nur (yang ni saya malas sikit ;p)

Well four more months to go, haven't shortlisted anything yet. No hurry :p

4. Literature for mum-to-be Do check out this book " What to expect when you are expecting". I consider it to be one of the best, pack with info and its hilarious. It deal with weekly pregnancy stages, diet suggestion and even a tounge-in-cheek answers to busybodies and annoying "belly toucher".

5. Mummy pampering
I've just booked another session for pregnancy massage in Khareyana Spa, PJ. The massage is specialize for pregnant women and the masseuse has at least 6-8 years experience. It is nothing like normal massage but it does help alleviate body aches. The price is slightly higher than normal massages @ Rm16o a pop for 1 1/2 hours but me love it ( I got the package deal :p)

Anyway, do check it out (even if you are not preggers). The place is nice :) or you can also try Deri Sri Spa in Sri Hartamas (spa package dia best, not recommendable for pregnant ladies though coz you are not supposed to go for the steam (panas) and bath (takut jatuh ;p))

Well, that is all for now. Till next time. Take care people :)

Monday, August 3, 2009

SC Fundae Family Day

Location: Desa Waterpark
Date: 1 August 2009
Verdict : So-So

Woke up at 8.15am, got ready, bertolak dari rumah at 9am and it took us 20 minutes to arrive. Walk around for a while, met up with my colleague, Syer brought her two cute niece and nephew (Cinta & Haris), Lan jumpa Sani so dia ada geng, food was so-so, games was a bit dull and game yg best ramai orang. Stayed on for 1 hour or so and we decided to go home. The trip home took 1 hour anf 15 minutes due to the protest *sigh* Went home, watch tv (me read books), pastu balik Klang and had Nasi Lemak Ayam Goreng yg best @ Meru. Sunday balik Jalan Kebun (kena kacau kucing lagi) and went back home to watch Transformers II (DVD) and Gossip Girl. So that's the summary of my not so happening but quite relaxing weekend :p I was a bit moody though the whole weekend, the heat was giving me headache

With Nicole, Nina, Jean, Cinta, Syer & Myself :)

Syer with Harris yg cheeky. He actually ajak me mandi pool when I bawak him to get food without bringing her aunt along :p

Cutey Cinta : so round and fair :) waktu nie dia geram sebab abang dia got to mandi pool and people suruh dia pose, so she turned around and smack me in the face. Bila I gelak2 she thought it was a game and wanted to smack me again... hahah

With hubby :p

Baby updates: Baby movement is getting more and more pronouced, that even Lan can feel it. I don't know if it is a coincidence but Beanie seems to react to my voice & Lan. If you catch me talking to myself on daily occurance, don't be alarmed. I am not losing my mind just talking to the little one. Favourite pastime activity includes singing that annoying "I love you" Barney song with the added line "kick if you love me too" - I know it's probally another coincidence but Beanie actually kick TWICE on cue (smarty baby *insyallah*) Can't wait to see you on Friday *muackz*