Thursday, April 30, 2009

No mood for updates

*sigh* no story to tell but feel bad for abandoning ship :p
Will update soon.
Have a great labour day and happy relaxing weekend everyone!!!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Exam Blues

I hate exams. I do not understand why I subject myself to unnecessary pain of doing my masters...'

Last Wednesday paper was so-so. I know I'll pass it for sure but I don't think I'll score that well :p

I am behind my work, revision and god knows what social obligation that "newly-weds" are supposed to do. Serious I can barely find the time to properly set up the house, please don't expect me to do house visiting, now!

Thank god for understanding hubby and parents :p

Lan being him, is oblivious to my mood swings ect. I think he anticipated the psychotic behavior that is associated between me and exams.

But I know I'm lucky to have him :p Not many men are as helpful. He help me with the cleaning, cooking , laundry etc and do it all without having been told.

He is not helping because of me nagging or because I made him. He believes that it's his responsibility too. I thank god everyday that he is not one of those messy chauvinistic mummy's boy who won't lift a finger to help around the house...

With all being said there is still so much for us to work on our relationship. No relationship is perfect, right?

Yea!! Can’t wait for my "date" with hubby tomorrow and out mini 2nd honeymoon next week: p

Monday, April 20, 2009

Professional Wedding Pic (Part 2)

Azlan's Reception

Date: 8 March 2009

Location: Jalan Kebun, Klang

Professional Wedding Pic (Part 1)

Post Wedding Photography

Date: 1 March 2009

Location: Putrajaya

Photo concept: Casual, picnic style no fuss no frill couple pic :p

Photographer : Abang Shahdan Ehsan - CLK Photography(

Friday, April 17, 2009

Maybe you should think before you talk...

Someone that I barely know straight out ask this question to me a few days ago...
“Are you pregnant?"

The first thought that came to my head was "Why the hell is that any of your problem?” But I just cryptically answered "Rahsialah" and walk away.

Another favorite was:-
"Are you pregnant?" without waiting for an answer plowed on "Tak baik tunggu2 nie nanti rancang-rancang tuhan tak bagi betul-betul baru tau"

I was seriously cursing this fool in my head. So I just smiled and answered " Allah tu adil, ada orang merancang with good reason, I don't think they will be punished for it"

That totally shut him up. For some reasons most of this insensitive fools are men.

I'm not being sexist but women are usually more tactful on this issue. Maybe because men are more prone to show "machoness/maleness" esp. if it concerns their "virility".

I know some people will say, "Relax lah they are just starting a conversation" but from their tones and expression, I find it plain annoying. There is a million and one subject in this face of earth but why do people find the need to ask:
1. Single woman/men "when are they getting married?"
2. Married couple "when are the having children?"
3. Haggard married couple with a kid crying "When are you planning to have MORE kids, so and so must be lonely"

Do you think any of the above can be easily purchased at Jaya Jusco or Pasar Malam? Whatever...

So if any of you are wondering on the status of my uterus @ the moment all I can say is my greatest ambition is to pull the "Christina Aguilera" you know the whole 9 months pregnant but refused to comment kinda thing. Tapi bodoh betul paparazzi tu, with her stomach so bulat and big they can ask her "Hey Christina are you pregnant?" idiots: p

Don't bother asking because I won't answer until I'm ready ( well this would be just a reminisce of my engagement/wedding refusal to tell anyone till I'm ready..)

On the issue of family planning: Just my two cents. Do not get into anything if you are NOT ready. A baby is a lifetime RESPONSIBILITY. If you think, you need to plan than plan.

Make sure both you and your partner are emotionally, financially and mentally stable to start a family. Remember Allah is all knowing and fair he will not begrudge you of a kid just because you choose to wait (with good intention-lah). I mean there are people who are trying to conceive but are not successful, so are these ignorant idiots insinuating that god is punishing them? I believe in “rezeki”. I seriously believe that but your belief is up to you :) Just don’t impose it on me, ok!

In conclusion, practice a little tact and protect yourself from being in the company of ignorant fools. Thank you :)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


I haven't been able to blog from work due to some weird reason (blogger page won't load)

This whole week has been so crazy for me :p with exams coming up, work and social stuff... I just don't have time for myself *urrgghh* Nak balik Klang pun tak sempat...

Managed to squeeze a date with hubby on Friday to go to Sunway Pyramid to watch "He's Just Not Into You". I have the Q& A book and I find it totally hilarious. The movie is sweet and funny (esp. the part with Drew Barrymore and Justin Long and that other woman whoever she is)

Saturday morning was spent in the LIBRARY because yours truly had to do research. Hubby accompanied me. Saya sayang hubby saya sebab sanggup bangun pagi and temankan saya pergi buat homework, walaupun dia sempat membebel saya buat kerja last minute :p

After that we went TV hunting and came back and tidy up the house while waiting for mummy and daddy to pick us up to go to Sungai Buloh for Arif's Farewell BBQ (moi cousin is going to Michigan USA for studies)We reach home really late at night but had to stay up late to do the laundry and stuff (boring)

Had classes on Sunday. I have 2 more assignments to submit *sigh* headache & stress-lah....

Yesterday was nightmare @ work due to all the research I have to finish *double urrggghhh* The best part is we managed to get the handyman to install the heater last night. So no more crappy cold shower (yes mengada I know, I hate cold shower, my mum use to heat water for my bath every morning until I was 15 before my parents installed the heater at home - kalau tak saya tak nak pergi sekolah)

I know I'm supposed to have my housewarming at the end of this month, but due to the craziness I will pushed it to early May ok :)

This Friday is Lan's B-Day planning to have a family dinner/gathering of some sort at some seafood restaurant somewhere... Tak kuasa nak masak... hahaha

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Someone is getting older....

Hubby's Early B-day Prezzie
My New Nokia 5800 - Express Music (hehehe)

I got hubby an early birthday present yesterday. Nothing too extravagant but it's what he wanted. Am planning to get him some additional prezzie later IF he behave himself... heheheh

No thanks to hubby, I ended up getting myself a "just because" present too... Technically I've been saving for a new hp, but was not planning to get it in the near future. However, hubby convinced me to purchased both phone together so that we can get a better bargain. It was worth it, I guess.

Love the features of my phone. I have a thing for the "Express Music" line as my last phone was from the same model. Touch Screen, 3.2Mpix camera and MP3+MP4 features, juz my kinda thing :p Hubby's phone is more suitable for work and not play, I guess :p

Hahah for the suara2 sumbang asking how come I got hubby a cheaper hp than mine. My answer is very simple :
"It's the thoughts that count and even if I get him a RM100 hp, I don't think it should be an issue, esp if hubby don't care :p so jangan jadi BATU API... hahahah"

Whatever, I'm tired and want to go to bed. We just go a scare when one of our Uni mates (Amer Lovely) was hospitalized after another friend found him unconscious. It brought back BAD memories of an event not to long ago. Alhamdullilah, he's fine but he's still in the hospital as we speak. Hope he'll feel better soon....

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Bali Story 2009

Sunset @ Tanah Lot

@ Hot Spring Temple

@ The paddy plantation field

I'm back with nothing to say :)

The Bali trip was awesome. Finally managed to spend some "us" time with hubby. Something we have not managed to have since the wedding (narh, who is complaining?)

We had our first Nyeppi experience. It's a religious holiday celebrated in Bali every year. Technically, no one (citizens and the tourist) is allowed to go out of the house and make any noise (no loud music and some national station is off air) they even closed down the airport for the day. It wasn't boring because the hotel has awesome grounds, pool, great selection of DVD (hahah watched Twilight, again: p)

Anyway, on the 2nd night in Bali, I had my first encounter with a "snakey". Our room is on the top floor with a private stairway for each room, imagine the shock when walking up the stairs and greeted by the sight of a long green snakey (itz ular lidi). I was quite calm when I turned around and announced to Lan that "ada ular atas tangga". His expression is so funny, nasib baik tak jatuh tangga. Called the hotel people and they took the snake away. Went up to the room and cried hahaha my reaction very the slow...

Shopping in Bali was fun too. Hubby was very accommodating (malas nak layan sebenarnya)

Neways we managed to cover a lot of ground in4 days. I'm trying to download some pics, more photo's go to FB ok. For some reason can't really upload pics at work....