Thursday, July 29, 2010

The one on headbands

I have a thing for headbands... The craze started way before Gossip Girls. My love for Blair only intensify the obsession... Headbands are the only accessory in my book that is low maintenance in terms of outfit matching...

Bangles are usually too big for my hand, rings get in the way and necklaces can be tricky... so I usually opt for headbands :) I have a whole box of headbands that I plan to hand down to my daughter someday (along with my shoes, bags and wedding dress)

I love ones with blings :) like the one I wore for my hen night

Love them turban style

even the one from pasar malam can make you look good

you can wear two at once...

or go for a single combo, for a more subtle demure look (like real)

Medium size headbands but with metallic gold colour can add zing to any outfit

Put on a YELLOW headband for the POP effect

or go for the impossibly large PINK ones to a special event

She made it look so effortless kan :)
The reason for this long post is that I've fallen in love with several headbands from S*erena & S*hentel. It's way more affordable than those headbands by J*ennifer Behr that Blair can be seen parading around but it's still pricey..Considering that I'm now wearing tudung exclusively (as compared as to"once in a while" as b4 haha) it's a bit of a waste to spend all the $$ for headbands no matter how gorgeous it looks...
Maybe just one... or maybe two.... we'll see... hahahah

G O R G E O U S and OTT - just like me... hahaha

Need I say more? nice rite?

Monday, July 26, 2010

When I was just a little girl :)

I've been blogging way back since 2005.... I've uploaded a few hundreds or so entries... some more nonsensical than others but I had fun typing my views. To me blogging is the best way to vent, it stops you from tearing the head of the office b*tch or the annoying salesperson. Sometimes it is so much easier to let out your feelings when you think nobody is reading. You tend to be more honest with yourself. You don't censor your thoughts as much as in normal conversation.

Nowadays with more people having access, I find the freedom is not really there... Maybe it is the feeling of wanting to portray a "good" image, maybe I don't want to hurt some people feeling, maybe I've turn into mush and am actually "nicer" I don't know but it ain't as fun as it use to be. To tell you the truth it's actually getting kinda old and BORING....

Whatever, anyway I was browsing through my old "coppergoldimaniac"blog (giveup it's private :p) and I had so much fun walking down the memory lane... Oh how much things have change but there are things that still stay the same...

These are some of fave blog excerpts.....

On Life Ambition

My ambition one day is to write a book on my views, on the theory of nonsensical observation; I'm going to make sure that the book made no sense at all. People would look at it and wonder. They would’t know if it’s a total work of genius or just plain gibberish; but they would buy it and read it nonetheless, making all sorts of intelligent observation and criticism on my values and ideas. They would make my book a part of the school textbook and study on my worldly outlook on life. People would wreck their brains trying to figure me out and I would be laughing my way to the bank *insert evil laugh hahahah*

On Marriage ( I wrote this when I'm 22, for the record I still believe every single word I wrote.. nothing have changed I just have really found that BALANCE I was looking for)
First of all I'm still YOUNG, and what I want so badly is a CAREER not just a job. I know we can have both, but I figured that I want to be able to stand on my feet first before I start my life with another person. I would like to be able to depend on myself both mentally and financially and not on my parents or spouse. No harm in being independent ;p Secondly, I'm planning to continue my studies, maybe take up a masters degree or a professional certificate before taking in any extra responsibilities (jeez I make it sound so ROMANTIC..hehehe) . Embrace knowledge people eventhough the process to get it is fucked!! hahaha...

On Changes
The thing about me is I hate changes. I don't adapt to new surroundings easily. I do not believe in changing for the sake of changing to fit in with the people around me. If I were to change it would be a gradual and slow process, sometimes it even go unnoticed. If people don't like it, then that would really be their problem. I could not care less about people quirks and fancies, opinions aren't necessarily a good thing.

On People and Questions
Come to think of it, when people ask you questions in a lift,toilet etc I doubt they are expecting a full fledged confession "Such as work suckz, life suckz, my pet cat ran away to elope with the neighbours dog so I'm stuck with the house work. Thanks for asking but I'm tendering my resignation so that I can join a cow loving cult". Sometimes a questions is juz that, a question, answers not necessarily needed :)

Well.... that's all folks :)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

My Little Prince is 7 Months Today :)

Hello everyone : Today 20/07/10 is my 7 months birthday

Everytime someone sing Twinkle2 I'll start doing the Twinkle2 gesture with my hands. I'll open and close my hands as mummy sings :)

I can imitate certain sounds...
I'm getting real good with my musical octaves :p

Very demanding and bossy. No doubt anak mummy nie

Baru baik demam. Nowdays Ryan demam on and off. He's teething and at the same time still recovering from his bronchitis so it take so much longer for him to recover.

Doctor says he's fine but we need to be extra careful as there's a strong change Ryan may also be allergic to dust etc. We're going for the allergy testing once he have fully recovered.

Despite all that, Ryan is thriving *alhamdullilah*. He's getting real good with his commando style crawling and is showing signs of pushing his lower half upwards in preparation of crawling properly

The problem is he moves real fast and it's getting real dangerous to even leave him for a second. Ryan also look like he have lost weight as he is getting more lasak by day...

The only time when he will sit still is when he's watching Elmo. He's so amazed with the "monsters" and the ever annoying Mr Noodle. Look at his face, full of concentration :)

Ryan, I look at you and I admire your determination. You're always learning new things/skills (even naughty ones like sticking your tongue at people) and at the same time you teach me to look at things from a new perspective everyday.

Anyway disregard all the comments from people comparing you with other babies "development" You are your own person and as far as I'm concern you're doing very well. Love ya, pucker lips :p

Anyway, I think YOU complete ME!! hehehe

Weekend Activities

Saturday was spend at home as Ryan was just recovering from fever. On Sunday we went out on a quick trip to IKEA to scout/survey furniture and kitchen cabinet. Completed one whole round and I have a million ideas for Ryan's room in my head

I think come October Ryan's room would be the only complete room in my house (haha)

Anyway we had lunch in Bumbu Desa, Curve. The food was so-so. I find it too sweet for my taste and as far as Indonesia food is concern I think Sari Ratu and Wong Solo dishes are way better (and cheaper too)

Anyway we had 1. Daging Bakar, Ayam Bumbu and Bergedil Kentang (this is quite nice) 2. Masak lemak pucuk ubi 3. Sambal Cili

Big boy can now sit on the baby seat and as we're enjoying our lunch he's eating his delicious lunch of vegetable medley soup :)

That's all for now folks, see ya later alligator ;p

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Milk Relatives???

A friend forwarded an email to me on a newspaper clipping entitled “Saudi women use Fatwa in driving bid – They vow to breastfeed their drivers”

The summary of the newspaper report pretty much states that Saudi women may breastfeed their drivers for them to become their sons. This stems from the problem as women are not allowed to drive in Saudi Countries. The rationale is if the drivers drink the milk he will be considered as a part of the family thus may drive these women around town without chaperon. Of course the women are not happy, some find it funny and weird and mostly it was ridiculed.

I know I’m in no position to comment on a fatwa, so I did some research on “ibu susuan” and the conditions. This is what I found:-

Syarat yang menyebabkan seorang anak angkat itu disabitkan sebagai anak susuan dan menjadi mahram kepada perempuan yang menyusukannya ada tiga perkara iaitu:
1. Perempuan yang menyusukan. Disyaratkan orang yang menyusukan itu perempuan yang telah mencapai usia sembilan tahun qamariah.
2. Anak yang disusukan. Disyaratkan anak angkat itu umurnya tidak melebihi dua tahun qamariah (haulain)
3. Air susu perempuan. Disyaratkan air susu itu sampai masuk ke perut anak angkat berkenaan sehingga ia boleh menyebabkan pertumbuhan badan anak tersebut. Sebagaimana sabda Rasulullah Sallallahu ‘alaihi wasallam: Maksudnya: "Tidak menjadi mahram daripada susuan melainkan apa yang menumbuhkan daging dan menguatkan tulang." (Hadis riwayat Ahmad)

Based on the mazhab practiced in Malaysia, a woman may become “ibu susuan” based on the conditions above. Most importantly they may breastfeed “babies” and not grown man albeit feeding straight from the source or a cup.

One of the reasons why I went through the trouble “Googling” the hukum is because I’m troubled by the reaction some of my non Muslims friends, may have on the teaching of Islam based on things reported in papers and internet. I’m not just referring to this particular article but others too. Some find the Islamic teaching to be unfair to women, ridiculous, tyrannical etc. I don’t blame them though.

However, I find it sad; the way a Muslim woman is portrayed is sometimes so distorted and untrue. The media made it seem that Islam does not allow their woman to use their brains but should just be confined at home underneath their hijab and veils. Don’t get me started on the issue of polygamy and how they are seen merely as a tool to satisfy a man’s sex drive and nothing more.

I think it is very important for us to look into the history and reasons as to why some of the practice is introduced. If you look back during Nabi Muhammad (SAW) time, the women are not treated as objects (as they are now in some UAE countries) but they do play a great part in the society. Not only are they child bearers and cares, they are businesswomen, philosopher etc. Some of them even go to war with the men.

Rasulullah (SAW) first wife Saidatina Khadijah owns a very successful business and was considered a very prominent member of society. So is Saidatina Siti Aishah the prophet youngest wife, who was considered one of the brightest minds during her time. If you read the history, the prophet greatly respect his wives, he listen to them, help them with housework, take care of his children and even COOKED. So to all the man out there contemplating polygamy, do you think you can provide beyond “material” fairness and be fair in every aspect as the prophet was? No offence but some of the man with only one wife pun tak terjaga, ada hati nak ada 4 (haha emo!)

To the men who may have the misguided notion that it is the ABSOLUTE responsibility for women to take care of the housework, please know that you’re wrong. I am in no way a supporter of groups like SIS but if you actually pay the slightest bit of attention during your kursus kahwin, you will know that it is the MEN'S RESPONSIBILITY to provide and take care of his wife and kids. According to the ustaz if my husband did not buy groceries and I end up hungry, it is a sin on his part but if he do not instruct me to cook and I didn’t and he’s hungry I’m not at fault BUT if I choose to cooked even without him asking with the “niat” to help and make him happy I dapat pahala? *insyallah* Tak caya? asked the Ustaz.

How about the absurd notion that Islam does not favor girls? Do you know that Siti Fatimah Az-Zahra, who is the prophet youngest daughter, is one of his favorite children? He even goes to the extent of offering his own seat every time Siti Fatimah came over. I don’t know from where all of the misconception on women stems from, but I do know that they are not true.

When I found out I was pregnant, more so when I found out that I was having a boy, one of the first books that I choose to read to Ryan was the autobiography of Saidatina Aishah and his relationship with Rasulullah. I plan to read it to him again when he’s older and explain to him the importance of respecting women. Not only the women in his life (i.e. me, granny, aunties etc) but all women in general, and who better to educate him if not for the best role model in Islam. Insyallah none of my son(s) will grow up as a male chauvinist :p

Sorry don’t mean to preach but as liberal and accepting as I may be I really hate it when my religion is ridicule, especially if it is done without basis.


Monday, July 12, 2010

Just the Two of Us :)

@ the Loaf Empire

Ryan looking tortured with Maksu Yanni
Handsome boy :)
Ryan with his Paul the Octopus :)
Hey guys, I got a new ride :)
I don’t know how all those single mothers do it. Especially those who had no help (family or maids)

Lan wasn’t around on Friday to Sunday attending some course. When he told me I was panicking a bit as I can’t imagine taking care of Ryan PLUS sending him to Gymboree and doing house chores. On top of all this I wasn’t feeling well and was a bit down due to some “mishap” concerning a certain gadget that shall not be mentioned here so as to incriminate me later (lawyer talk :p)

I guess, you got to do what you got to do, the weekend went without a hitch (or nothing major) and I managed to spend quality mummy baby time with Ryan.


I went to Gymboree bright and early with Ryan. Persuaded my mum and dad to come along so that they can help take care of Ryan in the car while I drive. Went to my aunties house for lunch and had “rendang itik” and other yummy Nogori Sembilan food. I made croquet for tea, my first venture succeeded, it was yummy and my mum and dad loved it. I think I’ll make more soon. Later my cousin Nurul, Anis and Yanni spend the night at my place. Urrgghh taking care of Anis & Yanni is a bigger challenge than taking of Ryan… *sigh* but Ryan and I had fun with the aunties watching movies.


Busy busy busy, up bright and early. Feed, bath and make sure Ryan take his nap before finishing house chores. My parents and I brought Nurul to Empire for lunch at the Loaf. We went to Toys R Us to get Ryan his Elmo but it wasn’t there (managed to get him one in Plaza Damas just now. So I’m happy :) )Later we send Nurul back to hostel in UiTM and went home. Went out again to Tesco for groceries, where my mum bought her grandson a table/chair. I was like “mummy, he can’t even sit properly yet” *geram* Took turns taking care of baby with my dad that night as my mum had to go for her “mengaji class” . Once we put him to sleep, more chores waiting and finally went to bed at 12.30pm where I was awoken by Lan who just got back.

Who said being a mum is easy?

Anyway I think I showered Ryan with even more attention than usual this weekend as I felt guilty for spending less time with him as classes already started. By the time I come back from class on Monday and Wednesday night he’s usually asleep. I try not to feel too bad as I know; I’m only doing this for him and our family. But that does not make it less painful *whatever*

Home Sweet Home

We managed to make an appointment with the developer to check for flaws and defects on Thursday. The list of defects and pictures have been sent and approved by the developers and the home improvement work starts today. We’ll have to install grills by the end of this month/August so we need to go grill hunting this week. Vacant possession probably takes place in October and then the real headache will begin. I’m over the moon though. I’m already making decoration plans. We’re taking things slow and I’ve develop a 5 stage renovation/ decoration phase to be spread out for the next 2 years or so for budget purposed.Despite it all I’m so excited… a house for our family. *alhamdullilah* thanks for making our dreams come true…
Out new crib come October *insyallah*

Ryan's Proposed Room ???
The master bedroom :)

That is all the update for today... will blog soon. Take care everyone....

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

B.P.D Mode Part XXVVV

Finally a breather...

I have nothing nice to say at the moment, so I better keep quiet and not let my thought run wild. I love it 6 years ago when I first started blogging that no one I knew (or a very small number of people) read this blog. I hate it when the things I say become a point reference. i.e. "remember your entry on this and that, who is it you're referring to?" B O R I N G!
A short picture update on my weekend attending Tinie and Rinie Baby Shower. I'll let the pictures do all the talking. Had so much fun with the girlies. Gossip, buli Najwa etc etc The organizers did a very good job organizing :) Wishing Tinie and Rinie a safe delivery ahead *insyallah* Anyway I'm going to a Tripple Baby Shower next week, it's getting bigger... wonder if there's going to be a quadruple baby shower pulak lepas ni...hehehe
With Jucci and me playing BB model :p

Yummy mummy? pasti ke? hahaha

I should have ordered De LaHam, The Hot and Saucy not great :(

Farry & Jucci : Check out our ruffle concept tops :p

With Farisa :)

with the mummies Rinie & Tinie

Menggediks: My ruffle looks like lidah jelly *eeww*

Love the pic : Very Colourful :)

Monday, July 5, 2010

A Place To Call A Home :)

One of my "things to do before I turn 30 personal KPI's" is to get myself a house. Guess what? Lan and I are in the process of getting one :) *insyallah*

We have been looking for a house for about a year (roughly after we got married). We have scouted for houses in the Shah Alam, Setia Alam, Bukit Raja and Bukit Tinggi area but we can’t find one that we both like. Some are too remote, too expensive, too small etc.

After Ryan was born, we were faced with a minor difficulty of deciding on a place to stay. Truth be told I think Lan and I was spoiled by the fact of having my parents around helping us with the baby, so we dallied on the decision of going back to Shah Alam. Since I’m working in Damansara and considering the work hours ( I don’t think it is acceptable for any executive to go home earlier than 545 even if you come early) I will usually reach home around 645pm or even 730pm sometimes. Lan will usually reach home earlier, though he does have the odd late meetings once in a while. When that happen my parents will usually pick Ryan up from school and take care of him until we come back. Come July (i.e. today ) my final semester will be starting thus more late hours on my part. It made sense for us to live with my parents

However, after much discussion we decided that it is time to be on our own. So we resumed on our house hunting and we found a perfect house for us :)

1. It’s near our family (heheh within 5 minutes walking distance from my mum and aunts, 15 minutes driving distance from Lan’s office and 20 minutes driving distance from my in-laws)
2. It’s landed property with plenty of space for our 3 member family. The house is a 2 storey, corner lot terrace house. Plenty of room for Ryan (and his siblings *insyallah*) to run around and for future extension plans
3. We have sundry shops, Ryan’s Kindy, schools, playground etc nearby
4. The area is not too busy/noisy but also not too remote. We note that the area is not real estate heaven but we’re not really planning to sell the house in the near future so not to fussed.
5. Most important of all it is all within our budget and it’s already completed with CF

Alhamdullilah the SNP have been signed and bank loan/ KWSP have been approved. We’re just waiting for everything to be finalized if everything goes as plan *insyallah* we would probably be receiving the key end of September or early October.

Don’t think we’ll be moving soon after though, since it is a new house so there’s some minor but essential renovation to be done (i.e. grills, wiring and electricity, toilet & plumbing and kitchen cabinet etc). Moving will only be done after my finals in November. I feel like baru je pindah Shah Alam, now we’re moving again (I still have boxes of things left unpacked).

Lan and I will have to start tightening our household budget. I will need to spend less (or not at all) on nonsensical stuff - so no more shoes for the moment. The amount of money changing hands is nuts. I guess it is all worth it as we’ll finally have an “asset” to call our own. Wish us luck and pray that everything will go as plan.

So excited. I may not be buying any new shoe in the near future but I will finally have my own shoe room :) -yeah my priority is a bit skeewed but it's my house :p