Tuesday, December 30, 2008

One final update for the year...

Thursday (X-Mas)
- Out with my sister to get a long list of stuff for the wedding (mainly the material for her dress, which I was somehow con to buy).We went to Mydin Subang, Subang Parade, SACC Mall and Plaza Alam Central *phew*. Manage to get 80% of the stuff on the list.

- I was on the hunt for Lan's hantaran gift no 8#, Thank god for the totally nice and helpful "kakak" at the cosmetic counter in Subang Parade.

-Anyway I was seriously pissed off with this "Cik Ponz" (if you get what I mean). You see technically I'm not a difficult customer. I say please and thank you and I try to be courteous to people. I also know what I want, but that does not mean I'm not allowed to ask "questions" and "prices". Maybe you are tired or whatever, but do you have to show your annoyance on your face, tone and body language? Mind you, I was only asking her question for less that 5 minutes. Nasib baik the nice kakak took over, kalau tak serious tak nak pun beli barang kat your counter. *urrghh* technically you are not a "girl" so I don't understand what you are PMS-ing about *roll eyes*

- Anyway I went to picked Lan up when we're in Shah Alam and I managed to get my jewellery for my hantaran :) Love it love it love it...

- Manage to finalize our forms :) We got our marriage approval from Pejabat Agama Islam Daerah Klang.

- Now that everything is CONFIRMED. I shall make this announcement :- My wedding date (nikah) would be on 27 February 2009 and the date of my reception is on the next day 28 February 2009 (Saturday) I will reconfirmed the venue with you guys. Only close friends and family would be invited to the Nikah ceremony and I would try my best to invite all my friends for the reception :)

- Maybe some people are pissed at me for not announcing my wedding date earlier but what they fail to see is the reason behind it. They just keep pushing and pushing pastu konon merajuk. I have to wait for my parents to confirm the dates and for the approval from PAID. I don't see the point of kecoh satu kampung on the tentative date but tak jadi. I will only do something when I'm ready, personal space is something some people need to RESPECT.


- Went to Nilai for my cousin's engagement. It was nice and simple, food was good - ada kambing golek :) Anyway Angah made me carry his hantaran cake. Serious berat nak mati and I was scared to death that I will drop it (It's common knowledge that I'm not the most graceful person around :p) but mission accomplished :)

- Along Az offered to sponsor the hantaran cake for Lan *yea!!* he told me to email him a picture and he will order it for me *save duit saya*

- Went to Nilai 3 with my family. My mum bought bunga pahar to exchange with Lan, goody bag and some artificial flower. My room is starting to look like kedai bunga with all the stuff bersepah2 ;p

- That night we went to Sungai Buloh - Alia's house. Pak Cek is back from Mekah so all of us got together to welcome him back *alhamdullilah* Everything went well. They bought me this really pretty black rhinestone selendang.

- While waiting Titanic was on HBO. It is so irritating to watch the movie with my cousins sometimes. They were like "Na, what happen next?" "why? how? when". Is it a wonder why I refused to bring them out for movies? hahaha..

- The movie bring back memories :) Not necessary good but still.. hahaha.. malas nak elaborate..


- Hmmm... was supposed to go out with Lan but I ended up spending the whole day reading Book 3 & 4 of the Twilight Saga. Dah habis baca dah and I am even more in love with Edward Cullen at the moment *sigh*


- Lan parents came over yesterday to discuss our wedding arrangements etc. My sister cooked (heheh she is a way better cook than me. That I have to admit) and I cleaned. I think it went well...

- Lan stayed over for a while. My mum was going on and on (as always) about god knows what. Hehehe anyway she told Lan to "control" my "shoe and handbag shopping". That traitor was of course nodding and agreeing. Hahaha

- We went to the movies to watch "The Spirit" Hmmmm the movie is "interesting" but not necessary a good thing. Very "Sin City" :p Eva Mendes is a major hotness though. Worth watching the movie just to watch her (I sound like a dude)


- I'm back at work and would be on leave for the rest of the week. Will be back at work next week Monday...

- I can't tag for some reason. So sorry for not replying you messages on the tag board.

- Classes are starting this week and I will be occupied every Tuesday and Thursday till June. I am contemplating on taking extra paper this semester but am not sure if it is a wise choice, with the wedding and all *sigh*

- Anyway wanna wish everybody a very HAPPY NEW YEAR! Let's all aim to be a better person next year.

- Muacks.. love ya!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Getting Acknowledge...

I've received my appraisal and bonus statement *alhamdullilah* It was way better than I expected. Can go shopping *yeah*

Note to self 1: Work harder next year to further improve knowledge and skills :)

I'm seriously trying not to lose my temper. I don't understand why some people like to make themselves more important than they actually are. They will only "get jokes" if the joke is not on them. They think that they deserve first class access to the happenings in my life eventhough they haven't been a friend for a very long time.

These are the people that tell themselves that they have been a good friend to me , think they deserve special treatment etc. Some of these people don't even call me unless they needed things from me, speak badly BEHIND my BACK, and have repeatedly hurt my feelings ( intentionally on the facade of being HONEST) and deliberately attack my self confidence.

It's not my style to confront you or curse the shit out of you. I can't control the things that you do and to tell you the truth I don't care because your negativity is your problem. I'm happy where I am at the moment and its mainly due to the honest, loving and supportive people around me. If you are not happy don't take it on other people

Note to self 2: Stay away from all the negative energy and pay attention to people that matter

I can't concentrate coz I'm thinking of ways to spend my money. I think I deserve the new Marc for Marc Jacob bag. Just one and maybe a pair of Jimmy Choo's.... heheheh dah mula-lah tu

Note to self 3: Save HALF of my Bonus for rainy days :) The economy is going to be a lot worst next year so better not go overboard. God please save me from myself...

Monday, December 22, 2008

Holiday Mood!!!

My Genie in a Bottle look of the day :)

I have a very bad headache at the moment...
I'm trying to finish several end of the year project but my head is seriously killing me... Anyway am really irritated that "pay" is still not in yet *sigh* I'm kinda broke at the moment, with all the x-mas, annual dinner and wedding shopping....

I haven't uploaded the weekend picture. I will do it tomorrow or when I have the time :) The weekend was fun. We had our Annual Dinner 2009 on Friday @ Mandarin Oriental, it was so much fun hanging out with the Blue team ( a bit stress though due to some "management" issues) but it was ok in the end. Lan and I won the "table lucky draw" We managed to get a RM40 Chilli's voucher, so you know where we would be having our "weekend lunch" on Saturday :) I slept over at Reebok's house Friday night...
Saturday was fun. Pagi2 Reebok temankan pergi makan Nasi Lemak Gembira @ Section 3. I've been "mengidam-ing" this nasi lemak for the past 1 month, but ada ada aje, tak jadi makan.

After that I went out with Reebok, Iena and Lan to Pavillion. Best shopping :) I got a new Charles & Keith Bow Shoes, 2 Tops from Forever 21, Mac Loose Powder and a set of brushes from Elianto. We melantak makan first at Subway's pastu at Pepper Lunch. I can't find The Loaf *sad*

A few people commented that I lose weight *wee* I think it's becoz I've been going for dance practices, 2 hours per day for the past 3 weeks,It have been fun, I think I will continue my workout regime in the hopes that I will lose more weight for the wedding... Tapi like how Lan like to tease me, "lepas orang puji jer, you will eat, so people will puji you 3 bulan sekali jer..." hehehe
Quite true actually... am going to a "Secret Santee" dinner with the gals later @ BSC....*urgghhh* stop asking me out to lunch/dinner people... let's just go out for a walk in the park instead *like real* hahahahah

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Hmmm 2008 is ending, so I guess it's time to stock take...

2008 is a good year, as far as a year go. It has its up and down but I will say it has more ups than down.... So here is the TOP 5

I know this is lame-lah, but after all these years being a fan, getting to see them live and in person is a dream come true *sigh*

I'm finally moving on to the next stage in my life. 2 1/2 more months and I'm getting married *insyallah*

Let just say it was a total relief to finally be able to cut all string loose. Some things are better left as it is. Less said about this the better :)

I've been absorbed as a permanent staff in my department and I am now a Senior Executive *cool*

I started my Masters in Law, and I've just got my results. Guess who just found out that she's on the dean's list??? Heheheh I got 2 A's and 1 A-, with a CGPA of 3.87. Hahahah I know I'm so poyo for posting my results, but am just so ecstatic. Alhamdullilah!!!!

Of course there are other happenings, but not as eventful or to private for blog *huhuhu* So hope I can improve and become an even better person next year *insyaallah*

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


*urgghh* I have so much to blog about but I can't find the time *sucks* Will try and blog tomorrow....

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The little bird told me so...

I'm farking pissed out of my mind at Muhammad Azlan Ab Malek at the moment (I'm calling him by his full name, he should know that he is in BIG trouble *urrghh* He played a joke on me, yg serious tak acceptable, rasa nak sepak pijak, bunuh cincang pastu feed to the crocodile kat sungai Klang...bersambung later....

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Be Still My Heart...

Saya cintakan Edward Cullen...

I can't wait to get my hands on the books. I've watched the movie. Itz so-so but the lead actor, is so handsome. I love brooding moody boys... hehehe

I dragged Lan to several MPH and Popular bookstore last week, but the book is sold out (saya sakit hati) Actually some of the books is there, but since I want the book set (consisting of all four books) I have to wait. I'm so getting my hands on it along with JK Rowling " The Tale of Beedle and Bard"

Anyway let's review the books I've read on the month of November :

Children of Hurin : Tolkien
Hmmm... not exactly my fave book of all the Tolkien Middle Earth series (the book was edited by Christopher Tolkien (his son)) the storyline is too depressing and moody, with the psychosis, bipolarness, incest (got your attention yet?) Itz just way too serious for me. The suckiest part is everyone dies in the end (oopps spoiler) The book just can't compete with the brilliance of Lord of the Ring but it's not a bad read...

The Chronicles of Narnia : C.S Lewis
I managed to get the whole set (7 books) for RM15. Despite all the hype after the release of the movie, I just can't get myself psyched up over the book. Technically, I don't find the book to be the "easy reading" type despite being a children book. It's very heavy on "maksud2 tersirat". Maybe I just think too much, but the book is fine. I won't say it's brilliant as compared to the LOTR trilogy or Harper Lee "To Kill a Mockingbird" (fine I'm obsessed with the book, so what?) but it's OK!!

Thanks for the Memories : Cecilia Ahern
I find the story funny and sad at the same time. It's quite good. Easy reading but then again Cecilia Ahern books usually produce the "happy feeling juices" as long as you are not finding for a deep and meaningful literary Nobel Prize winning work :) this is just the book for you...

Something Wonderful: Judith McNaughtMy guilty pleasure... hehehhe... I usually am not into "romance" because its rubbish (i can't stand the way they usually potray women, no matter how independent, smart and beautiful they are, mesti ada satu mamat nie yang will make all "maids hates their virginity and nuns forget the vows"....whatever major lameness) but I like Judith McNaught books, I've read a few : "Kingdoms of Dreams" and "Perfect" (hahahha ni buku fave. Yen) This book is a fun read if you don't feel like thinking...

Chasing Harry Winston:Lauren WeisbergerOf all the 3 books. I only find "The Devil Wears Prada" good. I find this book and her second novel " Everyone Worth Knowing" predictable and boring. It lacks creativity and it seems to me that she keep on churning the same scenario and ideas over and over again in different situations... Was seriously skipping pages when I read this...

11 books in a month, not bad,huh? I'm so instilling this habit to my kids, something my soon to be hubby totally lack. It's ok, he can teach them all about sports :p Have a great day everyone..

Read a book, kill a gremlin!!!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Long weekend ahead....

I can't wait... going to have a looonnggg weekend due to the Raya Haji Holidays...

The 2 days break was "awesome" minus one "geram" incident. Anyway went to Pavillion on Wednesday and I went totally nuts getting stuff.

I got 2 new shoes and several tops, leggings and a new sunglasses. They were having this promotion in Nine West and Stage (they sell cool Betsey Johnson/Anne Klein/Steve Madden etc) Buy 1 item (10%), 2 item (20%) so on... So I managed to get some stuff for the hantaran, at a reasonable price.

I went into the Stuart Weitzman store, put on a very "kerek" face. The shoes are GORGEOUS, but there is no way Lan in going to allow me to get any of it, even if I use my money :( Takpelah save for other stuff.Like boring house furniture *sobsob*

Yesterday went to pick up my wedding dress for Lan's reception. I love it :) Got the whole suit + tudung/veil etc. I just need to get a matching shoes and some accessories... Took loads of pic, but I can't seem to find my usb cable, so will post more and upload pics once I found it :)

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Forgot what I wanted to say...

I got into trouble yesterday with Lan yesterday for buying the new A.H bag.

He didn't say much actually, but he did give me "that" look (you know the look that said "must we have THIS conversation again..)

Lan: Aren't you supposed to be getting new shoes?
Me: (dalam hati: hmmm... he's reminding me to buy shoes? sihat ke laki aku nie? heheh)
Shoes? what shoes?
Lan: Kasut yang you cakap, dah tak boleh pakai lah.. koyak lah... dah beli beg nie, pakai lah dengan kasut koyak you tu. You dah overspend this month gaji kan?
Me: (seperti biasa have to be cheeky) takpe, beg is only arriving end of the month, by that time dah ada kot new shoes to go with the new bag. Jom pegi makan TGIF ( cubaan memujuk)
Lan: Tak payah nak pujuk I with food (shucks: trick lama dah tak boleh pakai..hehe)

Anyway... what is done is done right? In my defence, I've been really good for the past 2 months, not buying unnecessary things. So I think I deserve a little treat for myself :)

I can't wait for tomorrow. Lan and I would be on leave and we're supposed to go scouting for my hantaran shoes and Lan's phone. I think I want to drag Lan to Pavillion. Tengok lah his mood :)

My jubah for annual dinner, is ready and I think it's awesome :) I decided to be all creative and stick diamante to the otherwise plain jubah. The result is great and I save close to RM100 for doing the beading myself. Anybody know where I can get ballet slippers? I'm planning on a DIY project for myself..hehehe

Ohhh... Last month, a salesperson in Diamond and Platinum gave me this idea, and it's stuck in my head. "CHARM BRACELETS". She was saying that instead of getting the normal bracelets or bangle, I may want to try something different.

She suggested getting a wide link white gold bracelet and getting pendant as charms. I totally LOVE her idea and I'm currently in search of the perfect (but cheap haha) bracelet. And as future BDAY/ANNIVERSARY present my hubby can add on to the charms on a yearly basis (start from one and will grow to ???) HINT HINT!! heheh

For a cheaper option, you can try the Thomas Sabo Charm Collection (http://www.thomassabo.com/) Price starts from RM39-RM449 (per charm/bracelet/pendant)

Monday, December 1, 2008

Baggie Gallore :)

There is this Malay custom, when the younger sister plans to get married before the older sister, the younger sister would need to give a token to the sister. Usually it's a simple gold band and "kain", if the sister is crazy and unreasonable they will ask weird stuff like a Plasma TV or a Car etc.

My sister is crazy but she is not unreasonable (hehehe) Anyway I think both of us have so much "kain" which have not been made into dresses that I don't see the point of getting her more. So I was browsing the internet and found the Anya Hindmarch X-Mas design for Target. I saw this really cool looking mock croc clutch at a reasonable price (*sigh* I still find it quite pricey but should be fine as long as I can "curi" it from her later..heheh) so I'm getting it for her along with a gold band

As I was planning to order, I accidentally pressed the WRONG button, lo and behold it brought me to another page and now I ended up buying a bag for myself too. Hahahha it'z just too cute to pass. My rationale is, I can barely afford the real thing and since I'm not a SNOB like some people (heheh) I'll settle with the unfake but non-designer version. Damn it, I deserve my Anya!! hahaha

It's classy but hip at the same time :) Me lurve it.. The review is kinda mixed, but I don't care, I love the design....

For my sis... more boring BLACK clutch... hehehehhe

Weekend was so-so. I went for my wedding dress fitting and I'm in LOVE. The dresses is simple but elegant. Me like it. The veil is not ready yet, but I will probably be able to pick up all my dresses by this week :) yeah! I can start my accessories shopping...