Monday, June 29, 2009

One Two Three


Why do I have so much to do? Anybody wants to finish my presentation on Bursa for me? *sigh* no monetary reward but you might get some satisfaction for a job well done :)

Anyway, classes are re-starting next week *sigh* I am this close to applying for "cuti sem". Do you know how tiring it is to drive back and forth to work from S.Alam to Damansara everyday (drive takes about 2 hours per day) and having to go up and down 4 flights of steps just to get HOME? and now going back to classes AFTER WORK till 10pm twice a week, assignments, presentations and exams. On top of having to do all that while being preggers. Urrgghhhh.. It's a test of sheer willpower and determination.

Wow and to think I'll be finishing my final semester next year with a baby in tow *insyallah* Ok itu next year punya cerita.

I doubt things are going to get easier but if anyone can do it, I can. I know it sounds so blardy cocky but I need to psych myself before I end up freaking out. My resolution is to maintain my 3.8 CGPA (haha KW geram) and now that I have another MENSA brain inside of me, we'll be aiming for 4flat kan,baby? Insyallah. We can both do it if we work hard enough, kan? kan?

Baby cakap (dgn suara Lan) : sukahatilah mummy..if it makes you happy (hahahah)

Friday, June 26, 2009

A trip back to memory lane...

*sigh* It's a sad-sad day today. I seriously can't believe the passing of two very influential icons M.J and Farah Fawcett. I'm currently listening to MJ's old songs, which bring back a lot of old/happy/sad memories. I dug out some old pictures, and I can't help but think of how much time have actually passed. I feel so OLD :p

OMG I missed the people in this pics so very-very much, but if there is one thing you'll learn from MJ's untimely death is to be thankful and appreciate the people around you before it is too late.

p/s: I really wished people would stop talking ill of the dead. It is not FUNNY :(

With Sarah, Jules, Cath & Sabbie after our Teacher's Day choir performance. We're the coolest, right?? hahahah We actually received letters from juniors who wants to become our "best friend" OMG poyo siotz :)

The many-many pics with Cath. All the nonsense that we come up with *shake head & grins*

Cath & Jessie.
My rocks for the past 14 years. They've been there for me through the craziest crap & my happiest moments. We're friends not because we agree on everything but because we can disagree and still be the best of mates.

They were there for me through every stalker (haha), heartbreak, success and failure stories. Siapa sanggup pick up my phone call at 3AM to listen to hear me cry and pour my heart out during my one to many love drama? Literally pick me up when I was in one of my bipolar moments?

Left to right: Rajoo, Juju, Tinie, Reebok, Ude, Myself & Iena

I was "exposed" to loads of stuff when we were together (good & bad) hehehe. Despite being label as the original "gossip girls" of the law school and was accused of being friends with each other for "convenience" we stuck with each other through good and bad (I can't say the same for out comentors)

Our relationship is very unique. We teased each other in secret languages that may be alien to outsiders, make extremely "mean" comments to one another and play dress up.

I could be the biggest bimbo with them without being afraid of being judge, if that is not a testament of great friendship I don't know what.

Farhanna & Associate: When you study, stay up till 4am finishing assignment, eat, sleep (kat cubicle bukan literally) together for 10 hours per day, everyday, for a year. You can't help liking each other and probally end up marrying one of them (haha)
Oklah technically I was only close to Tini, Lan and Yen but I'm still very much thankful for having Laila & Ina as partners. We all worked very well together :) Which other group yang sanggup beli toy gun and download autopsy report for CTA class FIRST ASSIGNMENT? Our lecturer was shocked.
We're kiasu, selalu takde case waktu kelas Suzaini, mata gam je memanjang (esp Lan kaki tidur paling legendary dalam class : he even sleep on the witness bench) but that time was one of the happiest time in my life :)

Gambar nie tak relevent sangat just that I can't fit in that supertight kebaya no more *sedih* nampak macam whale pakai pelampung *huhu* My resolution is to be able to wear balik my blue kebaya after giving birth to baby beanie :)

Dikala menjadi tunangan orang :p

"You are now pronounced husband and wife :p"

When there were just the two of us. End of the year there would be another addition to our small family *insyallah*

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


"Written by Eve Ensler, The Good Body is a poignant and hilarious look at the secret lives of women who have to deal with Botox, bulimia, breast implants and stomach tucks "

I had a great time watching the show. It's funny but also touching at the same time. It really draws an attention to the relationship most women have with their body. You know the whole "love hate relationship" We are rarely thankful with what we have, we will covert for thing we never have. We are always too tall, too fat, too short, too skinny etc

I've seen perfectly gorgeous women tear themselves to pieces just because they are not carbon copies of the models in magazines. I know I do that all the time :) We always find fault in ourselves, rarely do we celebrate our uniqueness. I guess that is something we have to worked on ourselves. I would not say that the script is entirely original and a total eye opener but it is still a great and enjoyable show.

Do watch it. I think it was RM65 well spent :)

@ Decanter's : Dinner before watching the show

Playing Scrabble too kill time : we were really noisy....hehehheh

With Jean & Sher (Nina & Nicole not in the pic)

Part 2: @ Malacca Bandaraya Bersejarah

@ Dataran Pahlawan/Bandar Hilir

Jalan-jalan carik makan

Cam-whoring while waiting for mum & dad

@ Pantai Klebang. Thanks to Izzah we (Lan) actually end up queing for 20 minutes to get the coconut shake. It was quite good actually. Cooling and refreshing :)

Saturday:Went back to Malacca to visit my grannies. We visited my Nek Mah in Ujung Pasir and spent the rest of the weekend in Mak Long's house with Nek Jah and my cousins. It was really fun. Food was good. Serious makan banyak gila. Nek Jah cooked her famous Masak Asam for me (best!) and sambal udang, great breakfast too *sigh*.

Managed to gain 1 kg over the weekend (yea!). Hard to keep the momentum though coz I rarely like the food @ home (i.e Seksyen 7) Mengada kan since I yang masak/buy. The taste is just different-lah. That is why I usually insist on going home during the weekend because that is the only time I will really eat. For some reason the food just taste better in Klang (stall/restaurant/ home cooking)

Anyway Nurul came back from college to lepak :) We were discussing hostel strategies (i.e how to avoid crazy power hungry seniors) I shared my experience which is pretty much " stick with your own crowd, have fun and do your own thing. If people don't like you for who you are, it's their problem coz you are still FABULOUS :p"

Izzah who just turn eight was talking non-stop about everything(as usual). I love her and all but she could be a tad clingy esp when I'm around (haha) I'm used to it but Lan was a bit overwhelmed with her non-stop talking (imagine that? and he is living with ME! miss chatterbox) he suggested that we bawak balik cellophane tape the next time we go for a visit *sigh*

Hahah I managed to "pau" my dad for a new pair of shoe. Me love it :p Itz a pair of denim Mary Jane's flat from Vincci. Murah je but it's totally cute, my mum was pissed (haha) hubby was embarrassed (coz I was a bit mengada) daddy malas nak layan (who cares coz I got a new shoe) hahaha

All in all it's a good weekend. Nothing more to update for the moment :)

Friday, June 19, 2009


I was looking forward to a much needed rest this weekend but I doubt I'll be getting any :p
  • I'm going back to Malacca for the weekend. So I guess there won't be much "rest" this week *sigh* but on the bright side can go jalan2 and meet up with nenek and my cousins. I do miss them, the last time we hung out was during my wedding...
  • Watching the show "The Good Body" after work @ Sime Darby Convention Center tonight with my office mates. Should be fun but I'm just so sleepy at the moment I wish I could just go home and snooze.

Last night I was bugging Lan to tell a bedtime story. He was like "malas-lah" after non-stop bugging from yours truly, he try to start on the story "Si Tenggang" and I was like "are you trying to give us nightmare. At last he came up with this...

The Rabbit and the Kura-Kura (as told by Muhammad Azlan Ab Malek and edited by me :p) Satu hari kura-kura sedang berjalan-jalan when dia ternampak Rabbit the berehat sambil makan carrot. Dia geram tengok rabbit tu tengah relax dia pun ajak rabbit race the next day. Rabbit yang cool tu pun agree. Dia tanya kura2 "what time?". Kura-kura jawab "8.30am sharp". The next day rabbit sampai at the agreed place @ 8.30am SHARP tapi kura-kura takde. So he waited and waited sampai 9.00am. Dia bosan dia pun balik sebab nak pergi dating and he left kura2 a note. 9.30am barulah kura-kura sampai and saw the note and he said "alah rabbit nie macam tak faham je, janji melayulah kalau janji pukul 8.30am, pukul 9.30am barulah event start" sambil mengelengkan kepala. Kura-kura pun pergi jalan-jalan carik makan lepas tu.

Me: cerita apa nie?, what's the morale of the story

Lan: Alah creative lah sikit, morale of the story is selalu tepati masa.

Me: aiks? (loyarburuk betul laki aku nie, mesti kura2 tu aku :p)

It's 4.10pm *sigh* When can I go home???

p/s: as promised check out

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The worst kept SECRET

I'm still a bit weary of making this announcement but since most of my close friends (which made into 80% reader of this blog) is aware of the news...

I'm 12 weeks pregnant! Yeah 3 months people

There I've said it :) This may seem easy for some people but me being me...well...I would have waited till the very last minute to tell people if I can get away with it.

I would rather most people to hear it from me, but nak buat macam mana kan? Some people yang tak sensitive langsung choose to make my announcement for me. So if anyone asked me at at any time and I answered vaguely (hehe I never out rightly deny) I apologize. Maybe at that time saya sangat geram dengan mamat/individuals yg berkenaan tu. Don't get me wrong I'm very excited/happy/estatic but I deal with my good news my way. I am my own person and don't assume that my reaction is the same as yours. So don't imposed your belief on me.

I'm very private about some things in my life especially on a delicate issue like this. (most first time mum would understand where I'm coming from) but my mummy told me this last week (after she herself blurted the news to my whole family during Dareen's aqiqah ceremony) "Don't be so negative, your family is very happy for both of you and there would be more people praying for your well being" I'm not entirely convinced but I'll make this compromise :)


1. I found out that I was pregnant after I decided to take the test after my crappy Corporate Insolvency Exam. I just "knew" that I was pregnant for the whole week before taking the test even before my period was due. It started with this extreme guilty feeling everytime I wanted to eat junk food/colour my hair/diet. So I decided to take the test to erase my doubt once and for all. Alhamdullilah it was positive

2. We weren't really trying. We were half heartedly planning (haha) on the first few weeks to ensure that I won't be preggers on my honeymoon and exams. Worked with the first but not with the second coz I was already 4 weeks preggers during my finals (yeah I do think that the baby is Made in Bali :p)

3. I'm not suffering from any morning sickness up to the point of this blog entry. Adalah minor ones esp if I'm really tired but most of the time I'm fine. Ohh and you can't really really see my tummy yet despite being 3 months. My auntie was really suprised when I told her I'm 12 weeks coz she said "nampak sihat semacam jer and tak nampak perut pun" I just laughed cause I know she really suffered with morning sickness during her 3 pregnancies. *Alhamdullilah I have it easy so far*

4. Based on my latest checkup baby and mummy is fine. I need to gain at least 2 kg's on my next visit though. So kena paksa diri makan extra carbs and protein on top of being made to swallow 6 different supplements per day (bencinye kena makan ubat). I'm staying active despite of the pregnancy.I try not to wallow in self pity and sit in front of the TV stuffing myself with food. I will try and do light housework/ go shopping to cheer myself up / not go into extreme mood swings and be so mengada becoz I actually felt sorry for my hubby who is seriously bending over to make me happy

5. The pregnancy really open up my eyes and made me appreciate my hubby so much more. Seriously, he takes over some of my household responsibilities like cooking (because I can't really stand the smell of sautee'-ing onions), cleans the house and even do MY laundry without complaining at all. The best part is I don't even have to NAG him to do it, he'll do it on his own free will :) He'll make me eat my pills, buy me food that I feel like eating even if it mean taking the extra turn after work, watch MY fave tv show on TV. Yang paling I rasa touch is when he is willing to puasa sunat on Monday and Thursday after reading a "religious tip" in a book that we bought together to ensure that he is doing his part as a dad in the pregnancy :)

6. Other than that everything is A-ok. I'm praying that things will go smoothly.

This post is quite long there is a whole lot more on baby's development and stuff. We already set up a a blog specifically for the baby a few months ago. So I might not provide more updates in this blog to avoid repetition. I will provide the link when I feel like it :p hahaha

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Pin the tail of Urkiez...


I’m so excited. Seems like our 4th of July trip is finally shaping up. More details on this when dah betul2 confirm. Terubat lah hati sikit sebab my parents ban me from going to Krabi due to the increasing case of A(H1N1). Their reasoning is sound but saya still frust but better be safe than sorry, right. There is always next year *insyallah*

I can’t wait for tomorrow. I will tell you why next week :)

Errkk… what else? I received my unofficial result yesterday. *sigh* I’ll update when I get the official one (rather not post it all over the net and end up it being worst than what I thought initially) I can safely say that CGPA wise I’m still on the dean’s list but I’m out of the running from getting the Anugerah Naib Chancellor. I’m depressed. When I heard my results I started crying, to my husband amazement and amusement. I was just hurt by the statement of daddy’s clerk who said “eee kenapa teruk sangat. Last sem lagi bagus”.

Sumpah aku sakit hati. I am allowed to be disappointed with myself, my hubby and parents may also be disappointed with me but that women had no business whatsoever to say what she said because my results is not as bad as she make it out to be.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

H E L P Me H E L P You!!

DiGi is trying to raise RM150,000 in 30 days.. And you have the power to help with a single click. And it does NOT matter which mobile network you are on – just as long you are among those who Lovetosave (

Just click once on the charity you’d like to support, and DiGi will donate RM5 to it.

So guys... take 5 minutes of your time today to visit the site to make a difference. If you can spend 1 hour a day on to check out latest bratty Hollywood stars gossip, there should be no problem at all on your part to do your good deed for the day :)

Itz all about karma, baby! Have fun!!!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Friday...My Flyday...

Come Friday evening I'll be too lazy to do any work. I'll be too full from lunch, too tired from window shopping and too stress out from my weekly obligations.

Friday can't come soon enough. The only problem is it will be over as fast as it will come and that is just so bloody irritating :(

I have a mini family outing with the in-laws tonight. A wedding to attend on Saturday night and a major major shopping trip that can't be missed. I really really need that particular "something" hehehehe (trust me, itz not as interesting as I make it out to be)

I also just booked a mini trip in July. I'm not sure how things are supposed to turn out, it will either be a "friendly gateaway" or a romantic trip. Either way will work for me.

Dahlah malas... will update some pics later :p Have a great weekend everyone

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Purple Face over Purple Bags

I so want a PURPLE bag that I’m making myself sick over it *pure exegeration*

I’ve been neglecting this blog for a bit, loads been going on, but don’t really feel like blogging, because a major wave of laziness is going on at the moment. *same old same old* Anyway I feel like I have to censor/edit my statement so that I won’t risk people being pissed or “terasa”. So that is making me even more MALAS to blog. I got 2 emails and a sms asking me to clarify my statement on my last blog. You know the whole “WH questions” who, why, when, how?

As far as I’m concerned I didn’t name names, right? So if anyone “terasa”, what can I do? Siapa makan cili dia terasa pedas. I am not going to apologize because I did not point fingers and accused anyone straight to their faces. The whole post was mostly a reminder to MYSELF. If it affect anyone else to a point where they’ll come out a better person than they are yesterday. Good for them, right? ( However, I’m not going to kid myself into thinking that I have that much effect on people hahaha)

Anyway this reminded me on a conversation that I had with a friend 3-4 years ago. He wrote in his blog that people usually don’t give a **** when he is writing about good, positive stuff. However, the moment that he come up with a “I’m depressed because A cheated on me story” or “ Backstabber Alert etc” entry suddenly all this people (some he haven’t heard in MONTHS) will start being all concerned and “friendly”. His question to me : Was he wrong to second guessed the “intention” of this “friends? Are they really sincere? Or would his “luahan perasaan” be a point of gossip that would be repeated to another once his back are turn?
I told him, I seriously don’t know. You can’t TELL of someone intention, not that you can actually see what is going on in their heads and hearts right? Maybe an old friend really did just came across his blog, and was really concerned over his well being. Sometimes the quiet ones are the one who really end up giving a helping hand when you really need a should to cry on. You never know, in the end the question to ask is…
100% TRUST undoubtedly goes to my parents. I seriously believe that they would never hurt me intentionally
90% TRUST to my hubby. I love him with all my heart and though love is supposedly blind & deaf I think I should be allowed to thread my life with bit of caution. Better be safe than sorry, no harm in that :)
85% TRUST to my sister and SOME close family members
80% TRUST to my top 5. Some people may actually be shocked to find out on the people who makes the list. Very unconventional choices. So that is why I would never ever give out their names. Hahaha
75%- 50% TRUST to my close friends depending on experience/ how long we’ve know each other/ the person personality/integrity and sincerity
In summary the people who is in my TRUST A-LIST is in the range of 10 or so. Is that bad? Maybe I’m too cynical, but what I am today is based on past experience. I learn from my mistakes and am still learning. If people don’t like it and find me cold/secretive that’s to bad. I never said I was perfect. I never claim that by posting this that I’m implying that I’m TRUSTWORTHY or 100% mistake free. I’m not. I know that and I’m the first person to tell you not to expect that type of loyalty from me.

It’s your call! And I’m back to my search of my perfect purple bag :)