Thursday, January 29, 2009

Glass Full vs Glass Empty: A matter of perspective

The closer the date of the wedding, I feel the more "ujian" there seem to be. I won't say that it's major, it's really a matter of perspective.

Part 1
Some "error" on the card. They reprinted the cards so the matter was rectified in 2 days :p

Silver Lining: At least the mistake was spotted and rectified promptly with no added cost. So I won't really consider it as a problem. Blessing in disguise???

Part 2
I received a call from Uztaz Noh mentioning that another couple wishes to be married on the same day at the same time *sigh* So I have to options:-
a) have the solemnization ceremony @ the mosque @ 3.30pm
b) do it at home at 5pm.

- My dad is not to keen on doing it at 5pm because of the timing.
- I'm not to keen on doing it at 3.30pm "waiting in line" with all the other couples *sigh*. Geram because of having to go back and fro, from home to the mosque and back at home again for the "kenduri" and "photo session".

- Technically it's NOT really a problem, because the objective of the whole thing is for Lan & I to get married, right? So WHERE we get married is irrelevant as long as we get married, kan?
- I shall not jump into conclusion that the whole occasion will not be perfect due to the "extra mileage" it may involved. For all I know having the ceremony in the mosque may be an added "blessing" to our marriage (i.e: mosque = place of worship = good deeds/good aura/good karma?)
- So I'm not going to stress over it (stress causes pimples) Takde makne pun. I see no point picking a fight with everyone about this.

Part 3: Working + Studying + Getting Married
I have to co-conduct a programme on 23-24 February 3 days before my wedding. I still have to go for classes. My exam starts 2-3 weeks after my honeymoon and I still haven't started on my assignments.

I'm not panicking (yet!) I wonder if I will (maybe) Blabbing my head out (in near future)

- I'm multi-tasking doing research + completing my report (personal dateline: THIS FRIDAY)

- Working on the last minute arrangement in stages and stopping to breathe everytime I feel panicky

- Ignore the irrating buzz coming from "insensitive people" - " kenapa?, tak lawa, tak kelas, KT, KR etc" sebab itu saya malas mahu bercerita tentang marriage preparation:-
1) It's will turn out into a whole "comparing session" - (i.e why A's pelamin is nicer than C's pelamin") - Someone is bound to feel hurt (intentionally or not)
2) Don't want to promote people tambah dosa mengumpat :)
3) I don't want to turn into a total Bridezilla
4) I seriously don't care if my wedding is not as "grand" as others, as long as Lan and I are happy, our parents are happy, I refused to play the "game" say what you will....

At the end the main goal is a lifetime of blessing, happiness, laughter, cute babies and happy family *insyallah*

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

30 Days To Go.....

I'm finally back at work after 7 days of break *yeah*

I was on MC on Wednesday- Friday due to back pain. Was supposed to rest at home, but ended up doing more work :) Finally finish hauling 80% of my stuff to Lan's place, set up the tv cabinet and put up the curtains, so one less headache to deal with...

Wednesday: Went to Dewi Sri Spa for my 2nd Pre Wedding Spa Treatment *best* at least the massage alleviate my back pains. I accidentally went shopping ( I know I shouldn't be buying stuff but I saw this bee- you-ti-fool strapless white dress and just have to buy it : actually I saw a few dresses but could only afford one :p)

My dress looks like this but it's plain white silk. Since I can't wear a "dress" for my wedding, I guess will make do with one for my Hen Night :) I saw this gorgeous headband in Diva that would go on great with my dress but then again....

Thursday : Pergi pick up my Marc Jacob Bag *wee* Went to Ikea to get the black carpet I wanted.

Friday: Duduk rumah, mengemas and finally finish "taping" the flowers for my hantaran :)

Saturday : Went to Rinie's Baby Shower. Had so much fun with the girls.. The Charade game was hilarious, with Irma trying to act out "Anakku Sazali" and Najwa failing miserably to act out "alphabet song". Nia was also there.. si comel yang suka bounce :)

Najwa, Tini (Rambut Ziana Zain ;p) & Moi

Sunday: Hmmm tengok tv the whole day while trying to come up with a guest list. My parents when back to kampung so my sis and I had the whole house to ourselves

Monday: Home Improvement Project :) We went to Sunway to watch "Underworld:Rise of the Lycan" (the movie was ok-ler) Most of the shops was closed so no shopping for me :)

Tuesday: Home Improvement Project Part II + merajuk+ nervous breakdown session Part IXXX (ahahahah) we came up with a guest list for friends and lepas tu pergi Mydin. We wanted to get some last minute wedding stuff. Pastu went to eat rojak for dinner *yummy*

Apa lagi? Now tengah pening thinking about my guest list. My dad is limiting my invitation to 150-200 people max . So I'm bound to miss out some people, so if I accidently miss out your name, do remind me ok :) Just come with or without the card...

Seriously I'm in that crossroad of wanting everything to be over and done soon but at the same time wanting to prolong the "preparation" stages. Whatever, I have 2 assignments to handover next week and other wedding details to work on *sigh*

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Playing Truant...

Some evil plans are forming in my head...

Saya benci pergi kelas. Saya jenis student yang akan ponteng kelas Prof Darby sebab nak main Dynomite atau ponteng kelas Grandma Hendun and lepak kat kelas sorang2 sementara bf saya tido dalam lecture hall - baik tak payah pergi kan? hehehe ( I went to her class about 4 times je throughout the whole semester, I kid you not).

Last year saya baik hati skit dan hanya memonteng sebanyak 3 kali for each class ( with the exception of English) Itupun sebab max kelas yang boleh diponteng adalah sebanyak 3 kali sehaja.

Saya pernah kena tindakan disiplin sebanyak 2 kali (kena bayar denda) sebab ponteng kelas 3 kali tanpa sebab yang baik waktu BLS (saya ada sebab yang sangat baik : iaitu saya bosan dengan lecturer saya but for some reason they don't think itz a good enough reason)

Adakah saya bangga menjadi budak nakal seperti ini? Saya rasa tidak langsung. Masalahnya saya ada syndrom pelik dimana kadang-kala saya rasa rimas berada dikeliling orang dan saya benci duduk dalam kelas yang sejuk (macam peti ais) selama 2 jam mendengar lecture yang penuh dengan procedure2 bosan. (Note: saya allergic akan procedure based papers) Saya lebih suka duduk dirumah menonton episod terbaru Gossip Girls, membaca majalah hiburan dan menyusun kasut2 saya mengikut kala warna pelangi.

So apa moral of the story? I think you can guess :)


I've booked my honeymoon hotel in Saren Indah, Ubud. The 4 days & 3 Nights package consist of the following:

- Welcome drink upon arrival,
- Daily breakfast,
- Free daily afternoon tea in restaurant or swimming pool,
- Free 1 x 60 minutes massage for 2 persons,
- Free 1 x romantic set menu dinner,
- Free 1 x one way airport transfer in or out,
- Free flower arrangement & decoration upon arrival,
- Free daily shuttle service to Ubud centre base on hotel scheduled,
- Free prevailing government tax & Service charge

The price is quite reasonable at USD$210. I promised my colleague that I will scout the place for them, but based on the reviews in trip advisor itz 4.5/5 rating. We rather not spend too much $$ this time around because I'm planning on another short trip in May (yeah!!)

I'm actually planning to go for my Umrah this year but I don't have enough leave left because of the wedding :( So maybe next year *insyaallah*

Monday, January 19, 2009

Restraining Order...

I do not know what came over me last Friday, when I proudly made this proclamation to Azlan:

Me:I'm not going to buy ANY clothes, shoes and handbags until after the wedding. Starting now 7.45pm, 16 January 2009
Lan: Ye? Kalu you beli jugak macam mana?
Me: You boleh marah I and I can't retaliate
Lan: Fine, everytime you beli new stuff, I can cubit

Hmm... It's only 3.5 days and I'm already suffering *sigh* I'm currently looking for "summery" clothes to wear for my honeymoon (key point is LOOK not BUY) I've set aside several dresses and swim suits (macam lah pandai swim pun) that I bought in Bangkok but have not worn yet as possibilities, but I want more (greedy nak mati)

Anyway me love the dresses posted above (from If anybody have too much $$$ to waste and have nothing to do with it, why not donate it to the Far Needs New Honeymoon Clothes Foundation (like as if)

However, please do so after you have contributed to the Anti-War Against Palestine Donation (NSTP or Mercy Malaysia). A little contribution goes a long way :)
Lan and I have started the moving process. I love my room so much (all thanks to my fiancé' yang sanggup re-paint my room without complaint). We have moved some furniture around and manage to create some additional space. We're currently on the look out for a small (but long) dining table and a small TV stand. My parents promised to bring me furniture hunting this weekend (yeaa!!) can't wait.
I'm so EXCITED that I'm finally getting my own place where I can decorate and maintain.

Thursday, January 15, 2009


As promised checkout (no pressure!) hahahaha

I'm supposed to start moving some of my stuff during the weekend. We're going to do it in stages , so I'm going to start with my shoes and books first.

*sigh* I can't really concentrate at the moment. My mind is all over the place. I have class in the evening and believe it or not I left my books and note pad at home. Feel like memonteng-ing but I'm going to miss a few days of classes later on due to the wedding so I'll have to be good :(

Maybe next week... hahahahha

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Gifts Registry

Hi Guys,

I've been bombarded with this question for the past 3 months

"What do you want for your wedding present ?"

My standard answer would be "I don't know, let me think about it". Someone suggested registering for a wedding registry but I can't seem to find one that is based in Malaysia *hmmm* So to solve the problem and to avoid duplicacy we're creating a special blog with a list of things we need (and I want.. hehehe)

Tacky ke? the opinion on this is divided but in my opinion its better than getting me 30 sets of glasses that I will never use, membazir jer :) will post the link later....

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Nothing Interesting

Good Morning!!

I'm currently in the BNM Training Facility, Lanai Kijang attending/observing a programme. Everything is going great so far I'm relieve :)

Had a very productive weekend as far as a weekend go... I manage to meet up with Farisa, Reebok and Sultanah Kelantan. Didn't stay that long because I have to attend a family "meeting" at home so had to rush back from Bangsar to Klang.

Alia (my just turn 6 cousin) greeted me as I came in the house with a proud announcement. "I BROUGHT CAKE AND TODAY IS MY BIRTHDAY!" Nasib baiklah I have something to give her. I bought her a Barbie Activity Book & Sticker for fun which I camouflaged as her birthday present. The adults discussed on MY WEDDING and the kiddies played on. Alia voluntered herself to be my "unofficial" flower girl. Kids now days...

Sunday is girlie time with Jessie. Had lunch in Manhattan Fish in JJ Bukit Tinggi. We went dress hunting for my hen party. I probably make Jessie walked into more than 20 boutiques. I found a deep green dress in the most unlikely place. It's a toga dress with the hugest bow.

It reminded me of this actually but with a smaller ribbon :p

I'm tired *sigh* and I still have to attend my Corporate Insolvency class later.I have nothing much to update anyway and I feel bad for blogging in the facility *menyalahgunakan facility* :) So I'm signing off. Catch up with you later...

Friday, January 9, 2009

Life Immitating Art

I realised that some relationships will survive through (or suffer depending on your outlook) anything.

The connection is so strong that despite time, distance and situations, it would not be severed. Sometimes I feel like I "willed" you out of my imagination but you always seem to know when to be there for me.... It's not love in the sense of I am in love with you, we're beyond that. I'm over you but I will always love you over and beyond the others (minus my top 5)

You see I may have find my Edward....
But you will always be my Jacob....

I'm rambling because it's Friday and I have a headache and I wanna go home...

P/S: I will be away on Monday and Tuesday attending a course. If you need me do SMS instead of email ok.

Have a great weekend everyone.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Apa Far tengah buat??

1. Wedding Cake
I can't bloody make up my mind. I've been researching for the past 3 days and I kept on changing my mind from cakes to cupcakes to the design and the flavour. I drag Lan to Choffles yesterday, found some designs that I like. We haven't made any reservations yet because I'm still torn over the cupcakes or cake or both saga... such a cakey dilemma :)

2. Orchids and roses
I know the above pics are of lillies.... I'm not flower blind.... I found a beautiful arrangement online just now. It consist of 12 roses, baby breath and orchids, such a refreshing bouquet :)

3. Bulan Madu
We booked our airplane ticket to Bali already *weee* I'm torn between staying in Seminyak, Ubud or Nusa Dua. Doesn't matter anyway since we would only be booking the hotel closer to the date of the wedding. Loads of researching ahead of us.... *lalalalala*

4. Money Spending Activities....
Lalalalala I'm happy and estatic despite the fact that I may end up eating sand and stones for the next 2 months...What did I do? Less said about this the better...

Monday, January 5, 2009

A New Day Ahead...

At the Fish Spa @ Subang Parade

Geli nak mati... I don't think I'll do it again...

Karaoke session on New Year's Eve : Reebok, Awie, Lan & I

Bising: Suara dia tak sedap...

Saya rasa rambut saya cun dalam gambar nie :)

Comentary: Non-Related to the pics ;p
I'm quite slow today... after 5 days of holiday I'm in a very sluggish mode.... Manage to do quite a lot for the wedding in the five days... I'm quite relieve actually. About 80% of the preparation is done... Just the tiny weenie details...

1. Manage to check out the Hall on Saturday with Lan and my dad. The renovation is done (alhamdullilah) and the engineer mentions that it should be ready by the end of this month. I don't see the difference in whatever they are doing though just some paint job, nothing spectacular. It's not some 5 star hotel but at least it's big enough to cram everyone in... hehehehe

2. I just realised at the very last minute that we need to get Lan the accessories for his Baju Melayu for my reception and his. So we went to the shop that would be doing my pelamin, and we manage to rent the bengkung, sampin, tengkolok, rantai & keris for RM 80 per set. Sangatlah murah.

3. I started on the hantaran already, and it's going well, it's 60% ready, just need to get some Styrofoam and crepe paper to finish it. I was walking around Klang Town to scout for wedding favour for Lan's reception, and I found out that the "upah" for hantaran decoration is cheap but I prefer my own personal touch I guess :) Walaupun tak lawa I puas hati *smirk*

4. On the same day we were checking out the favour, I found a florist in Klang town that would be able to recreate the same bouquet that I wanted for half the price its offering in Hartamas. I would save money on the delivery charges too...

5. Cleaning my room, this proves to be a challenge because I have to decide what should stay and what should be transported to "our place" in Section 7. So I am currently living in a mess and it's making me restless...

6. Went to Dewi Sri Spa in Hartamas on Friday for a pre wedding prep :) I was scrubbed, steamed, kneaded and dolled up for 4 hours *sigh* It was a good and relaxing experience. I tried the Silky Radiant Ritual package which was not bad. Planning to go for the more "modern" spa treatment at the end of the month, will choose the one I like best closer to the date of the wedding...

I'm re-reading the Twilight Saga, currently reading Eclipse... It's giving me nightmares in a good way... I actually dream of Edward chasing me so that he can turn me into a vampire last night... it woke me up and when I manage to fall asleep again, he is suddenly proposing to me and I was like I can't. Spooky in a romantic way.... hahahah