Friday, September 26, 2008

Selamat Hari Raya

Dear All,

Just want to wish everyone Selamat Hari Raya & Maaf Zahir Batin. I would like to apologize if I've offended you somehow. Hope everyone will have a great and safe Hari Raya... Jangan main mercun!!!

Friday, 3.00pm

Just came back from Tinie's place. Oh my god!! Nia is so biggie and comel now. She LOVE it when we "agah" her and she suka makan tangan... So cute, I want to gigit her :). We've also introduce her to the crazy world of SHOPPING! Mesti dia pelik, why lah all her aunties keep on changing clothes and making so much noise...hahaha... Tinz gave me my "bday" present yg cun and sexy.. :) Thanks darls, me love it *shootz* Now kena belikan her a birthday present too... huhuhu

Anyway, I can't wait for Raya. Excited :) I got one of my baju raya yesterday and the beading is GORGEOUS!!! 1.5 hours more to go, I can't wait to go home and start my looonngg holiday. I so don't want to be in the office anymore...

Well I'm planning on starting my cupcake baking project tonight... My auntie is having a family gathering tomorrow. At least I won't come empty handed. Hahah this is also the first "gathering" where Lan is OFFICIALLY invited. I know he is reluctant to come but think of it this way sweetie, we have "awesome" cooks in my family, at least I know you would enjoy the food...heheheh

Anyway everyone take care! I may or may not update next week. So love ya all & Have a great week....

XoXo, Far

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Hungry & Tortured...

Hahaha what a title...

I'm so hungry at the moment... Had nasi goreng cili padi *yummy* for sahur but I'm already feeling hungry by 10am. I usually have a glass of milk or cereal for sahur. If I'm really lazy and sleepy, I would just munch on biscuits or have a slice or milk. I don't usually eat rice in the morning... I guess white carbs are easier to digest thus making you hungry faster (that's why you should stick to brown rice) and since the nasi is very the pedas (extra2 cili padi) it will encourage higher metabolisme rate (or something..hahah)

Do you know hungry people tend to spend more? Well, I'm exercising a huge amount of self control not to buy a dress that I really adore in one of this vintage website. *cukup2lah tu* I just received all of the dresses that I ordered from various online blog yesterday and I found my baju raya in Boutique Bhaju in Subang Parade (RM200 cheaper than the budget *good for me*). Can't wait to pick up the remaining 2 baju's from the tailor. I also received the kuih raya I ordered from Hani. Hope it's good :)

Lapar lapar lapar *nak beli baju tapi tak boleh* hahaha

Anyway have you seen the new episode/season of Gossip Girls? It's wicked. The latest trailer "Serena also Rises" is so hot. Me no likey Serena. She is such a pretentious lil b*t*h. hahaha... Seriously of all the character in GG, I like her the least :p

Three and the half hours to go... and then I can go pick up my berbuka dinner from Lan before going to class. So unfair he is on leave from 24/09/08-05/10/08

Nak main bubble townlah.. toodles :)

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Summary of Events : 20-22 Sept 2008

SATURDAY : Hoarding Junks Syndrome

*sigh* Am currently re-cleaning/rearranging my room. One, because Hari Raya is fast approaching. Two, because I need to start making space for Azlan. There is less than 5 months and I don't think I would have the time to really clean my room closer to the date of the wedding. I bet I would be busy with other things....

I have so much stuff. Minus all the shoes and the clothes (hmmm) I have 2 boxes of memorabilia/letters/photos from people... I'm thinking of throwing all of the letters away *tapi sayang* but I will have to do it. Will start with nonsensical "chat paper" like the one above (itz between me and Iena) Hahahah Nothing sentimental about it, but it's funny and silly and never fail to make me laugh :) I'll save the cards and pictures but 80% of the "love letters" would really have to go. I don't need physical things to remember the memories, rite? Anyway better get rid of any incriminating evidence *hahaha*

Sunday:Shopping with the in-laws

My new Black Guess Hepburn full flap clutch (beli dengan consent from my fiancee) hahaha

I think Azlan have a nice family. His sisters are cool. However, I've never been more thankful that I'm the youngest. Pening betul bawak budak2 shopping esp. with the "big-brother" yapping, "cepatlah pilih..cepatlah pilih". PATIENCE!!! Thank god he have me (haha) and I'm always a "hit" with small kids. We found baju's for all 4 of them after 3 hours of searching at the crowded PAS & SACC. Next year I'm so gonna introduce them to online shopping *haha*

Monday: Berbuka @ Intekma, Shah Alam

My family always receive a free invitation to the Intekma Pasar Malam Style Buffet every year. Since my parents won't bother going. My sister and I always will invite a friend each to accompany us. Last year the spread wasn't so good, but they improve this year. However some of the people taking care of the stalls should really learn some manners *so rude*

Azlan & I

Happylah tu- banyak food

Kami tamak - Nasi Briyani Daging, Kambing salai, Grilled chicken and waffles *yum*

Kak Jana & My sister


*Eeeeee* makan secara lahap

Daging salai and mertabak yg sedap :)

Friday, September 19, 2008

Rambling Part VIIXX

I won the bid for both dresses *wee* I got it so-so much cheaper than the BIN price... Hehehe made my weekend... The dress above is a minidress but I'm planning to wear it with skinnies/leggings. Need some sahsiah but stylish baju's nak balik kampung...

I've also received my pareo today, so pretty and colourful. Reminded me of a paddle pop. *am so happy like only shopping can make me*

Back to reality need to finish my assignment, promise myself I would finish at least ONE assignment by next week, eventhough the deadline is after raya. I don't want to spend my raya doing homework instead of stuffing myself with yummy raya food.

I'm already dreaming of my grandma's ketupat & lontong, my mak sue's rendang daging (pedas gila but best), dodol (still hot from the kuali-eat it while it's still runny *yummy*). Shootz I'm salivating already. Anyway I just realised this year would be my last raya as a "single person" Next year tak salam tangan mummy and daddy first. *so sedey*

Lapar nie "THANKS" to my tak boleh diharap sister, we didn't get a place for the free Intekma Buffet Dinner today. *urrgghh* have to wait for Monday instead. Am going out with Reebok for berbuka today. Still haven't made up my mind where to go.

Am trying not to eat nasi, trying to lose as much weight as possible *huhu* Lost 2 kg's already but would like to lose more weight so that by the time I go for my wedding dress measurement I'll be closer to my pre-honours weight = 50 kg's. Even tub of lards can dream... hahahahha

Have a great weekend everyone. Jangan main mercun!!!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Shoptox *again*


Am putting myself on a shoptox for 2 weeks (if possible 1 month)
Was checking out my purchases/expenditure on clothes for this whole month and..... well judge for yourself

1. 2 pairs of maxi (online)
2. 1 bag(online)
3. 1 pareo
4. 1 shoe (or maybe 2?? can't remember..hehehe)
5. 1 kebaya
6. Tailoring for 2 baju raya
7. MAC stuff
8. and I'm currently bidding on 2 vintage dresses.... ( well there's a possibility I might not get it but I so want it :p heheheh)
9. The jubah for mummy and baju melayu for daddy ( this don't really count coz itz for Raya ;p)

Not forgetting the amount of $$$ I'm spending on food & books... I've been bad this month... It's kinda funny becoz the SHOPTOX in August work so well but I end up spending all the money that I save last month this month *and if I'm honest maybe a tad bit more*

Ok-ok I just need one FINAL lilac tunic for pagi raya and I'm done *serious* Deadline for spending on the top is this Sunday (coz I promise Lan to bring his sister Raya shopping *again pepandai-lah amik hati..haha) so will find for it then...

See baby you actually have my promise in writting... Itz practically a contract :p Gtg finish this really annoying report for big boss *sigh*

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Berbuka Puasa @ Muzium Islam KL

Last Sunday I went for berbuka puasa with my colleagues at the Muzium Islam. I guess it's some sort of our little "tradition". The food is not as good as last year but I LOVE the chicken kebab *besh sangat* but for RM69.00 I don't think it is really worth it :p

The company was great though. We had so much fun laughing and fooling around :) Sher is such a hoot lah. So funny when she "marah" Lan and make him take a cupcake even when he don't want to. Love it when he kena buli, so comel like budak kecik kena marah... *hahaha* Serve him right for "bermasam muka" due to the lack of prawns *mengada*

Left: Me, Yohanna, Jean and Justin
Right: Reza, Nicole & Alistair

Lan & I

The Babes: Nicole, Yohanna, Me, Sher & Jean
(missing from the pic : Nina the isteri mithali)

Private joke: the S N A K E that neither I nor Yohanna can spell

The kambing * me dun really like it though* dry and sauceless :p

Bday cuppies for Jean & Nicole from Wondermilk *yum*

Monday, September 15, 2008

Domestic Weekend...

I spend the whole weekend baking cupcakes. The results was great (even if I do say so myself) and I'm planning on making another batch this week to give away as Hari Raya presents.

The whole baking process was tiring though, I wonder how some people can do it everyday. The mixing, frosting, decorating and cleaning takes up a lot of energy. Hehehe I don't mind though, me love cooking and baking. I don't consider myself a GREAT cook but I'm quite good (hahaha)

I mean when I get married, Lan would not be eating can food and sayur & telur goreng everyday. Setakat ayam masak merah, nasi ayam, nasi lemak, variety of soups and sambal saya terrer jugak ahh... I'm currently learning how to make dishes such as curry & masak lemak (but my hubby to be pandai masak benda2 macam nie, so dia boleh ajar :) and for variety I can make great pasta dishes, grilled chicken, potato salad, fajitas, stuffed mushroom dll. I find Italian and western dishes easier to cook than malay dishes.

Hehehe anyway, I may be able to cook well, but it all still depends on my mood (hahaha) If no mood to cook, there is always the nearest Mamak *wek*

Hot from the oven!!!

Cupcakes deco time :)

One batch for Anas who is preparing for his Standard 6 Agama Exam (I'm such a great cousin)

Made this for Lan's Mum (and his adik beradik lah) Well a girl got to do what a girl got to do right? Pandai2 lah ambik hati future mum-in-law :p

Friday, September 12, 2008

Bimbo Post (part xxxiii)

*wee* Me love techonology :)

Nina's sister is going to New York next week and she said it's ok if I want to get some stuff. I'm so estatic. Anyway attached is the pic of my coveted bag from Steve Madden *hehe* I'm also contemplating on getting some hot stuff from Betsey Johnson *gila kejap* I'm putting myself on a budget. I'm not going to overboard. *wek* Maybe I'll get some stuff for Lan - a watch/wallet maybe? Hmmm we'll see... I'm so excited for no reason that I'm hyperventilating (I'm feeling like the time I found out about the custom made shoe shop in Bangsar)

Anyway had loads of fun yesterday (minus the bitchy makcik who cut queue and curik our table and Najwa accusing me of having big **** becoz of something *which is seriously untrue and aku geram gila FITNAH* haha) Lan got me a Jovian Mandagie pink kebaya (hahaha keyword KT kan diri) I wanted to get it for myself because it's on sale, so was ESTATIC beyond words when Lan said he'll get it for me provided that I stop bugging him for a baju raya :) So at the moment I'm feeling happy and blessed *alhamdullillah*

Finally finish my LRM assignment and that itself is a reason to celebrate :)

Thursday, September 11, 2008


The office is freezing but I'm starting to feel the heat :p I have so much to do ( but I still have time to blog) and I don't know where to start.

There is report to write, presentation to prepare and research to be done. Bad enough that I have tons of stuff to read for class, I have to make further research for work. For some reason when the word research is involved, people would think of me. They'll be like, "Far like to do research, let her do it" Well I like it so much that even I don't know that I like it *wek*

Not complaining though, it's kinda learning loads of new things.

*sigh* 1 1/2 months to final exam. This time around the passing marks for all the paper is 65 and you have to maintain a CGPA of 3.0 to pass the programme. I'm kind of worried, even though I've managed to maintain a CGPA of above 3.0 previously, this time around it's a bit different. I don't really have a problem with the application of the law, it's the critique that is a bit problematic to me. You'll need to think, and thinking takes up a lot of effort and time *haha*

Anyway I have 3 reports pending (4 if counting English) *Urggh* Need to start working on it soon. Dr.Rizal suggested that I take up a topic for his final presentation as he said no one had the guts to do it before. He even dangle an extra 5 marks (extra credit) if I do it. The problem is there is very limited reading material and cases on the matter so would need to take some extra effort in order to finish the report. I have 9 more days to make up my mind.

I'm already thinking of dinner... Hehehe I got my Manhattan Fish last Tuesday *yeah* and today I'm going berbuka with Lan, Reebok and maybe Rajoo a.k.a YDPA... It's kinda hard to meet up now days, and people are so lazy to make an effort (including me) so when there is an opportunity should just take it.

P/s: I got the latest episode of Gossip Girls, Season 2, The trailer is hot *dayyum* Can't wait to watch it...


Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Posing Posers Collection

The weekend was good...Our parents have agreed on the "wedding date" *yeah* I don't feel like announcing it at the moment. Anyway, for the people that matters (or perasan they are..heheh) will tell you guys as and when I see you :)

I had 2 classes on Saturday. One being a TOTAL nightmare :p Anyway since classes was 2 hours apart, Lan and I lepak together for a bit to kill time, anyway I saw this Malay men eating MCDONALDS at Tasik Shah Alam. Whether or not you choose to fast is your choice, but please exercise some respect and eat at some secluded place and not "lovingly" share Big Mac with your gf on broad day light for everyone to see *whatever*

After class, Lan and I went to SACC, while waiting for Maghrib we went jewellery hunting. Found this real nice white gold pendant and bracelet at Diamond & Platinum. It's simple but cool (the chains are interlink/braided with each other) Keeping that in mind for the wedding, I don't think I'll get another ring. I already have 3 despite the fact not being such a "ring person" :p Lan was all *gung ho* and was all "let's get it now" (termakan words of the real nice salesperson, no doubt) but I don't see the harm of checking out more shops (an excuse to shop..hahah) Anyway we still have loads of time....

Sunday afternoon, was spend doing chores... Went out with Cath, Jessie and Matt to Curve. Had loads of fun hanging out, though a bit penat because we walk around quite a bit.

Jessie and I at Nichi changing "cam whoring" No prize guessing who's ideas was it :p

Cath and I

Together again after 2 years *like so drama* hahaha

*shaky pictures* courtesy of Jessie (as always)

With Messy :p

Yummy cuppies :) from Cupcake Chic

At Bubba Gump Shrimp

Posing while waiting for Azan

Matt's blinded by the flash

Our yummy appetizer... Onion Ring and some Cajun chicken thingy (can't remember the name)

Anyway the food was better than the one I had on my birthday. I had the Mama's Fried Chicken and so did Cath and Matt. Jessie had the Shrimp New Orleans. For desert we had the cupcakes. A lot of food was wasted though because the portion's kinda huge.

All this food talk is making me hungry. I suddenly feel like going to TGIF for berbuka. I think I'll go off now and think of ways to seduce Lan to drive to Subang and get me my mac and cheese *yum* Come to think of it Manhattan Fish would be good too... Alamak, now I'm all lapar.

Happy Berbuka, everyone


Thursday, September 4, 2008

The one on boredom

I'm always bored.

Ask people who are close to me. I have the attention span of a gnat. I'll be doing something for 2 seconds and I will decide to abandon it in search of something more interesting to do. Usually that involved calling someone and bugging them until the boredom past....

Me: Hello, I'm bored....
Answers that would usually follow that statement : "uhuh..."

Me in my state of boredom is me getting out of control. I would usually end up fighting/pissing someone during my state of boredom. I love going "talk to me... talk to me *increase volume*" until the person on the other line gets all fed-up and start screaming at me or they'll try and come up with some lame excuse to go.... *haha like I don't know*

However, me at my bored-est (is there such word?) state is very entertaining. You can get the craziest crap out of my mouth. Hey, I can be funny when I'm bored.

Or I'll be rambling and rambling and rambling (in case you don't realize it by now, I love to talk)

There is no sense and purpose to this blog, other than I'm BORED. I need to come up with a brilliant presentation Bursa SBL and I'm out of ideas. I can barely string a sentence up in my head at the moment.....

Anyway... this week is going to be great (I think) Reebok is around (went berbuka with her and Azlan last Tuesday) and Cath is back from Japan for the next 2 weeks and was supposed to lepak with her and Jessie sometime soon. annnnnddddd *drum roll* I finally decided on a colour and am planning to persuade M.Azlan (sounds like some blind pop yeh2 singer) to accompany me to get the materials....

Dahlah... I think I will "fake" genius-isme and finish my presentation. Giving myself a deadline until 4.30pm....


Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Great Expectations and Compromise

It have been 2 weeks since I attended the pre-wedding course, so I had 2 weeks to mulled over the things that I've learned. One common theme that keep on cropping before/during and after the course was the issue of compromise and expectations.

I don't know about you but I don't have any huge expectations that life after wedding would be 100% sweet, fairy tale happy ending thingy. At the same time, being a not so cynical person (haha) I do expect a lot of laughter, joy and plenty of sharing. I love my fiance' but I do know that there are going to be times in the near future where we may not like each other very much. I expect all of that. Maybe not 100% prepared but it is expected. I believe that when the time comes, if our love is strong enough, *insyallah* we will conquer.

A lot of discussion have transpired in the event of this upcoming wedding. The discussion is on-going and kind of seeped through sometimes mundane conversation in our everyday activity. Like : looking at the traffic light turning red and going " B, do you thing I would look good in a red songket for the reception" or going to the photostat shop and suggesting "maybe we should pull a 'Maya Karin' and just photostat our wedding cards"and it goes on and on...

If you realised, though those discussion may be "biasa", there is actually a lot of power playing involved. Who makes the decision, who is making all the sacrifice and compromised, who is bull headed etc. those things can be seen very early on. It's just the matter of how perspective and attentive you are to your partner.

Getting ready for the wedding in one small issue compared to as to what is going to happen AFTER the wedding, there are people who is already in a marriage but still failed to discuss their short/long term plans. I agree that you can't control everything but like preparing thoroughly for a court case,discussing things early on you will save yourself from a lot of unexpected and unwanted SURPRISES!

For example on the issues of babies: The husband may want a big family but the wife may prefer a smaller one. I've heard this arguments esp. from husband to be and guys who already married. "I want 5-6 kids" - "Ok, what do your wife think about this?" "Oh, she'll have to agree with me because I'm her husband and it's a sin for her to defy me"

Errmm hello??? Yes, I wholeheartedly agree that it is a sin for any wife to defy her husband's order (for lack of better word) but do exercise the 3C's : COMPROMISE, COMPASSION AND CONSIDERATION. Having babies is NOT like buying Barbie Dolls, you need to take care of them, feed them and educate them. The problem with some people they lack the ability to think far.

Yes, each baby come with their own "rezeki" but with each "rezeki" comes with a greater responsibility. I agree that I have no experience of giving birth to a baby, but I have actively care for my cousins (i.e : changing diapers, bathing, feeding) suffered through their endless crying (Have you ever been alone with a colicky baby who cried until he turned blue? well I have and trust me the experience is excruciatingly scary) and I know it is not going to be easy. Your little bundle of joy will take 3/4 of your attention from other things as they are going to be the most important thing to you (esp. to mother's) divide that "joy" by 5/6 to that attention. Can you give each kid the same attention? That is where "quality vs quantity" discussion come in, as reminded by one of the Uztazah during the course. Sometimes, you can't have it all...

Let's not forget the issue of money, expenses, household responsibilities, children education (yes this may seem like a long way to go, even if you get pregnant straight away, but do you realised how expensive is mengaji classes, music classes, baby gym etc going to be?? you need loads and loads of $$$ to give your kids the best...)

Have Lan and I discussed this issue? Yes! Do we agree on everything? Not at all. Do we respect each other opinion? We try our best to listen to each other and try not to ridicule the other person opinion. (It's hard but some how it's working *alhamdullilah* :p haha)

So what's going to happen next? Well first I have to decide on a wedding theme colour to a wedding less than 6 months away. Azlan would need to be patient with my indecisiveness, I would need to resigned to the fact that my hubby to be is just not interested in the various tones of white and cream and not start accusing him of not being interested in our wedding (melodrama) So that is one hurdle to face.We'll talk about the other compromise as and when the need arises...

Next: The veil, bouquet and bridesmaid dress

Anyway, we threw a baby shower for Sherry my Head of Department on Thursday and everybody had loads of fun (despite innitial and unnecessary intrusion from SOME people). The pics are attached below, enjoy!!! I'm just so good at organising parties... hahahah

Everbody and the Mummy

Our "Yummy Mummy" Sash for Sherry

The Yummy Mummy

The Gift Bags that I made for everyone. Check out the cuppies, which is so yummy made by Nina's neighbour...