Thursday, November 29, 2012

The One With The Orange Wedding...

 The day before the reception :) Ryan, Nidal and Alia "helping out" Baba Ngah putting up the dais. 
It is so easy when you have family in the business....

 My fairy princess all decked in their tutus & wings (??)
Anyways loving the accessories from Shopping Chicas.
You guys should check it out, the owner is super efficient and the products are gorgeous :)

 Last Saturday was "HOT", good day to have a wedding because it is sunny as compared to the heavy storm the day before...

The kiddies attacking daddy for cendol. Lan wanted to feed Ryan je sebenarnya, but the twins, my little foodie did not want to be left out :p

 My Mum with my pumpkin patch girls...
L/R: Iman, Dareen, Kimmie, Ranya and Induk Alia
They are so cute kan :)

 Ahhhhh my cake obsessed lil boy...
He was so excited when he saw the cake box, when my cousin Aqil teased him that the cake was not for him, he started WAILING... Geram ok.
Thank god we managed to distract him enough for Arif and Aisyah to cut the cake FIRST!!

Anyway the cake is from my fave baker :) Nadibakes 
My sis and I was in charged of the cake and I came up with the rosette orange ombre design 
The flavour is red velvet as per bride's request.
I know it is a bit tilted due to the heat.. the fact that it is red velvet does not really help due to the lack of support... Taste good though...

Which reminds me, with or without a birthday party, I need to order an Avengers cake for this lil boy...
Ryan... Ryan...

 My handsome lil man...
Kawan gaduh mummy :p

Iman with my fave cousin Amir.. 
The kind of mischief the pair of us used to be in :p
Baba Sue, you're next ok!! *In Sha Allah*

My youngest Miss Ranya Fatimah
The center of attention due to her wings :)
Lil kids (girls esp) was pointing at her and was all
"mummy she has wings, mcm fairy"
Hahaha the story behind the wings:

I was having a hard time finding an orange outfit for my girls
It is either too orange (jack o lantern) or not orange enough 
(statement mcm Goldilocks la pulak)
My refusal on buying matching outfits makes it even difficult to clothes hunt
(if the outfit cost more than RM20, I wont pay double for IDENTICAL stuff)

I ended up having to buy separate pieces from H&M and Cotton On in cream and orange 
after 2 weeks of hunting finally found the singlet which meets my criteria of orange but not too orange :p
so that is my story on how Ranya got her wings hahaha

I may need to deal with my distaste on buying identical stuff soon
More on this, in my next post :)

With the rest of the family
My sis ain't around because she was in Langkawi for work :p

To  my cousin Arif, congrats :) and may you be a good husband and father. Aisha welcome to the family!!! May Allah bless your marriage all the way to Jannah *in sha allah*

Ranya my lil technology freak..
So cute watching her lil fingers change the pictures on screen..
tak nak share with the rest of her siblings pulak tu...

Iman was down with fever since Monday. Turn out it was tonsillitis (too much cendol? haha)
So Lan and I had to take EL yesterday to bring her to the docs.
She's been refusing milk and food due to her swollen tonsils
Must be very painful and she was extra clingy (not that she's not clingy on normal days la ;p)
I brought her to Haagen Daaz for a lil vanilla ice-cream treat to cheer her up
Happy sekejap je, pastu moody balik.. 
takpela sayang... get well soon ya

okk peeps break time is over... adios amigos!!!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Celebrating my TRIPLE blessings...

In less than a month (or so) Iman and Ranya would be turning one and Ryan is turning three :) December means triple birthday celebration for the Azlan-Farhanna household (how's that for family planing?? haha)

I'll be taking leave on their respective birthdays and I've already made plans for activities to be carried out on the day itself and the joined celebration in school (yes I do plan months in advanced ;p) I've even chosen their birthday presents. Now I'm just wondering whether I should throw the kiddies a birthday party at home. The problem with my family is there is no such thing as a "small celebration". We're not talking "extravagance" here, I'm referring to the guest list. I have a huge extended family and we're very close, so I don't feel right doing something and not inviting everyone...

Anyway, Ryan is old enough to appreciate "birthdays". He don't know WHEN is his birthday but he understands the concept of a birthday cake and presents. He's been asking for a "dademan (spiderman) + captain ayeyeca (captain america)" cake and like most parents, I would like to make my lil boy's wish come true.

Iman and Ranya is of course too young to understand birthday celebrations but since (and if) I'm throwing Ryan a birthday party, of course it will be a triple celebration between these three. A double/triple themed party would be fun hehe...Superhero themed party for Ryan and fairy princess theme for the twins... hmm my little pony would be fun too... or dinosaurs.... (maybe all 4 since I'm so fickle minded :p)

Arrghhhhh my mind is already bursting with ideas for decorations and menu for the party. Since I'm a DIY kind of girl, I know I can work everything within a reasonable budget :) uuuuuuu Imagine a garden party (provided that it did not rain) with pretty deco + cute little kids running around... I want...I want...

My mind is pretty much made up (provided the husband consented to this) : I should do this, right? RIGht? RIGHT??? hahaha

Friday, November 2, 2012

Ze Latest Addition :)

I've been thinking of replacing my Blackberry Bold 2 to for quite some time but despite the arrival of a whole range of smart phones last year nothing grab my attention enough for me to replace my beloved BB. I was also telling myself not to be "tamak" since I just got the Galaxy Tab for my bday this year.

Lo and behold, during my random conversation with En.Azlan a few weeks back, he suddenly proposed to get me a new phone under the condition that I loan him either my Ipod Touch/G.Tab during the day for him to use at work. You know what they say "rezeki jangan ditolak?" Naturally, I said YES ;p

I was set on an Android because Iphones are just too fragile for butterfingers me :p so it was a choice between the new Galaxy Note 2 or Samsung SIII. The features is about the same so I went for design and since I've never been a fan of the Note family which I've liken to be so "gedabak" and it feels like talking with a calculator, I chose the SIII to join my lil' gadget family. Anyway I have my tab for media viewing and other stuff :)

I've been using the phone for about a week now and I have to say that I'm very very happy with it :)
That is my short review on zee phone, have an awesome weekend everyone. I'm going back to Perak tomorrow, what is your weekend activity???

Meet Lil S in her cute pinky winky outfit :)

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Ryan's Sunway Adventure...

Last 2 weeks was my company's family day. It was held in Sunway Lagoon so I decided to bring Ryan. We left the twins with atuk and nenek as it would be too hot for them and our movements with be limited. 
Glad to say Ryan had loadsa fun swimming, looking at animal @ Sunway Wildlife and going on the baby friendly rides. It was awesome because he wasn't afraid to try :) I can foresee planning similar trip for him soon...
 The look alike :p
 @ Surf pool
 @Sunway Wildlife
 "eee mummy snake.. geyiii"

 "mummy dinochoo fly"

After close to 5 hours, we went home as it was starting to rain heavily. This little boy was so exhausted that once he got his bottle he immediately fell asleep in his stroller :)
All in all a great day...