Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Wonder Woman

I have too much stuff going on my mind at the moment. It is so hard to cluster them and make sense. I want to do so much but I can't find the time to do it. Worst of all the feeling of laziness will come and I end up not doing anything but panic :p

I wonder how they do it???

You know the super successful woman who run a business empire while at the same time doing their doctorate while managing adorable babies, perfectly behave kids and a loving husband who dotes on them. They just ooze confident and class.

Impossible? Not really as I personally know a few of these "wonder women". They are so successful but they lead their life in the simplest drama free way. Best of all they are content and so humble. We should be ashamed of them. We achieved so little but the "kecohness" outweigh the achievements. Sometimes "diam-diam ubi berisi"

So screw Carrie's closet. I thrive to be like these successful, humble and content women *insyallah* To start I shall end this post and go home since it's already 5.45pm hahaha

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Shopaholic Mode....

I was searching for presents for a friend's baby on several UK and USA based website. [p/s : I know the overly cynical and critics will find the above comment as "trying" but I'm not even going to bother to justify my purchases..hahah] Back to the post, I managed to scout for several cute and not easily available stuff in Malaysia for a very reasonable price.

Cute and practical baby stuff is not really easy to find. If it is cute, it may not be very practical or vice versa. When you finally find an item that fits both criteria the price would be beyond ridiculous. Sometimes getting the items abroad are more reasonable.

The trick is, you have to know your products. Make several comparisons on the item and please factor in things like custom charges, delivery charges and tax etc. For example an item may cost USD 5.00 ( roughly RM15.00)but factoring the above "hidden cost" a simple t-shirt may set you back close to RM90. So be smart.

You should also consider the time factor. If you need a dress for your annual dinner which is 2 weeks away, I don't think it is very smart to order from an international online site. Even with express postage, shit may happen. You would not want to be caught in a situation where you end up with nothing to wear and your personalized 18th Century dress arrived 2 days after the big event.

Anyway I fell in love with this "My Little Seat Travel High Chair in Hula Loops". I think it is very practical as you can use it not only when you're out with your baby but also when you are at home. It fits any round or square back chair. It can fit a 6 months old baby and also older children. The best part is that it comes in many stylish designs so you can choose one in accordance to your personal style :)

I also like this "Fisher-Price Precious Planet Bath and Changing Caddy " You can put all your baby diapers and cream in the caddy and you can easily carry it around the house. It is also very cute as an organizer for the baby nursery. With Ryan always being transported to my room- living room- my mom's room, I like the idea of the caddy :)

We're also looking for a walker for Ryan. I'm currently leaning towards the one from Sweet Cherry and Chico. The one in Chico is a bit more pricey but I can utilize my Parkson voucher so I would only need to fork up about RM100. The one from Sweet Cherry is not bad price/looks/sturdiness wise.

I have about 1-2 months to make the decision as I would prefer Ryan to spend more time on his tummy at the moment so he will be able to learn how to crawl. Since the walker will make him more mobile, I'm afraid he will become a tad lazy to move around by himself. I did read that using a walker might cause your baby to walk later but according to my friends that is not really the case, since their babies started walking from 9 months onwards. Initially I was a bit scared on getting Ryan the walker but after getting their reassurance, I think I will buy it in a few months time :)

The one from Chico

The one from Sweet Cherry

Ryan... Ryan nowdays everything is all for you. Mummy and daddy don't even bother looking for stuff for ourselves :p Anyway we may be going on a short holiday next week. Hope it will work out as I won't be going anywhere once classes starts in July...

Monday, June 21, 2010

My Angels

Dear Ryan,
6 Months ago you were born and you made mummy and daddy the happiest parents on earth :)

Fresh out from the oven :) Screaming your heart out...

Ohh I love the lips and gorgeous big brown eyes.. You look like daddy but you have my nose...

7 days old- After atuk cukur all your rambut off....

During your aqiqah and cukur jambul ceremony. You was such an angel, no fuss no crying.

2 months old - getting cuter by the day...

We use to have so much fun posing for pictures, while waiting for Daddy, atuk and nenek to come back from work kan? I miss those time with you.....

At 3 months
After your 2nd time dibotakkan... oh dear it was so much harder this time with you wriggling and screaming... look so bulat with no hair :)

With Tama... yang dah lencun kena saliva *yucks*

Hello, I'm 4 months old and I love making muka geram at people...

With Tama again...

@5 Months
Peekaboo is my favourite game...

Hmmmm.... what am I supposed to do????

Hi I'm Ryan and I'm 6 Months old
  • I can turn, and roll around and can now scoot forward and side to side. I'm showing some signs of crawling :)
  • I can sit unsupported, but is still unable to sit on my own... hehehe
  • I have started eating solid food everyday. My fave? Blended Chicken, carrot, potatoes and onion rice porridge *yummy*
  • I can say *abooooboo* and *maaaa* and a whole load of unidentified baby talk
  • Mummy thinks I'm teething :p
  • I love making raspberries *phbbbtttt* it's funny (at least I think so)
  • I can stand solid on my legs ( shouldn't I be getting a walker soon, Mummy??)

It's My Birthday.....

Happy 6 Months Birthday Ryan. May allah bless you always and I hope you'll always be happy, healthy and content. Jadi anak yang soleh ok *insyallah* You're growing so fast and I'm so proud of everything that you do, no matter how insignificant others may think . You're brilliant and amazing and don't let anybody make you think otherwise.

Ryan, There will come a time when we might not see things eye to eye and you'll be too cool to hang out with your dear old mum, but please remember that I love you very much and you mean the world to me, no matter what ok. Please remember that you can always come to me and daddy for advice etc. I might not agree with your decision but I'll try to respect and be understanding to your needs and wants. But in the end I proposed that you listen to me coz I'm always right,sweetheart (Tak caya tanya daddy..hahah) sayang awak budak kecik *Hugz* (ok over tetiba rasa nak nangis,haha)


I can make a whole long list of your flaws but a bad father you are not :)You're an awesome dad Muhammad Azlan Ab Malek. Ryan can learn a lot from you and I look forward to spend a million more Father's Day together.... Love you so much

We may not have the biggest house, the fastest car and billion of dollars but I thank Allah everyday for blessing me with both of you.... I'm so lucky to have both of you and I seriously could not ask for more *alhamdullilah*

Friday, June 18, 2010

Weekend here I come :)

I’m on ½ day today to take care of some “school” stuff. Later I’m planning to shop a little for myself and Ryan (noticed how Lan is never included anymore? Haha) and I’m planning on watching Sex and The City 2 . I love spending this stolen “me” times.

Anyway Jessie came over last night to pass some stuff for Ryan (Love the moo bip especially) and we gossip till 11pm.Best gila merepek-repek for hours hehehe… Anyway looking forward to hang out again soon (whenever soon may be).

Father’s day is this Sunday. I bought presents for daddy and FIL. Ryan and I are planning to bring Lan out for lunch *somewhere* Malas want to plan now if tak jadi sakit hati. One thing I learn about being a mummy is that you can’t obsessively schedule everything and expect it to go as planned all the time. So let’s just go with the flow

I don’t have much updates at the moment, but I’m bored and I feel like doing something hence the post. Anyway hope everyone will have a great and safe weekend ahead *insyallah*

Happy Father’s Day in advance to all the awesome dad I know and love *muackz*

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Shoe Party, anyone??

A colleague suggested for us to have a "customize your own shoe" party. Kinda cool coz your feet will be measured by the shoes person and you can choose your own heels/material/design.The price is also quite reasonable for leather shoes.Of course I'm more than game :) Believe it or not I haven't bought myself a shoe for the past 3 months. Which is a total record for me. So I'm planning to end the dry spell soon (hahah Lan is probably cringing as he's reading this) Don't worry darling, I won't go overboard as I don't want to end up with only shoes and no shoe room :p Anyway above is my shoe wish list. Love these whimsical shoes above. If anyone want to buy me gifts (haha) silalah consider kasut-kasut diatas :)

Monday, June 14, 2010

Every Mummy's Nightmare

The fever and flu season is back and its latest victim is Ryan :(

Ryan was sick since last Thursday, his temperature even went over 38'c at around 4am. Alhamdullilah after giving him a dose of fever medicine and sponge bath we manage to take it down a few c's. However I realised he started coughing and wheezing at some point. Of course I was worried esp. with the history of asthma in the family. I also feel bad as I'm sure that I'm the one who passed down the virus to Ryan :(

Lan and I decided to take EL on Friday so that we can bring Ryan to see the paediatrician . We contemplated in bringing him to SJMC to see Dr Sofia but Lan don't want to go through the crazy wait so we decided to bring Ryan to Baby and Beyond Clinic in Bangsar Village II.

I don't think Ryan realized that he was sick, as he was happily jumping/rolling around like nobodies business. I guess he was just excited to have mummy and daddy around. He probably thought we're going jalan-jalan.

@ the clinic, cool huh? look like some playgym/toy store

Excited... He don't look like someone who made his parents/grandparents stayed up all night to take care of him kan?

Ryan has bronchitis :( so he was given a Ventolin inhaler to treat his cough. Alhamdullilah his bronchitis did not develop into pneumonia... Credits to his pneumococal shots... We will be closely monitoring him..

My little curious Tom... I let Ryan play with the Aero chamber for a while to pacify him..

My little Darth Vader... good boy took his medicine calmly...

5 minutes later.... happily playing with Tama and his car keys :p

Moanday and back at work: I feel like staying home to take care of Ryan but to bad I have to save my cuti for future use. Anyway the weekend was ok, at least managed to spend good quality time with Lan and Ryan. We also celebrated my mother in law birthday on Saturday, my sister in law threw an impromptu party where they cooked, supervised by our great grandmother *yummy* and we got the cake and KFC. It was fun coz everyone was around.

Was supposed to go out yesterday but Ryan was still not 100% well so we stayed in and watched DVD's "Coco Avant Chanel" and "Percy Jackson: The lightning thief".I love both movies though was bit pening as the Chanel movie was in French. Trust me 2 semester of french as a third language does not make you "fasih berbahasa perancis" [ok I'm actually poking fun on an article on someone a few years back] On the bright side since we didn't go out I managed to do some housework :)

Ok that's all the update on my weekend. Have a great week ahead people...

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

My 10Million Wardrobe :)

My dream wardrobe... though my mega ass will never look good in those tutu's

I was home sick yesterday, so I spend most of my morning watching BTS for Sex and The City 2 and SATC2 E News Special. Despite the bad reviews garnered online I still can’t wait to watch it. I have a “thing” for SATC.

I remembered watching episodes and episodes of SATC back to back after I completed my first degree. I just broke up with my then ex boyfriend, so with nothing to look forward to despite the long holiday since I declined mummy’s offer for a holiday in the hopes that he will come back (hahaha drama warma) I decided to stay holed up in my room to read and watch movies/TV episodes.

The best thing about SATC is the friendship/ heartbreaks and the epic Carrie-Big love story. You can’t help but be sucked into her crazy everyday life and even crazier love life and out of this world wardrobe.

Speaking of wardrobes, I LOVE Carrie’s walk in wardrobe in her new apartment with BIG. Gorgeousness. Do you know at the time of the filming, the wardrobe is worth up to USD 10 million stocked to the brim with all the Monolo’s, McQueen, Choo’s etc. Please don’t get me started on the shoes… oh the beautiful Nicholas Kirkwood shoes that SJP have been seen totting around… be still my heart… heheh I can always dream, the shoes cost my monthly salary.

Anyways though I might not be able to own the dresses/bags/shoes/accessories in the movie, I can work toward the next best thing. My own shoe room. Display racks for my shoes and ample room to hang my handbags. A girl can always dream and work towards making it a reality,right??

Alhamdullilah Lan and I are closer to our goal each day (insyallah).

My Final Semester as a Student

My classes are starting soon. I'm kinda sad thinking about it as it will mean late nights and less time for cheeky cheeks. I console myself saying that it will only be for 4 months and I'm doing all this so that things can further improve for our family once I attained my masters. No pain no gain, right? Ryan should learn early on that he must always work hard for what he want and the result will be worth it *insyallah*

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Cheeky Cheeks @ 5 Months

My 5 Months 2 Weeks Milestones
  • I'm able to meniarap (very effectively) but every time I end up on my tummy I will start screaming because I do not like tummy time (but I insist on turning nevertheless for reason only known to me)
  • Can recognize people calling me by my name (will usually turn to Ryan or Muhammad. Not that receptive to Daniel ;p)
  • I can gasp (i.e. laugh cute baby laugh and gasp at the end of each laughter)
  • Can effectively identify people (i.e. Mummy, Daddy, Nenek, Atuk and Mak Long... Pak Long still so-so) Will cry if I'm given to strangers...
  • Getting more and more impatient by the day (ikut perangai sapa lah nie)
  • Love the song ABC, Twinkle2 Little Star, and Selawat "Laillahaillallah" (Pernah make mummy sing these 3 songs over and over again for 30 minutes non stop)
  • Suka pegang milk bottle sendiri and have started eating solid food (at the moment baru makan brown rice cereal and carrot puree)
  • Can stand/sit sturdily with support ;)
  • Love to babble for hours (complete with the phtttt sound and bubbles)
  • Pandai jelir lidah (hahah sapalah ajarnie)
  • Very acrobatic... this close to sucking his toe nails (you know what orang tua say when babies do this??? alamak)
  • Overall a happy and bubbly baby who love to pose for pictures and adore compliments (sangat perasan and a bit vain :- in a good way) hahaha

Alhamdullilah... I thank Allah for you everyday Ryan...

My Sister's Wedding

Occasion: Along & Abang Nan's Wedding
Date: 29-30 May 2010
Venue: Home & Dewan Hamzah Klang
Note: I didn't get to take a lot of pictures as I was busy running around... Will try and upload more on FB (FB @ office is slow so will do it during the weekend)

The bride & the groom

Congrats!! May Allah bless your marriage always

The Hanif Clan...

Handsome boy in his baju melayu :)

I made the hantaran... which my ungrateful sister didn't even bother to thank me for :p

The dais @ home

Ryan and his babah su :)

Our "red" family

Ryan with PakSu Haziq, Babah Ngah and MakSu Yanie

The Keramai Clan :)

Alia :) our specially trained flower girl ..hehe