Thursday, January 29, 2015


4 more weeks to my 6 year wedding anniversary with Lan and our Annual Family Trip (inshaAllah). Loads of last minute "challenges" and headache in planning but nothing that is truly worth it comes easy :) May Allah give me the patience coz he knows how much I need it hihihi

In the meantime I will think of this little cuties (and their handsome big brother) every time someone is driving me nuts...

Monday, January 26, 2015

First Post of 2015

One of my New Year resolutions is to blog more often. 26 days into 2015, you can safely say that resolution won’t be happening :p The obvious culprit is of course WORK. I’m also quite busy preparing for our upcoming family trip in February (Inshaallah) so whatever free time I have, would be spent online Googling for information and planning cute travel outfits for the girls (Yes, I have skewed priorities but who cares???)

To tell you the truth 2015, have been shaping out to be quite challenging in many areas, one being that all 3 babies have started kindergarten. I know some people don’t think that it is a big deal and that it does not have much impact to our family schedule seeing that the munchkins have been going to daycare since they were 2 months old. All I can say is, there’s a HUGE difference in preparing them to go to kindy and just packing their clothes and diapers for daycare.

The twins are not exactly ecstatic about their new school as just yet, taking into account their anti-social personality. I guess they’re still in the “getting used to new school/teacher mode”. They can be a bit resistant in the morning and every little thing can start a tantrum. Not a way Lan and I would like to start our day. 

But as always, we will persevere and inshaallah it will get better… We do keep in mind that my girls are technically just three year old expected to go through a four year old schedule, but we saw more benefit for them to start school early based on our experience with Ryan. 

I know people find the pre-school age (4-6) as an “easy phase” as compared to baby-toddler-teenager stage, to me I find it just as challenging because this is the time where the fundamentals really start setting in. Manners, spiritual, mental and emotional development starts now. As parents you would want for things to go as smoothly as they could for their children, especially when you know your child has to face extra challenges in some department as compared to other children.

I don’t seek understanding especially from the harsh group of people who don’t understand the things that I have to go through every day. I know everyone have their own problems but some people tend to think (and show) that their issues is just way more important and bigger than others, and I won’t deny it, it annoys me. But whateverla, I’m just thankful for family and friends who actually tries to understand and respect my situation and help make my life easier :)

They are the rare chocolate chip in an otherwise yucky oatmeal cookie. Haha the food analogy is making me crave for a yummy and chewy choc chip cookie.

Have a good week everyone….