Sunday, January 22, 2012

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Ryan Turns TWO :)

Date: 20 December 2011
Occasion: Ryan's 2nd Birthday

We didn't do much on Ryan's birthday this year since mummy was just one week into her pantang at that time. However, Lan and I was all prepared with his presents a week before. Ryan woke up to huge boxes of presents which he excitedly open :) He got a new keyboard from atuk, a desk from nenek, Playskool Car Garage from mummy, Thomas the Train beginner set from daddy, books from Mak Long & Pak Long, a Mega Bloks Truck from Wan Sue and a mini bike from his aunts from Jalan Kebun :) Alhamdullilah, murah rezeki anak mummy, kan?

The celebration was pretty minimal this year but that does not make it any less special :) Mummy loves you very much and you are in my prayers every single second of the day. May you grow up to be a soleh, responsible,loving, intelligent, handsome young man and please be a good brother to your sisters. Ya Allah please bless my son with love, health and happiness always *insyallah*

Currently, I know you may feel a bit "threatened" having to compete for attention with two new babies at once but please be assured that you'll always be my favourite baby boy. You're very special sweetheart that is why Allah choose to give you twin sisters because he knows you have so much love in your heart :) Not everyone is as lucky.

Mummy and daddy sayang you infinity ok Muhammad Ryan Daniel :)

The birthday tidbits for Ryan's classmates. Yummy chocolate covered Oreos courtesy of Daddy. Love the Cars and Upin and Ipin edible images

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Iman Khadeeja & Ranya Fatimah

I've been way behind in updating my blog. I guess been pretty busy in tending to my 2 gorgeous princesses. I can't believe that tomorrow they'll be a month "young" already. Time sure flies.

Seems like yesterday when my water broke a day earlier than my planned c-section schedule. It was 745am and I just woke up. Unlike most people I wasn't really confused about whether it was urine or amniotic fluid because the fluid wasn't trickling out, it was GUSHING when I stood up from the bed :p I guess double the baby = double the fluid.

I called my mum to tell her, after which Lan and I rushed out in a fury to get my hospital bag (which thankfully was pack the night before) drop by my parents house to hug Ryan (who was devastated he had to stay home) and sped to SDMC, Subang.

I was pretty lucky that it was a public holiday for Selangor so Lan was home, morning traffic was also pretty clear so we managed to arrive at the hospital in 15 minutes. The contractions started every 10 minutes when I was in the car and I managed it via breathing techniques (or whatever I remembered from Ryan's class 2 years ago :p). Since we did our pre-admission earlier, we went straight to the labour ward.

Hehe the nurse looked a bit shocked when I stride in announcing that my water broke and I'm expecting twins. Seperti biasa muka sardine :p There was a flurry of activities after that. When the nurses check at around 9am-ish I was already 6cm dilated (after less than 2 hours) too bad wasn't able to deliver normally or it would have been a very quick labour. Anyway had to go through the labour pain for 2 hours without gas/painkillers etc because I had to wait for the anaesthetists to administer the drug before the procedure.

I was wheeled in the preparatory operation room around 10am. Lan was able to accompany me up till that point only. The anaesthetist came in to explain "stuff". Thank god I already know my choices because I don't know how I would have been able to make the decision with the pain being so strong at that point.

After signing the agreement form, it was time to go into the operation theatre. Had to say goodbye to my husband at that point, so that was pretty sucky having to go through the process alone this time around :( ie no one to scream abuses to haha :p

Thank god the nurses, anaesthetist and Dr D was in good cheer. Everyone was joking around so I was able to keep myself calm. The anaesthetist inserted the anaesthetic thingy at the base of my spine, the process wasn't painful but a bit uncomfortable. He commented that I'm pretty calm compared to most ladies having to go through an emergency surgery, I just smiled and said "Nothing much I can do about it, right ?" And Dr D was like " dia memang macam tu, ok je all the time"

After 2-3 minutes the docs checked whether I've started feeling numb, I told them I can't feel the pain no more, so they take it as a YES and Doc D told me she's gonna cut a small section and please tell her if I feel any pain (I can't see anything as they put a screen between my chest and belly). After that I felt a lot of tugging and pulling but no pain. 10 minutes passed when I hear the sweet sound of the baby crying :) the ever so cheery anaesthetist (whom I can't remember his name for the life of me) practically shouted " it's a girl" :) Two more minutes of tugging, another cry joined the room and I was told " you got another baby girl and they are perfect :)"

The nurses cleaned the babies up and did the whole Apgar testing and when they are done, showed the two babies to me. Unlike Ryan's birth I wasn't able to hold and nurse them immediately because I was still on the operating table getting sewn back up :p at the same time I was told by the paediatrician that she had to rushed the younger twin to the nursery to be put under the warmer as she's a bit small and wasn't able to regulate her temperature on her own.

The process of getting me stitched back up is longer than the "cutting" process, anyway I learned more about my dear gynea and her love for designer bags especially "Hermes" and how she bought her 4 kids a BMW each haha. Jealous mak :p. Everything was all done by 11am and I was put under observation for 30mins before being wheeled back to my room.

Anyway seeing Lan waiting outside the OT was such a relieved :p we had to wait for a bit before they send "kakak" to us. Adik wasn't warmed out enough so we had to wait even longer.

I had a bit of a scare when I started bleeding heavily 2 hours after the surgery. I remember telling Lan that I felt clammy and uncomfortable and maybe we should ask the nurses to changed the sheets. When the nurse came in, she was shocked to see I was soaked in blood from waist to toe. They administer some pitocin, massage blood clots out of me and I was given some painkiller. I remembered feeling drowsy as hell but refusing to sleep until I get to see both my girls.

We were in the hospital for 4 days 3 night. Had to stay a day extra because my kakak had a bad case of jaundice. Alhamdullilah her birubilin level decreases after a few rounds of phototheraphy, so we were cleared to leave the next day.

So far my journey taking care of the girls who Lan and I decided to name Iman Khadeeja and Ranya Fatimah has been pretty smooth. Alhamdullilah :) of course it is a bit of a challenge taking care of 2 newborns and a very jealous 2 year old but we've managed so far with the help of my parents, sister and a whole load of patience. Mr Azlan is really taking his role as daddy anak 3 fantastically :) so lucky to have him around (buek he made me write this)

More on the progress of Ryan, Iman and Ranya once I get the time to blog on my lappie and not the BB like I'm doing now (should spend less time online shopping haha)

I can't believe I'm a mother of 3 at 28 hahaha