Monday, October 22, 2012

The Gloom and the Dooms -__-

You want to know what is hardest thing to be? It is being thankful. We’re a thankless lot and maybe that is the reason why most people are generally unhappy and negative. You just have to log into FB and twitter to see that I’m right. Everybody and everything SUCKS. That is not counting normal conversations, blog post and even IG accounts. Instead of taking pretty pictures that will lift up their moods they will find the darkest clouds or a big fat blob and comment “this is how I feel at the moment :'( ”
I call this people the “glooms and the dooms”. 98% of the things that came out of their mouth is how shitty everything is for them, how horrible god is to them, blahblahblah… It came to a point where you feel like telling them “OMG roll over and die already”.

You don’t have to be happy ALL the time, it will be unnatural (and a bit psychotic) if you’re always smiling but to never see the silver lining in anything is just sad. The problem with Miss/Mr. Gloom and Doom is I find them a bit (a lot) self-absorbed and thankless. I feel like asking them “how is your life so sucky that you can’t even find ONE thing in your life to be thankful for?”
Some has great job, steady salary, awesome family, husband, bf/gf but will still choose the one thing that they don’t have and they will go on and on and on about them. They will talk, blog even dream about it. Never finding the solution always creating more problems for themselves (i.e. indulging in self destructive behavior which is a whole new topic of their own)
For example a friend once told me she hated her job. My answer to her is this “You have 2 choices STAY and somehow make it bearable or LEAVE and get a new job”. I could tell she was a bit pissed off with me and I know that advice falls under the “easier said than done” category but what exactly do you expect me to say? It is not my job to sugar coat things because it sounds better for their delicate ears.
IF YOU ARE UNHAPPY, DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!! To keep on doing the same thing expecting different results is just plain stupid.

I’m sorry but I’m just annoyed and a bit disappointed with some of the people around me at the moment. It reminded me of the time when I was that person. So absorbed with my problems that I literally blocked everyone out for months. Lying on the bed wallowing in my lost and sorrows, hating everyone who’s happy around me. So freaking bitter.

I was lucky that I had people around me who won’t tolerate with such nonsense for long. They made me realized that I had so much other thing going in my life, I moved on and adopted a healthier and more positive outlook in life. Someone told me that when I’m feeling down I should go out and do something nice to others, get out of my self-absorption and realized there are people out there suffering much worst.

Now that I’m a mother, I’m slowly learning to let go of my selfish behavior and pay attention to others needs instead. Maybe that is why Allah gave me kids fast and in quantity (haha) to help me shed my bad qualities; p

Anyway about 6 years ago I felt as if the sky is falling down on me, however once I’ve learned to accept things will happen and I have no power to stop them but I do have a control over how I reacted towards it and have started to learn to respect and love myself more, things changed for the better. Alhamdullilah.
I still have my low moment, when I do go “bipolar”, hateful and jealous over things that I don’t have but I try to get rid of the “shittyness” fast. I’ll vent it out and try not to keep on talking about it and go on being busy doing other stuff. That is why I stopped using my blog as a venting place, because I try to make it my “happy zone” a place where I can always find a reason to smile.Maybe it comes across as a bit fake and “fluffy” but I’m happy with the way things are at the moment and hope I’ll never be that person I was a few years back. *insyallah*

Anyway for the "glooms and dooms", I have a song that my friend love to sing to us back in school :-
Nobody loves me, everybody hates me
Think I'll go and eat worms
Long ones, short ones, fat ones, thin ones
See how they wriggle and squirm
I bite off the heads, and suck out the juice
And throw the skins away
Nobody knows how fat I grow
On worms three times a day
Ohh...nobody loves me.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

My 10 Months Old Princesses

I don't do much milestones updates with the twins as compared with Ryan, kan? But than again I don't update my blog as often too nowadays what with IG and Twitter and what not (excuses disguising as reasons)

Anywayzzz... Iman and Ranya turned 10 months young lasy Friday :) They are at the stage where they have just found the functions of their legs and voices. Currently, there's plenty of crawling, rolling, strolling, screaming an babbling going around in the Azlan-Farhanna abode.


  • The more advanced of the two when it comes to motor skills.
  • She's climbing and totting along furniture (edge of sofa and bed)
  • Can climb down the bed successfully (feet first)
  • Very fast crawler
  • Can use the word "mama" in the right context( i.e.bila merengek nak mummy)
  • Says "yum" when she's eating or wants food
  • Waves when you say "tata"
  • Knows how to do flying kiss but she's touch her cheeks instead of her lips
  • The more sensitive and manja of the two
  • Vain : loves the mirror like the big brother (haha) and she LOVES it when people brush her hair and compliments her :p
  • The more advance when it comes to speech skills
  • Mimics tone and babble single consonants like "baba" "mama" "dada" "tata" "nyumnyum"
  • She once imitated me saying "hahaha" in a sing-songy voice much to everyone surprise :p
  • Avid clapper :p she'll clap and shake her tooshie when you sing her 3 fave songs "pok amai-amai" "ABC" and "wheels on the bus"
  • She KNOWS the function of my tab + BB. Obviously I keep it out of her reach but she loves this baby game and will actually fight with Ryan if he interrupts her during the game.
  • Ranya crawls military style and when she don't feel like it she will roll around the house and when all of the above fails, she will scream for attention *haha*
  • I've seen her stand up and climb on her own but not as often as Iman
  • If she wants you to pick her up, she'll actually tug your hand or skirt to get your attention and says "ammmmeeeek" cute ok haha
I just realised that my role has now been extended to a "referee". Now that the girls are older, not only do they berebut stuff with each other, they also tend to step into Ryan's "territory" more often much to Ryan's dissatisfaction. Ryan hates sharing toys especially his cars.My son the neat freak has designated place for his toys and the girls kept messing it up :p So someone is always screaming and crying-la at my house.

I have to credit Ryan as an awesome brother despite it all. He carries "dedeks" bottle, reminded me to feed their breakfast cereal, plays pee-ka-boo with them during car rides to school and will ask for the girls when they are not around. Having to compete with 2 lil sisters at the same time is not easy but he's doing it very well :)

Monday, October 8, 2012

Our holiday up in the sky...

We managed to squeeze in another short family holiday to celebrate my dad's 59th Birthday last weekend. This time around I choose Genting Highlands mainly because my company has a service apartment in and because of the short drive.

We've forgone our yearly overseas trip because it will be pretty much unmanageable this year with the twins being so tiny still + Ryan (maybe next year, insyallah) so we've plan for a series of short "cuti-cuti Malaysia" breaks where we only need to make less than 3 hours drive :p

Ok more photos and less talk. (The pictures quality is so-so because I took most of the photos with my BB and Tab. Forgot my camera, but after editing etc it aint that bad I think...)

 The "wajib" picture of my 3 lil munchkins. I seriously LOVE the twins dresses. It is a total steal because I managed to get them for RM10 each (hence the matching outfits)

 The entourage. Happy 59th Birthday atuk.
We love you so much and thank you for everything

 What's with the pose babe?

 The lil girls in the white trench coat (haha)
The coat reminded me of the one that Suri Cruise has :p so when I saw it terus beli 2. Hopefully I'll find another use for it. I think we need to plan a visit to someplace cold daddy (hint hint)

Ohh we did not bring our double stroller due to the space limit in the car. End up being a good call sebab as you know Genting is not a very stroller friendly place with the stairs and elevators.

 Heheh feeling all snug in their coats and cold weather, the twinnies slept and slept :p

Ryan's first solo theme park ride.
Serious berani anak mummy beratur sorang-sorang and naik the ride.
I was nervous innitially because before Ryan there was a boy who started crying when he got in the car and they had to stop the ride halfway.When it is Ryan's turn and being the champ that he is,he did not even blink (he was too busy driving and ignoring all of us,who was waving like the over excited parents/gparents/uncle/aunts that we are- uncool :p)

We did not buy the full theme park tag but only bought 2 indoor ride tickets. When we reach the theme park it was already 4pm and it was raining very heavily (visibility was really bad with the fog and all *scary*) and most of us are either too small (the twins), too old (my parents haha), or too chicken (the rest minus hubby and Ryan)

Ryan wanted to ride the "horse" so he and I went on the merry-go-round

We drove home and had delish home cooked meals prepared by my brother in law which we heated up in the apartment's microwave. Later it was family movie night watching "Real Steel" on HBO :p

 Early morning walk with the early risers :)

 Muka budak-budak busok tak mandi lagi hahaha

Before checking out Ryan dragged me to the fish pond because he saw some tortoise and fishes and wanted to see it closer.

All in all it was great weekend. Last week was a very challenging week, where all 3 kids took turns getting sick with bronchitis and high fever. Alhamdullilah all of them recovered and this trip was what all of us needed to recharge. Loads of love and fresh air :) Until next time...