Thursday, July 31, 2008

Be Right Back!

Hey everyone since I'm going to be moving tomorrow, I may not be able to access my email/accounts/blog tomorrow. So should you need to contact me, just sms me ok....

Anyway, I have a very touching story on my SPMS performance appraisal. Will update more when I have the time, am really running out of time.... *muackz* have a great Friday!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008



Hehehe was browsing through online (not skiving work- im moving = no work -> ooohh I'm so, and I found this site that sells gladiator shoes @ a cheap price... So I'm not getting the one in Nine West this Friday (I can hear my boyfie breathing a HUGE sight of relieve...) I don't mind that much esp. since gladiator is a seasonal thingy....

A pic of my shoe :)

SECOND ANNOUNCEMENT: Finish my Company Law Assignment and I think its a masterpiece *hahahah rolling on the floor laughing* Today is the first batch of presentation, I volunteered because the first topic is supposed to be the easiest ( the irony of the situation is, the question is quite tricky that it took me 4 days to complete)

I feel queasy... so I think I better go and prepare myself rather than waste my time/money(huhu) shopping for shoes and blogging....

P/S: Jimmy Choo (KLCC) is having a sale for last season collection. The shoes posted on their official website are "so gorgeous" that if I get one, I may not buy any shoe for the whole year *yeah..right*. However, the cheapest ones that I like, overshot my boyfie "ceiling limit" by at least RM200. Hmmmm...will think of my next course of action once I finish my presentation... *grin*

Time to say goodbye

Tomorrow is my last day in HR.

Friday would be my first day with my new position *nervous* but it should be alright *insyaalah*

Anyway since tomorrow is going to be my last day, I decided to treat everyone to some "yummy" cupcakes... Cute, right? I'm so addicted to Wondermilk cupcakes. I'm even planning on ordering my wedding cupcake from them...

My treat was a hit! and everyone love it since itz so adorable... hehehe.. it feels so good to make people smile... I should do this more often... cupcakes anyone??

Anyway all this cupcakes is bad for my so-called diet.

I had this funny conversation with Lan, last week.

Lan: That girl is so skinny.... bones....
Me: I want to be skinny *munch munch* like her... I'll diet lah and lose like 10kg's *slurpslurp*
Lan (trying very hard not to laugh-to his credit) just pointedly look at the Starbucks Ice chocolate with hazelnut syrup in my hand and grin....

I think I got his point.... hahahhaha

Monday, July 28, 2008


Lowdown of my weekend...

  • Class was so-so. Nothing interesting, we had to do article abstracts. Made some new friends...
  • Went for lunch in front of Lan's place, I was fuming/merajuking etc.. because we had to cancel our plans to watch SATC because some "nerdy" people insisted on going to some boring work talk *sigh* at 4.30pm.
  • To counter boredom, I made some last minute changes to my facial appointment and actually go a spot at 2pm*lucky* so I made Lan play chauffeur to balas dendam *haha* I am seriously hating my face @ the moment, but everyone from my doctor to my beautician refused to give me the "good stuff" for my face becoz they don't think it's bad enough.... I think they need glasses... Anyway my mum agreed to pay for the session *wee*


  • Drove all the way to Cineleisure just to find out that SATC is not playing there *suckz* so wasting RM3 for parking, we decided to go to OU (actually I insisted but who cares..haha)
  • FINALLY got a ticket... while waiting we went to CHILLI's for lunch. Shared the Mushroom Jack and Mashed potato's *yummy*

    The famous "perasan pose"
    My cute lil piggy gorging... hahahah

The movie was awesome... it's a total chick movie *grin* you can hear all the girl *gasp* when they saw the closet Mr Big made for Carrie... It was AWESOME (sorry can't think of any other adjective), and the part *spoiler alert* when Carrie was so devastated when Mr Big didn't show up and she had a go at him, and her friends was holding on to her was so heartbreaking sad. *serious emo* wow! or the Charlotte famous "rehearsed" line "I curse the day you were born" with the hand gestures and suddenly went into labour, is just damn hilarious...

The clothes and the shoe was just out of this world cool... If I have it my way, I am so gonna spend my bonus $$$ (if any) on a Monolo's/Jimmy Choo's or Christian Louboutin's... Hehehe maybe I should start saving today ... Do you think Lan is gonna strangle me to death if I spent RM2000 on a shoe? hahahaha

An example of my "dream" shoe...

Friday, July 25, 2008

Get Me Out of Here!!!

Hehehe I'm just suffering from Friday-itis
I'm gonna watch the Sex and the City movie tomorrow *yea yea*
It is all booked for and I'm so excited *despite knowing everything would be censored left and right *

I just got myself the most adorable silver watch from ALDO... It come with 3 silver bangles. I know I have so many watches, but I seriously can't help myself, it's really pretty, formal looking with diamante attached on the "face". Hahaha everybody knows how much I love subtle blingblings *giggle* The best part is that it is on SALE!!! Can't seem to find the pic online *whatever*

Happy Weekend, everyone...

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Why So Serious???

Want to know what is irritating?
  • What is irritating is when you are trying to help somebody but they end up treating you like crap.
  • What is irritating is having to put on a straight face, continue being polite even though this crazy women is being horribly rude.
  • What is irritating is when you just repeated what she said to confirm and she just bloody grunted and said "tak payah lah I email jer" and when you read the email it is the same EXACT thing like what you mentioned earlier.
  • What is even more irritating is that she contradicted whatever you say (macam nak carik gaduh) Me: "my colleague called you and you were NOT there. Old Psychotic women: "bila? bila dia call saya? pukul berapa" "i pergi toilet, kenapa dia tak leave a message"
Listen you crazy BITCH.... My colleague did leave you a message but is it our fault that you didn't get it? Anyway I'm just picking up his extension what gave you the right to treat me badly especially since I'm trying to bloody HELP you. You are lucky that eventhough I am young unlike your OLD wrinkly self, my mum thought me to always be polite to the elders. That is why I did not scream at you and tell you to go f*ck yourself.

Tulah kecik-kecik dulu tak nak belajar pandai-pandai, pastu cuba nak tunjuk power.

Take a deep breath, Far... Don't stoop to her classless, low iq level. You are way better than that, you are smarter, more successful, thinner and better looking *hahahahaha*

Feel better already :) Muackz I wanna go do something more constructive than getting into worthless conversation with crazy old lady...


Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Need a 10 minute break from my policy making *headache*
All these provisions are driving me nuts

Anyway, my previous entry was quite "popular", despite the lone comment under the entry. Four people have emailed me stating their view on the issue. When I asked one of them why didn't she just leave the comments in the comments section, she told me she's afraid that someone might figure out who she is and condemn her views as people tend to judge harshly on other people situation and failed to sympathize with other people problems.

Think about this "people "understand" what they don't get and pretend to see what is not there" The irony of the situation, some people would be nodding in agreement as they are reading my statement but actually oblivious to the meaning. *haha*

Part Deux: Good Deed are always rewarded

As a part of my shoptox, I made a promised to myself not to get anything new for this whole week. Technically this is due to the fact I have just burn a huge hole in my wallet, shopping last week. I was practically on my knees sweating and shivering *think of an alcoholic trying to detox* stopping myself from sms-ing pumpkin to order new stuff from her website.

However, I was rewarded for my patience and refrain *drama* Reebok was around on Sunday and she got me this really cute new tube dress. It's a bit big around the bust area, so I think I'll wear a cute short sleeve top inside *I shall keep to my promise not to go around in tube tops no more*

Thanks Reebok: I love it *muackz*

Hehehe: One of my purchases last week. Thinking for an occasion to wear this to, jom someone ajak I keluar... hehehe :)

One more GREAT news: I've been absorbed to the Institution Supervision Department and I am now a permanent officer there *alhamdullilah*. Farhanna Mohd Hanif, Legal Professional. Interesting title, same boring job..hahahah... Anyway I'll be reporting duty in my new department next Friday, I just received the offer letter yesterday.

Gotto go... see ya later alligator *muackz*


Monday, July 21, 2008

Of this and that....

I'm not in a good mood today. Actually I haven't been in a good mood since last week. God knows why! I'm tired and cranky and easily annoyed.

The weekend was ok. I was 1/2 hour late for my BEL class on Saturday (thanks to the stupid jam) As if being stuck in the jam wasn't bad enough, my fiance' decided that it would be a great time to lecture me on punctuality/responsibility. All I can say is BAD TIMING! I left him at the car, went to class. Thank god lecturers for Masters programme are less strict on time.

Class ended early (yea!) and Lan & I went to JJ to watch the Dark Knight (ini pun lepas merajuk selama 1/2 jam) He wanted to watch HellBoy (I totally put my foot down) Anyway the movie was awesome. OH MY GOD - you can feel the insanity oozing out from Ledger's Joker. Some of the scene was so heart wrenching and mind blowing. The Joker was just plain EVIL. Ledger's portrayal was way better than Jack Nicholson adaptation of the same role. The movie was darker, grittier and just plain awesome. Watch it, people! After the movie, we had out dinner in Shah Alam and I went home quite early. I was quite tired but I can sleep so I end up staying till late at night cleaning my room.

Yesterday didn't do much. I spend practically 1/2 the day watching Desperate Housewives rerun on Astro much to my daddy's dismay. hehehe. After that my dad made my sister and I visit my auntie. I played with Haziq si nakal (hahaha i beat him at a shooting game) while answering question from my auntie regarding the wedding.

Bosan ahh.... Everybody look at my face and start asking about preparations. My extended family don't GET it.I don't want frills, no ruffles,no overly bold/overly dark and boring colours, no over the top productions or too many people that I don't know and don't care for. If it were up to me, I would like a very small wedding, with only 200 guest of close family and friends. The only important thing to me is my dress which I don't mind spending on :p

A very wise lady once told me this "Youngsters now days, spend too much time thinking about the wedding day and does not put too much thought on what happen after the wedding". I take her word at heart. It is true actually, I know people who end up heavily in debt, maxing up their credit cards to pay for their wedding. They forget that AFTER the wedding they will need to pay up for all these expenses and it will eat up on their salary.

I know that there are times, when it is NECESSARY for a person to take up loan to pay for their marriage ceremony, sometimes it can't be helped. The difference is taking a small amount to cover the essential and taking a HUGE sum to pay for an over the top event. If you love someone, shouldn't it be enough to just have that person be with you and not bother so much about "external" influences/factors. It is different if you come from a well to do family. If you have the money, my motto is spend it *haha* but spend it wisely.

Trust me, I totally understand the pressure of keeping up with the people around you, but I have come to a realization that sometimes it is easier on your mental/ economic health not to bother. People would always talk no matter what.

So what if you don't get your Tiffany Ring or your shoe are from Vincci or your make up is from Body Shop. So what? As long as you and your love ones are happy, screw what other people might say. Some people are just happy when other people are depressed. You don't need to go down to their level. If material things are the only thing that can make you happy, than you are in deep trouble :) whatever-ler. Have a productive Monday, everyone....

Friday, July 18, 2008


For some reason I find it so hard to concentrate for the past few days.

Wonder why?

Anyway since I can't seem to concentrate on my policy (huhu) I decided to browse through EBay for Tiara's. Hehehe I'm on a lookout for some simple but elegant looking tiara's. Technically I want one that look more like a thick headband.

I know being a bride = Raja Sehari, but those humongous tiara'a are just plain TACKY. Hahaha I'm just being a spoilsport, but seriously, if you are already wearing a tudung + veil + a 4 inch tall tiara, don't you think that you will look very Christmas tree-ish. But then again to each her own.

Back to my Tiara search story, I found some which cost real cheap (RM 29.90 - RM100-ish) It's based in New York but they do worldwide delivery. I don't know what is the delivery cost, and am not bothered yet to ask. However, I was thinking if you get one that cost around RM 60, and since it's not heavy even with the delivery cost I don't think it will cost more than RM100.

The one that I have seen in Semua House, KL and Subang Parade (the one I like at least) all cost more that RM250. The disadvantage is that it may not look as nice as the picture.


I have to stop being so fickle on things... hehehe mostly because I keep on changing my mind on things. I haven't bought the lining for my Nikah baju and I have change my mind on it 3 times. There is so much choices but very limited funds. *boohoo*

Focus on The HEADBAND : Pretty ain't it? I want one of those....

Happy Weekend Everyone!!!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

A little on this and that...

There is just some people that I used to think is ok, but as time goes by, I am starting to see their "true" colours...I just realised that I am surrounded by horribly negative people.

At first, you find it fun when you hang around to gossip. But after a while, you would actually want to talk about something else, not about how this people sucks; this people are unfair; this people are useless. Their mistakes however are always justifiable.

If that is not enough, I find that these "people" can be incredibly mean. I admit that I myself can be "bitchy" when I'm not in a good mood, but if they are incredibly bitchy and catty ALL THE TIME, it is just tiring to keep up, and you are starting to not want to be around them as much.

If they can't find something bad to talk about the people around them, then they will turn their attention to someone closer. Sometimes you don't find it's worth it to argue, esp. when they will turn and say things like "I'm just joking" "Don't be so emo". It is sad when this "educated" people acts like "bored housewives" who have nothing better to do. Urgghh and they claim that they are "professional".

Anyway, on lighter note. I'm posting the pics taken last Sunday: Outing with Rajoo, Reeboks and Uda. We had tons of fun :) Walaupun geram they kept me waiting for about 10 minutes, while they shop around first. Lain kali cakap jelah *wek* hehehehe...

With Uda :)

Rajomoo & Reebok

With Rajoo & My "groovy" very belated bday prezzie... hehehe

Kami "ube" tunjuk yg kami bershopping sakan :)


:) Rindu hang out with them

Dalam kereta waiting for my fiance'

For some reason, I have this psychotic need to see him everyday. Clingy pun clingy-lah... I think girls would be able to relate better with why I'm acting like this more than guys.... hahahaha

We have registered for the pre-wedding course scheduled for next month ;p

Anyway classes is going on fine... I'm just currently busy with work, so not able to concentrate 100% on my assignments. Should be able to do a better job by next month :) *insyallah*

Friday, July 11, 2008

Too Much Info?

Good Morning,

I'm just bugged with a thought

How much is too much? Is it "smart" to actually divulge personal information to strangers (or at least people not "that" close to you) How do you measure going too far and too generous on the information giving bit....

For example... meeting someone for 2 days and ended up telling them about your love life, childhood history, sex life.... The person may be a good listener and all, but how far do you trust them not to use this information maliciously and against you...

You shouldn't be walking around, totally wary with people, untrusting. However, a little caution goes a lonnngggg way.... Just a little reminder :)

Monday, July 7, 2008

Work @ Cyberview Lodge Resort :)

My Mad CoW Disease

Back @ Work. Finalizing some Stuff. Classes Starting Today *scared*. Not ready! *suckz* Weekend was Good *Tiring Though* Got The MaTerIaL for My WeddIng Dress... I'm BroKe. Who Would Have Guess "Kain" can CausE That Much.. PraCtiCally 1/3 of my SalaRy... *Doublesigh* 8 MonThz To Go. Anyway Cant Download PIcZ from Cyberview... Will Try Other method if I Have The Time... I wannA Go HomE... Now!!! KisMis, I wanna hug *Hugz* PiSsed That The dreSS I wanna From PumKin is all Sold Out *sighsigh* arghhhh

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Pit Stop

This is going to be short. Just an indicator that I am well and alive. Currently I am in Cyberview, Cyberjaya working on the 2nd Financial Leaders Forum. I've been here since Tuesday. Great place and things have been going well so far... *insyallah* Anyway, loads of things to blog about and there's some picture to load... I think I'll do it once I'm back to the office... hehehe I'm going to the spa tomorrow...heheh... no matter how great things are here, I can't wait to go home... I think I'm juz missing someone....