Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Fit for a princess....

I'm a person who need projects...

Not like boring type of projects, but personal and creatives ones which makes me happy. It takes a lot of my time but somehow it doesn't leave me exhausted.

Currently, Lan and I are redecorating the second level of our house. When we first bought the place 6 years ago, we were on a very tight budget and only spent on necessity. The  downside of buying a corner house means we needed to shell out double on grills and window treatment, and with a toddler and twin babies we just wanted a livable space. Having a home straight outta Homes and Living magazine was not a priority (and mainly because we can't afford it haha)

Along the years, we've made tiny changes to our space. I'm pretty happy with how my first floor looks like at the moment. My next project is to set out a room for Iman and Ranya. Currently the twins are sharing a room with Ryan, since they're turning 6 and Ryan 8 soon, we don't think it is appropriate for the munchkins to share a room and I'm sure Ryan would be needing his privacy very soon . The room that are meant for the girls, have been acting as my walk in and some sort of a store room for the past 5 years. You can imagine the junks we've accumulated. 

During the Thaipusam weekend, I've managed to clear up my clothes and moved it into our newly decorated Masters Bedroom. I tell you, after 4 days of sifting and arranging clothes, I told myself I never wanna buy anything ever again. I HAVE SO MUCH JUNK. Like why do I ever need PVC leggings for? I wonder how long my new resolution gonna last, and all those". Your shopping cart misses you, please come back email" is not really helping. 

Anywayyyyyy.... It has been a slow process clearing up the room, I'm at about 60% done and now at that stage where I'm stuck trying to figure out should I throw away all the babies clothes, walker etc or should I keep them. So while trying to figure out my arah tuju kehidupan, I've been busy searching for ideas to decorate the twins room

My current Pinterest mood board. I'm attracted to this simple pastel decors which hopefully will last until the girls are a bit older. No overly princessy character theme rooms for my babies. I'm giving myself a 3 months timeline, hopefully we'll be able to finish this project before puasa. Wish me luck!!!