Sunday, March 21, 2010

Happy 3 Months Bday Ryan

Date: 20 March 2010 (Saturday)
Location: Garden, Mid Valley & Sunway Pyramid
Occasion : Ryan's 3 Months Bday and Family Outing

First stop SJMC for Ryan's 3 months jab and Rotavirus immunization. Big boy didn't cry and there was really minor fussing.

Second stop: The Gardens, we need to check out Ryan's second car seat (hehehe wonder why?)Taking notes and comparing prices, still ain't sure between the Maxi Cozy or Hartford Line *sigh* more money out the window (you're lucky I love you enough to give up on designer bags and shoes, Ryan - at least for the time being..hehe)

Had lunch at the Gardens food court. Not bad-lah both Lan and I had terriyaki and Ryan decided that he had enough of his stroller, so he laid next to me on the couch, observing other babies making noise...

Daddy trying to feed himself and Ryan at the same time :p

Ryan observing his surroundings and his newfound geram habit *makan tangan*

How can you have a bday without cakes right? For mummy only.. heheh


Third Stop:Kajang, Dzulclassique. Mummy kena fitting for mak long's wedding reception. I'm not crazy over the baju but it's not fully completed yet, maybe it will look better with the beads.

Fourth Stop: Sunway Pyramid. Continue with car seat search and Ryan shopping session more clothes for my growing baby *sigh* We had our dinner in Ria's Ayam Penyet (The one in Curve is better) I want to try the one in Wong Solo.

Mummy & Ryan in front of Berryl's Chocolote Fantasy Fun Fair

Ryan is tired from our all day outing. Note the clothes changes..Emperor New Clothes lah budak kecik nie...

Ooopppppsss :)

Courtesy of Azlan who have been really generous out of late. On top of the new Olympus Camera as a "push present" he got me a new a little something from Coach as a belated Anniversary prezzie...Thanks darling... hehehhe

Friday, March 19, 2010

Fashion Wishlist : Of things I can't afford (haha)

I started blogging yesterday on a very ANGRY blog entry, but I changed my mind and decided against posting it. I'm steering clear of negative thoughts for the moment.No Ryan entry today as I'm saving it for next week complete with a series of photo's yang dari haritu tak diupload.

So I'm gonna blog on my current wish list. I have tons of work to do but in no state of mind to do it. My mind is BLANK because I want to go home and sleep and play peekaboo with Ryan so let's go blog fashion hopping...

I love this pink leopard print shoe from Betsey Johnson. It reminded me of the Jennifer Behr's headband Blair wore during Lily and Bart's wedding.

My idol... hahaha

Miu Miu Mary Jane Platform. Adorable, but the heels is sky high don't think I'll be able to walk in this. Adorable nevertheless

Ohh my Jimmy Choo's : Love love this embellished heels. It cost my monthly salary. *ishhkk* Bilalah can I afford making whimsical shoe purchases ala Carrie???

For vampire lovers out there : Betsey Johnson Fang Knit Cardigan... cutey :p

Badgley Mischka Pink Carlo Pumps... the sweetness tugs my heart :p

Bluemarine Tie-Dye Spring Collection. Me likey. It reminds me of holiday by the beach for some reason.
The Catch 22
Other than the fact that most of the stuff above is way beyond my price range :p I believe that there is no point in spending million of ringgit on designer stuff if you look like a blimp. Look at Gisele Bundchen, she's giving me an inferiority complex. She gave birth around the same time I gave birth to Ryan but LOOK AT HER!!! Granted she may have 3 nannies, 4 personal trainer, nutritionist etc helping her but that just ain't normal....
For ze record I've lost all 13 kg's I gained during the pregnancy, but the skoopid bulges are everywhere and I can't comfortably fit in my skinnies yet *sigh* I need to exercise more *double sigh* Malas malas hahaha ok lah I'm happy with the way I look minus my stretchmarks which surfaced during my last month of pregnancy. Macam lightning everywhere... No more bikini's (macam lah sebelum nie berani pakai pun.. my thighs are too huge to even consider)
Anyway since today is Friday and I'm still in a funk I think I'll go Jeans shopping after this. That and maybe a gorgeous new cardigan to cheer me up :)
** Note: Am feeling better now, I've just purchased a new skinny, a jeggings (jeans+leggings) and an adorable tuxedo-ish cardigan from Miss Selfridge + Dorothy Perkins... Tak makan 2 1/2 hours of solid shopping. Now I'm broke but happy... lalalala 2 1/2 hours to go till going home time...

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Teaching my boy to be kiasu very early on :)

Ryan 2 Months 3 weeks Developments
Sometimes when Ryan is in one of his good mood, and when I see him kicking and trying to turn (mengiring) I’ll help him and roll him around the bed. Based on my reading it will help him turn faster (konon-lah) but Ryan seems to like it… dia rasa lawak pastu buat muka pening ;p but now cheeky cheeks has a new trick, he’ll refused to turn on his own. He’ll kick real high and sengih-sengih in my direction mintak I push him.

He loves to stand on his feet and try to “walk”. According to the older generation, this practice is not good as his bone is not strong enough but he’ll be so pissed off if he’s stuck in his stroller or cot for a long time stationary. He loves his “standing” and “sitting” position. I guess he loves getting a wider view of things. Baby don’t try to be a biggie boy so fast ok, you’re growing so fast I can’t catch up: p

Tummy Tummy Biggie Tummy
Ryan hates his tummy time and we all know how important it is in order to ensure easier crawling later on. He doesn’t mind being put on his tummy during naps, but he gets easily frustrated while playing on his tummy. So I’m thinking of getting him the Lamaze Spin & Explore Garden Gym. Maybe if it’s more fun and less strenuous on his part he’ll enjoy tummy time more… He already has 2 play mats courtesy of Suja and Kel-wa so don’t know if we should get him a third one. His grandma sibuk suruh beli, since there’s none at home in Klang, since I put one in Shah Alam and the other kat Jalan Kebun. Susah betul banyak rumah ni…

Of Reading and Play Acting…
Ryan loves it when we read to him. He think my weird accents and melodramatic over acting funny. His favorite story is Emperor’s New Clothes (Mak long’s nick name to him as he’s always in a new clothes) and 3 Little Pigs (he finds the whole ‘I huff and I puff” line hilarious). He also loves to listen to his grandma mengaji, he can sit next to her while she finishes of one juzuk, smiling and rarely crying. Good boy… These are some of the books we have bought for him so far, I’m trying to encourage his love for reading very early on.

This is a very good book if you're trying to expose you're baby to Kisah Nabi in English, a bit pricier than normal BM Version though.

I love the Usborne Series. You can get it in MPH
Mari Belajar Membaca :)
Hehehe we’re also teaching him to read (yes poyo, I know) When we read to babies, it seems that though they recognize the sound of the words, the word itself is not familiar to them as we encourage them to listen but not to “look –read” the words.

I bought Ryan the flashcards from the “How to teach your baby to read series” It’s a fun activity between Ryan, Lan and I. It’s easy to do to. Just read the cards, pointing from left to right on the words and say “This is the word CAT”. After that you just give a description of the word. For example “My cat is yellow”. If the method works we're going to teach him the IQRA'

I don’t know if these above methods work, but at the moment I’m working on a clean slate. So I have nothing to lose since the books can be used till he’s 4 years old. Insyallah some lesson might stick on. Anyway since Lan and I don’t get to spend a lot of time with Ryan during weekdays, spending at least one hour per night doing the above activities is the best way for all of us to bond.

Our QUALITY TIME together. I look forward to the end of every day where I can spend the night with the 2 men in my life… heheheh

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Belated Pics of Ryan's Aqiqah Ceremony

Ryan's Aqiqah & Impromptu Cukur Jambul Ceremony

Date: 31st January 2010 (Sunday)

Credit : Ahmad Sofian Abdullah for the pictures

Ryan and his don't mess with me look :)

Makan time...

The guests

Kumpulan Zanji Surau Jalan Tepi Sungai :)

with Nenek and Nyang from Perak

Ryan & Daddy

Atuk Hanif cukur-ing jambul

Atuk Malek's turn :)

Zanji time

I'm tired : Kepenatan after the event


The only pic of mummy :(

We celebrated Ryan’s Aqiqah in a small ceremony with family members and close friends invited. Even so it was a very meriah and fun. Thanks to all of my friends who came. Sorry for the limited pictures, I had no time to take photos, was too busy running around. Photo credits goes to Pakchek Sofian and his new camera…

Lan did not manage to snap the picture of the 2 goats we got for Ryan’s Aqiqah. One less picture for the album & memories (haha) All I know it had “tanduks”. Anyway cheeky cheeks was in his perfect good boy behavior. Not a single peep out of him. It may also be due to the bribes I promised him before the ceremony. So as to not go back on my word, Lan and I bought him the Fisher and Prince Linkadoos Step On Game thingy as a reward. Good job little Ryan :)

Anyway I love love the favours. Don't have the pics here, but we got everyone Surah Yassin, a bag of sweets and the cutest icing cookies in the shape of ducks, boats, balls and train. Will find some pics and blog it into Ryan's blog soon...

Monday, March 1, 2010

The one on Work, B.M & Anniversary Diamonds :)

I’m back at the office. Bored out of my mind but don’t feel like asking for work. Asyik teringatkan cinta hati kat “school” wondering what he’s doing at the moment. Hope he’s not making the babysitter cuddle/carry him 24/7. Ryan tends to be a bit clingy after a long weekend. He knows he will usually get his way when his at home so sometimes he tends to try his “luck” at the nursery too. But the “Ibu” tak pernah complain lagi, minus some “manjaness” i.e. suruh dukung and insist on sitting in the rocker.

Anyway had some trouble in expressing milk in large amount to accommodate Ryan needs during the day while I’m away, so we decided to introduce Ryan to formula milk. Anyway he’s happy with the current arrangement of breastfeeding & his ISOMIL formula so the doctor said we should continue feeding him with both.

Thank god he’s ok with formula because I do not know what to do if he refuses to drink it like some of my friend’s children. I just feel bad because he’ll be at the nursery for 10-11 hours and I doubt 2 small bottles can satisfy him. Sometimes I feel like a total failure because I was unable to fully breastfeed him for 6 months, but a wise person told me this “Don’t beat yourself over small things like that. He’s happy and healthy and you should be thankful for that. Breastfeeding is not the only indicator for being a good mother”. I guess sometimes we should work with what is given to us rather than worry about things we can’t control.

One Year and Counting
Alhamdullilah Lan and I have passed our one year mark on the 27 February 2010. We haven’t got the time to celebrate yet because we had to celebrate this year anniversary apart due to two close family wedding which clashes. At least I have Ryan with me…hehehe

I got Lan a set of office clothes: pants, shirts and a tie. He’s giving me the option to choose my own prezzie. Which is a smart move since I’m so picky. So I still haven’t decided on what I want it’s a tie between a diamond bracelet and a new designer bag. I’m still deciding. Maybe I should do the “grown up” thing and save the money in the bank. Hahahah I don’t think so...

Arrghh need to go express milk soon. Borrriiinnggg :p But the office breastfeeding room is kinda cool, macam kat Mall hahahah batakz I know…