Friday, July 29, 2011

Of Buah Hati Pengarang Jantung Mummy :)

My baby munchkins is 19 weeks old today. Next week they’ll turn 20 weeks old (5 months) Alhamdullilah, we’re ½ way there.

Lan and I went to see Dr. De.Laila for our monthly checkup. Lan went straight from his office to register for me. He’s there by 1.50pm but we’re still lucky No14. The wait was kerazzyyy, Thank god Lan went to register first, because I only reached SDMC at 3.00pm. Finally, at around 5pm we managed to see the doctor.

It was worth the wait :) When doc came in she asked me how I was feeling, I told her that I feel great and she laughed and said “How I wish everyone coming in here feels that way”. Anyway my blood pressure, urine test, blood test etc is good. The baby scans were fine; Baby A has already turned to the right direction (head down) while Baby B is in a horizontal position. Doc said it is too early to worry as there’s plenty of time for them to turn.

I realized something, despite being twins; the babies have different personalities even in the womb. :p Baby A who’s also older by 2 days (measurement wise) is more active and outgoing than Baby B who’s mellower. Baby B is also more “pemalu” and because of the position it is harder to determine the sex. So as I’m typing this, I still have not found out the sexes of both babies yet. Hopefully I’ll find out during the detailed scan next month *insyallah*

I’m going into my 20 weeks and I’ve only gained *drum roll* 1.5kg. Crazy especially since I’m carrying twins, but both my munchkins is around 290grams which is the average weight for their age, my doctor is happy with my weight gained much to my surprised.

Her explanation is when you’re pregnant your metabolism rate doubles and the rate is even higher when you’re carrying multiples, that is why it is harder to gain weight. As long as I gain an average of 2-3 kg once I’m into my 24 month. She also reminded me just because I’m carrying double doesn’t mean that I should gain double the weigh (hahaha) so I should aim for 15kgs min (ideal) and 20kgs max.

I’m also more energetic now that I’m into my 2nd trimester :) I’m not as tired as I was last month. Siap rajin masak nasi ayam and serawa durian for the whole family last week.

This week rasa nak ajak hubby pergi jalan-jalan tengok barang baby. Since twins are usually delivered earlier at 37/38 weeks and the double load may not be as easy to carry around by the time I’m 7-8 months pregnant, we figured we better start baby shopping a bit earlier this time around.

A lil update on my biggie boy :)

Yesterday, due to the Ma.laysia vs Sing.apore game, the three of us turn in a bit early and lepak in the master bedroom to watch the game. The TV was blaring and we laid down the comforter so that Lan can lepak in front of the tv (konon feel la lagi dekat dgn padang haha) My son thought it was “party time” since mummy and daddy let him play outside his cot despite it being his bedtime. He went to the TV cabinet, picked his favorite “dat gum” DVD (i.e. Mater from Cars compilation DVD) and asked me to on the VCR. (siap ambikkan remote ok).

I told him “Sorry Ryan, not today. Today is daddy’s turn to watch the TV and he wants to watch football. We have to share so you can’t watch that now ok” He tried his luck again with his big brown eyes wide open “Mie, dat gum”. Trying to be firm, I told him “No baby, maybe tomorrow morning, now is time for bed, esok nak school, please put the CD back dekat rack” with muka disappointed he walked and put the DVD back and went to sleep.

This morning, he woke up a bit earlier. He did something that he NEVER did before, he opened his eyes, looked at me and gave my sleeve a tug “Mie..Mie.. tu tu” pointing at the TV. I was a bit confused at first when he continued “Dat gum Dat gum k” while jumping up and down the bed. Ya Allah, he remembered my promise to him last night. Lan and I just looked at each other a bit shocked but since I promised, I grudgingly allowed him to watch the DVD before school. Lesson learned?? Next time I better be more mindful of the things I promise junior hehe :)

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Mr Cheeky Cheeks

Ryan turns 19 months yesterday and everyday he does not fail to bring a smile to my face :) Lately he's been on his big boy routine :-

1.Ryan will wake up, slide down the bed and "tawaf" around the room, rearranging my lotions, hair gels etc. Later he will go to his "corner" to do his big business (he still won't use the potty to do No2. No1 ok pulak) when done, will tarik tangan daddy to the toilet. Once he is in the toilet, he will ask for his toothbrush and gosok gigi while one of us clean his up. Bila dah siap, will ajak daddy go down and wait for mummy to hand his morning snack of "cookie" or bread.

2. Once he reached his "school", he will insist on walking in himself carrying his own bag. When he reached the porch, he will turn to mummy/daddy, salam cium tangan and say "tata mie/die" and walked in without a backward glance. I rarely send him to school but the first time he did that to me, serious rasa "touched" and a bit "sad". Gosh, he's so independent :p

3.Balik from school if he's with atuk and nenek, memang jadi "raja" la. Nenek will feed him dinner and will spend 1/2 hour watching Upin and Ipin before continuing his "baby kecik" act with his grandparents until going home time :p

4. His routine with Lan and I is a bit different. Once dinner is ready, we will sit at the dinner table together and the little prince will feed himself (actually he INSIST on it), later is clean up time with daddy. He will scuttle to the bathroom, trying to take off his shirt AND pants when daddy says the magic word "Ryan jom pergi TOILET".

Once he's all dress and ready for bed, the little boss will DEMAND that we go upstairs. First he will come to me and say "jom", when I say "wait" he will pull his daddy to the direction of the stairs. If both of us are moving too slowly to his liking, he will walk directly to the tv and switch it off himself and declare "dah-jom". This will usually take place around 8.15-8.30pm :p (bossy kan? ikut perangai sapa lah tu)

5. Once we're in the room, he'll lepak on my bed, baca doa, play around a bit more and either fall asleep next to me and later be carried to his cot or he will insist to be put in his bed from the start.

Next day : Repeat routine :)

Monday, July 18, 2011

I want... I want... I want...

Browsing for a dress to wear to Jessie's wedding when I stumbled upon this one. I have no idea who's the designer but I love the design.

In L.O.V.E, however, it is too late to bring the fabric to my tailor to recreate this for Raya. I'm planning on owning one in a different colour :p something in light pastel - mint green with pink embroideries maybe? GORGEOUS!! . Shall keep this in mind while buying fabric during our planned Jakarta trip in September :) *insyallah*

Thank god the dress is not readily available in store/online or I'll end up being one of those tacky LOA women who goes around trying to upstage the bride :p I don't know maybe I'm old fashioned but you just don't wear white to another person's wedding, right??

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Of Dinner, Friends & Cleanliness

I threw a small dinner party last Friday for Jessie and Cath. Technically, it was to celebrate Jessie’s wedding registration 2 weeks ago and to catch up with Cath who is back in Malaysia to attend her cousin’s wedding.

It was a bit of headache trying to decide on the menu because I wanted something simple but not too “blah”. With much help (in giving unwanted advices haha) from Lan, I decided on Roast Chicken, Mac & Cheese, Garden Salad, Potato PomPoms and ice cream. Jessie offered to get dessert so one less headache.

Anyway everything went smoothly, We managed make the house look presentable and get the food on the table on time. Ryan was on his best “host” behavior. He walked around the house being “cute” and showing off his toys to Cath and Jessie (tapi kedekut, tak nak bagi orang main haha). Ok-la he tak kacau his mummy and the aunts gossip :)

I had fun catching up, gossiping about people, meluahkan perasaan etc. Though we rarely see each other we talked as if no time has passed at all, I guess when you’ve been friends with someone so long the bond is a bit different.

I felt kinda bad that I’m not able to help much which Jessie’s reception in August other than to give opinions/suggestions/advices. I can’t be there helping her like she did during my wedding (this girl took 3 days leave to help me b4 my reception, awesome, huh?). At the same time, I’m also not able to attend another important event of a very close friend held at the end of this month (sorry can’t mentioned name and occasion at the moment)

I feel horrible because these 2 people are very important to me. They are usually there to share happy occasion and hold my hand when I’m down, so it’s a bit of a bummer that I can’t do the same for them, due to leave constraint, family obligations and current pregnancy condition. Hate using all these reasons, but believe me, this is no EXCUSE and I will make it up to both of you, somehow huhuhu (yes, aku romantic kan :p)

I guess, I don’t believe in “quantity” when it comes to close friends, I go for “quality” and the one that I have, I cherish. Friends to gossip are easy to get, but friends who are sincere and able to share both your joy and sadness are almost impossible to find.

On cleanliness 2.0
Malas want to comment on the whole Ber.Sih 2.0 on Saturday, since I’m neither a supporter nor an objector. I only have one bone to pick. To those people who brought their underage kids (18 and below) to the rally, you are such an irresponsible lot. I respect your belief in the cause, but why drag your child along?

Do you think trying to educate them by “letting them see what kind of country they are living in” is really a good argument? Education can be done in 1000 different ways; you can show them youtube videos, online articles etc if you’re that hell bend in educating them.

Don’t drag them to rallies where they would be sprayed with water cannons, bombarded with tear gas, be pushed and shoved. Shit happens all the time, even in control environment, so if you bring them in the middle of mayhem and god forbid, a toddler fell from your grasp and is trampled on. Who do you blame?? The police? The government?

You knew what you’re going into, these poor kids DON’T even if they are 15 and above and able to think for themselves. Kalau dah patah tangan, takleh ambik exam, patah kaki takleh go to school, what exactly do you expect to gain out of it? Bodoh.

To those yang bawak toddlers, Child Welfare should take the kids away from you because you are plain IRRESPONSIBLE. If takde orang nak babysit, STAY AT HOME. Family SAFETY should always come first; Children are a gift from Allah. They are your RESPONSIBILITY and you should keep them SAFE!! Conclusion? Don’t be a bongok and please leave your kids at home the next time you choose to attend a rally.

Sekian, Terima Kasih!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Hubby wants a donkey....

One of the biggest and most important purchase a parents expecting twins would be making is the stroller. We would need a double stroller suitable for infants, preferably lightweight, easy to navigate and collapsed. The stroller must also fit our car :p Our decision is also influence by the fact that we have a toddler who would still be needing his own stroller after the baby is born (at least for a good 1-2 years or so)

We've done several stroller "test drives" and have narrowed down some choices but we still have not made up our mind. Hubby is doing his own "research" because technically he is more invested in the choices of strollers as he's the one who would end up pushing it :p

This evening I got this sms from him "stroller Bug.aboo ni menarik jugak". I was a bit confused as I didn't know that Bug.aboo make double strollers, so I asked him further and was told that it is called "Bug.aboo Donkey" (hahaha what a name kan??) but he can't find the retail price

So I did a bit of checking of my own. The Donkey is a custom made double stroller which can accommodate 1(mono),2 (duo- different age children) or 2 (twin- same age children). The twin specs come with its own Stroller Base, 2 Tailored Fabric Sets, Duo Extension Set, and bassinet base. With the Donkey Twin, you can use the stroller with two bassinets, a bassinet and a stroller seat, or two stroller seats. Sounds impressive? It looks impressive too...

It comes in several other colours I think : Navy, light blue, hot pink, white etc. Knowing full well how pricey the Bug.aboo range is, I already expected the price to be exorbitant, but I was blown away when I finally found out the price :$1659 - not bad?? that is the price in US Dollars darling. Conversion to Malaysian Ringgit bring the cost to a cool RM4985.30 (minus delivery + tax) So in the end the stroller would set you back RM5k or much more

Hahaha nak muntah tengok the price, kan. I told Lan NO way darling unless we won the lottery or something and even then I would consider it 5000 times before saying yes :p

Tapi kesian hubby, he had his eyes/heart set on it (at least he did b4 finding out the price) hahaha...In the meantime on with the stroller search (and lets pray for a jackpot so we can buy the Donkey :p)

Friday, July 1, 2011

One Roaring Nursery...

Feels just like yesterday when I was planning Ryan's nursery and now it is time to set up a room for the twins :)

We're still in planning stages, but we've (or mainly ME) started with preparing the budget/researching themes and scouting for furniture/decorations. However, this time around we're going on a smaller scale because we've realised after going all out in decorating Ryan's room, that the babies won't be spending much time in their own room for the next few years :p

I think I spend more time in Ryan's room than he does (haha) he sleeps with us and he prefer his play area downstairs than going up to his room. So in the name of practicality we've decided to transform the guest room downstairs into a "mini nursery".

When you're expecting twins, the first thing you have to consider is mobility. I guess carting 2 babies up and down during the day for naps/nappy change is not as practical as it is with a singleton. The room is near to the kitchen (for feeding), toilet (for nappy change/baths) living room (for mummy and daddy to watch TV when babies taking their nap :p) and near but does not in any way encroached on Abang Ryan's play/nap area (thou shall not DISRUPT the little prince routine in any way : babies or no babies :p )

We have not discovered the babies gender yet, but I'm leaning heavily towards a "Safari" theme nursery for the following reasons :-

  • We already have animal theme rockers + mobile + art deco

  • It is gender neutral - boys + girls can relate to animals and Ryan would be able to enjoy it even if his sibling turn out to be girls

  • One of the easiest theme to pull off

    Some of my fave designs

    1. I'm in love with this Twins Decal : which you can easily print and frame yourself :)

      White furnitures. What's not to Love love love...

      I love the colour combination of green + yellow, green + pink, Green+ cream

      It is to early to decide, and I would probably change my mind but me kinda like the idea for the moment :)