Wednesday, December 26, 2012

20122012 : Happy 3rd Birthday Ryan

Last Thursday on 20 December 2012, my smart, adorable, loving, cheeky, mischievous son turn 3. He's my best friend and kawan gaduh. Such a joy to be with, though there are times when he can prove to be quite a challenged to handle :)

As a part of Project Birthday 2012 : We celebrated his (and also adiks) birthday in Johor, Singapore and Malacca. How's that for a celebration?? Will write more on our 4 days adventure soon. 

Before I forget, let me wish my cheeky cheeks the happiest birthday and hopefully you'll have a good year ahead. May Allah bless you always. I pray and hope that you will grow up to be a soleh and a responsible son and big brother to your sister. Mummy, Daddy, Iman & Ranya love you very much. My little man is all grown up, he's even starting school next week :) 

Friday, December 14, 2012

The one on BH & AH

There was a period I shall call BH (before house) where around this time of the year I would be busy browsing on the internet for new handbags :p.Now I'm in a new era, a time which I shall refer to AH (after house) where I'm currently obsessed with anything and everything that have to do with interior designs.

Come 1 January 2013, it would mean that I've (we) officially moved into our crib for 2 years. However, in terms of house deco I would have to say that it is not "there" yet. The process of turning the place just the way I want it is a slow, sometimes painful (esp on my wallet) process.Renovations and furniture don't come cheap. So we need to really save up before we can start on any project. Even DIY is very challenging since we have our hands full with the little kiddies. Nonetheless, I am determined to make it work.

Malaysians by way of my observation prefers clean, matchy-matchy, hotel like, uniformed type of designs. I have yet to encounter any quirky houses with mismatch furniture and vintagey feel to it. I am currently inspired by several designs mags and blogs (from over the sea ;p ) The houses are rarely adorn with expensive furniture but for some reason it just looks so comfy and inviting. It also has character. You come in the house and you can instantly say "ohhhh this screams si so and so".

At the moment I feel that my pad is missing that little "je ne sais quoi", so I'm on a mission to change that :) When we first moved in everything was new (i.e. paint jobs, tiling etc) so we didn't feel like we needed to do a lot of stuff at that moment (the limited $$$ contributed to that decision too). 

Now that we have settled down and gotten to know the house better (like real) I feel like I'm in a better place to make deco decision (i.e. what kind of space the family needs rather than what we THINK we needed). Anyway we've just completed the tiling for the front porch so I'm a happy camper (at least for the moment), I'm happy enough to move on to my next project(s)...

List of Home Improvement Projects for 2013 :)

Ever since Sex & The City, I've always wanted a walk in closet for myself :p
The extra room upstairs is meant to be the twins bedroom but for the next few years until they are old enough to sleep on their own, I'm turning it into my walk in closet (haha) and prayer room 
(sejuk hati baca kan? *wek*)
Currently, I've divided the room into 2 sections using a rail and some light curtains. 
I'm still stuck over storage at the moment (yes, 3 clothes racks is still not enough) but a new chest drawer, some paint job, carpeting and wall hangings should be able to pull the room together. 

The playroom downstairs is also work in progress.
Some changes needed to be made especially now that the twins are older.
Nothing major but I'm so in love with some of the new designs of wallpapers by La.Mex
I'm also eyeing a bigger table for them to use in terms of snacks and colouring
(now semua nak rebut so I need 2-3 of everything for my own peace of mind)

I don't think wallpaper in a bathroom in Malaysia is the way to go but I do love the idea of those brighly coloured walls. Awesome pussom :)

Lovely living room designs. Comfortable, bright and homey
I'm trying to emulate some of the decor ideas by injecting splashes of colors and trinkets
but I've yet to find a "theme" that I can commit so this project is in my KIV file :p 

The master bedroom is not on the list because I'm currently sharing it with the 3 lil kiddies and with the 2 extra cots and kids stuff in the room I don't have much room for "stuff" if you get what I mean. I do want a new bed though. The old bed dragged from our old crib in Shah Alam don't seem to cut it anymore. Nak new king size bed boleh?

Yes this long winded post is courtesy of boredom since 2/3 of the office is gone for annual dinner. 
I decided to give it a miss this year because I'm lazy and I don't feel like socializing haha.
Nak balik nak balik nak balik...

Thursday, December 13, 2012

121212 : The Day My Princesses Turn ONE

Dear Iman & Ranya,

I can't believe you are one. 
The past one year has been a blessing. 
With both of you each joy and happiness is always x2
Mummy, Daddy and Ryan is so thankful that both of you are around.

My prayers are always with you 
My dua to Allah is for you to grow up into solehah, intelligent, healthy and gorgeous young ladies
*in sha Allah*

Loads of love, hugs and kisses and hope both of you enjoyed the little mini celebration mummy and daddy planned for you yesterday

Lan and I took leave to bring my 2 little angels out for their birthday lunch at One Utama
Excuse the headless snowman, my husband is rubbish with photo composition 
(but we LOVE you anyway, daddy ;p)

Yesterday was a bit of challenge because we were left without our double strollers 
(which is in my sis safekeeping for our Johor/Melaka/Singapore trip next week)
I think I have grown a pair of muscles from taking turns to carry the twins around OU
Anyway loving their new ruffled top that I got from Brands Outlet and the recycled tutu skirts
Comelkan the birthday girls :) 

What are birthdays without presents?
I had the twins choose their presents, made them go through a few selections and they made the final pick. We ended up with my little ponies dolls. I LOVE MY LITTLE PONIES :)
I had to hide the hairclips though as it is not 1 year old friendly but the twins esp. Iman had so much fun putting on and taking out the ponies shoes 
(oh no daddy another shoehaholic in the making)

Ohh and I got them a pair of maxi dresses. 
The rare exception when I buy IDENTICAL clothes because it is just too cute.
You see I do dress them in similiar designs but I rarely buy them in the exact colours etc.
Sebab at the end of the day, the feeling of having double of everything in exact same colour,size and designs just aint cool :p

We had our lunch in New York,New York Deli
The food is so-so la. The root beer float is HUGE but lacking that extra umpphh you can only get in A&W 
The meat platter was adequate but I only managed to taste a bit of everything so maybe you should not take my final review on it. 
Had to tapau because we didn't get the chance to eat properly as the twins got restless 
But the mushroom cappuccino soup is quite good. 
The extra milk foam and dash of choc gave it some extra flavor

Food Ratings : 6.9/10

Ryan, Iman and Ranya birthday favors to be distributed to the friends in Kindy. 
50 toothbrush and toothpaste sets that I, not in my brightest moments decided to wrap individually instead of chucking it in a paper bag :p 

From the girls are ones wrapped in pink princess printed paper and from Ryan is the one with pirate wrapping paper design. Both came with stickers with the kiddies names :)

The toothbrushes was hubby's idea. 
Which made for a good change from the usual "jajan" that usually end up in the parents tummy anyway :p

That is all for Project Birthday 2012: Part 1. 
Part 2 & 3 coming soon. Stay Tune!!!

Monday, December 3, 2012

A Change in Scenery...

Say hello to my new blog design...

It is a bit monochromatic but it fits my end of the year mood, do not mistaken it to symbolize "moodiness and depression" though :p The design is an inspiration from my current obsession with interior designing magazines and blogs.

I was looking for some "head silhouette" art for my house deco. A very cute and cheap way to decorate a room. All you need is a printer and some frames and wallaaa... quirky cuteness overload :)

As I was "cutting and pasting" the silhouettes in "Paint", I find the combo of our "family heads" looks real cute on screen so I decided to make it into my blog header. Oh well it may change tomorrow since I get bored easily but it makes for a nice change to brightened up my otherwise deary Monday...

Have an awesome week ahead peeps.. Me wanna go collect my latest online purchase *ooppss*