Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Wordless Wednesday #18

Note: Last month lepak photos @ Meatworks,Citta Mall with the SeVen7 + honorary member Nia :p

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Happy 6 Months Birthday, Princess(s)

Dear Iman Khadeeja & Ranya Fatimah,

I can't believe that you're already 6 months old today :)
Seem just like yesterday when I gave birth to both of you and we first laid eyes on each other for the first time...
It was L O V E

It is not easy to take care of both of you at first but in some ways I believe that both of you understood enough to not make it even more difficult than it need to be.
Thanks for being so considerate darling...

I love looking at both of you "playing" together.
I hope you'll take care of each other (and abang) to the day when I'm no longer here... 
How lucky for both of you to have an "instant" best friend since in the womb 

I truly never cared whether I was pregnant with a girl/boy before, but now that I have both of you here I'm glad because we are now the "ruling party" at home - Girls Rule!!

I can't wait when you are both old enough for us to play dress up.
Super *double* cuteness...
I hope you'll grow up to be anak-anak solehah, healthy, happy, considerate, intelligent and gorgeous girls

Ohhh and I love that though you may look similar both of you have very different personalities.
I can't wait to find out and learn more about you everyday

Mummy, daddy and abang love you both so much Iman and Ranya

Monday, June 11, 2012

Ryan-Saur-Us :)

Some pictures from our visit to the National Science Centre for the Dinosaur Live Exhibition.

All in all I can say that the trip is a success as Ryan is able to appreciate it more this time around. The minus points was he thought that the dino is real and he got a bit scared and wanted to be carried all day way through. At least he didn't start wailing like some of the kiddies there :) I'm gonna let the picture do the talking...

 T-Rex Fossils

 Entrance to the Dino Live

With my cheeky boy

 In the dark and creepy exhibition hall.

Hehehe lepak ngan Allasourus
(the smaller cousin of T-Rex i.e. the crazy man eating dino is Jurassic Park :p)

 Ryan: Bring it on
Mummy: Alah don't la grow up so fast, sayang!!

 Ryan enjoying the "science" bit

 Doing the puzzles

 When I grow up I wanna be a grasshopper?
Ehhh that do not sound right :p

 Ok la.. I'll be an astronaut instead (insyallah)

 Or a scientist and become a future Nobel price recipient *amin*
(yeah reach for the sky darling)


Friday, June 8, 2012

Making a Home...

The one thing that takes up a lot of my time and attention other than my children is my house. I love my house and I love the process of turning my house into a HOME :)

Buying a new house straight from the developer means you're literally buying an empty space. The good news is you have a 100% say on the designs and most fixtures in the house. The bad side? Obviously is the COST. For a young couple such as Lan and myself who've only started working for 5-6 years, the cost to beautify our crib do put a huge hole in our pockets. Renovations and furniture does not come cheap so instead of doing everything in one go, our reno plans are done in stages in accordance to the affordability factor of the moment :)

For example before we moved in the house, the only additional renovation we did was to add in tiles to the living room, secured house grills and kitchen cabinets. Over time we managed to add in the wallpapers, installed new gates and commissioned for a small gazebo to be build for Ryan's playhouse (this was more of Atuk's project rather than mummy and daddy's :p). Last week we extended the laundry area by putting additional grills for additional security. What I really want to do next is to tile the whole porch area. Hopefully I'll have enough $$$ saved by the end of the year to do so ;p ( I guess I should stop shopping and start saving instead haha)

As for interior designs the only completed room at home is Ryan's room and the kiddies playroom downstairs. Funnily enough the first room that I furnished when we moved in was Ryan's. I didn't even bother buying anything new for my bedroom, just hauled all my old furniture from our Shah Alam home (Your babies will always comes first when you become a mother ;p) Heheh I even went furniture shopping for Iman and Ranya's room during pantang. I remembered dragging Lan and Ryan around Klang to find the perfect wardrobe for the girls.

Anyways now that the kiddies room are done and dealt with, I'm moving on to the living room. I'm currently dreaming and drooling over these console table :) Solid wood in the darkest shade of brown *yummy*

 Simple classic designs

which I plan to decorate with bright coloured ornament, lamps and vases 

Anyway, I went browsing in Ikea yesterday and I saw this gorgeous outdoor plant shelves. I WANT IT so bad. Gorgeous kan? I can imagine lining up colourful geraniums on it... *saya suka saya suka*
Hubby thinks I should look around first before buying it *maybe -__-*
Should I? oh well I can wait a few more weeks, I guess...

Have a great weekend ahead everyone *muackz*

Friday, June 1, 2012


As a kid I LOVE the Dinosours (still do actually) dulu nak jadi palentologist but tah macam mana stuck end up as a lawyer :p Ryan inherited my love for the big monsters (he can't help it really since I buy Dino related books/CDs all the time to encourage him :p ) Anyways Lan and I plan to bring him to the Dinosour Live Exhibition at the Science Center (which is seberang jalan to my office) this weekend. Ryan went last year but he was too young to appreciate the exhibition but since he's currently at the stomping and roaring stage (i.e. like T-Rex) maybe he'll enjoy it more. We'll see...

This will be a short boring post coz I can't breathe. Currently recovering from a very bad bout of flu... There's a flu bug at home that just won't go away. It started with Lan - Ranya - Iman - Me -Ryan - Me and now back to Iman *sigh* what to do....