Tuesday, April 30, 2013

No Race Card Please...

I hate what the current election season is doing to Malaysia.

I hate how they are playing the race cards and inciting the races against each other.

I hate how they keep on throwing the May 13 incidence at our faces.

Let me make it clear, I’m not a follower of both parties. I’m one of the so called “unprincipled” atas pagar individuals who is still trying to make up her mind on who would be the best leader for my beloved country. The best thing about not being a hardcore follower of any party, I’m forced to work harder for my information. I don’t rely mainly on U.tusan Malaysia, TV3 and RTM for news nor is Har.akah and Malaysia.kini my only reference point. 

I read every media available to me and am still deciding. My problem is the more information I gather, the less faith I have on both alliances. I really hate it when candidates play on the race sentiment to garner votes and support (admittedly one more than the other)

Let me tell you something about my childhood. Since I was 7, I am usually the only Malay girl in my “group”. Don’t ask me why, at that time I was too young to base my relationships on things like race or religion. I was mostly attracted to my friends based on common interest. We like the same books, play the same sports, listen to the same music and watch the same movie etc. It just so happen the Malay girls my age does not share the same interest. I never find anything wrong with that though I do know people who thinks that there is something wrong with me :p “Mat Salleh celup, perasan bagus, tak sedar diri” are just some of the less colorful words that are thrown at me. 

I never cared because I truly love my friends. Instead of focusing on our differences we choose to focus on our similarities. We don’t just TOLERATE each other religion and customary beliefs we truly respect them. For example when we go out and if it’s time for prayers, my NON MUSLIM friends would remind me of the prayer time and wait for me while I perform my solat. During fasting time and if we were to go out, they would refuse to eat or even drink in front of me as a show of respect. There was even once when my friend refuse to eat in a restaurant with a “no pork-no lard” sign because she said there was a no HALAL sign from JAKIM. 

In return, I remembered sending my mates to the church in time for their Sunday mass once I received my license (and a car; p), attending their weddings and even listening to their mums lecturing me about the chinese/indian pantang larang and things I should do and not do when I was pregnant.

You see being a Muslim, there a certain parts of other races beliefs that are forbidden for me to practice as it considered as khurafat. However, in order to be respectful, I do not throw my religious beliefs in my friend’s faces. What I try to do is 1. Don’t look at weird animals photos in front of my Chinese friends when I’m pregnant (haha)  2. Nod and smile. 

In return my friends don’t make fun and make unnecessary remarks about Islam. If they truly do not understand the Islamic practices, they will just ask me to explain it to them and I will do so in the simplest way I know how. No making fun of the ulama’ and their teachings, never questioning fatwa knowing they do not NEED to understand the reasoning of things that do not apply to them and NEVER ridiculing my efforts to be a better Muslim. Now you know why I LOVE them and stayed friends with them even after all these years??

The problem with the current election fever and with this so call liberation of “freedom of speech and expression” people take it as a license to INSULT and to comment on EVERYTHING and even things that don’t apply to them. I find it incredibly insulting when non-muslims make fun and question issuance of fatwas that they have no understanding off. Questioning to learn more is one thing, but questioning the wisdom of the learned ulama’ without trying to even understand the basis of them coming up with the decision is uncalled for. Oh well but I can’t blame them, not when my fellow Muslims brothers/sisters is a part of the ones doing the ridiculing…..

I guess “tolerating” does not cut it anymore, people need to bring back the RESPECT and sometimes respect is really about shutting up even when you think you know better… 

Let’s try to look at people beyond their race and religion. At the same time learn to accept our differences and respect it. Maybe one day we all would truly learn to live harmoniously. For the time being I’m scared for my children and how the situation may push them to become a racist lot (Nauzubillah).

This is going to be one tough lesson to teach :(

Friday, April 26, 2013

Just one one of those days....

I WANT these
(ok maybe not ALL just one each for the girls will do :p)

I know it is not practical and the girls grow up so fast...
It is also quite expensive -__- 
and I usually don't go crazy for designer clothes for my kids because YES I do read about Dr Muhaya's opinion about spoiling our kids very early on in life *pffftttt*
(but let me justify that this is actually cheaper than what they're selling in one of those "leading" Malaysian online shop and it's DVF not some cikai designer)

Yeah I freaking sound pretencious and I hate sounding like this but I really like this line for some reason, I can imagine the girls wearing this for Raya... I don't even mind if this is to be their only non baju kurung baju raya because I want it I want it and I want it...

So saya akan beristigfar, take a deep breath and I'm gonna do what I always do when I want something real bad even when I know I shouldn't. I will wait for a few days and see whether it is really something I want or is it just one of those "in the moment nafsu thingmajingy) and if I still feel like I want these dresses on let see, MONDAY?? I shall just go and buy it..As for the moment I shall delete these from my "shopping bag" and try to forget it existed for a while hehehe

Psycho mummy alert mode... or more like psycho shopaholic mental problem mode hahaha

Monday, April 22, 2013

The one on the Snobish Bookworm...

I haven't done any book review in AGES... 

I hate to admit it but I don't have much time to read and finish a book lately. Planning to break the horrible cycle, so yesterday I forced myself and managed to finish a book in a day :) More on this later on..

I'm a bit of a book snob. You can't be a student of Mrs Mag Literature class and not be a book snob :p At the young age of 16, I was already exposed to the wonderful world of character and plot analysis. You don't just READ a book, you analyze the motivation of the protagonist and antagonist, the maksud tersirat, tersurat of each line, character development, the events which contributed to the climax of the story and of course the conclusion and the moral for each story. You just have to look at my worn copy of Harper Lee's "To Kill a Mockingbird" and Hemingway's "Old Man and the Sea" and judge yourself.

Having said that, despite my English being pretty crap and my "gone" grammar, I still can't pick up a book and have what most people describe as "easy reading". I'll nit pick like crazy... it drives my friends nuts because they'll be all excited over a book and I'll be like "the plot is stupid, the heroine has no back-bone and the ending is a disappointment". The reply I usually get is "Far we're not in class, STFU :p"

Anyway I've been picking books to read based on the current "now showing" in the cinema list :p However, instead of watching the movie first, I choose to read the book first and usually end up being hugely disappointed in the movie or tv series. It is just so hard to despict and potray the emotions and details that you can find in a book that directors usually failed to capture on screen. I guess in the end their motivation is MONEY so whatever brings in the ratings would be highlighted. Oh well you can't make everybody happy.

List of book currently on my side table which I've read, in the midst of reading or will start reading soon :) 

Fifty Shades of Grey Trilogy


I'm sorry but this whole series is crap. The plot is repetitive throughout the whole 3 books. I don't know about you but I'm so over the whole beautiful supposedly "intelligent" young woman swooning over a hot young guy she met ONCE just because of his "mysterious smile and smouldering eyes" (Twilight and Vampire Diaries, rip-off much?). The book is describe on Wikipedia as the "mummies p.orn" hence the popularity but truth be told the se.x scene got pretty much boring after Chapter 8 Book 1. I've read Mills and Boons books with much interesting depiction of love making (hahaha) Even after the discount, it was the worse RM69.90 I've ever spent on books. Don't even get me started on the ending which is very anti climatic (pun intended) *Sorry Christian Grey fans :p* 

Silver Linings

I haven't watch the movie despite it winning Oscars and all, but let me tell you I am so running to the nearest DVD shop to watch this, after picking up and completing this book yesterday :) I absolutely love the story. It is a love story with a twist and instead of having the perfect "shinny" couple, you get a bunch of loonified, crazy and screwed up protagonists :) I love all the references it made to the classics (books) and having Bradley Cooper on the cover is always a plus...

The Hobbit

Ok this is a re-read and re-buy :p I lost my copy of The Hobbit, and when the movie came out, I got a bit sentimental and went out to replace my old copy. Tolkien never disappoints and I'm bias because I love his work. Fans of middle earth would agree with me. If you want to start your Middle Earth adventure I suggest you start with this book, moving on to the LOTR trilogy, The Silmarillon and Children of Hurin.

Les Miserables

I got myself this complete and unabridged copy of the book months ago and I am still on the first chapter :p Admittedly, I got lazy and I shall complete this book once I finish reading this.......

The Host

This book seems easy reading enough, and I picked it up because it is written by Stephenie Meyer the writer of Twilight. Read some good review on this, so I shall start reading this tonight and hopefully finish this by this week? Here's to hoping and wish me luck :)

Mari membaca everyone....

P/S: Don't take my review seriously. Everyone has different taste and since you shall not judge a book by its cover, pick any one and you may end up loving it... even if you hate it you're bound to learn something.... Peace yo!!!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

FarryTales 3.0???

My birthday is coming soon but this year instead of just thinking about presents, another thought is slowly creeping up to me is “dangggg I’m going to be 30 this year”. But to tell you the truth I don’t really feel OLD. Adakan sebab saya tak sedar diri or because I’m naturally surrounded by “wiser” people daily that make me terperasan muda haha :p

Anyway when Lan turned 30 2 years ago,I asked him this question. “Is this where you envisioned yourself to be when you’re 30?” Now I’m going to ask myself the same question “Am I in a place where my 25 year old self envisioned to be at 30 years old?”

Alhamdullilah… I think the answer is a big fat yes :)

When some major changes was taking place in my life short of turning 25, I decided to stop making new year resolutions (which don’t work for moi) and concentrate on achieving 5 major goals for myself. To ensure that I would follow through I’ve set a 5 year timeline. It wasn’t easy but I quietly worked through each and every one of my goals and prayed to Allah to make my path easier. With Allah will, the help of those closest to me and my own hardwork. Alhamdullilah I managed to complete all 5 of my to do list as follows:

A.      Get married and start a family
This sound a bit “kampung” I know but maybe I’m a kampung girl at heart and proud of it (haha) Anyway I just got engaged at that time, so you can imagine what “triggered” this dream :p  My parents also inspired this desire of having a “young family”.

I guess based on my family experience I always thought having the abundance of energy to “layan” my kids is a big plus despite the lack of experience and funds :p In the end  all this  goes down to the blessings that Allah has bestowed to me. Providing me with the rezeki of my 3 children is the best gift I’ve ever gotten my entire life and that is saying a lot because I’ve been blessed with many things which I can’t even began to be thankful for.  

B.      To buy a property under my name
A house (check) A car (check)

C.      To complete my masters
Check :)

D.      Perform my Umrah
Check (big thanks to my in-laws)

E.       Career Advancement

Another achievement that is not in my list but I have to say I’m very proud of myself for doing, is to start covering my aurat and wearing the hijab full time. I have to say I’m not quite there. I have yet to completely rid of the figure hugging clothes but something a friend said to me totally motivated me to try harder (She’s non-Muslim by the way) “Far when I first met you it was all short skirts and spaghetti straps and looking at you now, trust me I believe it is a huge achievement :)” 

Anyway, I would like to reiterate again and again that the above is not my doing alone or even at all. It is all driven by Allah will and blessing. I have to remember to be extra grateful and thankful. I’m always reminded by my parents that sometimes these “blessings” is a bigger form of test than any hardship could be. Because hardship will usually bring you closer to god but “kesenangan” sometimes push you away from him. So remember Farhanna remember…

I guess now that I’m turning 30 I shall start a new series of 5 year goals to be achieved before I turn 35. First in order and I shall put in writing to always remind me is  TO STRIVE TO BE A BETTER MUSLIMAH WHICH IN TURN WILL TRANSLATE INTO ME BEING A BETTER MOTHER, WIFE, DAUGHTER, FRIEND, EMPLOYEE etc. *In Sha Allah* 

Repost photo source google.com
The other 4? I guess you have to wait another 5 years to find out if I managed work it out. Pray for me will ya :) 

Ohhh hubby is turning 32 tomorrow (old man alert :p) An early birthday wish to the love of my life. May Allah continue to  bless you with the gift of contentment for your awesome life, beautiful and intelligent wife (haha) and gorgeously healthy and soleh children. I wish you loads of love, awesomeness, health and may you become a better Muslim with every birthday :) Love you branches Kismissy. Muacks!!

Monday, April 15, 2013

The One on My Little Baker...

I'm big at finding new activities for Ryan to try.

This is mostly to minimize his time watching TV or playing with his tablet. Alhamdullilah I've managed to minimize Ryan's TV time as compared to before and the twins are not exposed to much TV (not even Sesame Street DVDs etc) I think learning from our experience with Ryan, their time would be better spent playing or doing creative activities.

So TV time is minimize to only at around 30mins or less at my mum's house (we only on the BabyTV in the morning when the kids are getting ready to help distract them) and NO TABLET time allocated at all. Our approach is very simple, the tab is mummy's and you can only play with it when mummy gives your permission to do so. It sounds a bit dictatorial but so far it worked since none of my kids are addicted to youtube and the likes of it - They watch what Lan and I want them to watch. Fullstop!

My children, Ryan especially is at the age where he's very open to try out new stuff. He always has a thing for cakes (since the TV when it is on is always tuned on the food channel) and though I do bake from time to time, I'm not really at the stage where I'm comfortable to include Ryan in the activity. So you can imagine my delight when I found out that my friend's little sister Jaja of the The Baking Fairies has introduced a cake decorating modules for children or Little Fairies as she called them :)

Photos are reposted from TBF IG

Photos are reposted from TBF IG

Photos are reposted from TBF IG

Photos are reposted from TBF IG
Anyway Ryan had a lot of fun decorating the cupcakes and even made new friends. He was so excited and the first thing he did when he got home was to demonstrate to his Mak Long the right way to "ice" a cake. I definitely plan to send Ryan to more baking classes in the future. It encourages creativity and even fine motor skill. Do check out their website (as attached above) if you're interested. Highly recommended by moi :)

With Nawal
His handiwork
Haha yes he was the only boy in the Saturday class :p
Thank god there's not much stigma about sending boys for cooking classes anymore. Even if there is, I don't care. I plan to raise Ryan the same way my late Wan raises her boys. My uncles and dad are all hands on fathers who not only help around the house but are also awesome cooks. So as far as I'm concern all housework even the cooking are to be shared equally between the 3 children and Ryan being the eldest would be responsible (when the time comes and if need be) for his little sisters meals :)

Hopefully he'll grow up to be a soleh responsible young man who's also an awesome cook and baker *in sha allah* Hahaha how's that for raising the next Jejaka Idaman Melaya?

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Off with the head....

Been dreaming over this colour palette for a few month.
Finally decided that it is to be the new wall color for the kids playroom
I wanted something girlie (coz technically it is more the twins playroom than Ryan)
but I did not want the traditional pink/purple combo... 
So last week, we went to the paint store to get this gorgeous mint paint called "Tinkerbell"
How fitting, huh?

Since it is just a tiny room, I left hubby to his own devices and decided to venture into a new project that I've been meaning to do as a part of the playroom deco:  Head Silhouette

 In my case I needed 3 20cmx20cm canvas to start which I spray painted white with spray paint.
Let them dry for a few hours and make sure that the newspaper did not stick to the wet paint 
(which totally happen to me :p) 

 There's several way to get the head silhouette
1. Draw the profile free hand & fill in the blanks with the colour of your choice. Traditionally silhouette are black in colour, but feel free to change it up (my chosen method of the day); or
2. Take a side profile pic of your child/ own head, blow it up and "trace" the profile on a piece of paper ; or
3. Print the profile off the internet and stick it on a canvas or for an easier and cleaner method put it in a frame :p

Once the silhouette are painted on the canvas, wait for it to dry and later spray the gloss paint on the canvas to get the shiny/gloss up effect. Depending on how efficient you are, the whole process would probably take  around 3 hours (taking into consideration the "drying period"). 

Lo and behold a head silhouette of my children : Iman, Ryan and Ranya. Anyway though the twins looked more grown up than Ryan, I'm very happy with my handiwork :)

Will post the picture of the completed playroom once I'm done with it. 

Toodles, have a great weekend everyone and happy trying...