Thursday, April 26, 2012

Something to ponder...

Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind -- Dr. Seuss

I wonder if it's really the case, but I love this quote :)

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Monday, April 23, 2012

Goreng Pisang or Pisang Goreng?

This is going to be one of those random "tiada arah tujuan" type of post because I have no time to type a proper post but still want to post. Hahaha useless useless banter

The act of "menggoreng pisang" to produce "pisang goreng". Sapa-sapa yang suka cakap "pergi beli goreng pisang", please know that anda mengunakan perkataan yang salah untuk men-describe the food. Percayalah saya dapat A1 untuk SPM BM saya  #muahahahah

 My new bling bling purple casing for my BB to match the lilac skin of my Ipod :p The selection is pretty limited because the shop cater more for IPhone users. Yela BB sepatutnya for work so have to look "serious". I wonder if people will have respect for me at work if I attend meeting carrying a "hello kitty" or "barbie" phone :p BimBo with Brains....

This is what I want for my birthday. I think there's a 70% chance I'll get it :p it could be from my husband or father or collectively from the people that LOVE me (via help buy Far an Ipad fund). Which one is nicer? should I get the black or white one? (berangan je lebih)

Dahla need to finish reviewing a totally boring and pointless concept paper *sigh*

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Wordless Wednesday #16

 Ryan's new ride : Shinny red bike courtesy of atuk & nenek

 Siblings holding hands *awww*

 My angels <3

Mini Me(s)

p/s: as always my wordy "wordless wednesday" that beats the whole purpose of ww :p

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Joyeux Anniversaire, le père de mes enfants

Happy birthday to my dearest husband and father of my children...

Happy 31st Birthday (so old *tsk..tsk..) May Allah bless you always with health, happiness, love, takwa and every awesome thing that you wish for yourself. Can't wait for our "date" in 2 weeks time :p Love ya branches daddy awesome :p

Hugs and sloppy kisses
Queen Far, Prince Ryan, Princess Iman & Princess Ranya

Monday, April 9, 2012

SOLE Necessity

I’m in need of some new shoes. Most of my shoes especially my gorgeous heels feels a bit too tight. Maybe it is because I’m a bit out of practice after close to 10 months of being out of 3-4 inch heels but I think my feet just grew a size. You know what they say about the whole pregnancy causing your feet to swell and horror to horror- it may not go back to its original size after birth (I’m sure my husband is rolling his eyes while reading this thinking that I’m making things up as I go along so that I have an excuse to go shoe shopping)

Maybe it is the whole being pregnant with twins thingy, my feet didn’t really swell when I was pregnant with Ryan but it did during my pregnancy with Iman & Ranya. I think I was wearing size 8 slippers instead of my normal size 6. Anyway I’m eyeing a bunch of flats (and maybe ONE pair of black heels). I’m addicted to flats at the moment because I guess with 3 babies running around in heels is not a good idea especially since I’m a certified klutz.

Love the ones from French Sole (a favorite of Duchess of Cambridge HRH Katherine Middleton) but it is a bit out of my price range at the mo. The ones that I like is around 90 pounds (RM450??) I think I rather spend the money on a new bag: p Anyways Charles and Keith has some nice new collection of flats but I think I’ll drop by Debenham one of these days for some nice shiny black flats. The price is reasonable (below 100), comfy (a MUST) and most importantly stylish. I’ve bought a few pairs of shoe from Debenham before and I LOVE it. Pakai sampai koyak which knowing me rarely happen sebab I usually get bored after 3 months hehehe.

Feast your eyes on some designs from French Sole. I think there’s an outlet available in KLCC if you’re interested to burn some hard earned ca$h :p Happy Monday everyone. Hopefully we’ll all have a good week ahead *insyallah*

Friday, April 6, 2012

InsTa.graM CraZy!!!

 My lunch: Red Velvet and Rocky Road Cuppies

Lil Blair Waldorf in the making (only the great style/incredibly intelligent/1000 headbands part ok) 
Miss Ranya Fatimah

 Love the mini bow on my sweet Iman :) Mummy bought a few and becoz she's a great lawyer she'll never admit how much so as to not incriminate herself to daddy :p muahahaha

 Mummy and abang dating @ Chilli's Citta Mall. Ok la mak long was there also :p
but not in the picture becoz she's not cute as both of us

 What my lil muchkins do when they're at home. Seriously overdose of cuteness mingle with various antics yg sometimes menguji kesabaran minda and emosi hahaha

Next post: How I survived being a maidless working mummy of 3 kids under three
(haha mcm real, but I do get this question A LOT so why not blog about it kan?)

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Reason I Smile :D

Hi! My name is Ranya. Meet my friend Timah Bear :)

 Miss Cool Ranya doing her nebulizer 

 Iman trying to fight the nurse off..

 "We're BFF and we got each other back,yo!!"

 Look who came to visit and ran off with Mummy's Pringles.

 Check out Iman's left eye. Bengkak from the overflow of phelgm

 Ranya can turn and meniarap already. Good girl!!!

 Mummy and Abang at Dani's 3rd Birthday Party. Say Hello to Bat Boy Ryan Daniel

 Later my superhero temankan mummy celebrate Bday Aunt Najwa/Farisa/Ina at Nando's Plaza Masalam

Ze birthday girls :p Though Ina would not agree...

 Over kan ?? Acted like it is HIS cake :p Even ate all of the ladybird

 Mummy and Iman all better. Alhamdullilah, eyes all biggie and round :)

Bagi chance to Mummy nak cam whore jugak la kan :p 

Monday, April 2, 2012

Why Me??

I have not been having the greatest 3 weeks...

Happening 1: My uncle passed away on 21/03/2012 due to sudden heart attack. I last saw him during Iman and Ranya's Aqiqah. At least my last memories of him area very happy one but I feel so sorry for cousins. They are too young to lose their dad. May Allah bless his soul *Al-Fatihah*

Happening 2: Iman and Ranya was hospitalised for bronchitis. Actually this hospitalization was a personal choice. They've been coughing for the past 2 weeks. I went to our normal paediatrician and initially they were getting better so I stopped giving them meds for 3 days. The day after my uncle funeral Iman starts developing sty in her eye which I thought was conjunctivitis. I drag the twins to DEMC for a check up, and it turns out that they have develop bronchitis. Doctor gave me the option of giving more meds to the girls or allowing them to be ward up for 4 hourly nebulizer treatment.

Having experienced this with Ryan, Lan and I decided that we're going to admit the girls to the hospital before it became worst. Alhamdullilah since the infection was minor and treatment was done fast. The girls was discharged after 2 days. Upon doctor's advice they stayed home for a week, where my parents, sister, Lan and myself took turns to take care of them. They are so much better now and I thank Allah that my family is willing to go all out to help.

Happening 3: We stayed at my parents for the whole week after the girls was hospitalised since it is easier for everyone to help take care of my 3 babies. We only drop by the house for a few minutes to pick up stuff. So yesterday since everything has settled down, we came back home to a huge pile of laundry and mess :p That turned out to be the least of my concern because I found out that a fuse exploded  due to the heavy rain on Friday thus damaging my living hall fan and lamp. As if that is not bad enough, when I went into Ryan's room to on his lights something exploded and the top floor went dark. Thank god only Ryan's room lamp is effected but that still means that we have to repair/change one ceiling fan and 2 ceiling lamps :(

Happening 4: Who says bad things only come in 3s?? This morning I got into a bumper accident. It is my fault, it was raining and after trapped in a horrible jam I was a bit out of sorts and my car kinda skidded forward when I wanted to break. I'm fine (thanks for asking :p) but obviously my car bumper and the car of the woman I hit was bumped. Not that bad la but that means MORE $$$ flushed out of my hands. At least my car is still in perfect driving condition, just buruk mata memandang je la.

With me drawing 1/2 salary due to the unpaid leave I took in February, I have to be triple careful with my spending this month. Nasib baik next month "kaya" balik but by the looks of things there's gonna be a lot of expenses that needed to be covered. Argghhh the joy of being an adult -_-

I'm in a "whatever" mode at the moment. I could sit hear questioning myself or god "why me? why me?" but the answer is pretty simple "why NOT me?". I'm trying to work out some possible solution, praying that Allah will assist in making things easier for me and my family. I'm sure there's a silver lining somewhere, I  just need to find it.

Yeah things may not be that great but it could be worse and for that I'm thankful. Alhamdullilah!!