Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Ok guys... I'm off to BALI with HUBBY for our HONEYMOON!!!

Can you tell that I'm EXCITED!!!!! heheheheh

Anyway take care, have a great week and don't get into nonsensical stuff while I'm away...heheheh

Love ya guys loads *muackz*
XoXo: Lan & Far

Friday, March 20, 2009

Get Me Out of Here -Part Deux

Thank god, it’s Friday and naturally, I am not in the mood for work….

Pretty much expected from me especially with the thoughts of Bali looming so close is making me more unmotivated than usual. (Actually, I’m not that bad, I’ve been working hard for the past 3 days to complete report and evaluations, I just can’t make myself do any research at the moment especially on a topic as dry as commodity market)

Newsflash: I still have not completed my assignment due in 4 days *sigh* I seriously have nothing to write about and am in no mood to “goreng” serious tengah brain dead ni :p

Hmmm…. I’ve invited my sis-in-law for a sleepover tonight. I’m not sure jadi ke tak, but we’re supposed to watch a movie. “Upin & Ipin-Pengembaraan Bermula”. Serious tension: p My younger cousins have learn very early on, if you want their Kak Na to bring them to the movies, don’t make her watch movies like Cicakman, Cinta Kolestrol dll. I’m not against Malay Movies. Tak langsung tapi….Beri saya peluang menonton cerita2 berkualiti. Well I’ve heard rave reviews about them, so I’m hoping that I won’t be BORED TO DEATH.

Tentative Saturday Schedule:
8.00am: Make (buy) breakfast for the kiddies
10.00am: Send them home to Jalan Kebun
11.30am: Head of early to Bangsar for an “appointment”
12.00pm: Meet up with the gals (jadi ke nie?)
Dinner: Meet up with Lan & Yasser (ni pun jadi ke nie?)
10pm onwards: Finish assignment, not sleep until it’s done tak kisah

Tentative Sunday Schedule:
9.00am: Finish packing etc
12.00pm – 6.00pm: Balik Lan’s place
Dinner + Sleepover: Yeah balik Klang!!!

Tentatively will be sleeping over in Klang on Monday too, coz daddy is sending Lan and I to the airport on Tuesday.

Have a great weekend everyone!!! Toodles

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Confession of a Shopaholic (Part IXX)

I went to OU with a mission yesterday. I was supposed to grab a bottle of VC from Guardian and pair of black flats for Bali. Suffice to say I ended up with more than a bottle of VC :)

I was walking up the escalator when I saw the word SALES stamped on the window of Noor Arfah, so I decided to drop and take a look. Lo and behold, a selection of scarf on 20% discounts. At first I wasn't planning to get anything but remembering by newly authorized "clothes budget" approved by hubby on Saturday due to a certain promise I made to him, I decided to get 3 new scarf (it was dirt cheap ok!)

Seriously, I was content... I went to Charles & Keith, Nine West & Aldo for my black flats but they have nothing to my fancy so I went up to check @ Vincci, Nose & Lewre still nothing to my fancy with the exception to one rainbow wedges yang too cute to pass on. It was also on sale, so I decided to get it (why not? cute, versatile, comfy, it's a must buy)

There was still loads of time, so I decided to check out F21, Just so happened I found a top that matches my shoe (It's a sign) it met all the criteria of hubby's terms and condition so what the heck right?

I did nothing wrong... Wasn't feeling guilty sikit pun....

I went back happy2, I decided to try all my newly acquired purchases before hubby came back from course, as I was being a total vain pot, I can hear the door opened.

What I should have done: Calmly put everything in the laundry basket and clean up later when hubby wasn't looking. Than opened the door with a smile and say, "Hi Baby, you're back"

What I did was: Opened the door while still wearing my new clothes, slam the door shut when I saw hubby, grab everything and stashed it on the upper cupboard, forgetting that it should never be opened when the fan is on, causing a whole load of racket (i.e. bam boom bang) totally arousing hubby's suspicion in which he decided to do a spot check and terkantoi kan diri sendiri. It was hilarious, rasa as if I was on some TV series, serious bodoh gila.

He looks at all the stuff I got; he asked for the TOTAL purchase price, ask me why I'm such a drama queen, pastu pergi tengok Simpsons. So not worth all the banging... He did passingly remarked though that since the wedges is so VERSATILE, I shouldn't need any new shoes for the next 4 months.

Hahaha I don't mind, because I'm totally lusting for a new wallet. The new MBMJ Long Purse in Saffron or Pink. I so want it badly but I need to save my $$$ for Bali and we've spend a lot of $$ already for the house, so no more unnecessary purchases for this month and for April :(

Maybe I can somehow persuade hubby to get it for me for my birthday... *sigh*



Friday, March 13, 2009

Rajin kan?

My mac & cheese was a hit. Lan & Yusry emptied the bowl :)

Yesterday, instead of going straight to class after work. I decided to swing home, cooked dinner and attend class late (yeah such dedicated student, I know :p) Needed an arena to release tension, where else other than the kitchen can you bang stuff around without getting stares...
Despite having only 1 1/2 hour to cook, eat, bath etc I managed to whipped out some mac & cheese, fried chicken (courtesy of Ayamas Crispy Fried Chicken) and a bowl of potato salad. Lan and I had dinner together (after which he did the dishes) and he send me off to class after Maghrib :)

We hung out after class.
Me: Oogling after Adam & Danny of AI, sorted out clothes while doing a mini fashion show :p
Him : Played Fantasy Football League online (yahoo I got back my lappie) while making snide remarks about my clothes (adake cakap one of my tops look like baju pengakap *geram*)
Yahoo!!! I'm going back to Klang today :) Happiness...

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Today is just not a good day.

Bad Day Rantings
  • I woke up late, was 15 minutes late for work
  • Ended up spending 20 minutes trying to style my new head scarf which still end up looking like crap
  • I think I've gained 100kg in a matter of 2 weeks (I'm far**ing OBESE)
  • I splattered Pizza Knots sauce all over my top during lunch
  • The lemonade cup that I bought bocor, so I only managed to drink 1/2
  • I have to go to class this evening and I'm so TIRED, SLEEPY & CRANKY. There is still no improvement on the status of my assignment :(

Wardrobe Disasters

  • I have to settle with really CRAPPY work clothes for the whole week :( Since I didn't pack my stuff properly last week, I ended up with an array of really boring baju kurung, 1 brown pants (of all colours) and 1 too tight black pants.
  • It took me 30 blardy minute to find an acceptable outfit for dinner outing last night. Thank god for the newly acquired top from F21 (a quick shop during lunch yesterday huhu) if not I would end up wearing Lan's t-shirt to OU. At least the food's good. We had dinner in SEOUL Korea BBq Buffet as a "wedding treat" from a friend.
  • I need a wardrobe upgrade due to a certain promise I make to my hubby :p Well the sale is on, anybody wants to be my shopping buddy? heheheh

*sigh* Maybe I'll leave a bit early, so that i can cooked up a batch of mac & cheese to go with the roast chicken in the fridge *yum*

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

One Week After...

1. Slowly moving my stuff to Shah Alam. A very slow and painful process. I never realised how much stuff I have (particularly clothing items) until having to painfully fold my laundry yesterday.

2. Alhamdullilah- murah rezeki after the wedding. We received really cool and practical gifts (i.e most of the stuff in the blog) I'm so excited over our new indoor grill set & my rakku shoe wheel (I’m staking claim over this; p). One of the best gift would be from my Aunt, a 3 days 2 nights stay at the Executive Suite in Sheraton Subang *yeah* we’re planning to go after Bali...

Thanks again EVERYONE for the cool gifts (each and everyone of them)

3. Its so nice having to go home to someone :) It's all the little2 things (preparing breakfast, having hubby be the imam during prayers, watching tv while Lan iron my clothes (I'll walk through fire but I don't do laundry) cook dinner, clean the house together2, grocery shopping and the list goes on and on)

4. I'm a bit annoyed over the fact that we still haven't been able to spend more "we" time for the past 1 week because of work and I don't get the whole waking up in the middle of the morning to watch football. It irritate the shiz out of me because I'm a light sleeper. Minor interruptions will wake me up easily :( Just some stuff that I need to get used to.

5. I have to admit I miss home esp. my parent desperately despite them being only 15 minutes away (never been away from home for more than a few days)

6. Am I happy? People commented that I looked very happy. Well I am :) but I know marriage takes a lot of work to nurture and maintain and we will try very hard to work things out *insyaallah* I'm not delusional and I don't intend to be. I don't believe in happily ever after forever everyday. However, I do believe in love, relationship, trust and compromised and all the things that have kept Lan and I going for the past 3 years without any major mishaps.

7. Anyway I'm suffering without my laptop (accidentally left them in Klang along with my charger *sigh*) the home PC in Shah Alam refused to work (I think there's some hardware problems) There's tons of pics to upload and will try and put it up real soon *sigh*

Be back soon. Asta Lavista Baby :)

Monday, March 9, 2009

Reception Lan (080309)

Bertandang Ceremony @ Lan Place : Jalan Kebun, Klang

Alhamdullilah. The wedding ceremony is officially over. So on to the next chapter with our lives.

I'm currently in Shah Alam.Hubby finally managed to persuade me to spend the night here :( Yesterday after the "bertandang ceremony" is over and as all my family member was leaving, I felt so sad and LOST... There is a feeling of having to start all over, trying to make sure everybody is happy with you, impressing my "new family" trying not to step on other people's toe and most importantly SHARING (not my strongest suit) *sigh*

We usually take for granted the people around us. I think it's because deep down we know that no matter how badly we behave our parents will always love us :) No matter what happened. The same may or not apply with the in-laws.

Hahahah Anyway I have to start clearing up my stuff. There is a few boxes of clothes needed to be arranged, pressed and hanged. BORING :p I think Lan would probally drown me in my sea of clothes if I mentioned CLOTHES SHOPPING to him... Well there is always the fool proof way of hiding stuff in the back of the car (as demonstrated by lovely lovely friends -bad influence..haha)

Lan and I had our "first date" as married couple, this afternoon in Sunway Pyramid. I don't feel any different, sama jerk macam dating as always. We watched a movie (Street Fighter: Legend of Chun Lin - Tak best) had lunch in TGIF and bought house supply. Setting up a house is DAMN EXPENSIVE *sigh* Well gotto go, wanna help hubby clear the room.


Wednesday, March 4, 2009

28 February 2009 (Reception Part I)

Reception in Dewan Hamzah for my side of family & friends.
Lan's reception is on this Sunday. So will post more picture next week.
Will probally be busy this whole week so don't think I will be updating much :)

With our "pengapits" Mr Muhammad Yusry Ab Malek & Mrs Cathrina Xavier Nolan

Sessi menepung tawar

Lan, Juju, the cake & I

Cake cutting ceremony :)

Yeah! suap suap minum....

27 February 2009 (Akad Nikah Ceremony)

2 Hours of Makeup with Marina Muhilara

All that work so that I can look like this :p

Our Hantaran (p/s The white & red hantaran is specifically design and created by yours truly..hehe)

My dad gave me away (i.e nikah-kan) *Alhamdullilah* The ceremony went smoothly :)

I was seriously relieved beyond WORDS after the akad. Rasa nak nangis pun ada :)

First kiss as husband and wife...

I think Lan was overwhelmed by the event but I was excited enough for BOTH of us :)

Pre- Wedding Preparations

Date: 26 February 2009
Occasion: Pre Wedding Preparation

My LITTLE Wedding Helpers

Cath, Jessie & Gwacie doing the Bungai Rampai
Kak Iz helping me with my Inai

* Weeeee*

Perasan Ayu....

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Heart You :)

One thing I realized at the end of my akad nikah is that, the event would not have been as special/seamless/beautiful if it is not for my family & friends. I've thanked my family so this blog is especially dedicated to all the gorgeous ladies in my life :)

THANK YOU SO MUCH for coming back all the way from Japan to be my maid of honour. You're the bestest friend a girl could ever ask for. Thanks for taking the trouble to be a part of my special day. Love love love you so much and we both love the prezzie...

Jessie Messy
I owe you tons babe. Thanks for teman-ing me since Wednesday, helping with the preparations and during the wedding. There is so much to say but I think we have come to a point where we don't need to say it, I guess you know how much you mean to me... heheheh can't wait for your time so that I can return the favour... hahahah

Sweetheart, mucho2s gracias for being there for me despite having TONS of assignments to finish. Love the pics *sigh* my darling unofficial photographer. Love ya loads...

*sigh* Baby love ya prezzie so much, will think of you everytime I make breakfast for my hubby (hahah) Thanks for coming early and "teman-ing" me make-up during akad nikah. Really hope that we can always be friends...

Kakak... if there is one person that I may need to thank for bringing Lan and I together itz you. You convince me to give him a chance :) I'm glad I took your advice.... (Hahaha you can use this point to rub it to Lan's face the next time he sees you)

Rajoo a.k.a YDPM a.k.a Najwa
Najwa, I know I always tease you but that does not mean that I don't love you...hahahah You'll always get an A for effort babe. Thanks for organizing me an EXCELLENT Hen Party, thanks for being the greatest parking attendant and thanks for being the caring and attentive friend that you are... hahahah jangan nangis2 lagi ok, I'll TRY not to CHANGE so much... hehehe

You're my first real friend in UITM, always the source of my laughter, Thanks so much for caring (walaupun kau selalu ala2 aku ego tak nak mengaku) Hehehe you made an excellent bridesmaid. *Insyallah* lepas ni you pulak... luy ya boobies...

My second bridesmaid. Adik walaupun kau berjaya bagi 2 je bunga telur I think you were great. Thanks for helping me with some of my preparations and datang for nikah walaupun sampai sesat2 and tak sihat. You look so pretty and ladylike with your new blondie style. Heart you loads babe...

Thanks darling for coming all the way and cuti to come for my akad nikah. Really appreciate the effort. Hope we will always be friends ok :)

Sunday, March 1, 2009



Everything went well :) Will upload more pics soon... I can't believe that I'm now a WIFE!!! heheheh