Tuesday, July 17, 2012

My Secret Garden :)

When it come to our house, my husband's pride and joy would be the 1ksqf garden. That is "his territory" as he's responsible with the planting, watering and taking care of the garden. Anyway, this year we're making the garden as our "couple project", a DIY project for us to tackle together (bonding mahh...)

It is common knowledge that both of us don't share much of the same interest other than the kids :p Gardening is just something that we both enjoy doing (among other things haha) I don't really like the getting dirt under my nails part (I confined my activities to watering and trimming plants) but gardening brings back fond childhood memories and reminded me a lot of my late Wan. I remembered how Amir and myself use to "help" her tend her garden, getting hose down with water and picking flowers and fruits to play masak-masak *smile*

My main objective is just that, to create a space where my children can run around making their own beautiful memories together *insyallah* Earlier this year, we commissioned for the contractor to build us a gazebo like structure to house Ryan's playhouse (yes mengada ;p)

Garden view 1 year after moving in : 
As you can see the surrounding area is pretty bare :p

Lan managed to plant some palm trees outside the house, lilies and this purple morning glory like flowers.

 We bought close to 10 types of plants from the nursery and several big tempayan looking vases

 After a week of studying landscaping magazines and websites we decided that we (hubby haha) will dig a small pathway from the balcony to the gazebo using square granite stones and river stones.

A picture of my handsome gardener at work :p

 The result :) now we have flowers planted around the perimeter of the garden and a small herb (kitchen) garden for edible plants at the end of the house.

Last weekend, the kiddies having fun in their mini pool :) can't wait when Iman and Ranya starts walking, then the real fun begins...

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