Friday, April 18, 2014

The Great Outdoors

Compared to our generation, kids nowadays are at a total disadvantage when it comes to the opportunity to spend their time outdoors. It is understandable due to the increasing crime rate, air pollution, parents busy timetable etc.

However I totally believe that we as parents should take some initiative to get our children bond with nature. Not only would it improve their physical, fine and gross motor skills, it could be a good time to show and teach them the wonders of Allah's gift to them (i.e. clean air, foods provided by plants and animals, how water is "created") A good way to enlightened the mind, body and soul.

Do you know playing with bubbles are not only fun but is a good way to train your child hand/eye movement coordination?

Sadly most kids nowadays don't like to get "dirty". They can get very distracted by a bit of dirt. We may think it is nothing but it does have an impact on the way your child do their daily activity. Take Ryan for example, he likes to have his things in order and not messy. You may think " are you crazy your child is a neat freak and you complaint?" :p 

As awesome as it may be to my playroom, it is not as good when he may be put in a situation where he NEEDS to get messy. Ryan has very low tolerance with slimy substances (I think most people do) but he can't expect his teachers to use UHU Stick instead of those normal and cheaper glue, I may tolerate it because I'm his mummy but he can't expect the same special treatment when he's in school/class/public. By letting him play outdoors, sometimes to the the extend of making him roll around in mud/ play with sticky flour mix or sand, it teaches him that the dirt won't hurt him, it need not distract him from his task  and InShaAllah slowly and surely this will increase his attention span because he won't be easily distracted by external factors like smell/sound/movements etc.

 Allow your child to learn from their senses. Let them touch grass/weeds/flowers and get them to explain the different textures/colors/ smell to you :)

Outdoors playgroup is much more fun than one that is held indoors. The greens does have a relaxing effect on children. The results? Less fighting. (I'm not delusional to expect 100%  no fighting , they will still fight but to a lesser degree laaa)

Teach your children to love the nature from young. Alhamdullilah Ryan is exposed to the concept of recycling in school and I slowly try to do it at home. I've also taken to getting the kids involved in my gardening activity and get them to plant some plants on their own. It's an informal science class for them but they get really excited when they see their plant slowly transform from a mere seed to little shoots to a proper tomato tree bearing fruits. Good introduction to "process"- i.e. tomato sauce does not come from the can but from a tree

 sings *Apa yang penting kerjasama :)*
Ryan and Iman planting some herbs for my herb rack

Mess and loads of it -__-
This is a lesson for the mum to practice a lot of patience and not to be easily worked out over little things...It is difficult, kan? especially with the stress of working, running the household and raising 3 kids. Back to the lesson about Sabr, I guess :p

Wish me luck and hope all of you will have a safe, happy and sun filled weekend *In Sha Allah*

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