Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Riang Ria Aidilfitri 2014 (Part 2)

2 Syawal 1435 (29 July 2014)

We arrived at Lan's kampung to visit his grandparents in Felda Soeharto at around 7pm. Pretty much ate yummy food and laze around the compound to wait for my in laws to arrive on Tuesday before heading home.

The kiddies watching one of Lan's uncle "kait rambutan". So much fun eating rambutan freshly picked from the trees. All this while they only see the fruits readily packaged in the hypermarket or pasar malam. So this is a whole new experience for them.

Gorgeous flowers, ripe rambutan and mangosteens (not in the picture) and mata kucing starting to ripen. Super fruity heaven :)

The munchkins having breakfast outdoors while enjoying Nek Nyang's awesome cooking :)

My gorgeous princesses

3- 4 Syawal 1435 (30-31 July 2014)

Time to visit my hometown in Malacca *yeay* We left mid morning and arrived Alor Gajah around noon. Visited my mum's siblings and crashed in Merlimau for the night. Ryan and my parents stayed an extra day. My little boy did not even bat an eyelash leaving mummy behind because he's surrounded by his adoring uncles & aunts -__-

The drive to Malacca was a pleasant one because all 3 munchkins slept the whole way (haha)

Anyway, it was so much fun hanging around with my not so little cousins :) Though I felt a bit sad seeing nenek's house all run down, as I have a lot of sweet memories there growing up, but I guess with everyone living their own lives elsewhere and nenek no longer around, it really can't be helped.....

 I super loved the twins dresses by Poney. 
It is so like something I would wear during my pre hijab days hehe

Muka penat beraya

 The Merlimau clan- minus some :p

 Cheeky Ryan

The munckins with their rockstar : Atuk :p

The rest of our Raya was spent in Klang visiting my relatives and chilling out. The kiddies also received a new raya gift from mummy and daddy which they are currently obsessed with (hehe this call for another entry all together) Anyway it has been a blessed and superfun Raya so far. Alhamdullilah. I can't wait for the upcoming weekend for more family fun *inshaAllah*

Note: For the first time in 3 years I managed to upload my Raya pics early, mostly due to the fact that I've ditched my bulky DSLR for a more compact camera :) Will do a gadget review soon (or not) Till next time. Adios Amigos!!!

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