Friday, April 17, 2015

Bento Boxes - The Farry Way

I've been bitten by the "bekal" bug lately. Every Friday the kids are required to bring food from home to share with their classmates. Last year when it was just Ryan, I will usually buy cupcakes/breads from the bakery. Too much hassle to cook dishes for one kid. Now that I have to cook for Iman and Ranya too, it is worth more the trouble :p

The munckins prefers pasta and rice dishes. Surprisingly food such as icing donuts and cakes are not too well received among their peers so I try to stick to basic food items. Ryan is not to keen on the cutesy deco (star carrots, bear nasi lemak etc), so I will usually save those for the girls. Gosh my baby boy is all grown up because teddy bears are no longer cool *boohoo*

I've also taken to start bringing lunch boxes for lunch. Awesome way to save money, what with the rising prices of goods and GST etc. Oh well it is also a healthier option since I know what goes in my food and I can vouch for the cleanliness factor. See... there is silver lining everywhere :)

Have an awesome weekend everyone....

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