Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Project Birthday 2016 : Ryan's Birthday (201216)

From no posting to double postings in a day? You can imagine the kind of mood I'm in especially if I'm at my desk during lunch blogging :p

For Ryan's birthday we decided to go with Star Wars. Seeing that he's 7, I don't go want to go overboard with the deco. Ain't cool yo!!

I used Ryan's Darth Vader, Storm-trooper mask and Death Star Replica and lined it on the stairs for effect. I also printed some Star Wars inspired posters from online. How awesome that even though not a single cent was spend on all this, the look on my baby boy's face when he came down the stairs was as if I spend a million. Ryan was super happy with his little surprise. 

We bought some brownies from Secret Recipe and Banana Cake from Lavender to share with his friends @ Transit. Since Lan and I was not on leave on his birthday, we decided that it will be fun for Ryan to celebrate with his friends instead. He can't stop thanking me that evening. 

We went out on a family dinner that night, we told Ryan to choose his fave restaurant and he opted for Nando's of all things. Fine by me :) As long as he's happy, I'm happy.

This little boy accomplished so much in 2016, I pray that he'll continue to thrive and be happy always inshaallah. I love you so much abang, please always remember that.

Birthday wishes from Atuk. 

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