Tuesday, May 18, 2010

My Birthday Weekend

Date: 15 May 2010
Location: The Picture Company, One Utama
Occasion: Part One Birthday Celebration : Family Photo Session courtesy of Hubby :)

I love this pic. Classic :)

Happy happy happy :)


Ryan tarik rambut daddy ;p

My fave person in the whole wide world. Sorry Lan :p

Daddy's boy

Family portrait

I love this shot...

Muka blur...

Hahaha this is the only pic in the bucket yang jadi. Ryan hated it ;p


Geram geram

Love you baby.....

This year birthday was AWESOME. Thank you everyone for making it wonderful. I'm so thankful that I'm surrounded by great family members and friends... Bersyukur to Allah for all the great things I'm blessed with *alhamdullilah*
To Mummy and daddy : Thanks for the BB :)
To My sis for the $$$
Cath: Thanks for the prezzie ... me love it :p
Sha : I love the bag. Merci'
Grace : The bday shout out all the way from UK was really sweet.... Thanks darls *hugs*
Special thanks to everyone who emailed, sms, FB message, call, tweets etc ...Appreciate the love...
Muhammad Azlan: Thanks for sponsoring the photo shoot + birthday lunch (and also the guilt roses..hahah) I really enjoyed my birthday....sayang awak....
Muhammad Ryan : Best PRESENT ever... baby mummy meniarap the day before my birthday... I'm so proud of you, beats any other present.... *special muacks*


Sha said...

Ryan is so photogenic

~f@R~ said...

Thank you aunty :)